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How are we feeling

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quite comfy thank you for asking fren

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It’s happening

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For the faggots who didnt get themself a bag yet here is some other anons copy paste shilling.
Opacity - Decentralized cloud storage

Actual project with a real non-anon team, working product.
Get yourself 1TB/1year of cloud storage now for only 12 OPCT tokens ( around $1.2 total, market price for 1TB cloud is what $50-60? Good growth potential to that future floor )
Stupid low MC ( ~8m ) compared to filecoin(1.2b) or siacoin(400m)
WebApp UI redesign and Mobile app coming for easier mass adoption
Bruno ( Fucking OysterPearl lol ) is jailed for tax evasion and fraud, prison soon probably so no more being tainted by PRL
Listed on Kucoin and also avail on Uni, one for Cex fags who dont want gas fees rape, one for dex fags. Harder to manipulate price and no rugs since its not solely on uni.
Link to AMA from feb5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZRC8pdWA2M

Its not to late

Ur welcome

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