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really makes you think

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muh lil rubies are headed there

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ETH to 5k. People selling off their other assets to ride the ETH tidal wave. I keep my ETH until 4.5k, where I move 50% of my ETH portfolio to Link. Link will then be 216 EOY, resulting in an easy 10x.

I take profits to buy myself a RV, which I convert into a mobile workshop. I acquire land in Idaho, near a hot spring where I build a japanese-viking fusion sauna-bath-house-resort-spa, powered by cryptography. I host music festivals, and have people pay for tickets in ETH, causing further demand for ETH. I have then created an infinite Ouroboros of money. The more ETH is worth, the biggest festival I can throw, resulting in more demand on ETH, which allows me to build an even greater empire of chill vibes. I use this power to build a spacecraft, powered by ETH. It burns ETH as a means of propulsion, further driving up the value of ETH. I estimate about 10,000,000 ETH would be necessary to reach Saturn in a period of time short enough for me to tolerate. Once there, I use the hexagon on Saturn to run the biggest LINK node in the galaxy, connected directly to the hyper-light consciousness relay network, bringing in an era of universal Post Scarcity Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism

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holy shit sauce OP, those are some heckin nice tits

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There's a perfectly rational explanation for this

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that's a man

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is this a bot kek

yes. its fucking weird. it's also "weird" that it's not ever mentioned in school.

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Birkeland currents.

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>hu DURRR its Asamov's Shaded Hyper-lepton

Cosmology is a fucking meme

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so this is why my favorite marvel movies used a hexagon to jump through space

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Moloch is trapped there

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explain wtf im looking at here

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Abraham is Saturn
Molock is Saturn
Satan is Saturn
etc. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3PzrlVuYimayizz3ynBto5cjSavZhvFa

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That's how the physics department gets that hot grant mone

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double checked

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theocratic Islam allied with atheist communism
strange bed fellows indeed

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Since Saturn is a uniting force I see this cult dominating in the future possibly against the central banks and its policies of usury which governments have refused to debate.
Any creation of an "enemy" by the powers that be must be treated with suspicion: which banking system do they use?
Any rogue state probably doesn't use the established central banking model which makes them a threat.

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Did you say 216

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>it's also "weird" that it's not ever mentioned in school.
I know public schools are shit by default, but I agree. That hexagon is just as fascinating as its own rings, and way cooler than Jupiter's Big Red Spot that I heard about endlessly in school.

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Seek help

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anon.. I...

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that’s a lot of gas bro

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Big think

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kikes push division because they don't want unity among those they deem unworthy. They leverage hatred to divide when we're all in this together. There is no secret club if saturn worship can be found everywhere.

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what you said here >>28999777 is nonsensical. It's brainlet semantics atheist propaganda

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>literal roman empire propaganda
fuck the ccp

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Based comfy schizo thread

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Don't think chinks believe in religion including cults so they can get fucked.
Similarities shouldn't be ignored, anon. Did you watch the videos I linked?

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Cult of Saturn, the original death cult. The only actual fud against link is the knowledge youre betting on the AI devil.

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It's the Link symbol.

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the best booba

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This is going to happen, fren.

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I know this belongs on /x/, but why do people actually worship Saturn? Or what benefit do they believe they receive for doing so?

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Spaghetti monster?

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It's all so obvious.

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how do i atone for my sins 42... i am sorry for spreading fud and have since helped countless anons find the way

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Confirmed I’ll see you at the citadel

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couldnt even give it a little transparency... 1/10

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hey does anyone else remember the little fat kid that did the video saying 'my linkies stay super stinky' or some gay shit like that?

how does it feel to know that fat little faggot is probably rich as fuck now?

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that guy probably didnt even have link. That being said, memes like that are why I bought link in the first place in 2018. I cant believe im going to get rich off shit like this


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the roman empire used to accuse its enemies of being saturn worshippers.
you can't say abraham, molock and satan are saturn its semantically impossible it's like saying 1+1=3.
you can be of the opinion jesus is the jewish messiah or that he is not

the ccp literally have the ideology that is represented by the sickle.
saturn is the maintenance of the material at the expense of the spiritual

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It did really make me think in early 2018 when I first got up to speed on link. But the thinking made me ill so I took my meds and now I dont think much at all. Still have my make it stack so thats good.

