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Fly me to the moon edition.

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EOM, EOY price predictions?

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Last time on BNT general: >>28979247
Vortex launched
Price revving up
Gains: made

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great discussion on the previous thread, let’s keep it going to share knowledge and help answer questions about Bancor + the vortex for newcomers

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so vortex will essentially lock bancor tokens or Vbancor tkens? are they different? vBancor are just the staked rewards?

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How much would I make off 1k link? Worth if I have about .3 loose eth in my wallet?

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Can someone help explain to me how long you have to keep your coins staked in the bancor network to protect against impermanent loss? Currently considering moving all of my LINK there.

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>tfw the marketwide dip last weekend was just bnt accumulation

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I cant fucking wait for the youtube shills to pump this

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just jammed 2k LINK in, thanks for whoever made space, sorry if I stoled it =D

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it recovered so quick. Every time the market has dipped i swear this has rebounded the fastest

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thanks to all the anons in the last thread, that was amazing.
so currently you sell vbnt for less than a bnt, so it probably doesnt make sense to leverage yet. how do i hoard vbnt until it goes back to normal, then lever up once it gets back to 0.8ish?

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I can't see us being below top 20 once the market catches up. Top 10 is possible and top 5 is inevitable if we become the standard but I'm a bancie/link maxi so DYOR.
$100 seems almost certain with this current bullish action desu.
Vortex will allow you to leverage your vBNT, which is the token you get for staking BNT. It basically lets you open leveraged loans like AAVE, but without fees and risk of liquidation. For the down low, check out this video and don't fuck with leverage until you KNOW what it entails. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbUqcbNqQ-Y
You'd make 20-25% of the current value of your stack if you stake it in the LINK pool. For 1000 linkies that's about 8 to 9k a year at current prices.
You get 1% IL protection per day staked, it applies retroactively once you unstake.
Thus, if you stake 100 days you are 100% safe no matter how the token pair moved.

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100 days for 100%

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What am I looking at if I only have $1,000 to throw in?
I’m poor and don’t want to buy another Ranjeet shitcoin.

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Can a kind anon explain to me the vBNT/BNT pool? I thought you could only provide vBNT and the protocol would be responsible for minting the equivalent amount of BNT. And is there a peg that the protocol enforces?

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correction coming? was watching for a bit but i dont buy until i finish researching. up 30% in one day — kinda shit time to buy. chart looks parabolic.

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To add to this, if I stake my vBNT will I earn vBNT back from fees?

Also how can we get a vote going to increase the vBNT/BNT pool limits?

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see grt’s chart last week. where we’re going, 30% is fud

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>tfw 7 BNT

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Also, how much do you guys think the LINK/sLINK curve pool is going to siphon liquidity/volume? There's zero slippage which will be hard to compete with from bancor's perspective, but I'm guessing liquidity providers get better returns in bancor. Thoughts?

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thanks fren ill check it out

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Thanks for the answers

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>tfw 8.38 BNT in rewards

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staking should be 100 percent safe after 100 days you get your IL covered. And yes you would be getting fees, so essentially double dipping off of other anons taking on leverage.

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why would it pull off a grt? GRT has plenty of normies and pajeets in its telegram. AAVE has institutional backing and normans on twitter. Bancor is held by people familiar with crypto who think its criminally undervalued (it is) but its only shill campaign are these threads which are clever and informative.

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Get your FUD out of here.

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10k - 50k EOY if all goes as expected.
Don't stake it with current gas prices, but once gas goes on the cheap or Arbitrum is out, you can stake those puppies for 100% APY.
Best case scenario you'll be in 6-figure hell next year. Conservative scenario you're at around 10k - 50k.
They offer different value. I think BNT is superior in fees and in flexibility but finding a spot for a full LINK stack is hard because the liquidity just gets sniped by a whale jamming in $2MM in 10 seconds. I don't think they will compete, but Linkies who cannot find a Bancor spot might move there. The only actual competitor to the Bancor LINK pool as I see it is steaking, and even then the offer Sergey makes would have to be INCREDIBLY attractive.
You shouldn't fomo. I am hyper bullish on bancor but anything can happen. You might lose a perfect entry if we megamoon, or you might get cheapies if you wait. It's your call anon.

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just being real. itll go up

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you're right, it won't pull GRT level pump and dump cycles. but there's a fuckload of coins that have rocketed into the top 25 that are way more obscure than BNT. this is just gonna be a nice steady climb, driven by the whales who drive the TVL, normies are irrelevant

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Is 50 enough to stake


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thanks for the answer, buying $1K now and will continue accumulating the next 2 weeks or so, hope it doesn’t completely explode before then

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You seem quite reasonable sir

I’ll do the necessary

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If I add onto my existing stake down the road, will it reset the reward timer? I presume it resets the IL coverage?

