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>still need a 3x to make it
please tell me btc and eth can do at least that much... im too scared to buy alts

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Bitcoin is 100% breaking $150k and ETH will break $10,000. Sleep easy friend we are all going to make it

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BTC has another 2X left but ETH got another 3-5X left so u good

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drop eth and buy bnb. trust me. you will make more than 3x. eth won't that many multiples this time because everybody is sick of fucking ethnet. binance chain solves these problems and also provides a new defi system. could really do a 10x from here on this cycle

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I am 100% alts. Dont be afraid. I can help you if you want.

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What alts?

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I still need 20x to make it. I don't like my chances bros. I'm never gonna make it

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what, uh... what's happening here... exactly...?

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What do I throw $5K into to make it?

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>please tell me btc and eth can do at least that much
If BTC and/or ETH 3x, alts are going to moon. Don't be a tard.

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they are doing the needful, sir

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bitcoin is a very easy 3x, and ethereum probably wont go under 0.01 ratio, so it will probably too.

if that's all you need you've already made it. the problem is if you need a 7-10x, or worse, even more. then you're stuck playing the alt gamble

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LTC is the safest 3x right now

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you need to accept that you're gambling, and treat it as much. just dont let any complete wipeout destroy your chances

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UMB, MOD, Gfarm2, ANKR, ALGO, ATOM. I also like ROSE, LUNA, HBAR but I have not bought in yet, too soon to harvest from above coins. Also Nodle but that doesnt have a coin yet. it will be the premium shit coin super food whenever they tokenize beyond the app.

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ALSO iotex is another piece of poopoo I want in my toilet.

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IOTA fren? what say you
t. poorfag

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What are your percent holdings of each

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They are you and the "mud" is money

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>>still need a 30x to make it

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The worst part about it is I had 10k in 2017 to invest back in 2017 and I blew most of it on penny stocks. If I had just bought LINK like /biz/ told me to.

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Yes, Anon. Just be ready to SELL at your target 3x if you're in ETH/BTC. Not a joke, it'll go up sky high. but it won't be there for long.

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idk exactly. but by order 1.UMB, 2MOD, 3Gfarm2, 4ANKR, 5ALGO, 6ATOM (just enough for airdrop).

OH and also (dont own any but worth a look) Nsure Network, Bifrost, VersoView

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checked now I gotta buy it soon. It MUST be on my platter

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People aren't sick of the ETHNET. Do you retards not get that its expensive because theres so much demand?

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>If I had just bought LINK
If you bought BTC in 2017, you'd be up 50x.

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I own no iota, too mainstream. maybe look into IoTeX, the name is much cooler and oh baby that chart.

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are too high
if they dont drop these shit fees, the coin is dead

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im just gnu leave this here

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those pictures make me sick

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Lemme check my list....

hhhhmmmmmm just for lemme seeeeeeeeee UNIBRIGHT. You feel like a UBT kinda guy

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Biz also told you to buy DBC, BNTY, FUN, REQ, the list goes on. so don't beat yourself up too badly. biz was bound to pick SOMETHING right just like a broken clock is right twice a day

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>Why yes, I do pay a week's worth of groceries for a single Ethereum transaction

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>haha whoops i sent the wrong amount

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Remember this post. set a reminder for feb 28, if celsius doesnt hit 10$ then my dad is gay

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i already forgot it after tabbing out

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Yup, oh well. The future still looks bright.

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I need 300x

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3x is almost guaranteed.
I need a literal 1000x to make it

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ok ok. https://nodle.io/ just buy the tokens whenever they get to that phase.

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I've gone from $0 up to 20k and now back down to 7k
The more I lose the worse the trades I make are.
I need the money and no doubt will gamble back down to 0.
At this point I'd be happy with 15k and cash out, just need a 2x to get my stack back ahhhhfhfhhfhf

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Indians bathing in cow dung. They believe it has medicinal value. (Tbh just the Hindus)

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did what you did. Pick any of the turds I bequeefed to you above

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Good plays:
Bad plays: Rari, GASPAY. OLY.
All 3 I bought in and sold too soon as I wasnt used to loosing 1000s per second when buying in with 8+ eth.
Should of stuck to my original strategy but I started chart watching, then making emotional sells, expecting instant gains etc etc

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sme exact shit for me lol, had I held an extra 24hrs with anything, I'd have beaucoup money but ive learned my lesson. dont let go of my shitcoins till I squeeze all that yummy juice out

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Why do you think it will

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Better than me. I need a 400x to make it. But like the other reply said, treat it as gambling. Don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. I have a stable income and am comfy with ~$500k net worth outside of crypto. I’d like a clean $4-$5 mil as a way to just coast, but can’t accomplish that with current investments. Ngl this has been a great learning experience regardless.

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