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Trip sevens so it must be true

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>i am sorry for spreading fud and have since helped countless anons find the way
show dem the wei brother

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Go on....

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haha nice, thanks haven't seen that in a while. I think that kid def had at least a small amount into it there's no way he didn't. He might have sold it though, who knows.

I'm going to drop a new meme probably in a few weeks or so to celebrate becoming a millionaire. I'll just drop my favorite one again for now.

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CCP looks like another aspect of saturn worship. It's everywhere and this covid ritual illustrates it well
>mask wearing is ritualistic
>cleaning is ritualistic
>social distancing is ritualistic but I think it interrupts the flow of torus energy we all share (fordism did that too)
Never knew that about the romans after all they had Saturnalia where social relations were turned upside down and slaves became masters and so on.
Interestingly the satanist symbol of the pentagram has five sides and the hexagon has 6. 5 and 6 are representative of the microcosm and the macrocosm (as above so below)
Saturn is father time. Time is evil to material things because eventually everything is stripped away into nothing. That's the horror of mortal existence.

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i started watching jonathan kleck vids

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wait just one sec....

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Earth was abusive to Saturn and, so there was a restraining order filed.

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A powerful spiritual force visited me several nights ago anons. Normally the spirits lurk outside the door to my bedroom. I ask them who they are but they never enter. They appear as shades or shadow beings.
The one that appeared was different. It managed somehow to open a doorway in my room and was staring at me when my mind awoke to its presence. It was a being of pure light like Rorschach from watchmen except it was light upon even brighter light. The being covered itself so as not to overwhelm me. It seems we exchanged thoughts for some time before I was overwhelmed and awoke breathing heavily.
I couldn't remember much of the conversation only that "the dimensions or measurements were wrong" but I'm not sure in terms of what. I read the 216 link get thread on my phone at full brightness never even realizing it was at full brightness and the room appeared as daylight except all the blinds were closed. Thanks for reading. Any thoughts?

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Did it com across as a warning?

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Dude, are you taking drugs or on medication? You need to watch out, if this kind of shit starts to interfere in you personal and professional life you will have a mental disease, no joke. It is fun while it just a dream, but if this kind of thought affects your personal and professional life you should avoid it. I am concerned about your mental health, avoid alcohol, drugs, sleep and eat well, please anon, don't have a mental break down.

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No it didn't more like friendly advice from something further evolved who has walked a similar path.
Thanks for the concern but I'm mentally stable within clownworld kek

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Like the being was smiling at me and I saw like the faces of everyone I've known and respected who has died within the light

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yeah he does a really great job of breaking down their symbolism

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And the next day I had pins and needles just thinking about the encounter and this got worse when I was examining the area where the "doorway" appeared.
Really incredible stuff and I'm not even religious

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>the dimensions or measurements were wrong

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2*sin(666) = -(golden ratio) = 2*cos(216)

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I think I'm the wrong person to tell about that sort of thing because I usually ignore dates and can't remember birthdays and I'm only just coming around to numbers being coded messages in news articles etc.

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>take your meds goy. you're starting to think unapproved thoughts. don't you care about black lives matter

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i have a question for you. if i remember correctly you have said something along the lines of link being an ai system or quantum computer. but something thats been rattling around my brain for a while now is the idea of how automation and smart contracts will further enslave everyone and create the elites and the cows. will this not be the case with our blockchain future? i am invested in a future for those who can to do as they will, but will link bring us the freedom we want beyond monetary gain?

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do you feel like yoyre lending yourself to something evil when u support link?

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>i have a question for you. if i remember correctly you have said something along the lines of link being an ai system or quantum computer
the show "Person of Interest" is a great case study on this idea
it's a double edged sword, but in the aggregate it will be a benefit to humanity, just like how the invention of electricity benefited everyone

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i had not thought of it that way. i figured that it would be monopolized and used in a way that would only further cement the divide between “us and them”. thinking about it now the types of adapters that could be made are limited only by technical ability(and coding ability? im a brainlet when it comes to anything involving programming) but what happens when link evolves into something completely different through widespread use of all these adapters? i suppose the sky is the limit. could it be a way to bypass government control if everyone is on the blockchain getting kicked off of buses for gettimg flagged? could there be a “partition” to the ecosystem?

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>do you feel like yoyre lending yourself to something evil when u support link?