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Newfag who just spent a month lurking like it's my day job. Got me 7000 bancies at 4.7. Sad that I could've got in at 2 when omega Alpha Anon's thread had me sold. But at least my anti FOMO sentiment saved me from holding bags of pnd shit

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We hit 1B market cap this week boys?

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surely you don’t think just normies pumped $2B into grt market cap in only a few days? If so, that was one hell of a pump campaign

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maximum comfy

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Isn't market cap like 600 million

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i mean, within 7 days seems likely.

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Do the needful for village sire
It will be a seperate timer and a seperate IL coverage. The only thing that resets reward multipliers is withdrawing.
Welcome aboard bro, better late then never, and better safe then rugged.
Vishnu willing sir.
You love to see it.

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nearly $3B for grt
$600MM for bnt

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in the aave pool because i didn't know rewards lasted for another year fuuuuuuu

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Don’t worry, even 10k doesn’t feel nearly enough

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Btw if anyone is curious, pic related is a graph of fees generated on the platform vs cost of IL loss protection on the platform.

Lot's of people get skittish about BNT thinking there is no way they can pay people IL protection, but fees outpace the cost of it by over 5x. Bancor Vortex should further increase this revenue to the protocol.

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how does $70 on 2/26 sound?

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Anon simplify, what does this mean.

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>those regular +30% prices spikes from whales buying in
Never felt this comfy actually being early while smart money is accumulating

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How early are we here?

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it means as of now it looks like the protocol is safe from being insolvent. there will be enough funds generated to pay out IL insurance

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The impermanent loss protection provided by Bancor is well funded and appears to be a sustainable model for the service.

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it's just bull pennant after bull pennant with this thing

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bought in sub $1 and im starting to get nervous.. is this thing just going through price discovery right now and we settle somewhere in $10-$20? Or are we going to crash hard

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Bancor is at least a top 20 coin imo.

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If u watch other staking threads those plebs are staking their money for 5-8% apy and are proud of that and If u tell them you stake with 60-100% apy they think you are bullshitting. Majority of 4chan didn't get a hold of bancor yet, Normies will fomo in in a few months

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anon this is genuinely going through price discovery, it's undervalued as fuck

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So you are saying even if this project moons and millions pour in it is still functional lkng-term?

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Neither. BNT likes to chad step up, it moons a bit to some level, chills theres for awhile then does it again. Slow and steady.

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It seems ath in 2018 was 8$.
Anons said project is much better now.
I could cash out for 30% right this second.

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well, it has been functional this whole time and it was at 60c last year so yeah I think so

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Protocol is going to get so big and plush with all this liquidity.
Factually correct and based.
Yes. We can handle billions.

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Why is this token pumping so hard?

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Going steady lol

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because its fucking insanely useful

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I picked up like 1k worth at $2.6. Should have bought more but oh well.

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we're still early

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Did this thread just change my life?
I’m literally in the process of moving all my PnD Pajeet shitcoina into BNT. I feel like I’m washing my hands of all the dirty shitcoins I’m embarrassed to say I held.

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Well i hope it rises me from 3 digit hell to 4 digit one at least lol
Maybe i can pay my mothers house loan a bit faster

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you reckon I should take out a loan against my linkies to buy more bancies?

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Is this gonna dip at all or is it gonna moon from here ? What happens in a week if I put in 1k ?

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do any of you think that when the rewards period ends it will dump?

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can someone explain rewards period?

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Fucking accumulation dumps after I buy at 2.7

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how much eth do i need on my wallet to stake some linkies

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yes. Don't take out more than 25% of the collateral if you want to be safe from black swan scamwicks from liquidating your LINK. But yes, I did exactly that last week. Take out a loan in stable coin, not ETH.

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Based and Bancpilled,
Wholesome, gmi anon.
It might move up, it might move down, it might crab. Long term you win.
Liquidity mining is ongoing until next year. It has the potential to be added in indefinitely, if the protocol deflates enough via burning. As the protocol matures and the cap on the vortex is increased, you'll get more fees from external swaps and trades. The idea is that in a year, the rewards will be around those we get during the liquidity mining program, because Bancor will dominate the sector and suck up ALL THE MONEY. Your BNT gives you leverage within that money. Your vBNT gives you a voice within that money. It's based.
This is helpful: https://blog.bancor.network/announcing-bnt-liquidity-mining-b30be90a008d

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also, how do you deal with taxes with this? gonna be a nightmare kek

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treated as income im pretty sure, just like mining

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You don't report it.

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bought 200 today and I'm just gonna hold it on cb for now.

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I feel so priveleged to have a stack of BNT and LINK pooled. Honest to God so fucking comfy. I just swing by /biz/ to shitpost and check out new coins while this shit just goes up in value.

Sincere, genuine thanks to the guys who were talking about this 3 weeks ago. I tried out the app and was sold immediately. Very intuitive and I'm loving the rewards.

