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>it's fucking unstoppable

some of you guys must have made it over the last few days right?

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another missed boat for me, only 1k stack but there's people on here with >100k

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oh and

>vortex live today
share your experiences anons

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it's funny because i was literally in the bancor threads when it was under $2 and biztards were saying this is the next obvious 5-10x minimum and they were so fucking right AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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Jumped back in crypto 2 weeks ago and put 5k - over half my net worth - in this. I am still poor, but now I am less poor

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I just wish I could've gotten more, what do you guys reckon is a make it stack? I've seen people say 100K, so everyone is completely outpriced

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I got in at 2$ when anon started blue chip threads

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Same, it was those threads 2 weeks ago that red pilled me hard on Bancor. Can't believe how under the radar it still is. It's gonna fly up like AAVE and will get into the top 20 pretty easily IMO.

Liquidity Black Hole

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It will still do at least 10x this bullrun (a lot of it depends if arbitrum comes in april), so it depends what you consider making it. I live in a poorfag country so million is enough

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not too late anon.
yup i got in 3 weeks ago thanks to those threads.
excellent play sir

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that was the last call for biz
t. keynesposter

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same I only have 1k BNT but it cost me 10 ETH at the start (literally got in at the ICO)

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Literally just getting started. The best AMM product by far and we've only just scraped into the top 100? First AMM on Arbitrum, Polkadot cross chain swaps, only functional impermanent loss solution? What the fuck are the other AMMs doing while this juggernaut storms ahead?

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100+ EOY with BTC AT 400k

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So more like 25 eoy with btc at 100k

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you love to see it

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haha i made that. truly a patrician pair.

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Head for a $8 eow. All these autists have been sleeping on the ultimate chad coin

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Add RLC and you're my friend, I hold all 3.

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No I meant what I said based on pristine predictive model. You think too small

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I have made $12,800 on staking and restaking my rewards. Started with 4,000 BNT, and 500 Link 89 days ago. Suppose I need to take about an eth off of that for gas spent, but shit's paying off.

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to continue from a bancor thread that just died:

>you're allowed to do nothing. vBNT is for increasing exposure which means you will take on risk no matter what. If you buy a stablecoin with vBNT and BNT moons, you won't be able to unlock all your staked BNT without buying more vBNT from the market.

How about being in the vbnt pool? This js same problem though it seems, if bnt moves and price seperates you end up in trouble again?

i'm not the anon you were talking to but i don't think this is how it works. to unlock your staked BNT, you simply need the same number of vBNT. the original BNT staked isn't going to change and your vBNT don't decrease in number by staking them, even if the prices fluctuate. so even if you stake your vBNT you will always be able to get enough back to withdraw your BNT stake.

perhaps anons can confirm

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The "risk" of staking your vBNT is a time lock. You just increased your total wind down time to 48 hours. 24 hours to unstake your vBNT, then another 24 hours to unstake your BNT with the now unstaked vBNT that will be burned in the process.

On top of that, the pool has IL coverage obviously, but it works on the same 100d principle. So if vBNT/BNT is being jojo'd due to gigantic leverage positions opening/closing, you'll increase your total time locked into all your pools to at least 100 days if you want full protection.

The only minimal risk position is doing nothing with your vBNT, followed by governance (your risk here is voting and spending gas on a vote that does not pass).
Then comes staking your vBNT since it adds time lag which we all know can either save your ass or cook your goose in crypto.

Swapping vBNT for stablecoin/token is the most risky, and it is a huge trap to assume stablecoin swaps are "safe" - they are safe in the sense that your funds are pegged to a dollar value now, but that will fuck you in the ass hard if BNT moons, since vBNT moons with it and your stake is now permalocked.
Swapping vBNT to a stablecoin is shorting Bancor at worst or betting on a crab market at best. Swapping to more BNT is a leveraged long, while swapping to ETH and playing the Pajeetcoin casino is degeneracy.

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What exactly happens when a bull run ends do coins just receive a big correction and crab for a long time?
Or should I expect a massive crash like last time?

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I'm expecting a tax bill for my 2020 crypto transactions of no more than $30k CAD. Hopefully it's decently lower than that.

I have 5k link I was considering taking a loan out on through Celsius at 1%. Using half my link as collateral on the 1% loan, I can get about 20k USDC as it stands now. Plus I'd make about 5% APR on my non-collateralized 2500 LINK. The Celsius 5% deposit rewards would essentially pay for the 1% loan as far as I understand it.

My idea was either I can put a bunch of USDC on Bancor and reap the staking rewards, and pay my tax bill over time that way. Option 2 is have money wired from Celsius to pay the lump sum tax bill, and just use the Celsius deposit APR to slowly repay the loan (and leave Bancor out of the picture.) Any other clever ideas I can use? Would be great if the ~100% rewards in Bancor USDC pool lasted through the year, but looks like we have 20 days left?

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Tfw only 15k bnt

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it's just amazing that all these options are built into it and if you want to just be a comfy BNT only staker life just goes on as usual but with all these extra layers of money now flowing through the platform

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anons can read today's blog post here
>When BNT is deposited in a whitelisted Bancor pool, it generates vBNT at a rate of 1:1.
>As the BNT stake grows due to swap fees, the total number of vBNT required to unlock it does not change.

well put anon thank you. if copypasta i've not seen.

i agree that swapping vBNT to anything outside of bancor ecosystem is a bad idea atm. i think the sensible choices are staking vBNT or doing nothing, although i'm curious to hear more about swapping to more BNT. seems like the extra gains might not be worth the risk though given the exchange rate not being 1:1.

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I got given 30k in rewards retroactively when this started. I got 130k for just putting my LINK + BNT on there back in mid november. In the past 23 days I've made around 4k BNT which I just resstaked. Tried to tell biz way back when but they didnt listen. Oh well.

Havent made it yet, but Im at 900kish porfolio now. Another x4/x5 would have me comfy.

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Staking+rewards multiplier means you made it.

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Nobody knows with any certainty since we've never had a bullrun during a pandemic and infinite moneyprinting before. I personally think we'll bobo to -30%, with scam projects or various redundant food coins never making it to the next cycle.
I just can't see a gigantic crypto crash during a time where fiat is going the way of Weimar and Zimbabwe, but you should do your own research and follow your own instincts.
I don't know about burger/canada taxes but the liquidity mining pools are likely to be extended at least a few more times for the stablecoin pools, and all but guaranteed to run the full duration for LINK/ETH/wBTC.
Stake it till you make it fren.

