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>Started two weeks ago
>Portfolio 5% underwater
>gas fees
>Metamask fees
>debit card fees

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>>Started two weeks ago
>>Portfolio 5% underwater
>>gas fees
>>Metamask fees
>>debit card fees

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also too many shitcoins that crashed the past several days

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>pull out of mcdc just in time
>lose it all in other shitcoins

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>he hasn't taken the CZpill


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you didnt have to tell us you started last week, that much was obvious. in addition you've revealed that you're also poor

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>started two weeks ago with 4k
>Just bought BNB, GRT, ALGO, and ADA
>never sold anything
>now 6.2k

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Pulled everything out of BNB to go into ADA im on the verge of suicide

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Feels like every GME tourist rushed into crypto, did zero research, threw their money at shitcoins, lost money and are now pissed.
Funny we all told you this is exactly what was going to happen but you faggots ignored the advice, listened to shills, shat up the board and are now down more money. You thoroughly deserve it, consider your loss a learning lesson.

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2 words

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Thanks for letting us know how retarded you are

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This is one of the shitcoins I bought.

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>started 2 months ago
>learn crypto trading from videos
>trade against BTC
>somehow manage to lose 0.04 BTC with everything pumping
>would have been better off holding BTC like a simpleton

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Damn literally me except I didn’t go in on BNB but LINK instead

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I use coinbase, very little fees, easy to use, and nearly every coin will make you money.

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>started three weeks ago
>fucked around, made some money, lost some money
>invested it all into ASKO at .03 cents
>sold in the high .20s
>bought back at .05
>still have double the money I started with even at this abysmal price and if it moons I'll unironically make it
Feels good

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I fell for the shitcoin meme. I learned there's plenty of money to be made with the top 10 or 20 market cap coins.

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And some of my shitcoins have crashed so hard the positions are worth less than the gas cost to liquidate them.

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Basically why hodl is the only option.


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same except im up 20grand

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I started two weeks ago too and I'm up 40%. It's a bull market

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