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I can't seem to get a straight answer from dyor or fellow anons. Someone threw the term blockchain agnostic at me but I'm still unclear.
Also, what exchange will let me do limit buys/sells? Coinbase seems pretty limited to basic stuff like raping me with fees.
>don't want to rely on VPN

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Get fucked Ethkike...

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I actually fucking hate Ethereum which is why I'm asking. I don't want to invest my money in projects like GRT or NU if they're reliant on that dinosaur tech piece of shit's continued "success."

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It's just to make the movement seem grassroots. In reality it's all set up by some (((faction))) within the intelligence community. The ERC20 winners are predetermined. They can move to their own blockchain any time.
The game was rigged from the start.

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There are other chains with established bridges now. You can already hold LINK on Avalanche.

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No, I unironically think that both the etherum virtual machine and it's erc standards are here to stay regardless of the networks usage. This is why I don't think eth's value will fall that hard, (though the gains will be less). Avax and other networks, in order to benefit from eths eco system basically built eth 2.0. at this point you would be retarded not to use erc standards.

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Get fucked Ethkike

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Binance is the ETH killer. Unironically. While vitalik is busy jacking off instead of planning ETH 2.0, Binance has already created their own and better version of ETH. And they built it so any dapp devs can just port right over to Binance.

Imagine paying $200 just to swap a coin. kek

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That would be BNB right?
I dont ever want to see ethereum again.

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Is a LINK token on ETH and a LINK token on avalanche completely different things?

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Hmm doesn't that mean they people will be drawn to the higher value one and dump the cheaper one?

Doesn't arbitrage happen to keep the prices roughly equal?

A bit like commodity prices in two different cities?

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