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Crypto newfag here, feel like I’m a bit too diversified at the moment. Should I consolidate any of these into bigger quantities?

Also portfolio rate thread

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Yes. Hold ADA, ROSE, ONE and HBAR. And maybe a BNB or two more.

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Thanks anon, what coins do you recommend getting rid of from these? I already dropped XLM to get some more BNB.

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As a rule of thumb I dont bother holding fractions of coins. So get rid of ETH maybe. Its better to have fewer coins with more in them. DYOR a bit and just pick ones you like and have faith in.

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Your portfolio is okay.
But some SCRT if you want a 10x

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> ~ 2000 £
> No XVS.
> You are never going to make it.

Continue investing into top 10 coins and soon defunct XRP

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Makes sense, my plan was to hold more individual coins so that in theory losses are made up from other coins gaining but honestly discounting p&d and rugpulls every coin seems to follow the same vague trend. Or at least during this bull run.

But Anon the scizos told me XRP would be $2000 EOD.