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last spring was such a magical time, lets hope...

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it's centralised? How come? I thought Pancakeswap was a DEX, was I wrong?

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it's a decentralized exchange built on a centralized chain (BSC)

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I've just got everything setup with bnb and metamask, deciding on what to do now and pancake. any ideas?

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I'm buying as many BNB as I can right now.
I was too young for BTC when it was $100, this is my turn now.
Inb4 BNB will never reach $1000
They said that to BTC holders too.
BNB is going to replace both BTC and ETH.

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I'm not sure but I guess it's simliar to EOS or something, like 50 validator servers running and CZ controls them

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https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/goose-finance yes

Just reached ATH again

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>too poor for 50-70$ fees
>buys food tokens on chinknance

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How to access as a burger who can't even access binance.us? Is VPN in the only way?

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why should I pay 2x70 to get less tokens, when I can pay 0.2 and get more tokens?

Are you the guy who pay 100$ for a beer just to prove you are not "poor" ?

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cuz those 1/2 tokens will do x5-x10 way faster than the binance shit you are buying

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Spoted the eth miner

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they unironically aren't

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I dumped 100 BNB into MEOWTH


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literally a browser extension that you can turn on and off whenever, dude.

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Sure, every second shitcoin grt, rubic, asko, avax etc did at least x5 within couple of weeks

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Lel you're fucking delusional. Literally went from $630 to $2900 in 5 days with the "binance shit". For you richfag this is nothing but I never made so much gain with uni

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now check CAKE

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What coins aren't /biz/ rugpulls?
That means no :

EGG, CAKE, that STEAK spammer or whatever the fuck it's called, anything named after a fast food franchise, anything with a farm offering 3 trillion APY, or REEF.

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Seethe and dilate, poorfag.
How much I love seeing $500 fees in Metamask! Finally Skelly found a way to keep the poorfags out of my lawn. We will have a pristine, based network only for the elite of crypto, without the stain from third world migrant working class scum. Oh yes I will love when he have $2000 fees so that these rats never touches our beloved ethereum token. Its so good to be part of a exclusive club. We are the Lions Club of crypto. We are the royalty, the uber pwnzors, best of the best, the absolute elite of crypto.

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It's going to beat the shit out of eth unless their scaling can at least LARP as being a L1 solution. They better have this roll-up be smooth as shit or dot and bsc together will devour it.
>Eth killers
I can't believe we've come full circle

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actually a good new pasta

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Centralized Shitchain

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You're delusional bro

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>poorjeets are now priced out of ETH network

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now that is a word I have no heard in a long time

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Do your homework before spewing bullshit like this

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Everybody's going to jump from Trannyswap over to BSC eventually, including you rofl

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BNB has an actual IRL usage right now way ahead of both through BSC. It's going to have a market cap larger than BTC and ETH, combined when this gets to the normies.

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BSC= pajeeth

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Get your Ass on Avalanche you niggers.
it has true decentralization.

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>use ETH
>pay some pajeet with subsidized electricity a massive fee to transfer a few dollars
lmao etheriumfags cope

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BAKE about to go parabolic

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>use AVAX
>capped supply
>fees are low and get burned

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I think in the future we will see lots of multichain dapps, kek

Imagine building the same token on 4-5 different chains at the same time, and sucking liquidity and fees from each one of them

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read up on why btc has value kid.

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bsc not metamask

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Based fuck eth

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>80% of profile in btc cause im not a fucking moron
>100% of my 'fuck around' stack (other 20%) is in CAKE, because again, im not a fucking moron
>winning by providing a platform for other losers to lose on rugpulls
>backed by binance
Comfy is an understatement

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It's not centralized per say there are a small amount of validator nodes about the same as polka and they are owned by Binance i believe so it's only centralized in the fact Binance operates most or all or the nodes

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>Cake a rug pull
Ur a legit retard so i won't answer your question

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checked. based.

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Why? Shill me on Bake

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Bakeryswap is the 1st AMM+NFT exchange on Binance Smart Chain and BAKE is its native token.

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Why not just use binance lol.

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