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We are about to explode 14x over the next few months. $500 link in June

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top kek

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It is not going to do the same thing.

When altseason started, ETH went from cross its ath below $20 to $60 in 1 week and then to $200 in 2 months.

Now in 2020, altseason has already started 2 months ago and Link has achieved an pathetic profit of 75% from $20 to $35. Even the dinosaur bitcoin has outperformed lmao.

Most alts have already mooned 10x+, just like ETH did too back in the day.


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Eth chart for reference

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definitely possible

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And link over the past year

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That eth run is exactly what I’m showing. It didn’t kick off until end of Feb.

Alt season has t started yet, we’ve just been seeing some pump and dumps over the last few weeks. This is the foreshocks before the big quake actually happens

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Eth pumped because people were buying it to speculate on other shitcoin alts. Why will that happen to link?

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Take your meds

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$500 is a bit of an exaggeration, but it's pretty easy to argue $150-$170 based on expected market share and total size of the industry.
You can even see it quite clearly just by looking at the logarithmic all-time price chart.

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Because all of defi will be relying on link for price feeds and layer 2 scaling. This bull run won’t be able to scale without link.

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Thats because altseason and bullrun started later in 2017 than this 2020/2021 bullrun. It is not exactly the same month by month. There is a difference by a little bit more than 1 month.

Just check the trends that most of the altcoins broke ath. Altseason already begun 1 month ago.

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>Because all of defi will be relying on link for price feeds and layer 2 scaling. This bull run won’t be able to scale without link.

Just waiting on Arbitrum. Then it will be like requiring ETH for shitcoins as LINK will be required for off chain computation for reduced gas fees

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link would have to get to 3,000 and btc must stay at 60,000 in order to get to 2017 ETH level of B.05

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If you plot Link price since inception, against Ethereum , Link is holding it's own, which is quite an achievement, given that Link went through a bear market. Keeping up with Eth isn't the problem, it's the fact that we might see the cycle peaking too early.

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>it has to follow eth exactly to the dollar otherwise its not following it

Fucking brainlet

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We haven't even begun to peak

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Wouldn't be so sure about that. Each BTC cycle has two peaks, when the monthly rsi tops 95%. The second peak marks the beguining of a bear market. So far, April13-November 13 ; July 17-December 17. And now, BTC is reaching 90% already. Seems likely we'll see the first peak in March. If that's the case, we won't make it until December, September or October seem most likely.

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first dubs much less double dubs in 16 yrs on this shit site. trips ....now!

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eth was the reserve currency of icos, there was a liquidity crisis
link isn't the same unless a bunch of pools start and charge link to get in

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Arbitrum absorbs part of the Eth network, which means Link absorbs part of the Eth network. Every transaction that doesn't cost $100+ is because of Chainlink. What do you think will happen when one exchange has the cheapest fees because of Arbitrum? The rest will adopt immediately

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It’s a price tracker hahahaha

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I’m not claiming that link will hit the same sat targets, they have different circulating supplies so tracking the total market cap would probably be more accurate. However it can still follow the same pattern and percentage growth. Eth peaked in SATs in June 17 after a 14x from end of feb. A 14 x against current SATs for Link would be about 900k SATs which at current BTC prices would be about $470.

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Yes and those tops have been about 5 months apart, so if we hit 95% in March we would see the second top in Q3, we still have a long way to go

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It's a price tracker now? Last time I checked it was just an alarm clock.

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For Link that's not long enough. The formation we've broke out of, started in August. Took us 22 weeks, and the two previous ones were even longer. If this scenario plays out, we're gonna see one more Link pump before the bear market, a truly big one, but idk if that's enough to get to 1k.

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take your meds retard

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all this talk of "cycles". you faggots have no idea what you're talking about. wtf is a "cycle" and how on earth do you have any idea how long a given cycle will last. you're just guessing

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enterprise accounts on certain exchanges get informed via email.

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It’s plenty of time, if we hit $500 by June and then head into a bear market in SATs, the UsD price will still rise as BTC tops in q3 just like the Eth run in ‘17. Even if the lower high is all the way down at 500k SATs, if that is against a BTC high of $250k based on S2F projections that would be USD price of $1250

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I've thought for the last year we'd hit $1200 this run so it's nice to see someone else calling it too

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except eth is shit and I avoid it like the plague because you cc annoy make any gains with it

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I'm a simple man, I just hold my linkies and watch the numbers go up.

