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I'm a gay male and big advocate for the LBTQ+ community. I see crypto as a way to break free from the current hetero-normative power structure that oppresses the LGBTQ+ people. LGBTQ+ people are a scapegoat for problems in dictatorial regimes and in the global fiat world we live in. They can't blame the money system so the bankers blame LGBTQ+ people.

Crypto has always been away to support LGBTQ+ freedom. I don't know how many people know this but tons of gay hookups happen at Bitcoin and other crypto conventions. I'd always meet Grindr dates at crypto conventions and we'd make out for hours in the bathrooms. I see bitcoin as censorship resistance for the LGBTQ+ people.

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nice reddit copypasta bro

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I'm not from reddit. I'm from /biz/ and /LGBT/

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ngl i blame the "bankers" plenty

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This, bankers are why we hate LGBTQ+

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wtf am i reading?

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Exactly what you read dingus.

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shit bait

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Your fellow bizlets are saying it's based.

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yes and no
midwit take though

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Good news!
You can buy NuCypher (pozzed) on UniSwap (also pozzed)

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>muh inherently liberating lgbt+ meme
You're one dumb faggot. It's just a power transfer from one group to other. Nothing fundamentally changed. And this is coming from a gay and disabled minority.

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How is it a midwit take?

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Good news is that these don't reproduce, outlook of % of population will decline rapidly

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Yes my fellow faggot niggers, bitcoin is super gay and supports POCs, only an evil sexist racist would oppose BTC. So remember to deplatform those who fud bitcoin.

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no because I dont need to put a label or a queer identity to everything I do in life. im not weak and pathetic like that. but hey you do you boo and you keep on going im gay im queer i need a label to fit in or my life is empty and meaningless. I didnt bother reading all your post but basically I read im a huge advocate for being a queer and I need things to be labeled for queers cuz queers need to be labeled or some other faggot shit.

stop making the rest of us look like losers cuz you're a queer that needs to wear his entire personality on his sleeve and it only says queer

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Yes, that's why I back pnk!

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I get that this is just a larp bait
but seriously
everybody has a different reason to buy crypto, and who the fuck cares what anybody else's reason is? like what does the "reason" you do anything mean to anybody but you?
either you do something, or you don't. that is the only outward effect. the "reason" in your mind for "why" you do a thing is irrelevant to all other people on this planet.

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Bankers have nothing to do with my absolute disgust for faggots.

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You're a traitor to your people. Wear the colors or you're basically one of them.

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fuck off back to plebbit with this shit

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No matter how much you hate us we'll just keep licking eachothers tongues, stay mad.

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Faggots literally make me want to puke. It’s like seeing a big log of shit from a homeless guy on the road

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>I'm a gay male and big advocate for the LBTQ+ community.
WTF. Stopped reading there. Get gassed sodomite.

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Bitcoin is all about homos shooting poz loads into each other's colons. I hope you all die.

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