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I'm a 200 IQ intellectual and I'm looking to expand my portfolio beyond these two high IQ coins with approximately $1,000,000. Any suggestions? Don't bother replying if you aren't at least a Mensa member.

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Albt, qnt, open

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Agree on SFI

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Seems overly ambitious. Could be worth a very small percentage though, so I will look into it.
Seems like a good project. That said, I don't know if I could categorize as a high IQ coin.
Interesting. Will require further scrutiny.

I sense a high IQ aura behind this post. Will take these into consideration.

You are clearly low IQ. Get the fuck out of here.

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Ah, I see you're a fellow big brainer. Bumping out of interest.

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$DIGG is the Ampleforth of Bitcoin with 10s of millions backing it from Badgers vaults


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Literally one coin. Jigstack

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>be me
>just getting into crypto
>notice all alts follow the same pattern as btc if it isn't an erc20
>the fuck?
>learning how to read a chart using rsi and other strats
>ask for help
>get told to fucking die
>feels bad man
>id probably say go with something high iq developers are working on, i think iota has a very prosperous future. if its a hodl

can someone please give me some pointers? youtube is filled with absolute fuckwits saying this is sick i made 300k in a day.

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Twitter is your friend. Follow Willy Woo, Raoul Pal, Su zhu, Preston Pysh, Alex Wice etc

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albt, xcm, vsp, dexg

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>Further scrutiny
Autism larp that isn't even funny

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Low IQ detected. Please leave this thread immediately.

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Look into this project. It’s ambitious but they’re connected. They’re part of the London stock exchange partner program. Quoted by establishment media outlets. Bringing oil futures to injective. Much more to come.

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I thought this was a larp thread too but these guys are seriously trying to analyse clown world. there is one true fire way to know "high IQ" and that is humour, and this thread is devoid of it.

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