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That decline in Feb 2017 does look a lot like Link's decline vs BTC. But it happened a lot faster for ETH, and ETH spiked up pretty fast after it as well.

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I spent almost my entire life savings buying 500 Link today. When will my stack be worth $100k?

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current prices? btc's guna fly soon enough.
i have 52% of my portfo in link cuz i know i'm not guna know when to sell ...lol

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I bought 50k link at 50 cents, sold all of it 35 cents and never bought back in. I can live with it reaching $50. I can live with it reaching $100. But if it reaches $500, I'll seriously have to start contemplating suicide

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I wish you were right, but here's the thing, Link's weekly rsi is already close to 80%, and the whole twin peaks pattern repeats, in the weekly chart. May 20th- June 24th 2019 ; then the Fev-Mar 2020 pump got btfo due to pool's closed due to aids ; reenacted in July 13th and Aug 10th, and just now, we had the first peak , Jan 18, and going for the second, sometime in early March. We'll then correct, bottom out in April, and go for another one, if the pattern holds, in August.

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Well aren't you just a little lady.

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Fuck man. You really want to make me swing my 1200 stack to get more but I’m too afraid that I’ll fuck myself

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When in doubt, wait for a Portnoy tweet saying he's buying. Best sell signal ever, saved me back in August. I play the rsi strategy , tho.

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anon, im worried for u

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Hahahahah COPE

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you must lurk for three yeats before posting on this subreddit

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I think we probably hit $60k- $70k and then see a 30-40% correction again before we move over $100k

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And weekly RSI was at similar levels for the whole run from Feb-June ‘17 with Eth too. We are just getting started

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Link is the key that brings eth and btc to parity its the ignition switch of the singularity.

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Also weekly RsI for link/btc is nowhere near overheated.

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It's fine, but i'm mostly looking at the usd pairs. BTC rules Crypto, but the dollar rules the world.

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I don’t want to tell you how I’ve found Crop Finance. I’m just gonna tell you the main features of this amazing system, and it will say everything for itself

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Don't worry linklet, API3 has this covered, truly decentralised and trustless

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Oh and if you were taking RSI on link/USD instead of link/btc, the eth/usd chart was even more overheated for that whole period, basically over 80 on weekly for the entire end of Feb to June run up

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Alt season doesn't start until BTC tops out. BTC clearly has not topped out.

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Haha api 3 isn’t decentralized or trustless. APi3 decided a truly decentralized network was too complicated and expensive so you could just trust the API providers to be 1st party oracles and trust API3 to aggregate the fees because they have a “decentralized governance” of which 80% of the governance token supply is owned by 4 people. The project is an absolute joke

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Just look at how Link behaves. It's not like Eth at all, even though the price kinda keeps up with it. Eth rode the bull market, while Link lived most of it's life in a bear cycle. Two different animals, altogether.

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pls don’t

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But we're not in 2017 you retard

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ETH got to where it was because it was a shittoken generator and you needed ETH for the ICO craze with a lot of hype surrounding it. No one really gives a fuck and no one is buying LINK off exchanges to participate in anything right now. Token is only used for paying node operators which they are likely dumping on the market. There simply is no similar buying pressure like ETH unless the fat fuck can get off his ass and put out Arbitrum or staking soon (very unlikely) before this bull run fucking ends. I diversified my folio instead of being all in LINK in early Jan I'm happy as fuck I did so.

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Comparing LINK's price action to ETH right now is like comparing apples to oranges. Completely delusional thinking and you're setting yourself up for disappointment for no reason.

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noone cares about this shitcoin shilled by gaylliotrades

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OCR can be a game changer, he sounded unusually bullish on it. Hope Arbitrum doesn't take too long, agree that staking is very far off. Don't understand how you think i'm comparing Link to Eth, i was making the opposite case.

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Token not needed

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>Don't understand how you think i'm comparing Link to Eth, i was making the opposite case.
That reply was intended for other anons who like to bring up that comparison. LINK wont perform as great as ETH did in the last bull run. I could be wrong and I wish I was wrong but the lower your expectations the better.

>OCR can be a game changer, he sounded unusually bullish on it
I hope so but I really don't expect much.

