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im scared

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as soon as this hits 55k you'll know for sure whether this is for real or not

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That applied to 50k, lad.

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I'm fucking tired, I want BTC to go down.

sadly, this means that it's gonna keep rising

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>he doesnt have 1 BTC

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I sold my 1 BTC yesterday like the idiot that I am.

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Jesus anon

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you are so dumb
it went down 30% like 2 weeks ago

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I'm not gonna sell LINK at these prices, don't even

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I'm not saying that it won't go down, faggot

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1 BTC can buy you a good apartment here in Brazil.

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>try to short sell it
>it rises
>"alright, fuck it, let's just buy and hold"
>it rops
Schizo crypto, I swear to God.

I got only one lesson, wanna trade with profit - try bots. Waiting for Bot Ocean release to use best instruments

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>This time Bitcoin causes The Great Depression 2.0
Thanks, I guess.

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subhuman macaco

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Don't worry, your country will become Brazil 2.0 soon witeboi

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I have LINK but I have 4 BTC, dude

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this is such an easy sell and rebuy lower at the next dip, you have to be stupid to expect this to keep going

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The last time. Bitcoin only lasted eight days above 20k. I know it's going to flash sell one day, no time to tether. Hopefully this is a god send omega pump 4th industrial revolution and goes to 300-400k but that's fucking delusional

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then show us your tether order, faggot

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And then Tim comes along and btc goes up by 15k.

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then WHY THE FUCK don't I feel confident with my 50k USTD man

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Why would you like to live in an apartment? Nice or not.

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not an american nigger,my country is safe

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i wish i could sell, but i need to keep holding for another month or so due to tax reasons

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Fraulein got potential we could be a family
Met her in the crowd at a Bitcoin rally
No tats, classy, body like an athlete
From the way she acted i knew she want a Maxi

No altcoin faggot, she want a Maxi
From the way she acted i knew she want a Maxi
Not a altcoin faggot, she want a Maxi
From the way she acted i knew she want a Maxi

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If shit tanks hard.

I might end up losing $250-400.
I only invested $500 or so this time around.
Still holding the $1.2k I put in from 2017.

If XRP, XLM, DOGE, MANA, SC or GRT fail me - I will have lost at maximum, just under $2k.
If I make it, I will have potentially a few million dollars.
I just don't have the funds to make big gains off of BTC.

This is pretty good gamble from my perspective.

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because humans are needlessly greedy

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If you want to wait 2 years to buy again at 40k after a 100k ATH, be my guest. It's more profitable than just holding the whole time, I guess.

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exactly, can buy you a small house if you are not on the big city

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At 300k it will be a sure bet, at 150k it will be reasonable, at 50k it's silly to start swinging

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Based and Bondpilled

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>Sold at 37,000 after it fell down from 40,000
>I bought at 10,000

I can't breathe

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new to crypto, is it too late to invest in btc now or should I look into something else?

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I'm not! I bought all my BTC when it was only $10,000 for 1 and I've got 5!!!!

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Depends on if you want big or small gains
Which provokes the question - how much money do you have?

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buy NGM or you're ngmi

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we should have a bot that replies to these questions with " never too late faggot" cause that will always be the case

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I'm excited.

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why do people like you post here?

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This is bait, right? Can't be anything other than bait? Who in their right mind would spread a micro stack over 5 fucking tokens... You lose half your holdings on gas fees alone lol. If not bait, dump all that right the fuck now and get in eRSDL before the rocket takes off.

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> I'm scared when it moons
> I'm scared when it dips
> I'm scared when it crabs

I had it with you newfags. Either get in or get out, but stop being paperhanded pussies.

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Time in the market beats timing the market, my friend. Studies have been done on retirement accounts holding traditional equities and the ones that do the best are always the ones with the least trading activity. In some of those studies, the people who performed best were actually dead for a few years.

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It’ll crash at 65-75k

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Come on, anon, raise your standards.

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Sell and buy $CLF

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Describing me. Ygmi

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Thanks for playing, come again
t. Microstrategy

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>sell everything and buy my scheme coin
Fuck you
I'm investing in some of the cheapest high charting stuff around

Penny stocks for life, ninja

You're just not used to me because you've made at least a single reddit post in your life which is one more than me.
I've been on 4chan since 07/08' - fuck off back to where you came from.

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So far I have put 3k between btc, eth and a few links, could put another 10k and maybe an extra 1k every month

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Strong hands doesn’t mean not selling at a loss, it means not selling before you’ve reached the top.
People who will sell at 100k are paper hands.
People who will hold on until 300k have strong hands.

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How far you think it’ll go?

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BTC is the safest. If you buy now, you'll easily double your money when it hits $100,000 by the summer.

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why would you want to buy a house, too much maintenance

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>because that gay pride flag of a memechart is gonna be so true everyone will follow it for when they cash out and it will all fit the model.

This is your brain on hopium folks.

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>he's not a spoiled trust fund kid

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ETH should hit 2k this month

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People were buying GameStop at $400.
Greedy people buy tops. They also don’t use their brains.
We’ll be fine.

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> thinks he can make it with 500$

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>comparing reedit meme GameStop with Bitcoin

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10k DOGE at $500 USD is $5m.

Now think of useful coins like XRP, XLM or GRT mooning to $500.

Hell, holding 10k DOGE and it reaching $100 is $1m.

This isn't unbelievable.
The transfer of wealth between the Baby Booming Generation and Generation X to Millennials and Generation Z is happening now.

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>he thinks dumb greedy people don’t know what Bitcoin is

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Bye bye loser. Your 49k is just enough to buy a strong length of rope and a beautiful coffin and funeral service when bitcoin hits 1mil.

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it's going to correct sooner or later

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BTC holders seethe when people sell BTC.

This is a sell signal.

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Yes, then go up to 100k

You fell for the FUD. It happens.

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Congratulations, this is the most retarded thing I have ever read

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buy the dip then faggot
if it corrects we'll see a 3 year bear market
BTC maxis are coping hard

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Let's not pretend that you know what's going on.

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Here's the thing: big names in the financial industry are predicting $200k+ for BTC. Get enough credible people saying something like that and the institutions start seeing dollar signs so they buy up more BTC before it gets to that point. Get enough people doing THAT and it will inevitably get to $200k+ due to all the demand. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. Enough experts make a plausible enough prediction and everyone will rush to follow the advice and make the prediction come true.

Markets are controlled not by pure logic and sound decisions, but by emotional reactions couched in layers of rationalizations. How do people not realize this by now?

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Neither do you, or this fag retard >>28978210, or this guy >>28977702, or the poor anon that sold 1 BTC yesterday.

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This won't end well.

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finally someone who's not coping

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does not compute

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It might be 100k by May 1st with a possible top at 250-300 in September.