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Im a complete newfag to BNT, yet I bought a thousand coins at 2.5 cause of the shilling on these threads. Havent read a thing.
I'd like to understand how the token works .
Spoonfeed me plz.

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Read this for a quick overview of where we are at:

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You're basically like the linkies of yore who got onboarded because they liked the memes and the posts.
You're going to earn so much fucking money anon.
>>28995976 This post chain is an ELI5 that should help you. This is worth reading https://blog.bancor.network/announcing-bnt-liquidity-mining-b30be90a008d
This 9 minute video is incredibly worth watching if you want to know about loans, leverage and the vortex https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbUqcbNqQ-Y

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wagmi fren

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same. and they are redesigning the UI to make it even better. plus arbitrum. plus limit orders. so comfy

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I’m still a bit unclear about unwinding leverage. 5k BNT staked in the bnt/link pool earns you liquidity rewards (90% apy?) plus 5k vbnt. given the 1-0.65 exhange rate, how do i maximise the value of my vbnt right now? and if i did decide to convert those for more bnt, how am i ever going to buy those vbnt back without using other assets?

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also, is the best way to do this via metamask plugin on a laptop? can’t work it out on a phone

>> No.29009637

ahem I would like to add

Polkadot bridge (Q1 test net target)
Automatic pool reward compounding
one click LP migrations from other pools
new API's for the site

and finally:

>We can’t share much at this stage, other than we’re working on a new pool design that is in the final stages of research, and entering development soon. The design is intended to reduce the complexity of our contracts, which translates to a lessened gas burden for users. Among other advantages, the design could also support “liquidity amplification” (ultra-low slippage) on pools with volatile tokens and greatly increase the capital efficiency of the system.

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dont get me excited, i just might take out a loan against some link and buy more

(but really i might take out a loan against my useless 401k lol)

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I wouldn't personally mess with my vBNT at the current rates unless you see an excellent opportunity that you MUST have eth/dai for. I expect the peg to float around .8 to .9 since that's where it started and has gotten bumped up to a few times today, followed by massive whale degeneracy on the leverage shortly after.
Give it some time, let the pool expand, then decide if you want to stake vBNT for that sweet APY or if you want to leverage at .8-.9 for the long plays.
Yeah the metamask plugin on any chromium based browser is easy and simply. Brave is nice, but Chrome works too.

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these threads are killing me because i've been ultra bullish on this since the sergey blogpost but i'm too scared to risk my stack even with IL insurance too scared of some hack or event fucking up the whole thing

>> No.29009980

so best bet is to avoid levering up for now, and just stake your vbnt? do you stake it on the vbnt/bnt pool ? how do you unstake vbnt

>> No.29010171

The pool is currently full, caps will be raised by devs in the coming days/weeks, but yes, that is my play so long as peg is not close enough to 1:1 for my liking. You unstake it as you would any other token. vBNT is the TKN side of the equation, much like LINK in the LINK:BNT pool would be.

>> No.29010192

the risk and reward are both at extreme highs right now
if you don't know what you're doing, if you have to ask biz, don't fuck around with it. just leave your vBNT alone, let the price discovery and catching up to other AMMs play out

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howdy partners. all in at 4$ to pump your bags


Can any kind anons tell me what app he's referring to?

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thats why the rewards are high, we're taking a risk with our stacks as LPs. your fear is what's helping us earn more. stay scared and keep watching these threads

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its going to be a good weekend

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thanks fren

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this coin literally cant go down

>> No.29011029

when are they adding space to the vbnt pool?

>> No.29011148

Pretty sure you can purchase coverage on Nexus Mutual if you're worried. With the liquidity mining and fees from trading I suppose you should be in profit even after the cost of insurance. Check it out in case you didn't know about it

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>5$ 5$ 5$ >5$ 5$ >5$ 5$ >5$ 5$ >5$ 5$ >5$ 5$ >5$ 5$ >5$ 5$ >5$

>> No.29011254

Is it worth staking 260 BNT? Gas prices are o.k.

>> No.29011258

Such a comfy hold. My third coin I bought because it was shilled to me and on Coinbase. Little did I realize how smart it actually is

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poorfag here, will throwing 100 in do me any good?

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If you have the cash to spare, buying vBNT when the ratio is below 0.6 and selling when it's closer to 0.8 or 0.9 is a nobrainer. The protocol will be helping you "pump" your bags since it is designed to buy and burn vBNT to get the peg up.

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Floodgates open, boys

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yeah i get that, I’ll read the whitepaper and try to understand more tonight. I’m only playing with 10% of my port so if it goes tits up, not the end of the world. just trying to understand the interaction between bnt and vbnt, and when its at 0.65 like now, how to “go long” vbnt in the sense that it should correct

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This has to be the comfiest coin ever, the gains are so fucking consistent is eerie.