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But literally WHY would we do what ETH did? Why?
I see link crabbing and dropping in sats and performing worse than Bitcoin this whole bull run

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This is funny. I bought 500 LINK at 60c and now it’s considered a life’s saving

>> No.29013331

Jesus Christ you guys are so FUCKING delusional thinking anyone buying crypto as a speculator will connect all the intricate dots like that

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damn, with enough redditors like this flooding into /biz/, there might actually be enough retards to buy LINK bags up to $100+. Bullish.

>> No.29013394

why would link follow eth
you marines are braindead

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Because it is one of the only legit project that will see legit consistent usage as everything else pumps and dumps once then never recovers.

>> No.29014055

this is a HARD goalpost move lmfao

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Ocr is very bullish. 10x gas reduction, means 10x the data they can push.

>> No.29014419

and link's already gone from one integration every couple days to multiple integrations every day.

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you are literally going to be one of those 2011 twitter "missed the boat" on btc idiots just wow

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In 2025 1 LINK will cost $45.

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I really hope not I need more time to sell some limbs in Mexico maybe have a baby that walks away on it’s own down there

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thanks just bought 100k

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The more DeFi coins I discover, the more I find out they rely on LINK. Such an essential part of the ecosystem, maybe the single most important DeFi coin.

>> No.29015666

>I see link crabbing and dropping in sats and performing worse than Bitcoin this whole bull run

I'm happy it's not correlated with bitcoin. That means when the corrections come, it won't suffer as much.

In fact, it's mighty difficult to find something that doesn't correlate with bitcoin anymore. Even most DeFi coins are correlating with bitcoin!

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File: 242 KB, 1080x733, IHNRTE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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holy fuck it's actually scary at how similar the charts are

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Link is DeFi, link will then be De-insurance, just like link makes blockchain relevant and usable. You had 3 fucking years retard, grab a stack and work on your life or get a hobby to pass the time

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Martin cabello?

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I have ChainLink pegged to hit $300-$1200 for its ath peak by eoy before popping down to prob 50-100ish during the following bear cycle. The closer we get, the less uncertain the range will be but that’s more or less what I’ve been expecting to play out since mid 2019. Shits gonna be stressful in a few months wondering if I’m selling the right proportion or time or if I should wait or if I should even sell and just stake instead. Decisions decisions decisions
>t. 2017 35k link oldfag

>> No.29017042

bruh if it hits 300-500 sell half your stack. millions of dollars. youll still have thousands to stake the rest. jesus christ i was fucking late to this game

>> No.29017108

Nigger Alert!

Nigger Alert!

>> No.29017196

selling Link, ever

>> No.29017293

>Selling something that pumps in a bear market when a bear market is coming

bruh if it pumps in a bull and pumps in a bear why the fuck you selling

>> No.29017436

Yeah it’s honestly not about the greed, it’s more just figuring out what would be the best to buy the house I want, start a fund, and go into politics while also having enough link to passively make enough money to never care about future cash flow. Basically thinking selling for $10M-$12M would do that with about $200-$750k a year in passive income on the remaining stack. also contemplating selling and buying back a year later. Link is gonna be so valuable though years from now that every decision feels like the wrong one
Faggot, I wrote potentially selling some. I’m always going to have link, never less than 10k link on reserve

>> No.29017505

link enables defi

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When it hits $300 I'm pulling 20% of my stack to put in ETFs and I'm done with crypto forever. I'll live off my millions and the 4% meme law, but only 2% so it will continue to grow and I can go about life never thinking about money. When steaking is available I will keep a third of returns in link, a third btc, and a third eth. If it goes to zero I already made it and live off passive income. If it goes on to 4 digits then I will have a shitload of link/btc/eth. If it ever starts to feel like a sinful amount maybe I'll finally move back to the country. I do miss country life and it would be nice, to have a bigger house. About 1,800sqft with a cool basement. Maybe a shop out back since even a desktop mill is loud as fuck and can get messy.
All I want is to quit my job and neet it up, making things, watching shows, and buying dumb shit off ebay.

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This is you while writing all that bulshit

>> No.29017520

Do a flip

>> No.29017651

>he thinks btc dumps aren't going to drag LINK down -90%
link pumps when btc moves sideways, link is weak when btc moves in any significant way

>> No.29017661

Yeah I feel you. I once sacrificed 237 of my linkies to slay the crab spirit and it felt like I was going to die, it was such a bad feeling.

