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I am going to be buying $500/month worth of bitcoin for the foreseeable future. Currently holding 0.05BTC.
Am I going to make it?

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waste of money

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>Am I going to make it?
not to a whole coin you wont

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Make what?

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buy berry data. Not bitcoin for you yet.

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I’m trying my best anon.

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Anon, you are far too late to "make it" this cycle. Come back next year, stop wasting your money.

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DCA monthly during the bear market.

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Nah you need to gamble a bit on shitcoins.

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Do the whole deal but with dHEDGE instead of buttcorn. Dyor on why

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Just don't panic sell the bottom and you'll be fine.

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I’ve had this 0.05 BTC since 2017. I just want more at this point and want more.

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you'll make it fren, but it might take you a while.
most people here with 6-7 figures have been in this market for years so you're playing catch up.

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Switch all your finances to a bitcoin/crypto cashback card. You need to hit up every single avenue to increase your stack.

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Buy alts instead. Buy 500$ worth of RUBIC every month. You will make it this year.

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I’m not buying shitty altcoins. You guys are brain dead. 99.9% of altcoins are complete shit. You guys must be new here.

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more fool you, anon - alts are the only way to make it this cycle, at this stage

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Bitcoin is going to hit $100k this year. It’s practically guaranteed. Easy money. Don’t be stupid anon and risk your money with altcoins that are going to fail.

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