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do you know how it works? need to buy their meme token to be able to stake with them, so i can then stake with bancor, and I pay 2% of the total amount staked on bancor?


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very nice

>> No.29011707

You could buy vBNT as mentioned here >>29011458
It's basically a poor man's leveraged long, as the counter to when the peg hits close to 1:1 which is the nobrainer leverage long on the BNT side.
It's like an elevator to gainsville, population: you

>> No.29011842

Will $100 get me anywhere, poorfag who needs to be spoonfed plz

>> No.29011846

if nexus can cover this completely, at only 2% while earning far more on bancor, why isn't everyone going 100% of their stack on bancor with nexus as insurance? I'm seeing people here only putting up just smaller% of their stacks to minimize risk

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This, especially if you want to get into Bancor do this right now. Buy BNT and swap it to vBNT and in a week you will have more BNT by just swapping back that vBNT to BNT. It's the first day of Vortex so whales are pushing the peg down but it's intended to stay at 0.88 and sitting at this low it's a no brainer play for anyone who are looking into getting in.

>> No.29011885

Normally you shouldn't need to buy their token to get insurance, but in this case it looks like there aren't enough NXM stakers in the BNT pool so you can't purchase it. You could buy NXM, stake it, then purchase insurance, but at that point you'd be invested in NXM and I'm not even sure how much you'd need to stake to get the coverage you want... Maybe try reaching out to their discord or something, with luck you'll find someone who's willing to put their tokens in the pool

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holy fuck we're going straight to 6 dollars

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>bought 1k bancor at $2
>liked it so much after seeing farming I liquidated my REEF, RLC, SURF, DOT, and LINK for 9k more bancies at $3 for an even 10k stack
>jump to now

oh god is this what it feels like to make it

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fuck it. threw half of my poorfag linky stack into this
>mfw in 12 hours fomoing at the top

>> No.29012076

Okay the long term graph for this is very comfy and stable, that alone is convincing.
Price target?

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it's a great idea, I just think it hasn't been shared enough. Biggest problem is actually finding space in the LINK pool for 100% of your stack. Can usually only find (much) smaller pieces of space
pic rel

>> No.29012113

>started trading Sunday
>up 75%
>just rolled half my gains into BNT at 4.70

I haven't seen a legit project on /biz/ in ages

>> No.29012128

>$20 minimum, worst case market scenario lol

>> No.29012196

The LINK space goes so quick...

>> No.29012248

i dont see how this coin cant hangout with big boy defi like aave or uniswap

top 20 minimum, 40 bucks

>> No.29012285

I'd be happy with 10, it hit that last bull run right?

>> No.29012339

10 was its previous ATH, yes

>> No.29012402

looks like it dumped right from ico or something lol

>> No.29012432

LINK is such a useless piece of Shit I will make it with LINK because of Bancor and not LINK itself

>> No.29012483
File: 59 KB, 756x668, Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 12.33.49 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29012489

701 available now. which is the minimum cutoff IMO. I snagged a 2k spot today, felt pretty lucky lol.

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>> No.29012529

Fuck it, I know its a bit early but this is now a celebration thread


>> No.29012592

I don't want to stake or provide liquidity, is it still a good hold?

>> No.29012595

>it's a great idea, I just think it hasn't been shared enough. Biggest problem is actually finding space in the LINK pool for 100% of your stack
I don't get it, if the brrr gains are as good as claimed, why only stake a small part of your stack with no insurance, vs YOUR WHOLE STACK with insurance cover for only 2%?

>> No.29012634

sorry, i guess that was my question, how do you buy vbnt, just swap bnt for it?

>> No.29012637


>> No.29012639

From what I understand, you pool your BNT tokens to get BNT rewards, similar to staking, and are guaranteed profits if enough time passes by, correct?
Do I need a pair of tokens to stake or just plain old BNT?

>> No.29012669

Fuck , I forgot I can't send for 5 days with coinbase

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I just Sold some of my Precious ETH to buy 100 BNT. I bought the absolute top because my brother shilled me hard.

Why did I buy a 50% Pump what is wrong with me ?

>> No.29012723

can you bros in asia and europe catch up to us on your exchanges we're trying to send this shit on coinbase thanks

>> No.29012726

>paycheck tomorrow at midnight
sigh, at least I own a little bit

>> No.29012729

it's actually more like 750 :0

>> No.29012808

average buy of 1.89
staked in a money printer
price now $5

and tons more space to go up

>> No.29012876

ya i need my global average in delta to update dammit

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Same anon. Im playing with my profits from GRT though, so fug it

>> No.29012939

Fuck it, these threads don't seem euphoric and unrealistic, I'll buy in.
Slow and steady wins the race I guess.

