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Today is the 17ty of February and there are no HBAR threads up to discuss the Google presentation.
What is wrong with you /biz/?

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When is this shit even happening exactly?

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BSC and CAKE fuck HBAR of shit

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HBar, BNB, Swipe.

Get rich, niggas

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It's already happened. No big deal as expected

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Fellas im trying to fill my bags here

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Lets see how long it lasts on the border of 0,14, sell and buyin or is this the silence before the storm. What do you thing fellow bagholders?

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Do you ppl think this will dump when they release a batch of new tokens on the 22nd or is that already priced in?

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new tokens were already released on 16th and no big dump happened

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I'm brand new to crypto and a complete normie with only a few hundred I can spend. Is this really the next Bitcoin? Are they really backed by Boeing and all the other companies they have on their web page?

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that would be every bagholders wet dream, so acording to my crystal ball yes

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This conference is literally nothingburger. It was shilled by me and other anons as a way to make /biz/ buy hbar and it worked wonderfully. Now we have daily threads and we begin to gain posters

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The real pump is the Coinbase listing after their IPO. The Google conference did first pique my interest but then after actually looking into the project I realized this is a really good long hold.

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>EOM 0.3
>EOY 1-5
>EONY 5-10
>EO5Y 1k-10k


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>EOM - 0.25
>EOY - 0.50
>EONY - 5
>EO5Y - 100 (Or 0)

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I'm not saying this is not a good long term hold, I'm just saying that in order to convince biztards we need to make some memes, overhype things etc. For fuck's sake they would rather get rug pulled on hoge or mcdcoin than invest in something legit