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Since everything else is pumping our retarded step-brother, RSR will start its pump in a few minutes. You stank bitches better get on the reserve train before it leaves the station, tick tock.

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Satsgang, is that you? We pumping it? Got it.

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this is a garbage way to promote our precious coin, delete your fucking thread and open with something more based nigger

It takes a certain type of man to hold RSR...

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Hey im just trying to let my fellow retards know whats about to happen

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>literally being dragged along by BTC and ETH
Gay, but I'll take the gains anyways.

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40 billion token dump starting soon

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dont be a pussy. buy LINK and RSR. both go 30x from here its easy

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fake fud until source is provided

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Lmao. Nobody can explain why they’re dumping even more tokens when RSR literally still does nothing. After two fucking years.

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Your FUD holds no power here.

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this guy knows whats up

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The 4B token release was announced a few weeks ago. Do you retards know anything about the coins you own?

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they're not going to be dumped into an exchange it's going to be given out in Mexico and Argentina to start spreading it like a chink virus

In 2 years RSR will be a commonly used App/currency in latin american countries with shithole inflation

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insider here. you guys have 24 hours to pull out of RSR. nevin was just arrested in venezula for minting RSV and selling it to the cartel to fuel his longstanding opioid addiction. hes on his way to a gulag as we speak. thiel is furious is and is dumping the 40 billion tokens he picked up at .0004. team is in shambles, noone has any idea what to do. the entire protocol is collapsing, you guys will wake up to .1c, GET OUT NOW!

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Stay poor.

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I have been holding RSR forever does it ever do anything

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zoom out faggot

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This is it

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It takes a certain type of nigga to hold $RSR. The type of nigga that be cheerin for the quick nigga, but bets on the slick nigga. The type of nigga that expects the purple drank, but prepares for the ghetto blunt. The type of nigga that drink only henny, but caps a nigga for lookin the wrong way
What type of nigga is you???

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well if you had even been holding a year and a half you would have already 25x'd and not be here complaining you fucking newfag

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These are reserved niggas

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God, I had the choice to either put the rest of my money on BNT or RSR, and I chose this thing. God fucking dammit.