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such a beautiful chart

>> No.29013111

yuropoors are just waking up.
depending on what happens to the price we can definitive tell if its burgers or yuros that fuck everything up

>> No.29013120

>Sincere, genuine thanks to the guys who were talking about this 3 weeks ago.

this x 10000. I am so thankful to the anons who were talking this up a few weeks ago. I remember hearing about bancor from way back in the day but had no idea it was this comfy. Honestly reminds me of some of the early link threads where anons dropped a huge amount of knowledge, not just about link, but about smart contracts and 4IR.

These bancor threads are like in a world by themselves. Up to a few weeks ago I was mostly just sitting on my link stack -- very confident in the future but feeling kind of out of control like I was just waiting for staking.

I'm now in the pool on bancor to the tune of about 8K link and I feel, no kidding, a kind of calm that I haven't felt for awhile.

Again, thanks to the anons who shared knowledge about. This was particularly generous because everyone is trying to get into the link pool, and these anons could have chosen to keep the secret to themselves but instead chose to share.

>> No.29013150

>3500$ from staking in 20 days
Wtf bros...

>> No.29013164

I'm more concerned about the poos

>> No.29013194

they're priced out, who cares

>> No.29013257

>Do I need a pair of tokens to stake or just plain old BNT?

You can stake just plain old BNT. One of many cool things about Bancor is you can add "single sided liquidity" meaning you just provide one type of token.

>> No.29013268


>> No.29013381

congratulations to y'all that are gonna make it with this. With any luck this'll take from 4 figures to close to 6, can't believe I jumped on this within a week of being in crypto

>> No.29013387

It can't be stopped

Autistic buyer focus to upward progression

>> No.29013425

Bros, which pool should I stake my 3k stacklet in?

>> No.29013492

Nice nice. 440 now, will just have to keep a close watch.

>> No.29013532

I'm so happy this, prq and lto got me away from gambling shitcoins. feels so good to just hold for a couple months and see net like 3x

>> No.29013534

bros look at that candle on binance, just smashed through $5

>> No.29013544

Will i miss the boat on staking if I cant withdrawal my BNT for 5 days?

>> No.29013556

Wow, can someone pls spoonfeed me with a link for how to stake?
with pros and cons because that is insane gains.

>> No.29013576

same question.

>> No.29013652

What's the low risk approach here? Buy and hold only? Buy and stake only?

>> No.29013675

Also, how much for a suicide stack?

>> No.29013706

no look at the LPs, space for millions of BNT available in every pool

>> No.29013801
File: 37 KB, 1387x247, banc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>anon... you aren't bancless, are you?

>> No.29013818
File: 54 KB, 788x699, 1558161333441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it got up to 1650 a few minutes ago but snatched up... LINK pool looking extra tasty with 20% rewards and 5% apr. speaking of which, I can't fucking understand how the percentages work. It seems like the % of BNT rewards goes down as the price goes up, but the % of TKN rewards goes up as the price of BNT goes up?
Bancor threads are like 2018 LINK breadcrumb threads. Just smart bros helping out, cozy conversation. I was sold on my first thread 2 weeks ago, and have been checking in ever since, because they are so cozy. It's a stealth mode LINK hangout, basically.

>> No.29013867

so is it smart to swap bnt for vbnt right now instead of staking bnt?

>> No.29013891

Thanks anon, should I just pay attention to the highest APR if I have a measly stack?

>> No.29013902

ok, on the user side:
is there any incentive to use their swap service over UNI or any of the other swaps?

>> No.29013983

>only 280 BNT
>only option for getting more right now is to pay gas on flipping my uniswap shitcoins which are all in stacks of $200-600

ETH cannot die fast enough

>> No.29014002
File: 95 KB, 768x960, 23166.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mochi mochi BNT chan

>> No.29014009

What are the options here?
1) hodl
2) hodl and stake
3) LP
Does this sim up what owners of BNC can do? I'd like to jump in just to hold or hold and stake.

>> No.29014012

bancor is functional on arbitrum testnet
the price we're seeing right now is still early
once it's 50x cheaper than UNI people will be using it automatically

>> No.29014019

Buy and stake if you half 2k+ bnt I would say, otherwise fees make iffy

>> No.29014056
File: 82 KB, 1440x622, Screenshot_20210218-010841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

any way to restake bnt rewards without paying fat gas fees?

>> No.29014089
File: 39 KB, 469x452, 1613543920534.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

eth is amazing, it's what makes my money printer possible

>> No.29014125

do tell

>> No.29014128

yes by waiting a few weeks/months until arbitrum is live and automatic re-staking is implemented.

>> No.29014179

copy that

>> No.29014203

They're working on seamless compounding right now

>> No.29014285

its too early...pls i want more cheap bnties before people fomo

>> No.29014317

Will they support all the uni shitcoins?

>> No.29014434

Should I hold off on staking if I only have 870? If I restate my BNT and the BNT I earn, do I have to pay gas again?

