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It's happening bros

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I think bao will crab between .00125 and .00180 until march, unless baoman give us a surprise

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I think you're right, except that .00150 is the new bottom IMO.

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eom predictions?

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EOM 0.003
EOY 0.1

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eoy 2022?

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This is how i win.

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>wallet crawling up top 100

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You are asking too much

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How do you check that?

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Why? We were in .0014 today

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Eom .00250
Eoy .02000

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lets fucking go boys.


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Bao is getting truly comfy boys

Cheers to making it

Remember, 10 cents is FUD

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holy fuck newfags like you better be grateful you stumbled into this coin

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Like i said .00150 will be the new bottom, as in, going forward from my post.

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.02 eoy would be plausible but at .1 way to many would be tempted to unstake and sell the millions of dollars they made. Don't get me wrong if bao hits .04 i would be a millionaire too.

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every time i think about selling my BAOs they just shoot right back up; i originally just bought them as a swing play but it's looking more like at least a medium-term hold

hopefully there's some good stuff coming from baoman (i don't know anything about farming/staking)

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no i wouldn't

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this guy is optimistic if he thinks even .001% of holders will be making synths on the platform

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lp is the future, the future is naow anon
bow down to the baoman and load up today

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they will when it becomes easy to make synths, but that's not required.

it's not like 0.001% of humans are Fortune 500 founders. there are creators, and there are investors. the bao ecosystem has a place for everyone

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Bao is for High IQ only. Specific synths might be a big difference in the world.

I have 1.5mill bao.

If it costs me 1 million to issue an amazing synthetic, i would certainly do it.

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>I have 1.5mill bao.

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how much do you have

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iv been dicked over on every shitcoin iv bought from a biz post.

what are the odds this one wont?

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You sure about that? How much do you know about BAO?

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You fuckers make me feel like a poorfag for my 10 mil bao.

I'm farming the shit out of it, but fuck you guys my funds were locked up in scambase for like a fucking week back when bao was .001 and I had to use the shitty metamask ETH buy feature and basically got fucked out of tens of thousands of dollars

I fucking hate coinbase and I fucking hate washington state fuck this entire goddamn bitch of a USA and it's fucking assfucker laws

>still gonna be rich though.
>still gonna fucking make it

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Welcome aboard my friend

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Jesus christ I just got caught up in the bao art bullshit. I've been in the bao discord basically since the beginning, and that faggot Denjin-K has been a grubby Jew from the start. He's the same retard that put watermarks on his shitty memes.

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Hey fellow bao bros haha we’re gonna make it aren’t we.
I just have one question
*BAOMAN himself approaches you*
>Don’t buy my product. I’m gonna take your money.
>Do your own research. Projects like these inevitably result in rugpulls.
>If you can’t tell I’m about to rugpull you then you’re too unintelligent to invest in this project.
>I don’t need to publish the source code because you should be smart enough to infer that it’s because I’m about to rugpull you.
>If you think I’m going to put this on Binance and not rugpull you, you’re stupid because I’m going to rugpull you.
>I did it with http://kimchi.finance and I’m doing it with http://bao.finance and I don’t bother to change the two sites because I literally don’t give a fuck and I’m already making it as clear as possible that I’m going to rugpull you.
>Read the whitepaper. It says it right there. I am going to rugpull you.
>Stop reading 4chan. It will make your emotional state less docile. I need you to remain okay with the fact that I am going to rugpull you.
>I’m going to rugpull you before March 1st. Stop asking questions.
>I literally cannot fathom how fucking stupid you are to buy this. I have literally told you how many fucking times that I am going to take your money, and you do it anyway. How fucking stupid can one person be? I outright told you eleventeen thousand eighty-hundred bajillion ninety-nonillion BAOzillion times that this is a scam. And you have the audacity to ask a question _after_ giving me your money? Do your own research next time, I beg of you. I speak for your wallet and your “crypto” career. Get out for good. Crypto is not meant for you.
>Pulling rug in 5... 4...... 3......... 2.............
How do you respond?

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I will be selling my baos at the top in a year and your baos will still be locked in your farm

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>He's the same retard that put watermarks on his shitty memes.

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Holy shit!

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I can't believe so many retards are buying this absolute vaporware with an anonymous idiot hack dev.

Can't wait until you retards lose all your money when this trash plummets to zero.

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Trust comes easy unless you're Indian.

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another classic fudder. 1 min reading BaoMan's posts will reveal he is as straight an arrow as can be. CZ wishes he had 1% of BaoMan's integrity. Core devs and that fucking "artist" were destroyed by BaoMan.

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>next bullrun comes around
>ive received my whole stack of ~100M BAO
>your broke ass can afford like 15M after the bear market crash to 1.5c
>b-b-but at least i sold the last bullrun

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>Almost 2/3 of ATH guys!!!

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Why would i want it? If/when bao hits .04 i will already be a millionaire. Also there is no guarantee that the price will be high 3 years from now, considering that more and more bao will be created.

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>he thinks hundreds of farms will receive millions of bao and the price won't crash

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Sold at .0025 and bought back at .0015. Feels good to be back in Bao.

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Name a token thats not making a full recovery from the bear market that wasnt rugged.
Just natural token distribution. Those same active users will then be incentivized via synth creation, which burns 30% of BAO up front for more delayed rewards. Some people can think beyond a year.

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No I've got 10 mil liquid bao and 13 mil locked bao. EoY I'm gonna have close to 100 mil bao.

Farming is hard work, but it pays.

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>Name a token thats not making a full recovery from the bear market that wasnt rugged.
I'm not talking about that, read properly.
>Just natural token distribution
Yes, billions of them. Synth is useless btw, people want momey. You know like 5 or more people who are here for the tech? Honestly?
You will get 5% of that

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And then a steady, growing emission every day as I farm all the way through year 2 and laugh and laugh and laugh at all the free money I've got.

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As i said,

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Look, iykyk. The midwit filter is working flawlessly.

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I don't think it is, i buyed at .0001. Maybe you got me wrong, i'm not fudding bao; i'm trying to actually see the future prices but you niggers keep pulling impossible numbers

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Lol yeah I'm all about this token but I don't want to be married to it. I am farming, but my liquid stack is 5x what I have staked. I think 1 or 2 cents EOY is reasonable.

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I'll get to 100 mil BAO today. See you at 10cents BAO bros.

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