>> No.29017701

btc moves sideways most of the time, anon.

>> No.29017710

This is correct, our guy Benjamin has chart showing that btc have to be above 20 MA for Link to be bullish

>> No.29017833

More like .1 link

>> No.29018022

I have exactly 10 LINKies bromephiuses. How long before I get to airdrop my lambos onto my 1500 acre ranch after the 5 LINKies I sell? When do we make it and smash GIGAbitchads out of the market?

>> No.29018115

It's 2021 retard

>> No.29018136

I have exactly 10 LINKies. Brosephienas when do we absolutely demolish GIGAbitcoin chads off of the face of the market once and for all so that I can get my lambos air dropped onto my 150,000 acre dude ranch that I buy after parting with 1 LINKie

>> No.29018241

Fugg it told me my post didnt go through due to captcha error. Apologies for samefagging up the thread

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instead of deleting one of your posts, you made another post...

>> No.29018303

Ya well it’s not following that so...

>> No.29018388

It’s so different it’s not even funny.

>> No.29018573

Pretty surprised about these $300+ predictions and super bullishness among people here. I really see no reason link would do anything notable without staking, and I agree with several anons here who have said staking seems far off, certainly not coming over the next few weeks or months we have left of this bullrun. $120 for me is the absolute top I could imagine we reach this year without staking and the probability we get there is very low. $80 is a more realistic super bull scenario but at this point I'm not holding by breath for $50. Feel free to pass the hopium pipe.

>> No.29018589

Are you guys fucking kidding. Hahaha 500 by June? Link can’t even sustain a 5% you guys are literal idiots. Literal fucking idiots.

>> No.29018681

you're correct

>> No.29018683

Exactly, why the fuck would chainlink get staking just for fucking price feeds?? That’s so fucking as asanine? Would you be running to stake to price price feed data?? Nope. So staking is far fucking. Maybe only bullshit linkpool will be able to stake for years. Non price feed things on link are way the fuck off. Not even the next bull run maybe the one after that

>> No.29018754

Honestly can see link falling back to top 15-20 on cmc maybe lower. Just as it came up over 3 down it goes back down over 2-3 years. Will see what’s up w iron hands then

>> No.29018893

This is exactly what I am seeing too. Literally anyone can run a bunch of price feeds and there is no reason for Link to reach higher than like $100 when they haven't even begun with their staking model. It is honestly pretty scary seeing all these gullible anons fall for the blatant lies regarding future price performance.

>> No.29019091

I did grab a stack. But there are so many other stacks that are looking shiny too.

LINK is already top 10 market cap. There is no point grabbing only LINK now.

>> No.29019472

Nice attempt at fud but you're 2 years late on that

>> No.29019538

Benjamin who? Show this chart pls

>> No.29019712

Why would you sell at a fucking loss let alone not diversify your portfolio

>> No.29019738

Is LINK being held back by ETH fees?

>> No.29019796

Standard non-comeback fake confidence noted. You hoping someone else who actually has a fully formed opinion comes along for you to hide behind?

>> No.29019892

Take your fucking meds

>> No.29019984

people have been saying shit like this since link was $1, keep seething poorfag

>> No.29020054

Checked and correct. Most sensible posts ITT

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Cannot delet. Something went very wrong and Im all in with an entire 10 LINK. Yes am tard, plz send halp.

>> No.29020157

Scam. Paid shill.

>> No.29020183

I think it will happen when btc dumps. We're going to dump harder without the preceeding pump to balance it and confidence will be shaken. However second half of this year we'll regain the sats. Has been a painful hold lately for sure.

>> No.29020302

You have almost the perfect stack. I’d sell one third at $350 and $1K, then swing back to your original stack (or double it) a couple years later in the bear market. Always keep 10-11K Linkies just in case things go parabolic. Super easy play desu, no matter what you are totally set

>> No.29020534

Selling 20 LINK when it hits $1200 to pay next year's rent

>> No.29020632

>thinking it’s gonna hit $1200 this year because it got to $35 since 2017
you are a fucking delusional retard and I guarantee you I have more link than you pussy

>> No.29020762

Keep posting on the anonymous basket weaving board I'm sure you'll influence someone's buying decisions :^)
I'm confident because LINK has made me seven figures and it will make me more

>> No.29020768

>b-but apu2 sirs
lmao fuck off midhav

>> No.29020877

It's the worst sign we've been overrrun by pajeets. They'll just stupidly spam that it will be 400 eom despite growing at an average rate of a dollar a month or so.