>> No.29014505

So I have a small stack , is it worth it to stake right now? Even if I plan on holding for ~years

>> No.29014669

probably as u will get extra bancies for free in the future

>> No.29014717
File: 65 KB, 960x640, lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it costs 250$ to stake. do the math if it's worth it to you yet versus buying more BNT and staking later. the token could be worth 10$ by the weekend, TVL:MCAP is only .75, it should be 1+ like the competitors, and the TVL is gonna keep pumping.

>> No.29014754

okay, think I will bite the bullet on the gas fee then as soon as I can move my fucking BNT out of coinbase

>> No.29014757

Wtf why are you shilling this? I'm still accumulating

>> No.29014806

Damn is 250 the flat rate?

>> No.29014875
File: 6 KB, 1214x66, 021721.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


no but that's approximately the gas lately

>> No.29014882

Seconded. Very curious now.

>> No.29015091


just go on the website it has a great front end and is very intuitive

>> No.29015250

i sold my bnt and restaked. now about 33% of my original bnt is uncovered by vbnt however bnt bought with vbnt will generate enoughs bnt's to cover missing vbnt in about 3 months. literally free money

>> No.29015294

ieamt i sold my vbnt

>> No.29015479

thats so fucking insane. as long as those apy remains steady, you’re golden.
anyone notice that vbnt to bnt has gone back to 0.9 very quickly

>> No.29015549

can u break this down more im retarded

>> No.29015594

Been feeling pretty bad about some big losses I've incurred recently but got in early today on BNT and I'm back to a profit

>> No.29015693

Years? Yeah its worth it to stake at almost any gas fee if your outlook is 6 mo+

>> No.29015747

>anyone notice that vbnt to bnt has gone back to 0.9 very quickly
it's .76 right now? I haven't seen .9 since this morning?

>> No.29015761

Damn really? Looks like the arb at 1:1.6 bnt:vbnt was a great call after all

>> No.29015816

wtf you told me this wasn't bluechip defi

>> No.29015855

we told you the opposite you bancless biztard

>> No.29015860

i was just looking at the bnt vbnt swap, said it was 0.89 just before. is there somewhere else to check this?

>> No.29015865

ie u have 10k bnt.

>stake 10k bnt and receive 10k vbnt
>sell 10k vbnt for about 6.6k bnt wt current price
>stake that 6.6k bnt and reveive 6.6k vbnt
>at this point: you have 16.6k bnt staked (10k original + 6.6k from selling vbnt) and you have 6.6k vbnt
>out of 10k original you cannot unlock 3.4k due to missing vbnt
>now you have to stake until 3.4k bnt is generated in fees and you are back to 10k liquid bnt
>after this you can unstake 6.6k bnt + 3.4k bnt from fees
>at this point you have 10k bnt in your wallet and 10k bnt that are staked but cannot be unstaked as you do not have vbnt do do it, but that 10k extra is literrally free stack that will be generating fees 4 u 4 eva

>> No.29016016
File: 250 KB, 929x807, 1611767424996.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dont have a lot in the game but its all in this

>> No.29016023

based post thank you now i know what to do with it lol

>> No.29016113

snagged a swap at .89
this could be an easy swing until they open up more depth in the vbnt pool

>> No.29016114

no matter what happens i just want to say to all my fellow stanky bancies, it's been a legendary day, im going to bed comfy, can't wait to see where we're at in the morning

>> No.29016234

In b4 it goes down 50%

>> No.29016289
File: 8 KB, 313x161, boom1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we're all gonna make it

>> No.29016396

Oh fuck, good luck wit that man wow.

>> No.29017070

$200 in gas fees to stake am i doing this correctly? Connecting MetaMask to bancor dapp

>> No.29017275

Unfortunately yes. This is eths fault.

>> No.29017317

Non OXEN holders will find this compelling

>> No.29017878

Man, BNT is getting a shitton of love on BIZ now. Just 4 days ago I saw nobody was talking about it.

>> No.29018170

>back to normal
here we go boys

>> No.29018225

Bnt and RLC are getting the most attention imo

>> No.29018232

What's stopping someone from swapping vBNT to BNT, stake that, swap vBNT to BNT and so on to make insane rewards from staking?

>> No.29018339

Do you think BNT can send Bitcoin to the Shadow Realm once and for all?

>> No.29018362

nothing i did that already. but you need medium - big dick stack to offset the gas

>> No.29018631
File: 28 KB, 400x400, -_sjwkFZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Only 300 BNT here bought @ $3.33

hold me /b/ros

>> No.29018795

I wanted to provide single sided liquidity with my 3K BNB stack on BNB/DAI pool
$23 for approval, not bad, $344 for transaction.
Yikes, how many functions does this pos call?
I sold, sorry.

