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What was the deal with McDonaldscoin? I'm serious, I would watch a 30 minute youtube documentary on the rise and fall of this memecoin. Is it gone for good or are some retards going to try to bring it back?

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the pokemon cards that come with the happy meal is the new meme

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dude its the same as every scam that comes here are you retarded. theyll be back in 2 days with a new meme

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The telegram is still active.

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It's one of several hundred PnD scamcoins that come and go to scam the freshest batch of newly arrived redditards on /biz/.

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You will feel really stupid by friday when the partnership is announced.
It's not to late, you know

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>someone bought crypto based on memes only.

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This and bazinga coin have been my favorite biz scams to watch unfold so far

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>what IS the deal with McDonaldscoin

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I was just thinking this today. MCDC was pretty good but Bazinacoin was still the best. I mean, an ecosystem based on jokes. What a fucking pajeet scam. And because the 2017 bubble was so massive it actually mooned. Brilliant.

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