My prediction of $50-70 eo 2021 i made last summer is looking to be dead on but i got so much seethe when i posted it.

>> No.29020902

Does anyone think LINK looks like it's about to pump past $40 this weekend?

>> No.29020949

I would love to shit on your face.

>> No.29021036

> insult indian
> he gets aroused and flirts

>> No.29021037

Not trying to influence anyone's decisions, just trying to peel away all the layers of bullshit retards like you add to the conversation with your blind faith lack of substance and perspective. We don't have shit without staking - it's that simple. No point talking about pie in the sky triple fig valuations this year when there are no real signs we're getting there.

>> No.29021116

You have 20k ? Cause I do, newfag.

>> No.29021315

Staking is coming soon (early q2).

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Hard to care when I could live off steaking even if I only got 3% returns right now at current price. To clarify I mean regular 3% returns, not implying I think steaking will yield 3% returns per second or week. A surprising number of dipshits seem to think the percentage refers to returns per millisecond or some shit.
Anyway, it would replace my income as a nurse and then some. Literally impossible to lose with link. Kicking myself for getting my second degree in cash instead of loans + buying more link but I've already made it as soon as steaking comes out or I can sell a small percentage and put it in ETFs.

>> No.29021470

Extremely unlikely. They need a big user to warrant staking which required a mature network with all the features they've been delaying for months. We'll see some of those features this year but staking will then be dependent on advertising to businesses following that, then testnet. So early next year earliest.

>> No.29021608

Staking will do not as much for price as you think even if whole biz is going apeshit over this for some reason
chainlinks price mostly correlates with network usage
so ocr and the scaling solutions like arbitrum will have a big impact on price
the same goes for the number of projects that use chainlink data and the amount of feeds and functionality that chainlink offers
vrf, deco, etc

>> No.29021653

Literally who

>> No.29021729

the fud is getting to me bros

>> No.29021793

Benjamin Cowen

>> No.29022028

A bear market is unironically the best scenario for LINK. Yeah it might flash crash with all the others, but when every speculative shitcoin is crashing and they see one single coin holding the line you know god damn well that all of those degenerates will be buying that coin which is LINK. LINK doesn't need a bull market nor it wants it. LINK has its own season.

>> No.29022517

You sir...... do not understand it. Good day!

>> No.29022699


You know god damn well that when a correction comes, LINK will dump the hardest like it has always dumped. It pumps the weakest and dumps the hardest. It's a piece of shit coin meant to break you mentally.

>> No.29022852 [DELETED] 

I feel like a retard for buying too little. Want to add more now but not gonna pay the vitalik tax again

>> No.29022915

Don't be so hard on them, they are having budget difficulties

>> No.29023142

Is there a worse feeling than already being all in during march 2020 so you couldn't buy more.

>> No.29023270

t. already priced out

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>bragging about 20K

>> No.29023501

>You know god damn well that when a correction comes, LINK will dump the hardest like it has always dumped. It pumps the weakest and dumps the hardest. It's a piece of shit coin meant to break you mentally.
Let these newfags learn the hard way. If you were here to witness 2017-2018 you are either cool with holding for 4-5 more years after the forthcoming dump or you are selling at the end of this year. I am probably gonna do the former but if we hit a meme number like $1200 this year I am dumping my entire stack on the newfags and scooping up cheap Linkies in 2023. I myself was a crypto newfag in 2017 and saw anons lose millions just holding eth and btc all the way down. Much less shit like NEO or ICON or XVG. Terrifying desu

>> No.29023526

you're the jeet if you think link will only 2x this cycle stop pretending

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>Lmao! He only has $650k!

>> No.29023620


Link only experienced one bull market prior to this one, but it didn't even have a mainnet back then. We can't draw conclusions about how hard Link will dump when the next bear market comes.