>> No.29018943

you hit it during a gas spike, it's half that if you time it better. Ummm the BNB pool is shit? why would you do that

>> No.29019031

Meant BNT sorry. I read that BNT single sided liquidity pools makes you immune to impermanent losses so wanted to have a go.

>> No.29019208

I have 355 BNT when should I sell? it isn't breaking £4 so far

>> No.29019274

You chads have convinced me - just bought 400 BNT

>> No.29019301

time to go back to plebbit

>> No.29019306
File: 14 KB, 344x361, swap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do I?
>$400 in gas fees

>> No.29019406

Don't use MetaMask

>> No.29019418

I certainly would if I were you.

>> No.29019455

lmao dude don't use metamask swap, use uni or 1inch

>> No.29019459


That was me. Congrats on joining. Enjoy.

>> No.29019865


Lol it’s no problem. This is what biz used to be like way back when, everyone helping everyone. There’s absolutely more to come via polka, arbitrum, etc. Also re vBNT, there’s numerous strategies each of varying risk so be careful; the degen leverage is for high iq pros or retards who will help us by locking up their BNT forever, or by buying back at a loss thus increasing buy pressure. Least you got in, I’ve been making threads for 4 months now, seems it only picked up once LM went live. Congrats boys. Do try to help other new people who have questions that you can answer, helps everyone

Omega alpha protip: New pool design

>> No.29019960

price targets?

>> No.29020019
File: 64 KB, 638x558, 1586255689718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should have went all in on this one instead of Fantom

>> No.29020030

leverage is now low risk. in about 3 months you get back your initial stake + you get the equivalent of your stake in locked tokens

>> No.29020176
File: 15 KB, 322x322, 1573313391094.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just bought 1077BNT, how did I do?

>> No.29020243
File: 120 KB, 1080x1504, 1593137117174.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

suicide stack acquired. you own a piece of the future world bank.

>> No.29020250



Wrong. You can do it once yeah, but after that, you will be waiting for literally ever for BNT to make it back.

I have around 8k LINK on there and 60k BNT that gets me around 2800k BNT a month. 3.4K at 10k BNT and nothing else would prob take around 9 months. This guy is dependent on massive fees and also sniping out at a good ratio; given they jumped out at 0.66 they didn’t think it through.

This is unless he buys more etc, which he prob will. Not the wisest move desu. Screwed himself with that ratio desu

>> No.29020252

How do I buy this?

>> No.29020385 [DELETED] 


You’re going to get arbitraged out of it by bots and traders to keep that vBNT/ bnt ratio swinging around that fixed point on the curve. Trust me haha, I helped write the articles on the liquidity vortex. You entered too early at too high a volatility. You’ll be fine, but now you’re locked up for a while

>> No.29020417

>only 500m market cap
Holy shit
We could go x10 from here and still be undervalued

>> No.29020487

If you think the plan with BNT is “sell when it reaches $x” then you have no idea what is going on.

>> No.29020508

Does 30% increase in price translate to 30% more space on the other side (eth/link/whatever) pool?

>> No.29020526

>how do I buy something that is available on every significant exchange
Fucks sale

>> No.29020540

i leveraged twice with my 9.5k. ended up with 20k bnt staked and 5.5k vbnt. i need 4k bnt from fees and rewards to be back to 9.5k liquid bnt. 4k from the staked 20k is 20% at 86% apr it will take me 12/(86/20) = 2.7 + months +2-3 weeks for reward.multiplier to catch up to earn
back 4k bnt at which point i will again havr 9.5k liquid bnt + 10k illiquid

>> No.29020569

No, surprisingly. That really caught me off guard the last time Bancor pumped and I thought it would create more space. The explanation for why not was over my head.

>> No.29020600

I'm a newfag who's never brought a coin, so I want to make sure I do it right. Would the proper method be:

1. Buy ETH Metamask via the Wyre
2. Connect metamask to Uniswap
3. Exchange ETH for BNT

Am I missing anything? Or using the wrong applications? Please respond, I'm a total n00b here

>> No.29020613

I've allowed the WBTC/BNT pool twice now and when I click stake and protect it sends me a $3.8k gas fee wtf is this

>> No.29020639

I bought mine through Uniswap 10 minutes ago, swapping my RBC from a Metamask wallet
The procedure went RBC>WETH>BNT

>> No.29020658

Just make a Coinbase Pro account and buy it there dude. If you buy via Uniswap or whatever, you will pay outrageous fees.

>> No.29020722

You can check armor as well, I think they offer insurance for this cases too

>> No.29020723

Never mind it went through lol

>> No.29020855

I think a lot of people would add their bnt+link together. Hope they add that option soon

>> No.29020893

I got 1000 BNT last month but I don't know anything about staking or gas fees or inpermanent loss or whatever, what should I do?

>> No.29020917

You can also leverage your vBNT you got by staking or vote with it

>> No.29020965

Bancor bros I have 560 BNT I am happy to long term hold is it worth the gas fees to stake? I am happy with price action but is it worth gas for the APY?