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>Would be great if the ~100% rewards in Bancor USDC pool lasted through the year, but looks like we have 20 days left?
they get extended. rewards don't end for over a year.

didn't read the rest b/c I don't knwo Celsius, but I put link on aave and took out 25% and bought BNT and staked it. About the same as staking LINK on bancor, maybe better.

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what do with vbnt

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Link whale but bnt poor

This isn’t fun anymore

500 bnt

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vote :)

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Think of it this way. Say you have $100 and you want to do ANY of the following:
>gamble on uniswap shitcoins
>buy stablecoins and wait for a dip
>buy ETH and deposit it on AAVE

Then you can just buy BNT, stake it, start earning rewards, THEN do exactly what you were planning to do anyway but now with an income earning position on Bancor. And the protocol never loses because even if you fuck up and can't withdraw your BNT, then now it's just locked and taken out of the supply, while STILL providing value to the protocol as staked BNT. It's insanely fucking genius, when whales figure it out they will route so much money through Bancor just to have that position that THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE TO ACCESS if they don't want to.

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>some of you guys must have made it over the last few days right?

Are you fucking retarded? It didn't even go 2x yet.

This is going to $25. And then I'll make it many times over.

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Safe play-nothing
Bullish-vbnt/bnt pool
Degen/Lose my bnt-random coin

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Wish I could’ve gotten more than 870 but at least staking will be more viable now with the price increase

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You can make it with 50k BNT.

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>tfw only 50
I backed the wrong coin. I'm sorry.

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Got 150 link and 1k bancor, is it worth gas fees to stake ?

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i sold a decent chunk of link to buy bnt a few weeks ago
one of the best plays ive ever made in crypto

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>1.8k banc
holy fuck im not gonna make it bros

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if you want to make it by EOY, sure. but a 1k stack could be enough if this becomes the leading backbone of AMMs... TVL will be Trillions...

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I need more bancies

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swapping makes sense if you hold long term.
This is what I did:
> staked 6k bnt
>received 6k vBNT that i swapped for 4k BNT
>staked 4k BNT and received 4k vBNT

So out of 6k original BNT staked I can un-stake 4k and 2k are locked due to vBNT that I do not have, however the 2k locked BNT gave me the power of additional 4k BNT that I've received from swapping vBNT, so to be break even 4k bnt has to generate 50% ROI for me, which it will do in about 6 months on current rewards. After that is done I can unstake all of my 6k original BNT and I have 4k BNT left that are staked that will generate me liquidity mining rewards and fees

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my brain spazzed out:
*so to be break even 2k bnt has to generated at current ROI it will take 6 months

>> No.28986206

what about I trade for more BNT at a good ratio (once we get over .88)

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swapping vBNT for BNT staking received BNT and receiving vBNT that you swap for BNT again. this is similar to fractional banking and might push BNT price to insane levels

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no silly. https://gov.bancor.network/t/bip9-proposing-the-bancor-vortex/354/3

very interesting anon thank you for sharing.

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I think people are going to make these threads all the way up to $20. It's literally still early.

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I only have 5k :(

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There is a certain pattern that the discussion of certain coins follow on here that moon hard as shit. Its hard to explain but I can tell just by the way that BNT is being talked about here that it is going to melt faces. I noticed the same pattern with GRT and BZRX when it made its massive run in August.

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>a hundred fifty shitcoins get shilled on biz every day

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Nice anon, how long has your link steak been marinating? I managed to squeeze 5k into the LP a few days ago.

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It's when the ratio of actual anons to pajeet shills and scammers flips to an obvious extent. If you enter one of those flavour of the week scams you'll immediately see that they're all tourists, ESL, or dirt poor.
ETH had it, LINK had it, Bancor has it now.

>> No.28987555

How much was the gas?

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Right, while Bancor threads are some of the comfiest, most knowledge dense on here. Really based community and really based project.

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i made it

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Its not just that though. It is slow and steady growth that goes under the radar. Usually these coins always have 1 or 2 threads in the catalog but not more than that. Until all of a sudden they explode in price and the pajeets jump on and flood the catalog with posts about the coin. LINK and ETH didnt really follow the same pattern because the catalog was always constantly full of related threads. AAVE and SNX did follow this pattern though.

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Why shouldn't I buy INJ instead?

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Shame about that boating accident right after you exchanged your made-it-stack for that unknown amount, anon. Hate to see it.
I still feel like a fucking idiot when I think about passing up on AAVE because I didn't do my fucking research and I was too busy doing offline business.

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there are thresholds of communication/perception that are extremely signficant but not always easy to perceive
it doesn't help that biz loves to play mindgames
but it's undeniable the ratio of intelligent and organic discussion to pajeet shilling was always good in bancor threads. people were researching this shit really hard a few weeks ago and openly sharing their knoweldge and concerns

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I only have 420 and I'm pretty happy about it.

>> No.28988340

agreed anon.
>not holding the absolute chadfolio of link, bnt, inj and dexg moonshot
shiggy diggy

>> No.28988435

I bought 70 around a dollar now I priced out

>> No.28988456

I missed AAVE, SNX and only have 800 LINK. I did catch the GRT rocket though. GRT and BNT are about to ease the pain of all my regrets

>> No.28988576

buy both lol

>> No.28988617

Like 0.15 eth lmao

>> No.28989119

I am one of the anons that shilled BNT to you this past month. I spoon fed you with tenderness and love for this board. But you need to know this:

I am female.

Gasp. The horror. I am mentioning this for all of the anons posting the “I hate women” “women are terrible investors” threads here. Know this:

If you make it off BNT, it’s likely because of me. You’re welcome..

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Tits or GTFO you know the rules

>> No.28989295

please be trolling or I'm selling everything. Just bought a few thousand of these. I'm poor. You should have empathy as a female, why would you want to bankrupt me with your retardation?

>> No.28989344

There are no girls on the internet. Just text on a screen. Leave it be.

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just saw bnt and thought "congratulation bancor bros."

>> No.28989393

lmao cringe post but thank you all the same based bancmilf

>> No.28989421

We’re all women. Natalie Hindman, Martha Richardson, Yulia Levi. Literally everyone associated with Bancor is female. It’s bullish.