>> No.29023696

Yeah I’d still be set for life at those amounts but I’m sure as fuck not selling if that’s the top. I would say $100 perhaps but calling a $1250 top is pants on head retarded. Link is too deep cut it’s not ethereum which you had to buy for so many icos, apples and oranges comparison

>> No.29023747
File: 815 KB, 380x307, B725D8B1-F3D8-420C-8E60-26CC7D06EC26.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked, funniest shit I’ve seen in years

Unironically. Newfag

>> No.29023846

>Making fun of a fren for having 2 make it stacks
Definitely not an OG. You sound like some butthurt BTC or ETH maxi

>> No.29023872

Of all the things that are a literal physical possibility within our reality, this is certainly one of them. I would by no means go so far as to say thing couldn't equal number.

>> No.29023877

Read the thread he came at me for no reason. I am well within my rights to defend and make fun.

>> No.29024460
File: 530 KB, 734x781, bidensmug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I only got about 18 000 LINKs, but I live in Europe in a country with an average salary of €1500 per month, so if I could hit $1.5m($85 per LINK) in this year, then it would be simply great. I would try to sell parts of my stack during the blow off top mania phase. I'd probably have to buy Benjamin Crowe's subscription for $100 a month since it seems like he knows what he is talking about and keeps things rational. It's also clear as day that the big whales don't want LINK to pump hard at all since they can just play the shitcoin game, slowly buy up LINK, suppress LINK and then maybe let LINK pump a bit only for it to dump down and enter another crab/accumulation phase. It has been so fucking tiring holding LINK these past 8 months while all these DeFi shitcoins have gone up 20x while LINK is at like 3x barely. It's impossible to tell the timelines of when something like OCR or staking will be released since the fat fuck Sergey gives these weird talks and suddenly giving these weird hints while nothing happens. I mean cmon they talked about a Whitepaper v2 back in August. It's fucking February already. Sergey is playing the 10 year long game, the whales are playing the 10 year long game, klaus schwab and those niggers are all playing the long game. It's really time to start being realistic about what to expect from LINK.
>inb4 muh it went from $1.5 to $20!!!!
Comparing the absolute bottom to absolute ATH both that lasted very briefly is fucking retarded. In reality it went from like $3.5 to $12 which is nothing spectacular during a bull market.

Anyway I just hope we hit $70 before June, but that seems like a dream right now.

>> No.29024794

That's a legit 10 anon you got sauce?

>> No.29025039

got it niggers her name is "Valerie Abou Chacra" she's lebanese apparently.
wish I had these dyor skills when it came to shitcoins

>> No.29025750

>$500 per Link

Wish I could have some of that you guys are smoking

>> No.29025827
File: 36 KB, 679x408, 81W679_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>oh look, another pathetic self-hopium cope chainlink cult thread

>> No.29026155

The fact there are legit anons in here that are actually retarded enough to think that link will only 0.5-2x from here the rest of the year shows how many nufags there are. You’re in a bull run year with more money flowing in then ever before. During the bear market, ChainLink went from 0.1 to 20 in three years. That’s 200x during a time when everything is dumping and people were saying crypto is a scam. We are gonna deviate from the regular trend that would’ve had us somewhere between 50-100 at our absolute peak if it was another bear year. It isn’t a bear year though. how have you faggots not realized that yet?

>> No.29026192

Link doesn't have pumpamentals. I have new friends to crypto who are fomoing into ADA and Binance Coin, but when we talk about Chainlink they told me that you should have bought it at 20 cents, now it is overpriced

>> No.29026257

This, these basement dwellers are all delusional. Newfags stay from this scam.

>> No.29026393

I’ve been hearing that though the past three years and it’s funny
>it’s overpriced I have to buy something else (heard this at 60 cents, $2, $3, $4, $7, $10, $12, $14, $20, $25 etc)
>ChainLink only performs well during a bear market
Eventually every single one of those people over the years ended up buying in no joke between 50 cents and $30, depending on when they finally realized it kek. Look I’m not saying moonboi 4eva, I’m just stating the obvious cycle pattern we are about to see before we revert back to the long term trend post bubble pop

>> No.29026482

Link would be $70 with Binance Coin's market cap. Link will never flip BNB. Same with Polkadot's Market cap. Link was ahead both of these projects last summer, it just keeps losing sats and will dump harder than anything else when the Bitcoin rally is over. Enjoy holding literal shit

