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It's going down huh

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Vlad is shitting himself right now.

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I've seen the idea floated around that this is just a thinly veiled attempt to go after wamass his former employer. He's small time compared to them.

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Get fucked GMEkike

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hope all redditors go to jail

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it's going down 4 real

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I hate both sides, but are the kikes really saying
>if you arent jewish youre not allowed to make money off the market
Am I getting this right?
I hope that gay redditor goes to jail along with more of them, but I also hope this shit wakes up the normies on (((who))) really runs finance and why you cant get in on it without their nepotism.

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why do you want him to go to jail? jealous much?

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based if I had to side between kikes and r*dditfags I'd take kikes

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anyone can file a suit

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>my wife just fucked another man im so proud of her jealous much?
No I just think redditors are full of themselves and I want them to be full of someone else, if you catch my drift.

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Plaintiff is too preachy, but Deepfuckingvalue might be deepfucked by this

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totally looks like a shill, fucking nibba scum

> do u think we are full bastards here?
>I got bot ocean tokens and wait for full project for dex trading release

clever boy knows what instruments to use for top trading

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You are a retard.

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go back nigger

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>t. kike