>> No.28989711

I thought all of my bancor bitches were also female(female)? this is gonna be the first decentralized girls network on earth!

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Gotta love our fat yield-farming biz-girls.
Thank you for showering us in your magnificent opulence, oh tender of rolls and bringer of adipose fortune.

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show booba

>> No.28989789

Too late to ape in?

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>ETH had it, LINK had it, Bancor has it now.
can confirm

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>ape in
You need to go back, Rakesh.

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Guys I think I have found a very promising coin. It has a low market cap and it is still undiscovered, DeFiat.
Please do your own research and don't trust me this easily. But do your own research and earn some easy money. Dont be a sleeping sheep, but be the smart one. https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/defiat

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reddit niggers outing themselves with just one sentence.

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Flipped Flexa TVL on DeFiPulse. Next one at 1B

>> No.28990051

Sergey wrote and published a blog post about bancor back in like June. You don't need to read into anything. Literally hand delivered this project by sergey himself.
Link OGs just waited for the right time to shill to the shrimp here.

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no bancies are getting priced out as we speak

>> No.28990075

i am going to skullfuck you so hard half your brains shoot out the back of your head

>> No.28990079

wanted to stake some bnt until i saw
>$240 gas fee
jesus christ. fuck eth

>> No.28990149

yeah you have to wait until gas fees are low for the day which for me is the fucking witching hour. Arbitrum can't roll out soon enough (and I swear to god it better fucking work)

>> No.28990166

That definitely sucks but worth it to put my 1k LINK in when there's space.
I don't plan on unstaking at all until arbitrum

>> No.28990176

I wonder if the XRP schizos will join them

>> No.28990350

isn't now supposed to be a good time though?

>> No.28990399

>estimated yearly fees and interest gained on Bancor now represent 26% of my total income
Uhm... Banciebros... This can't be right...

>> No.28990487

9 hours from now should be something like half that

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XRP is kind of based in its own way. It somehow combines insufferable normalfags and qboomers with actual military-grade schizos and some very creepy old money connections.
You want to see it fail and burn because of the absolute state
But you also want to hold a small suicide bag in case the fucking schizos were right all along.
Don't let emotions get in the way of your trades and hedges and all that.
XRP losing their case would put lots of crypto in the scope of boomer dogs looking to regulate shit that will replace them, so it's in our interest that they win or settle imo.
Soon that number will be 99%+ anon. Let your money work for you and be your own Banker. A Bancor, if you will.

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Just bought Bancor at the ask, I hope I don't regret this

>> No.28990567

alright thanks anon, i will try depositing then

>> No.28990589

$40 EOY

>> No.28990641

did you factor in the appreciation of the token price?

i am going to bed, good night friends

>> No.28990680

I dropped $2.4k into this sub $2.
Nevermind You being a woman you think I'm going to follow the advice of any autist anon on here?

>> No.28990721

how high do you guys think this token will be worth should it hit a marketcap like stellar lumens?

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bro you got dubs how could you ever doubt yourself? you're going places, and we're going with you.

>> No.28990964

That would make it $80-90/BNT.

>> No.28990988

are you guys actually putting a big % of your portfolio into LPs? I am evaluating how exposed I want to get here. on one hand you have linkwhales dropping insane amounts which makes me think it's pretty safe, on the other hand it's still pretty new and I don't want to lose my make-it ticket if there's a bug in the upcoming updates or some other thing goes wrong

>> No.28991052

marry me i aped link into bnt 3 weeks ago

>> No.28991131

Only you can answer how hard you want to go anon. Nothing is certain in the world. King shitcoin could be rugged tomorrow for all we know. A nuclear explosion could go off. A supervolcano could erupt. An asteroid could strike.
Stake what you feel comfortable staking. Research a lot. Follow the project. Stay comfy.

>> No.28991202

that doesnt exist nice larp tho

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>> No.28991457

please don’t ruin this for us

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>> No.28991541

It does exist but it applies to a chainlink powered amm model that Bancor are not using at the moment. Oracles didn’t work with Bancor as originally hoped due to latency.

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I think he talking about this article

>> No.28991581

I have 250$ to invest in this what do?
Where do i stake how do i maximize profit.
Am i late?

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I need an honest response please. How retarded is it to stake 4k bnt? I don't mind the gas fees. I could get another 2-3k more bnt max. I'd rather sell 80% at another 2 or possible 3x.

>> No.28991644

you're not too late but too poor. gas fees are too high, you would wait months before your staking rewards make up for the gas fees

>> No.28991677

Poorfag with 275 BNT reporting.

>> No.28991703

Bancor , VBNT makes it a lending platform like aave.

Holy fucking shit, literally never selling for bnt holders

>> No.28991748

This is a man

>> No.28991773

Should i just buy and hold then?
How high can token itself go?

>> No.28991782

I lost money on the ICO...but aped back in a few weeks ago. Tits or gtfo.

>> No.28991880

you have no other option unless you have other tokens you can stake there. nobody knows how high it can go

>> No.28992031

Can you summarize how profitable it is?
If i have 1k usdc is it worth it?

>> No.28992112

this is a pretty comfy hold. no need to flip it to chase coin-of-the-days. big money og crypto guys have been buying into this.

>> No.28992116

Nope, even staking on the BNT side is barely worth it with that kind of stack.

>> No.28992229

LINK/sLINK curve pool came out today. Any idea how much volume/liquidity it will siphon from Bancor?

>> No.28992375
File: 95 KB, 738x1054, 1613574067956.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We might just break 700M today at this rate bancies, she just keeps sucking it's unreal.

>> No.28992597


Correct. I know bancor isn't using oracles atm. But this article should have put bancor on every single linkers' radar. And then just simply follow the progress.

>> No.28992950

And it did.
Link was the fastest pool to fill up.
And there was recently a vote to whitelist API3 and it was voted down kek

>> No.28993067

Im 1.4m total in crypto.
Like 7% in lp, all bnt, everything else is hebrew magic that if not manage d constantly ends in tears.

>> No.28993227

Easiest 10x

>> No.28993229

i'd rather have this be a slow and steady gainer, it's a legit project

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Ty for this anon.

>> No.28993261

are you thinking of putting more or do you think you're exposed enough now?