>> No.29026522

its the autistic word for "bull market"

>> No.29026563

This is the most whale-owned (over 80% owned by whales), the most heavily fudded, the most heavily manipulated literal shit project and the team keeps increasing the circulating token supply every week. This is why it will never succeed, the bot suppression itself will keep it that way

>> No.29026626

It's actually funny how it is the only project that has some serious fundamentals in terms of WEF grants, UNESCO grants and many use cases

But this just goes to show that no matter how good and solid your project is in terms of technology: it is all about the pampamentals and the pampadamp action

>> No.29026651

imagine still holding link and not moving the gains into band

>> No.29026701

Band has good pumpamentals

>> No.29026705

So let me get this straight, Link can’t be worth more than BNB because...? You don’t make any sense pleb, everything on the CoinMarketCap ranking fluctuate, it’s not a fixed set thing kek. Just like when we entered top 20 and fell to top 30, you all were screaming it’s over. Now you’re doing the same thing in the top 10

>> No.29026753

hello i am never fucking selling

>> No.29026781

It's clear you don't understand pumpamentals

>> No.29026946
File: 560 KB, 1560x1951, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek nah I do, but for your lack of argumentation I will be taking you to kleros court sir. good day sirs

>> No.29026996

It's funny how you Neets thought you had it all figured out. Swift, Google, Unesco, World Economic Forum, BSN

But you forgot it is all about the pampamenthols HAHAHAHA holy shit imagine being this fucking retarded, meanwhile Reddit is making x1000 with hidden gems that don't even have a whitepaper

Cope. And seethe.

>> No.29027439

The effect of pampamenthols on the price:

Elon Musk -tier celebrity tweets a picture of cute Dog that causes +500% price action for Doge in a matter of hours, it even flipped Chainlink

You guys understand that even if Bill Gates himself would be tweeting about Chainlink no one would give a shit? It would just cause cringe

>> No.29027475

> gay retard be like "im going to day trade my minimum wage job into a (any) girls heart"

you don't get it and never will faggot

>> No.29027653
File: 550 KB, 648x685, slayerthink.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>9 posts by this ID
Clearly this is an OG LINK holder fudding his own coin, a time honored tradition. Carry on LINKmarine.

>> No.29027934

> pumpamentals
fuck off richard

>> No.29028525

I mean he is probably right. If Bill Gates tweeted just "Chainlink", then maybe we would get a 5% pump and then a 7% dump. If he tweet "Chainlink oracles", we might get 20% pump with a slow bleed of -25%. All the news and hypes are killed right away. This is to condition people to think that no matter what happens, LINK won't pump.

>> No.29028590
File: 40 KB, 1920x1080, boom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you're right anon, just market sold all my link at a 10% discount

>> No.29028687

I hold LINK myself since due to the whale demand it just has to creep up in value, but as you already know yourself LINK rarely pumps on any kind of news. The WEF news was the biggest news LINK has had and it literally dumped -2%.

>> No.29028847

any other project would 100% overnight with such news

>> No.29029011

This would make my LINK stack worth 420k, lol

>> No.29029027

Nice, hope the emotional trading is working for you

>> No.29029070

It's okay, anon. Just use it as a learning experience and you still have a headstart on most people.
Back when ETH was announced I thought it was all meaningless marketing babble and didn't look further into it because I was a BTC maximalist, but I do recognize the usefulness of DeFi now.
ChainLink and other such mediator services are a good bet because they can adapt to whatever main smart contract chain happens to win out, wether it's ETH 2.0, Polkadot, Cardano, Binance or something else.

>> No.29029233

Lol i bought a measly 1500 LINK at 0.17 cent and it's already worth x2 what you sold it for

>> No.29029332

>alt season hasnt started yet
It will be over soon, tic toc motherfucker

>> No.29029448

Who says Link has to follow ETH past performance form 4 years ago wtf why

>> No.29029539

Staking wont happen before Q1, mark my words

>> No.29029658

This, this years top will be around $60 AT BEST.

>> No.29029831
File: 21 KB, 588x237, 2021-02-18 12_36_39-Curve Finance on Twitter_ _Pool with $LINK _ $sLINK is up! @chainlink @synthetix.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Curve Finance just added a Link/sLink pool, anyone thinking of using it to get interest on their stacks?

