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This faggot is gonna get raped so hard in prison rofl

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Goes to show you if powerful people deem you to be a criminal - then you are a criminal. Clown world.

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Go back.

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isnt it ironic that the fucker himself also gets fucked in the end

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Dumb zoomer

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gawd i wish i were him

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He played the game of life well, and played a bunch of redditors . Pretty based

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>Go back.

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I know thats the GME guy but what happened?

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SEC is going after him.

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i thin the narrative is he was a pro trader that larped as an amateur and orchestrated this giant rekt to make bank.

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hes still holding, if he had sold everything near peak he woulda probably had to be worried but right now hes fine, tho they will try everything to fuck him and trying to find any shit he may have done in the past this looks like the only way they can get him

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But why is that illegal? Cant you tell other people to buy a stock?

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that's the narrative they are going for.
but the real story is
>don't fuck with hedge funds as we will put you in prison. stay poor and contribute to your 401k, how else will I use your money for gambling?

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fuck him. join the bizfinance token sale


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Yeah except everyone fails to realize securities license =/= pro trader. He was a very average dude that held a position in finance for a short amount of time. He just really liked economics, like everyone here.

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Is that the Robinhood ceo?

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he didn't lie about the stock or his position in it

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i think larping is forbidden on regulated markets just as insider trading and shit.

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How is that in any sane world illegal?

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because he's not jewish

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>posts free technical analysis of a stock he's excited about on social media, gets prison
>investment firms sell technical analysis for ten-thousand+ dollar subscriptions to rip off investors, approved by SEC

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this is basically the same as a company ceo going on social media talking about how his company is utterly crap and will collapse in a year when he plans to buy back company stocks for cheap.

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Getting sued by sore losers who had shorted GME, too

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Who is this fucking faggot? I know he was involved with the gme short squeeze, also saw a picture of him being a fucking kike larping as some edgy YouTube asshole. What's the deal with him?

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>This faggot is gonna get raped so hard in prison


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fuck shills, get the fuck off my board or i will do it again tomorrow you faggots

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kikes mad they had to cheat at their own game to not get liquidated
obviously shutting down all brick and mortar investing exposed their golem of an economy

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>does his due diligence years before the pump
>bought his options more than a year before they expired
>publicly explained, in detail, why he thought GameStop still had potential (again, this was like 6+ months before the pump)
>redditors gonna reddit and massively get behind GME and pump it to the moon
>this guy goes to prison for stock manipulation

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Ks blaming the WASP yet again

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What if he really was a glowie

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no it's not you absolute fucking retard, that's obviously insider trading not to mention market manipulation

this guy is not affiliated in any way with Gamestock, he just discussed his opinion of the stock

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Oh he was the CEO of those investment funds? STFU reddit nigger

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>raped in white collar minimum security
What the fuck is it with amerimutts and their celebrating to the point of orgasm of gay nigger anal rape prison bondage fantasies. You want to live in a country where men in your family get gay raped and people think it's funny? You joke about this shit in cartoons for little children and late night talk shows. You love niggers and gay buttseckes that much. That's real fucked in the head but then again America is a dying empire.

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i do like it

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And it's not okay to make rape jokes to women, America is fucked

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they will find a way
how is naked shorting even legal?

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He’ll make a nice girlfriend for Tyrone.

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You mean white-collar crime prison where he will meet other white collar criminals and get a high paying job with one of their companies?

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No such thing as naked shorting its not real.

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Yikes. Again This is all strictly an American thing.