>> No.29021090

How many times did you have to pay gas fees to do this?

>> No.29021117


You are both literally rewarded. Buy off Bancor, what the hell do you think it is? Go click swap. Christ

>> No.29021186

i had 9.5k staked already so two for selling vbnt and two for stakig received bnt

>> No.29021210

Ok, who's the absolute retard that's selling?

>> No.29021358

Dumbass here...
- If Invest 40k in BNT how passive income could I expect for one of the pools?

- What happens if the price of BNT goes 10x and the benefits of selling out weigh passive income gains? I can't sell my shit?

>> No.29021465

just hold retard

>> No.29021478

depends on a pool and rewards, up to %100 per year. if you do not fuck with your vbnt - you can sell whenever you want

>> No.29022016
File: 360 KB, 716x390, 1581721606827.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Among other advantages, the design could also support “liquidity amplification” (ultra-low slippage) on pools with volatile tokens

>> No.29022058

it's funny.
Everyone who bought today, bought under ico price still.

>> No.29022255

Trying to understand the pool rewards here. Is the reason xNXM/BNT reward is so high to incentivize more BNT LPs to enter? But no one wants to enter because it takes weeks to ramp up the reward multiplier and by then the cycle ends with no certainty of revote. In that case is my best bet just to chuck BNT into the LINK pool?

>> No.29022268

I have 1k BNT. Stake it now (Single side) or not?

>> No.29022300

why the fuck would you not stake it

>> No.29022396
File: 976 KB, 1167x634, 1612921714859.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fudded myself out of dropping half a BTC on this at $2

>> No.29022422

I am a poorfag with only 54 bancies, is it worth staking in any way at all or just let it sit?

>> No.29022476
File: 32 KB, 486x631, 1573851383468.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I stuttered at 2$ so I manned the fuck up at 3$ and got in 10k. if you have the access to capital (i used aave loan), just fucking do it, it's free money

>> No.29022521
File: 7 KB, 191x90, Bancor Network 2-18-2021 10-53-18 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have 3k BNT that I bought at $2. It is what it is.

>> No.29022578


Are you an idiot? If you want to swap into BANCOR Network Token, you use BANCOR!
It will always have the lowest fees/slippage

>> No.29022581

what was ICO price?

>> No.29022585

Can some anon explain me how it's possible to get 100% APR out of this? How do they print money out of air?

>> No.29022622

Don't think too hard about it. Enjoy while it lasts, it's bull market.

>> No.29022655

Ath price was like 8$ back in 2018

>> No.29022695

negros, he had RB fucking C.
yeah, they incentivize investors, which increases TVL, which increases coin value, it's a big brain element of defi that doesn't exist in cefi

>> No.29022739

are LINK/BNT rewards going to be extended in the next cycle or is ETH/BNT the only confirmed pair to have that?

>> No.29022745

Should I restake my rewards? Or does that also incur insane gas fees?

>> No.29022924
File: 71 KB, 677x535, Bancor Network 2-18-2021 11-03-15 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where the FUCK are the rewards?

>> No.29022984

Patience anon

>> No.29023141

Negro, there was 15 days left or so. Those kikes better not pull a rug on me.

>> No.29023347
File: 177 KB, 367x321, 1524810346022.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it also says 4% of BNT was staked instead of the 55%+ earlier today

>> No.29023460

common bug, if that were true liquidity would not be over 700 million. It was like 500 mil last week

>> No.29023475


>> No.29023486

Larry AmaZixadmin
Anima Dunk
Some glitches with the UI also
They'll be fixed, Anima. Thanks for flagging

>> No.29023554
File: 85 KB, 1280x720, 0_LPgScvWXbGFpG253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.29023578

its fixed again, i just refreshed

>> No.29023595

what pool anon?

>> No.29023606

ui glitch

>> No.29023788

Fucking hell, with juice you never know.

>> No.29024441

Too late enter the game at 5$ right?

>> No.29024507

God knows.
Bu we have yet to reach ath of 8$

>> No.29024656

Is it too late?

>> No.29024707

obviously not. Look at Loopring's marketcap. It's twice as high. Look at it's LTV (3 times lower)

>> No.29024907

brainlet question. when there's an update accepted by governance, who actually makes sure the code is bug-free? like who does the actual coding? this is my biggest worry, that in the future there will be a proposed update which will be voted for by majority only for it to fuck up everything

>> No.29025144


Same question could go for Tezos

>> No.29025212

Why don't we vote for 200% rewards? Or 500%? Shit literally can't go tits up. It's a literal money printer.

>> No.29025405

can you explain to a smoothbrain why thats even good. you can’t sell the illiquid how do you profit

>> No.29025607

When we hit the ATH weekly close in sats we'll be at $36 (at current BTC price)