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Should I put $10k into mining ETH which will 10x this year? Or should I put it into altcoins for a quicker 10x?

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Its basically on deaths door.

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No, you moron. ETH is going to 20k EOY.

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Get fucked, Ethkike

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>eth 10x this year
eth probably already had its ath this year.
It's going to dominate in 2022+, a lot of scalability tech is going to get deployed in 2021, but it's going to be too late for this cycle.

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eth is dead kikefuck

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>eth probably already had its ath this year.
it's within $50 of it's ath, any combination of good eth and btc news would push it over

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miners are dumping insane amounts each day, it's a miracle it managed to stay that high for so long

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Get fucked Ethkike

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poorfags detected

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ETH 2.0 will revitalize it anon

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Quicker 10x with Cosmos, then back to ETH for another 10x

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I put 5k into mining beginning of January. Very comfy anon

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No. Put $10k into into mining bitcoin which will 2X this year.

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the mining pool that said it's going to dump eth has a known address
they have 300 eth
it's absolutely nothing in terms of 30 billion in davily voleme
I'd also be mad if I couldn't afford a $50 uniswap fee

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nah even if it's dead in the water(it's not) it'll keep getting pushed up as long as crypto is bullish.

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ETH is dead.
Buy BNB.
Get fucked, pajeet scammers.

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that looks like a contract error rather than a real fee.

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I earn that in a few days lol

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what tx happened that required 2 eth in fees?
even at peak fees a couple days ago it was under .2 eth for uniswap

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I tried to find for a good long-term project for a long time. Now I can say without any doubt - the Crop token is a find of this year!

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