>> No.28993336

I'm hesitant to buy coins that hit ath/existed last bull run, you know there are autists out there who held the last 3 years and are waiting to dump their bags.

>> No.28993502

>My idea was either I can put a bunch of USDC on Bancor and reap the staking rewards, and pay my tax bill over time that way.
This is literally exactly what i did, i had the usdc sitting on coinbase to pay taxes anyways, i put it all in bancor lp...

>> No.28993636

like bitcoin?

>> No.28993681

Its unclear that stable coin rewards will extend, nobody has proposed yet, and whale sentiment on forums seems to lean towards shutting down rewards on all stablecoins...i hope they continue but not clear...

>> No.28993898

King shit coin breaks all rules, but yes like btc.
And tron. and one. etc etc
I'd rather hold a crashing btc for 3 years knowing it will recover than a shit coin that is far less likely.

>> No.28993939

>STILL providing value to the protocol as staked BNT
And you still get rewards, they keep accumulating, and you can get them plus initial stake....if you supply the vbnt.

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This whale has been leveraging into vBNT all day long at some crazy rates. Lucky bastard sniped the 0.9 peg on launch but he's been slamming her like a real braphog ever since jesus fuck.

>> No.28994272


update: I bought at the literal ATH and it's been over an hour of crabbing, fml

>> No.28994339

Tomorrow you'll be up 20% anon don't sweat it.

>> No.28994403

>buying BNT for quick profit

Go buy BSC coins or hoge retard, BNT is for staking and $50 EOY

>> No.28994523

Every day i wake up and see how many bnt i earned overnight then agonize over this very question because it is easy money. So far though i am not...if i increase it would be a max of 20%. Part of the reason i dont is because i would just convert to bnt and its all bad tax wise/huge gains. I am pretty comfy as it sits though, as its going right now at these prices its throwing off 500 usd a day...

>> No.28994957

How much do you have.
How much you need to havr for it to be profitable?

>> No.28995041


$50 EOY sounds fantastic to me, BSC seems overheated right now anyway and I don't even have binance or any convenient means to buy it

>> No.28995287
File: 41 KB, 341x450, usadh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's where your confused, friend. this isn't FUCKING TRON

>> No.28995316

Dude it did not even hit 2018 ATH.
It was 8$ then.

>> No.28995321

i need advice. if I dump BNT into LP, say in total it's worth $10k. will that free up $10k worth of space for the TKN on the other side of the pair? or is it more complicated than that

>> No.28995530

>BNT mooning
>people celebrating
Still carrying heavy ICO bags, only now about to break even but nothing will make up for the opportunity cost from holding this piece of shit

>> No.28995571

realized i could explain this better so hear me out:
>i want to stake $10k worth of linkies
>the lp is full
>i plan to dump $10k of btn
>i expect $10k worth of space for linkies to open up
>follow up by depositing the linkies right afterwards
is this going to work or am i a brainlet

>> No.28995665

this past week has been me agonizing over having a chance to stake as much LINK as I wanted last thursday and passing it up. probably gonna yolo in at least 20% of my LINK if I ever get the chance again... the greed is hard to resist when its six figs a year. even at 20% I'll prob always regret not going more lol
dude you need at least, the very fucking least 10k$ to stake, but preferably 50k+

>> No.28995751

yes but you have to do it fast, especially now with all eyes on it

>> No.28995806

some /biz/ stinkie is going to steal your spot now bro

>> No.28995846

do you have an idea when is the best time to do it (ie least amount of people active)? i figure something like 8 hours from now?

>> No.28995960

It's actually because of my brother. But it's very like a woman to make something otherwise unrelated about herself. Don't hate, just observing. Congrats on your gains.

>> No.28995964

Bro he's going to set his alarm to look 8 hours from now bro

>> No.28995976

can someone eli5? i got $200k worth of stinkies, what do i do with them and how does bnt fit into it

>> No.28995986

I am staking close to 40k bnt now.

>> No.28996047

i am just asking what's the best timeframe, i won't be doing it today lol. also if a /biz/ stinkie profits from it then i don't mind, i just don't want filthy redditors, kikes or chinks capitalizing on it

>> No.28996153

I’m staking 1k link and 6k BNT. What am I in for

>> No.28996190

god damn that is a lot, the most i could possibly stake atm is 3000 BNT and its notworth it there

>> No.28996262

Yes, the problem is its very easy to get sniped...you will add bnt and before you get the chance someone dumps into the space u jst made when it initially launched you could add to both sides at once but it turns out that was a gameable system, so they had to stop it. I believe they are working to add this back though...

>> No.28996287
File: 111 KB, 1014x676, EuG5oD8XYAEC0Yd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your stinkies can earn you 18% yearly in liquidity mining +~5% in swap fees from the pool, insured for impermanent loss, safu as the day Sergey brought them to us.

To do this, you need space in the LINK/BNT pool. This space is made by yourself or others depositing BNT on the other side of the pool. Sometimes the protocol makes space for you in the pool, but I think several million got flashed away in 5 minutes the last time that happened so you need an insane triggerfinger.

I know bro I'm just fucking with you. Generally speaking any time frame with low-ish gas fees will be best, since the low gas fees are a symptom of less market activity. You don't want to be moving around in pools when all the jeets and bots are up, so pick a time where most normalfags are asleep. The witching hour, where LINK memes are born.

>> No.28996394

>I backed the wrong coin. I'm sorry.
Well bro, if you hold till $20, that's $1000 to put to the next project.

>> No.28996551

so should i try to do this or just buy BNT token and stake them by themselves?

>> No.28996582

I got bnt in the ico, and more later around $1. When i loaded it in it was much less dollar value than it is now.

3000 bnt is def enough anon, go into eth pool where rewards will continue. By like 50 days in, you will have roi approaching 50%..1500 bnt. As long as you can be patient you will earn. If you restake strategically, you will have alot of money when the lm concludea

>> No.28996724

I think there will be plenty of chance to stake link coming.
The price spike will eventually hit the normietube. People will buy BNT and stake. opening space. And they won't stake link in the other side because they are priced out and chasing the BNT moon mission instead

>> No.28996841

Can it x2 at least?

>> No.28996860

>o into eth pool where rewards will continue
isn't it also given that LINK will be among the pairs that will keep receiving rewards in the next cycle?

