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Will BTC reach 1 million?

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The question is how many millions until it begins to slow down.

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The correct question is when.

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A market cap of $20T? No.

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not in this bullrun and maybe never

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That's pretty short sighted of you.

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Yes, but a loaf of bread will be $10k

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In the dark future 1 satoshi will be enough to buy a country, and become a king.

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Sure, and GME was meant to go to $5000.

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probably not - at the end of the day it is simply 'king shitcoin' and there are so many other cryptos that have better use cases

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almost surely

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>Will Bitcoin ever go to 10k?
geez I wonder

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Nobody is talking about today here retard.
Think about a few years down the road.

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I would be my own life on it

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I think it will go to $100k this run, and then $400k-$500k the next cycle and stabilize there. Screencap this! I fucking dare you!

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Lol if you think 20T isn’t possible this decade with all the money printing

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BTC has basically two paths

VERY LONG TERM: higher lows and higher highs every 4 years, the sky is the limit due to the 21 mil supply (even less due to lost btc wallets)


it gets replaced or somehow falls apart and becomes worthless

either way a good gamble imo, I'm waiting for lower prices to buy more though

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China is going to be the leading economy in a few years. Cryptocurrencies are fundamentally against the CCP philosophy and will never be allowed to have a significant hold on the economy.

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No, what are you, retarded?

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The dollar will become useless