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>do you feel like yoyre lending yourself to something evil when u support link?

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I feel good and evil are too simple of a concept to apply to daily life let alone these sorts of beyond spiritual notions so that makes them by default mechanisms of control just like the simplistic worldview the media constructs for us like the documentary hypernormalization argues: the real world is too complex so they created and simpler one and this is why we live in clownworld.
Like I said this was a being of light so higher than the shades or shadow beings that cannot even gain entrance to my room because of some sort of energy barrier the living emit.
In terms of Saturn I think that dying of natural causes i.e. old age is something caused by Saturn as father time the great devourer. Any notion of sacrifice is bullshit because it goes against the lived practices of saturn that Arthur Moros describes in his book. If anything you'd cut yourself every day or week or whatever. You wouldn't kill because that is father time does, eventually.

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>do you feel like yoyre lending yourself to something evil when u support link?

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>do you feel like yoyre lending yourself to something evil when u support link?

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>I feel good and evil are too simple of a concept
anons that say this need it to be tru more than it is
there's absolute right and God is good. so we're trying to gauge if investing in something that doesn't glorify God is what is havin you shook

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Have you read the Law of the One? They talk about distortions emitting into the material world and subdividing it as it goes. So like from love comes, paradoxically, the negative forces. But the creator begins with good intentions so it seems but doesn't seem to have much control in terms of goodness over the distortions of course because that would make the world empty like music without silence.
I think that to create is to preserve and to destroy. I don't see any evil in dying of old age and if saturn is responsible for that we might not consider him a mass murderer for taking people in their bed, asleep.
Whatever power saturn brings into this world is being leveraged by various organizations like CERN with their little "joke bro" shiva ritual.
The being of light smiled at me to say welcome to the right path even if it's a different path to everyone you know it's right for you. That'd be what shook me most.

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Mental health is a jewish psyop to cut the aryan man off from the higher plane and I'm not joking

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a little bit tqbh

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so you're saying its a sign?

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Sounds like you got to spend time with an old friend anon, I'm envious. My encounters with nearby entities have not been so comfortable. They tend to rape me or envelop my body in thorny vines. How do you keep the bad ones outside your room, have you worked protective magic around the periphery?

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>that’s a lot of gas bro

And it will still be cheaper than current fees I pay trading shitcoins

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Is this good for chainlink?

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saturn represents obstacles and limitations this is bearish

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Kek sounds about right

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Damn anon guess I'm lucky. no i don't practice any magic but I imagine doorways even open act as barriers in this world. also I felt very hungry after the encounter

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I basically think the same thing is true. Even on /pol when people start noticing patterns to things like various pedogate evidence as an example they try and demean with terms like "schizo" which is basically code for "hey stop noticing things goy". In reality these people hate us because we can see through blatant propaganda. pic rel

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yeah it can be exhausting. glad you had a good experience, maybe you're a stronger soul than i

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Hey that looks exactly like the Chainlink logo. Wait what...

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You are based

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really makes you stink.

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Sometimes I find myself becoming susceptible to sexual thoughts and drugs and whatever else but never carry them out and most of the time snap out of it. Not sure about strength of soul either as people close to me claim I'm weak spirited but maybe not I guess. They always just ignore the spirits rather than engage with them.

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As we moved forward in time, government will only be a shell of its self. Aside from certain 3 letter entities, our world will be a Wild West technocracy. Everything we do will leave a digital footprint(data), and with CanDiD and Deco, this allows for user identities to be data feeds into blockchain. The only thing the world was really missing was a digital, immutable ledger that accounted for human behavior/actions that can be attributed to any individual. I’ve never been much of a conspiracy theorist, but a fully functional chainlink oracle network will be the greatest invention for humanity as well as the greatest investment opportunity. But with all good things, there will be bad. Let’s just focus on surviving what is to come anon.

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Everybody knows about the hexagon/cube kike symbolism but is there any significance of the 2-3 circles within? Kind of looks like an eye

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Chainlink is the parse of human consciousness

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> Jew flag in background
I'm no longer laughing this is no longer a coincidence.

Time to hoard Linkies.

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This is undoubtedly true. It is too convenient of a mechanism for a cabal that blatantly uses subversive tactics constantly and in the open. Anybody that thinks for themself is insane, it’s too perfect.

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NASA employ also Jews? Sure thing fren

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