>> No.28996861

im staking 2k BNT for a week, already made up 60% of my ridiculous gas fee

>> No.28997221
File: 54 KB, 521x937, 1613070058990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you are bullish on BNT you should buy BNT and stake them by themselves because the ROI on BNT is much higher than that of LINK from a purely liquidity mining perspective.
The question you need to ask yourself is: Do I think LINK will moon harder than BNT AND do I think it will make up the difference in yearly returns. Currently LINK would have to moon ~4 times harder than BNT to make up for said difference, taken over a year.

Now let's look at the data at our disposal.
Will LINK moon? Yes. Obviously. It is the god protocol.
Will BNT moon? Yes. Obviously. It is the original AMM and now took the best parts of AAVE to suck up ALL the liquidity.
What is your LINK EOY price prediction? $1000 would put you at a 33x.
What is your BNT EOY price prediction?
It is MY PERSONAL VIEW that Bancor will crawl into the top-10 just like LINK did. It will cannibalize Uniswap on the way up. That means roughly a 30x. It could also be a 50x ot even 100x and still be within reasonable prices. Around where currently XRP or tether are sitting, not at all insane at the end of a huge bullrun and assuming we suck up most of the TLV in defi (hint:we will)
Do your own math, pick your own price points. Either way, you own LINK and you will soon own or stake at Bancor. You've made it. Omedetō.

>> No.28997395 [DELETED] 

Pretty good gains, and protection from IL. Started with similar positions, and with restaking rewards into good pools I am making around 1 BNT/minute, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Restaking those rewards on top of rewards on top of rewards bumps the #/minute until either rewards end next April at which point BNT will either succeed on fee's alone or I draw down my positions.

>> No.28997420

dope thanks for the response. so I’ll probs buy 5k bancor, but i need to them deposit that and earn interest? is that right? its not worth holding bnt and doing nothing with it, is it

>> No.28997493

>isn't it also given that LINK
I cant imagine link rewards not being extended, there are alot of holders in that pool will for sure vote to extend. I just think eth is big daddy, there is 100% odds rewards on eth gonall the way, eth is the ecosystem.

>> No.28997523

Staking it is the key to making it

>> No.28997544

all of those arent done yet

>> No.28997637

>Can it x2 at least?
I don't know anon, I personally dont see how it wont be 20 by summer.

>> No.28997653

Pretty good gains, and protection from IL. Started with similar positions, and with restaking rewards into good pools I am making around 1 BNT/hour, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Restaking those rewards on top of rewards on top of rewards bumps the #/hour until either rewards end next April at which point BNT will either succeed on fee's alone or I draw down my positions.

>> No.28997683

>its not worth holding bnt and doing nothing with it, is it
I mean it's still better than being part of the 99.99% of normalfags that will never own a single BNT or Stinky, but yes, you want to move them to a pool of your choosing.
As you can gather, LINK is the most wanted and desired pool for the Token side and honestly for the BNT side you'll sit at a cool ~100% yearly as is. It also helps that you probably know a bit about stinkies, just for peace of mind.
ETH is a solid pool because money skeleton powers the market.
wBTC is king shitcoin so it's also a safe and guaranteed play.
The other pools are various degrees of comfy and it can pay off to hop into a smaller pool with bigger APY if you know what you're doing, but the top 3 have the bancie seal of approval for newbies and whales alike.

>> No.28997715

Poor Balkan fag here.
I would like to make 6k $ to help my mother pay debt on our home back.

>> No.28997744

BNT is making me 3-4x my monthly salary at my day job rn...

>> No.28997829
File: 81 KB, 1280x720, 1535624732970.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28997871

You’re clearly very new. Sergeys article was related to Bancor v2.0 using chainlink oracles, but these were too expensive to maintain, so oracles were susceptible to front running. Nothing anyone could do about it, just ethereum being too clunky and expensive. Nate et al decide to not wait around and innovate further by developing a single-sided impermanent loss insured protocol sustained by a burning>minting process, with additional features you’re seeing now, such as the vortex, which enables strategies of variable risk. You can do nothing, you can stake vBNT into vBNT/ BNT pool to earn swap fees, or you can arb across the vBNT/BNT bonding curve ratio, or you can degen leverage it for better/ worse plays. Considering these options, Bancor just put another money printer right in your hands that can’t be done by anyone else; the vortex is high fucking iq with changing strats unless staking.

But yeah, you’ve it wrong that was v2.0. Bancor v2.1 changed the game in the meantime. Also Bancor is cleared for arbitrum, so the only barrier (if you’re stupid poor) is the gas fees, which is gonna be obliterated soon. Plus polka integrations incoming.

But yeah, Bancor doesn’t use chainlink right now. Right now. Wouldn’t it be really really really cool if they did though....wouldn’t that be amazing....

Alpha omega protip

>> No.28997889

so looking at it, choose a pool I’m comfy with the opposite side, and the rewards are c. 90-100% yearly apy for bnt. but could be higher for random shit coins?
my computer died so I’m trying to look at this on mobile, how do you go from binance to bancor, and whats the chat about restaking rewards?

>> No.28998006

How much is that and how much you need to stake?

>> No.28998022

Yes it can. It doesn't seem right because you are early.
Down the road BNT will be much less affordable

>> No.28998086

I'm staking 110k bancor and its making 16-20k a month but idk with price appreciation it could get sickening pretty soon here

>> No.28998256

fuck me dude thats insane

>> No.28998278

Holy fuck, i am jelly

>> No.28998390

Congratulations, seriously

>> No.28998426
File: 391 KB, 1164x1328, 1613073375797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>so looking at it, choose a pool I’m comfy with the opposite side, and the rewards are c. 90-100% yearly apy for bnt. but could be higher for random shit coins?
Yeah, some of them can go as high as 160% APY but they can also dump down to 80% APY if a whale decides to squeeze in, while the LINK pool is at almost 200MM liquidity, good luck whaling that unless Sergey himself enters his stack.

If you have a hardware wallet, send your bancies to it first, then connect it to metamask
If you don't have a hardware wallet, send your bancies to metamask but be damn fucking sure your shit is clean and nobody is keylogging your ass.
Once your bancies show up in metamask, just go to https://app.bancor.network/eth/data/ and click on the little + behind a pool and drop them all in there by the wheelbarrow-full.
You'll see your funds under the protection tab of the same site.
Once your bancies are working for you, you'll earn rewards every couple minutes, but obviously with money skeleton raping us all on gas, you don't want to spend the gas to stake these into your chosen pool every minute. Most of us stake our rewards every month, or every week if you're a huge whale. The devs are working on a way to let rewards automatically be restaked for you, which means you'd have true compound interest on your stack + stake gains. Until then, you need to pay Vitalik his tribute every now and then.