>> No.29030126

I think your entire premise and thesis are inherently flawed and based on gross oversimplified assumptions. However, being an experienced creature, I know that this is simply an ounce of Tavistock double-reverse-FUD and that LINK actually will do something magnificent and noteworthy much like the pattern you described.

there are shadows, and there are gates. I see beyond the hills and walls.

>> No.29030179
File: 33 KB, 601x508, 623a5b443eda5e971773f0a6e363b4f2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a make it stack costs 460k AUD
>I have 14k in crypto atm
What the FUCK do I do

>> No.29030412
File: 195 KB, 604x580, 1606137411139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lmao imagine not just LPing on Bancor and getting a 20% APR

>> No.29030497

The Bancor pool is full, this pool might have comparable APR anyway.

>> No.29030623

nice FUD :^) it's super effective

>> No.29031896

To all the newfags and stacklets here, the insane LINK hopium here with absurd predictions like $300-500 EOY is posted mostly by whales who want to keep newfags holding so they can cash out at an average sell of around $80-100.

Look what happened with GME, Reddit was convinced that it would reach $1000 because "the squeeze not been squoze xD" all the meanwhile the WSB mods (whales) were posting this hopium while selling at $300 and have left all the bagholders financially ruined.

Do not let emotions cloud your judgement. Hopium posters want to take your money, this board is inherently predatory. The "pajeet" meme is merely a projection of the fact almost everyone here is an opportunistic scammer, be they American, German, British, whatever

>> No.29033001

The predictions are always euphoria based on nothing, but that doesn't mean anybody here has any inside scoop as to why LINK could or could not keep growing.

>> No.29033189
File: 20 KB, 439x644, dsfsdfsdfsf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fucking this. look at this chart and tell me that you're still fucking bullish on russian-made tax-haven ERC-20 token.

profit taking is never a stupid idea. better than being the next bag holder when bear markets arrive again.

the amount of delusional bag holders in recent link threads makes me wonder that top is near

>> No.29033394

based anon
70k 0.15 oldfag
wer're going to make it
Check back here for more talk when to stake when to sell etc

>> No.29033440


>> No.29033496

All in Link and wait. It’s that simple.

>> No.29033721
File: 76 KB, 1257x764, 1612674589389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

stop. why are you wasting your own precious time?

>> No.29034074

OP is right
nothing to add here
$1000 EOY

>> No.29034142
File: 6 KB, 250x250, 1612844307608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ICOs and dapps couldn't have happened without Eth

Defi can't happen without Link

Cells interlinked

>> No.29034789

Yes but eth could be $10k when link hits $1200, it’s not a prediction that link would flip Eth market cap

>> No.29035121

Because it has been tracking the chart pretty closely and is seeing similar legitimate usage unlike all these rug pull pump and dump scams you see posted here daily.

>> No.29035266

This is how people who bought BTC at $1 behaved. Literally saying when it got to $10 that it was baked and overpriced and telling new people not to buy in. Meanwhile the people who were mining since 10 cents are still in today.

>> No.29035531

this isnt BTC anymore. you surely wasnt there on /v/ when they shilled it a decade ago. BTC was already done like 500x if you compare ti to link.

its not fucking 2010 anymore. not even a 2015 like some of you compare link to ETH. this is nothing like it

>> No.29035628

>ripple at 25B mc
>link would be $75 with that mc
>bro the top is in
You had three years faggot

>> No.29035632

Lol jesus Vitalik is so autistic

>> No.29035663

In your view, why is link underperforming relative to the other top 10 for the past month? What is the catalyst for price expansion?

>> No.29036631

i sold my link at 18$ and since then, over tripled my money with XRP while shitlink did only 1.5x

link is just an shitty erc-20

token not needed

>> No.29036920

I have heard the same when link dumped to 3 dollars.

>> No.29037031
File: 313 KB, 519x514, 1612946938449.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29037262

We. Are. Gonna. Be. So. Fucking
. Rich. Lol.

>> No.29037525

bro stop, please bro you gotta stop. your making me coooooom

>> No.29037828


>selling the backbone of smartcontracts and web 3.0 and the 4th industrial revolution for a kike owned coin with zero users and billions worth dumped every month

You sure showed us lad.

>> No.29038255


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