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>Be hedge fund
>Want to long GME but know there are overwhelming tons of shorts from other hedge funds
>Need extra canon fodder
>Pay some guy to promote GME and to long it
>Said guy goes on le reddit and tells every retard to long
>Reddit retards buy it because hurr durr fuck le wallstreet xD
>GME gets popular
>More retards buy and come up with stupid conspiracy theories
>Tell everyone to HODL
>Tell your whales and quants to go all in and exit at $35
>Exit your position
>Get away with fucking up other hedge funds
>Guy who told everyone to buys GME gets all the blame
>Walk away without a scratch
>their face when reddit retards still buy the "roaringkitty is a good boy he dindu nuffin" narrative

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No you can't when you are licensed, unironically. There are explicit limits on what you're allowed to say

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Yes in white collar prison you fucking mutt faggot fantasizing gay nigger sex

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Financial fraud goes to a different prison. Usually catering to old and almost retired wallstreet scapegoats. He'll be playing Tennis and listening to music in no time.

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please go back

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If you're against this guy there's a high chance that you're jewish

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This and the GME bagholders go into a psych ward

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>larping is forbidden on regulated markets
I'm picturing bankers dressed in armor and mage robes beating each others with foam sticks and yelling "Fire ball, fire ball" in JP Morgan building

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So the narrative here is a dude getting arrested for white collar crimes is going to somehow get raped in comfy federal prison by black guys? Just how delusional and out of touch is this incel board?

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It makes me laugh how much 4chan has bastardized the term LARP

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>white theme
Kill yourself.

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Just the Americans with a BBC fetish

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This guy is a hero. I'd vote for him.

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we truly do live in a society after all

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i hope that's true because he rekt thousands of redditors right out of their student loans and life savings, and quite frankly, that makes me super hard.

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no one mentioned blacks until you came in the thread, niggerlover

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the fuck is wrong with his face

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Shouldn't we be cheering for this guy and supporting him?
He stuck it to evil wallstreet and single-handedly caused the bullrush that's made so many people so much money.

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he wasn't in it for the short squeeze and only saw the upcoming potential in the new management and what they could offer. the short squeeze was wsb thing.

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>i hope that's true because he rekt thousands of redditors right out of their student loans and life savings
I don't see why this had to happen or even did. Everyone had more than enough notice that GME was going to skyrocket before it did.
Everyone had ample opportunity to invest at the right time, and then the peak, really lasted awhile. Plenty of time to sell. Plenty of time to avoid going into the crash.
If you lost money on GME you're a fucking moron. It could not have been spelled out more clearly or easier to manage.

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once we all go to prison for our ponzis who gets first dibs?

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He's jewish.

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He didn't sell at $480. You think he thought the fundamentals of the stock really made it worth that much? The guy wasn't retarded. He knew exactly what he was doing.

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Imagine being this fucking naive

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He did nothing legally wrong and won't get punished, and the lawsuit against him will get dismissed out of hand. Still, sucks that he'll have to pay a lawyer to tardwrangle.

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not insider trading if it's a lie. then it's just larping.
it's the same because of the sway/influence and abusing that for personal gain after setting up his trade.

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He still sold a chunk of the actions no? He made something like 10 millions iirc.

>> No.28993635

18 millions

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underrated post.

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no just saying he wasnt behind the squeeze initially.

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Stockpile lol babies first stock purchase? I love not being able to execute orders until it's to late

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But he didn't even tell people to invest in GME? He just said he was going to. Watch his older livestreams and he doesn't push his followers to invest. He just says it'd be a good idea, while even some of his followers before everything blew up, said that he was crazy.
Nothing in his reddit history was GME shilling, he literally just posted calls that he invested and posted about it every month, including the losses (where WSB called him retarded)
The ONLY reason he's popular is because he saw what would be a raise in GME. Then bought calls, then posted them to reddit, and when it DID finally go up, retarded redditors saw his gains and started worshipping him. Just like they do with Elon Musk, and whoever else. Even though those people don't fucking care about them.

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consider exit bag

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4 time felon here, nobody gets raped in prison, that's just a meme pushed by sadistic psychopaths.

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If the CEO went on social media disguised as a retard no one would believe him tho, so it wouldn't work. This is what this guy did, he was a pro claiming he was a retard. Why the fuck would you listen to someone who claims to be a retard unless you think the evidence of what he's presenting speak for matter on their own?

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