>> No.28998537

how much will I make per day if I buy 3k worth of bankies?

>> No.28998675

thanks lads, couldn't of done it without you and these dank threads

>> No.28998719

About 9 dollars a day

>> No.28998722

So knowing all this will demand for this coin rise?
Can somebody explain, i entered this world like 2 weeks ago.

>> No.28998748

thats actually pretty impressive

>> No.28998784

>you don't want to spend the gas to stake these into your chosen pool every minute
isn't the gas just a one time fee to stake in?

>> No.28998841

legend, thanks for your help anon.
I’m only on mobile (apple) right now, I’ve never used metmask. so id be going from binance to metamask? not even sure what that is, assume i need to create an account?

>> No.28998936

Look at the chart and tell me what you think. Amount of tokens is elastic and not capped, so keep that in mind. So currently lots of minting, but there is also a burn function.. lots of research to do if you want to understand fundamentals. Right now price seems to be a lagging indicator of Total volume locked on the protocol.

>> No.28998978

a 100% return? what's the risk?

>> No.28999033

Think about how much you can earn per day when you restake your rewards after 30 days of rewards and stake your 3k vBNT that you get when you stake...

>> No.28999065
File: 83 KB, 803x1024, 1612802749548.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know anon, would the demand for a money printer and the market to end all markets rise? You tell me.
Yes. But the rewards on your stake are kept in a holding contract of sorts, kind of like a casino keeps your earnings in chips. You gotta go to the cashier to either cash out or you have to manually order the protocol to move your earnings into a new pool that you like. If you do nothing, your staked stack will keep earning rewards for you, but your rewards will sit there and neither gain nor lose anything since they're just a balance on the house until you move them.
Metamask is a popular browser wallet and allows you to easily interact with smart contracts and automatic market makers such as bancor, aave, uniswap etc.
You'd create a metamask wallet, write down your seed phrases, then send your binance funds to that wallet. From there you can interact with the bancor contract and stake.
The price of bancor goes down, your return is still 100% but instead of 3k it's now worth 2k since the token is less valuable.
Upside is that bancor can also megamoon 50x and your 3k yearly is now 150k yearly.

>> No.28999107

Should I turn my RBC into BNT

>> No.28999119

whats vBNT, how does that play into it

>> No.28999201

what determines the yields and how stable is it? sounds amazing aping into it now for 100% apy and moonshot potential, but would yields not drop?

>> No.28999215

If it's a sizeable amount of RBC then yes, obviously. If it's not going to cover swap fees then do not bother and chase moonshots instead.
You really want a minimum of I'd say 2.5k to play with for staking, or you'll just be getting trolled by the fee-goblin.

>> No.28999519

Governance token you can use as leverage. So say you stake 3000 Bnt. The contract gives you 3000 vBNT in your wallet. You can keep that vBNT for voting or as of today (Vortex everyone is talking about) you can swap it for BNT, Eth, stake it in a pool, or whatever the fuck you want. Say you swap it for BNT, you can then stake that BNT. So swap 3000 vBNT for 2500 BNT, get 2500 vBNT in wallet.(x2 leverage) Swap 2500 vBNT for 2000 BNT stake that (x? leverage) on to infinity. Problem is you need vBNT = total stake to remove. Big brain shit.

>> No.28999579

>guys im a girl

>> No.28999584
File: 45 KB, 853x663, 1611354438563.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"The protocol will distribute an amount of BNTs to LPs in each qualifying pool on a weekly basis: Large-cap pools receive 100,000–200,000 BNT per week; mid-cap pools receive 10,000–20,000 BNT per week."

Yields therefore depend on pool size and the amount of people with a stake in the token.
They will drop the more people enter into a pool, but the value of a single BNT token will obviously go up as more people enter various pools.
More money in bancor means the price of bancor goes up.
Deeper liquidity means people are more likely to use Bancor over uniswap or binance/cornbase/whatever.
If the pools shrink, you win
If the pools crab, you win
If the pools grow, you guessed it. You win.

If you want to fuck with vBNT / the Vortex, watch this video. It's a way of entering leverage so do not fuck with it unless you UNDERSTAND what it does. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbUqcbNqQ-Y

>> No.28999627

can you explain that last part?

>> No.28999803

I only have 3.1k that I bought when it was .10. Don't know if I should swap now or wait until RBC goes back to .60-.70

>> No.28999997

At some point you will need an equal amount of vBNT to the amount of BNT you want to withdraw. So if you go super deep on "leverage" repeatedly swapping and staking your vBNT you may have to buy vBNT to get your tokens off of the protocol. Or say you swap your vBNT for Bitcoin and Bitcoin shits the bed, you won't be able to swap that Bitcoin for an equal amount of vBNT anymore and will need to purchase vBNT on the open market to remove original stake. It's like AAVE with no liquidation while earning fee's/rewards on your collateral . Bancor is now the most advanced defi project out there.

>> No.29000054


>> No.29000084
File: 30 KB, 600x505, 1613070505730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We're going to earn SO MUCH fucking money bro.
It's insane. This must be what it feels like to own the FED.

>> No.29000421
File: 2.38 MB, 200x150, 1613240281571.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based lad.

>> No.29000455

Hahaah nope.
They type on an old win 98 comp, 1 trillion and 1 trillion is loaned.
Loaned from whom you ask.
Well from yourself

>> No.29000521

Guys, were really flirting with $5 right now

>> No.29000537

I just aped in at 4.5, and read the baseline whitepaper and articles. This is sooooo comfy, holy shit

>> No.29000562

Who was the chad that just slapped down a $1.4M limit buy at $4.70 on binance?

>> No.29000580

epic video, thanks for that. so say you stake 3k bnt, and you get 3kvBnt. can you then swap that for more bnt? or does it have to be another asset? and if you do choose bnt, is it just the price of bnt falling thay would prevent you from unlocking your original stake? if bnt continued to rise its just free money right, whilst also earning interest? can you use the interest on staked bnt to buy back the vbnt if it went against you?

