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Bought in sub $20, look I am not gonna lie to you guys, most of us whales are shidding and farding our pants right now.
Sergey just got back from the Ethereum council and in general it is not great news. It looks like we might lose our ERC-677 status, we might get downgraded to 20 or lower.
Moral is pretty low around the Chainlink offices and most of the whale groups I'm in. I think it might actually be over this time.

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i need source you big gay homo

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post proof not nigger jew

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bro this is massive
we are getting downgraded to ERC-20
and we just broke 30 too
the fuck

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Why Sergay always betray?

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fuckin ay, i dont want to become ERC-10 NOOOO MOMMY

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Another fucking downgrade.... I can't take this anymore

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You'll see soon, we are doing a pretty good job so far of keeping this all under control. Sergey is keeping spirits high, but you can tell by the smell of his farts something has changed.

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The morals were already extremely low at their offices commandeered by the ultimate heartless conman Sergey (who wasnt cool enough for the Russian mafia so he just scams people this way)

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stop the fud fags

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Weak FUD and I don't even own any GAYNlink

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its cause the powers out in texas

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>erc-19 is fud now

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>og link whale
>bought in sub 20
Fuck I hate this board now

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>bought in sub 20
i don't believe it. No one knew about LINK until 2021

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>Bought sub $20


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Look I know it is almost unbelievable, but some of us have 2xed and in rare cases 3xed our money.
If you do your research it is possible, but extremely rare.

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Terrible fud. Been seeing a lot of fuds on link and api3 these days. Yk what will moon don't you?

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