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describe in your own words how it works

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>spoonfeed me

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this is link level comfy

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if you stake X amount of BNT, they give you X amount of vBNT back, you can then sell the vBNT for eth or whatever and go buy something else and make profits while you are earning fees and rewards on your staked BNT. so basically money you put aside to stake and earn interest on, you can also use to trade, or stake, or whatever you want to do.

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is this why AAVE is crashing? This seems very similar to AAVE

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it's built-in AAVE - borrowing against your staked assets (using vBNT) to stake in other pools and accrue additional yields while your original assets stay put

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so its like margin trading essentially?

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thats basically a free crypto loan. no more high borrow fees.

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yeah, its aave without having to overcollateralise, its just 1:1. and you earn fees+rewards on your collateral. idk if aave does that.

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sounds like a great way to go long unless bnt pumps harder than your long position

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thats a big IF right now isnt it? BNT is picking up some normie steam it seems like and its holding strong against dumps

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But how much gas does it cost?

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I know you are aware jigstack is a better coin than this shit

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Same as staking / swapping anything else.
shoo shoo pajeet

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when does BNT/vBNT pool opens though, I want to be first to jump in

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Your staked BNT becomes collateral for vBNT, which you can stake/sell/arbitrage while your BNT farms.

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If I stake my vBNT in the vBNT/BNT pool, do I receive rewards in vBNT or in BNT?
And does it take other vBNT that I have to get somewhere to unstake my staked vBNT or nah?

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BNT to first one, no to second one, you only need vBNT to unstake BNT

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It's already full bro. You're too late.
They'll vote on increasing the pool size soon.

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This. I feel it's much safer to collateralize with solid coins like LINK on AAVE and borrow stablecoins, instead of taking the risk of having to buy back BNT, or simply being unable to because of price

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is bancor just yield farming? why should I use it over platforms like blockfi and celsius?

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Why doesnt it show any rewards?

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its decentralized. all sort of things can happen to blockfi

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vBNT/BNT doesn't have liquidity mining. You'll get a chunk of the swap fees for everyone who uses the pool.

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almost seems more profitable to switch it to stablecoins and put them in pool then

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Sure, until Bancor does a 2x, which makes the price of vBNT also do a 2x.
Now your stablecoins are no longer worth enough to unlock your stack.

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unless you have farmed enough bnt meanwhile

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yeah but can eventually convert your other crypto when you decide to unlock it, and dont really lose anything by doing that

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why is that a problem? are you using crypto as a get rich quick scheme?

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guys, i thought it through. this means some funds are going to be locked forever together with their rewards as soon as bnt pumps hard. it will become more scarce and price will increase even more. the more i think about it the more it becomes a trap. this could cause some serious feedback loop

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So what u mean is BNT price = up

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