>> No.29000601

I've never felt this comfy in a coin before...slow, steady gains the past few days with a huge pump tonight. Didn't even correct the last few days.

>> No.29000613
File: 80 KB, 474x474, 345534354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw i've known about and been invested in BNT for literally months
>tfw only 10k BNT (started with 4.5k stack, 5.5k from staking)

I should be happy. But I had the means to buy more 8 months ago. I just chose not to..

>> No.29000620

>It's like AAVE with no liquidation while earning fee's/rewards on your collateral .
This is so key. You collateral is never forfiet AND rewards keep accumulating. You only need vbnt of orig stake to claim it all.

>> No.29000701

Anybody see that jump from $4.60ish to $4.85? Holy fuck.

>> No.29000759

And it has a real backing tech and infrastructure. And low mcap
Is this next Link, and Aave?

>> No.29000776

fucking based

>> No.29000814

Exactly, so instead of liquidation you just will need to keep your collateral on the protocol as long as it takes you to earn your way out, or alternatively buy your way out.
You can swap it for any token (on Bancor)

>> No.29000832

Yeah it's free money and yeah you can use your gains to buy more vBNT, you can even use mom's credit card if need be, protocol doesn't care. It can be any asset, but refer to
>>28982838 to see what various assets mean for your position.
We all have that story bro. I saw the vBNT peg at 0.9 this morning and I could have gained 3000 bancies in a single mouseclick by front-running a whale. Shit will happen, but at least we have our dick on board the missile.

>> No.29000848

Still severely undervalued

>> No.29000867

Yeah feeling extra comfy. Wish I had more 4.1k and staking though so that’ll do. Looking forward to the UI update

>> No.29000905

yall check out the liquidity staking page?
>Due to price volatility, protecting your tokens is currently not available. Please try again in a few seconds.

This shit is going to explode,

>> No.29000919

Wait but you need the total amount of vBNT to get your BNT, or can you exchange any vBNT for however much BNT you have? This seems literally risk free unless you buy something that immediately tanks. How does the house make profit?

>> No.29000927

Literally sitting here scalping 1 BNT token at a time on Binance......

>> No.29000999

Agreed anon. I think this is head for an AAVE like trajectory in no time

>> No.29001080

>How does the house make profit?
We are the house lmao.
The vortex itself is powered by trade fees that the protocol earns (protocol will never dump on you and it won't cash out for a lambo, it only buys BNT/vBNT as needed and does burns to counter inflation) - much like how our IL protection is structured.

>> No.29001382
File: 240 KB, 1170x2013, 5A0D6771-B608-40A9-9B3D-5EDED7E1605D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should I do it guys?

>> No.29001498

>Buy something that immediately tanks
It's a volatile market out there. Risk v reward are up to you. But yeah it's pretty great.
>How does the house make profit?
How is UNI worth $21? Swap fee's

>> No.29001516


>> No.29001526

that's a slippery slope anon

>> No.29001534


>> No.29001599

I mean, if you thing ETH will grow faster than BNT... go for it.

>> No.29001607

I’m gonna ape in even though t its up 30% already. I’m a retard

>> No.29001662

fuck this is huge... whats the timelock? is there a delay to unstake?
so essentially, if you believe that bnt is going up, stake bnt vs LINK as an example, get vbnt, stake that against bnt, get more bnt and repeat? then just hold, sell your bnt for vbnt to start to unlock your leverage layers over time?

>> No.29001677

True should I just get more BNT and stake it?

>> No.29001781

That's the way. I don't think this coin will go down from here

>> No.29001830

Can someone tech savy confirm that this system is better than competition etc.?

>> No.29001860

Once you unstake it takes 24 hours for your stake to return to your actual wallet, this is to prevent rugpulls by leviathan whales. So the risk is that in those 24 hours something craters to zero, whereas if you were unstaked you could just tether up instantly (but you'd get no ROI on your stake, that's 100% a year your risk-averse ass is losing RIP)

But yeah, you can leverage a lot of times and just unlock it over time with the profits you earn, this is the degenerate moonboy-bull strategy. If you already have diamond BigMac hands from holding stinkies, bancies will make you feel right at home.

>> No.29001866

You will be fine. Just make sure to stake, that's where the real money is.
24hr lock to withdraw BNT, immediate withdraw for any other token staked

>> No.29001867

Cheers, going for it anon

>> No.29001901

Supply of BNT is 127mil.
Can we assume most will be perma locked?

>> No.29001974

unlike scamcoins, apeing into bancor is the least risky. the price just steadily climbs, without any huge pumps or dumps, and vortex was a real game changer, only god knows if 4$ BNT will ever be available again

>> No.29001991

>BNT staked dropping
>price rising
uh bros

>> No.29002026

>no chainlink oracles

what if were hacked

>> No.29002040
File: 61 KB, 596x496, 1612920726465.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Can we assume most will be perma locked?
Yeah unless people really fucking hate money.
Bancor was the first and Bancor will be the last. Look at the growth lead of the greatest "competitor".

>> No.29002076

my average buy in is $1.08. 60% staked on protocol. Not leaving for a long time, too much money in it. Even if it dumps 50% I am fine.

>> No.29002083

Some whale can dumo but underlying tech and use ia of interest?
Is this better than swaps, aave etc?

>> No.29002113

+100 quote tweets lmao

>> No.29002143

I hope... I rode the AAVE wave up then dumped into BNT last week.

>> No.29002198

My good, no wonder logo is a fucking unicorn shit.
Bancor sounds manly, thus will prevail.

>> No.29002223

Impeccable timing anon

>> No.29002225
File: 58 KB, 751x800, Linkwick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's like I'm back in early LINK, again.
Fuck, let's tear down this wall bros.

>> No.29002289

Lucky for me.. I got rekt in 2013 and 2017 so hoping to make it this time with even more capital.

>> No.29002320

Line progression of this is literally and obviously botted at this moment, I don't know how long it's going to go on for but if you zoom out this is clearly about to absolutely explode

>> No.29002344

If perma staking and burning creates low supply thus rising token price.
Does this not mean we will end up with giant whales at the end juat hording all the tokend to stake?
Btw i found out about DeFi 2 weeks ago don't judge....

>> No.29002352


If vBNT hyper moons compared to ETH you loose your stake. The vortex has great potential for leverage but I wouldn't fly to close to the singularity like that.

