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>pajeets officially priced out of the ETH network

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and yet they run 90% of uniswap scams on the eth network

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>tfw you realize that 90% of the people on here have portfolios less than $2000
>they are the same people who diversify

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Lost billions of users
Now nigro explain hows that a good thing?

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Get fucked, ETHcuck

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it's hilarious

all these comments from faggots who 'aped in' some shitcoin and bought $400 worth of it

This is the people you listen to

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This is why Layer 2 shilling has increased exponentially

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>he thinks that enterprises and whales will abandon the eth infrastructure because some indian poorfag are shilling BSC food tokens to multiply their $200 portfolio


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>They also dump thousands on exchanges
>Lose 50%
>Deposit thousands more
>Think they are in positive because their balance now shows more than after the first deposit
"Fake till you make it" mentality is so retarded and common

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>TFW you are a cuck enjoying paying 100$ in fees to Vitalik

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based as fuck

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lol glad to see some people with brains on biz
>wow let's all move to CZ casino because I can't gamble my $100 on the eth chain anymore

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poorfags are truly subhumans

it's cheaper than CEX fees for me

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Refuse to belive that

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This, it's actually fucking based
pajeets have thier own chain all to themselves

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There are over a billion jeets, probably a good chance some of them are being called jeets too

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Nothing can stop what is coming. We are entering the Kingdom of Heaven with the force of 1 billion jeets and niggers.

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pajETH kek

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yea the expensive network is the pajeet network

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no he's saying it's ETH for pajeets thus

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daily reminder that rich people don't get rich by spending a lot of money

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