>> No.29002386

yeah its been a fucky looking chart with random blow off tops, then chugs up again.

>> No.29002409

>2017 coin

Its going to be hard for this to break the 8-10 dollar psych resistance

>> No.29002489

remember, vBNT is already <1 BNT in VALUE (not in terms of its ability to pull out your BNT), so you are betting that ETH outpaces BNT not by a little, but by a lot...I would 100% not do it

>> No.29002519

I think it's caused by the buying/selling/burning of BNT by the procotol, but i'm too brainlet to understand it yet

ok dude yep it will have a huge problem there, nothing to see here, move on to pancakeswap with all your high iq friends

>> No.29002703

so do you guys usually sell some when a coin has big gains like this or do you just keep hodling. never had a shitcoin that actually mooned this much

>> No.29002719
File: 14 KB, 250x250, 1612114290419.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CEpRkapZn0

>> No.29002789

45% bnt
25% grt
18% atom
12% nu
Feels good bros wgmi

>> No.29002821

so is it 1-1, you stake 3k, get 3k vBNT, then can immediately swap for another 3k bnt or is it diminishing? is there gas fees on this?
and lastly, whats an appropriate amount of times to do this lol. lets say i do this 10 times, how fucked am i if BNT crashes? or it doesnt matter, you just lose your initial value

>> No.29002822
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I'm thinking of buying 2k worth , I'd get 400, don't know if it's worth it when staking. Is it?

>> No.29002870

But is it a shitcoin in the first place or undervalued gem of 2021?

>> No.29002934

Some anon said 3k gets you 9$ a day.

>> No.29002944

idk i regret not selling my GRT last week when it was 3$

>> No.29002981

No, It's currently .66, I'm waiting for it to edge up so I can grow my BNT stake a bit

>> No.29003048

There's gas fees, you stake 3k and get 3k vBNT but you're probably only going to get 2k -2.5k BNT if you swap that vBNT, it COULD be 1:1 or vBNT could even go above the price of BNT but whales and bots will snap that up instantly so don't expect it to.
The only risk is not being able to afford unlocking your stake because vBNT is too expensive for you to rebuy.

>> No.29003149

All coins fell
My algorand stack died.

>> No.29003169

Read through this thread and read their February update in their blog

yeah, its better

>> No.29003191

>700m liquidity
>90m volume
she's gonna blow

>> No.29003200

I literally just got burned on this staking rewards, failed tx and alot of gas gone

>> No.29003261

okay, so to unlock the 2.5k bnt, you need 3k vbnt? is that right? and would vbnt rise in line with bnt? worse case, you use some other assets to buy vbnt right?

>> No.29003309

i sold my GRT when it was 2 dollars before now going up again. Im so fucking dumb

>> No.29003339

looking at AAVE and BNT's price chart, i don't think you were the only one doing that

>> No.29003348

Staking it all, staking all rewards.
Literally, besides daddy btc, this is right now a literal never sell...

>> No.29003365
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i-in the good way or in the bad way? I'm scared

>> No.29003373

Last 4 days were red days

>> No.29003389

Unlocking your stake is 1:1
The market value of selling your keys to that stake is currently less

>> No.29003466
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Andromeda Azure.

>> No.29003472

EXF is the real play atm

>> No.29003483

We were at 400m liquidity 50m volume 2 weeks ago.

>> No.29003515


I just sold at 3.50

>> No.29003575

How is this possible when at barely 3 dollars I made 1 dollar in a single day?

>> No.29003604

Def no anon, unless you like playing with fire...

>> No.29003656

which pool?

>> No.29003679

Why wouldn't people literally just outright buy vBNT and hoard it. Wouldn't doing so prevent others from unstaking thus putting upward pressure on the value of BNT and simultaneously vBNT?

It seems to be that vBNT should be worth more than BNT.

>> No.29003748


>> No.29003770

Staking multiplier, pool you were in.
If you have 3k and it's in a pool that earns your 100% APY which is basically all of them atm, you can divide that 3k in APY by the amount of days in a year. 3000/365 = 8.219
If your pool is good and you add in swap fees, 9 dollars is very easy to get.

>> No.29003777
File: 247 KB, 405x583, devilish rean.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Devilish play
Everyone jumped on leveraging up so it's low at the moment is what I'd guess

>> No.29003791

>It seems to be that vBNT should be worth more than BNT
if that happens people will just stake their bnt for vbnt (assuming it covers gas fee ofc)

>> No.29003804

Am I wrong in thinking that this is pretty much a top 5 coin? Honest to god, what has more utility than this right now? Please tell me I want to know

>> No.29003824

Got any links or anything?

>> No.29003905

Yes, you can soft "short squeeze" whales by putting the peg as close to 1 as possible once they're leveraged. If the peg goes above 1, bots will just arb it down and laugh at the free money.
Heavenly trips of deviousness
You're not wrong.

>> No.29003918

I originally bought some BNT during ICO and I ended up dumping it when it hadn't done shit for years. Honest question: what's changed since?

>> No.29003960

its at the very least aave tier and there's no reason it shouldn't get to the price of UNI

>> No.29003980

Everyone has an abundant supply of vBNT thats been collecting dust in their wallets.

Now is the time to scoop it all up and buy the keys to the kingdom so to speak.

>> No.29003983

>Honest question: what's changed since?

>> No.29003984

No it’s top 90. Market cap is at 530mill anon. We are heading to 2bil at least

>> No.29004046

look at what's happened to the TVL & chart since then
you're talking to a bunch of link chads that already took the banc pill, but yeah that's what we think too

>> No.29004194

There is room for 1k Link GO GO GO

>> No.29004407
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LINK liquidity over 200M!
Total liquidity over 700M!
Volume over 94M and closing in on 100!
Price: revving up for a parabolic shot
Yeah I'm thinking we're going to fucking make it lads.

>> No.29004529

just got a little NU baggie sold grt at 2.20 for more bnt look like a good call.

>> No.29004551

can I just say this is one of the best threads on the catalog recently, amazing knowledge and discourse being shared here which is as bullish as it gets. nice work bros

>> No.29004628


>> No.29004644

Bump limit bros let's get her continued here.

>> No.29005170

Yup, I did the exact same. Bnt looks headed in the same trajectory as grt’s rocket last week