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Some studies suggest that 91% of all the money that is currently into offshore accounts will be in crypto in the next decade. If more and more companies and states keep monitoring blockchains, the only posible crypto to use for this purpose will be monero.

Imagine a market cap of 3T$ in the next 4-7 years, that means that each monero may reach a price of 150k$. And it is currently priced at arround 250$.

I don't know anon, if you want to make a fuck lot of money, and hurt the central banks and states in the process. I would buy and HODL monero.

Also you can buy drugs with these, so you may affort a brick of high-quality cocaine with a couple of XMR in the next couple of years.

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great post, thanks anon

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lmao im convinced unironically

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They’ll use ZEC, which is israeli, DARPA and big gov backed. They’ll nuke the fiat onramps/offramps to XMR by stating it’s used by terrorists, pedos and criminals, which it is. ZEC will flip XMR with ease

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You make a pretty convincing point fren

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They should have done it if they could.

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>they'll use the mossad backdoored shitcoin with no adpotion
glow harder

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>not owning monero

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>They’ll They’ll They’ll They’ll They’ll They’ll They’ll They’ll They’ll
WHEN will they? Tick tock tick tock

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>They’ll nuke the fiat onramps/offramps to XMR

Atomic swaps = BTC/LTC/etc are the on/off ramps to XMR.

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They'll have to eliminate all cash and other tangible wealth before they can eliminate the trading of any crypto.

Supply and demand my friend

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They’re accumulating ZEC while it’s still low, all the insider whales are. They can kill XMR fiat routes in a day if they want to, no point in rushing it all, you’re retarded if you think they can’t destroy XMR, you won’t be able to cash out with XMR
That’s precisely why they’ll use it retard, it is mossad backed, it is backdoored, it’s the jews coin. 40% of billioanires are jews, wonder where that money will flow into? Some terrorist coin XMR or the tribes coin. Use your head, the obvious reasons you stated are exactly why ZEC will moon

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The only way to kill monero is to break it, which seems pretty complicated. As btc will be a gateway to monero

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>they can kill XMR fiat routes in a day

Lmao retard alert

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Fuck! I only have an unknown amount of Monero! I always told my self, "Buy more when it dips". I remember just recently when they were 30$.

This sucks, I need more.
Dont even know why I try to time altcoins and shit like that.

You just need to hold BTC and XMR, perhaps some eth.

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Why is Zcash so traceable?

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Monero will be useless.
You retards do realize that even fiat dies, you will still need to PROVE that your finances are not stolen or acquired trough illegal activity.
Nobody will accept your "untraceable" shady money for any real life transaction.

Do you people even realize how the real world works?

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This u?

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what is the burden of proof

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no we don't

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And get we operated with physical cash for hundreds of years...

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No, they can just tank the price to single digits by stating it’s illegal to own and buy.
They can, most the exchanges are outright owned by jews or at the behest of jewish interests anyways. They’ll make it illegal to cash out into fiat through the exchanges, sure you can still bypass them by buying something else and using a trading pair but if you’re caught they will seize your crypto and permanently ban you from the space, I’ve read the documents they have it all planned out, the most simple method however is to just pump ZEC once all the insiders are properly bagged up. After that the XMR trannies will FOMO into ZEC as ZEC gets more and more mainstream adoption. Keep being delusional thinking normies, retail and institutional money will throw into a terrorist coin. Doesn’t matter how many of you sweaty edgelords use XMR. XMR was dead on arrival out the gate. Don’t buy a single ZEC kid, you will rope when ZEC flips XMR catastrophically

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>Nobody will accept your "untraceable" shady money for any real life transaction.

lol we can just atomically swap to less "shady" money when necessary.

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Oh man you boys will sure stick it to THE MAN when the feds come knocking on your door and will confiscate all your possessions.
Any larger transaction will still be monitored and investigated.
Your monero will just go straight up on a payment method blacklist globaly.

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>t. Schizoid

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>wonder where that money will flow into
bitcoin obviously if they don't actually care about privacy, imagine shilling zcash in 2021 LOL

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>They’ll use ZEC, which is israeli, DARPA and big gov backed. They’ll nuke the fiat onramps/offramps to XMR by stating it’s used by terrorists, pedos and criminals, which it is. ZEC will flip XMR with ease
ecb crypto paper mention zec but not monero lmao

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>implying having money is illegal

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Yeah I bet you actually think I am schizo because you’re a newfaggot redditor subhuman

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Haven is the only real off-shore storage. It's not perfect, true, but a reasonable good fork of monero with stable coins. Why wouls somebody rich store their value in a volitile assent when a stable option is available? Doesn't make much sense imo

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>they can
>they will
>they might
What is it with goldbugs and ZEC shills that imaginary people live rent free in their heads?

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They’ll know when you do that, they can probably already see XMR to XMR tx’s. You have no idea about the tech they already have

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You still don't get it.
Owning money is not illegal.
Getting money trough unknown means is.
This will not change even if crypto is accepted worldwide. The laws will just get stricter.
Do you believe you will live in a stateless/lawless world once fiat is gone?

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Thousands of arrests would be made if they could please think

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>t. Angry zcash bagholder

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The goverments already are banning it but the wil never say admit this out loud becouse the are to afraid of monero, ppl wil start asking questions why can i by btc but not xmr, america bianance us cant buy, dutch aml regulations have delisted xmr from dutch exchanges

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>Thinking you can monitor XMR

Ask me how I know you have room temperature IQ

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>they would all have been arrested already
You’re wrong, the propagation, of crime, terrorism and pedophilia only benefits the jew
t. delusional xmr bagholder
Only more and more will come, the only retards holding XMR after it’s fully banned will be delusional reddit edgelords, they probably even think they’ll be getting a deal as it plummets to $1. You’ll never see big money flow into XMR, hence why it’s dead on arrival

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uuuh based? 100% of an unknown amount is nice

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The reward of the IRS is still up so no

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will it dip again bros im getting bad fomo

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i'm hoping it does, I was not able to buy for the past 24 hours

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Tell me how I know you are an XMR shorty getting reckt. The shorties are putting up one hell of a fight for 250 though.

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>I’ve read the documents they have it all planned out
What documents?

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cool story bro

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as much hate as the trip fag warrants here, he's not wrong. monero will be scrutinized majorly as crypto is more adopted

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>t. brainlet

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Holy shit based

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imagine resorting to shill for globohomo surveillance in order to FUD monerochan
you retards are better off buying good goy stocks and having a barcode tattoed on your face to show how good do you comply with 'state security'

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LINIK and HBAR. I don't need drugs posted to me so I go to jail

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>monero will be scrutinized majorly as crypto is more adopted

Yay, more publicity!

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>They’ll nuke the fiat onramps/offramps to BTC by stating it’s used by terrorists, pedos and criminals, which it is.
you, in 2015. retard.
furthermore, XMR atomic swaps will be out within a year. and finally, I leave you with a tweet from z-cash main developer: https://twitter.com/zooko/status/863202798883577856?lang=en
hahahahaha. imagine trusting zec for privacy when the lead dev is on record with this sentiment.
see you at $1200 EOY

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Fair enough

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still waiting on china to ban bitcoin so i can rebuy guys :(((((
new biz is pathetic.

>> No.28965880

>I’ve read the documents they have it all planned out
take your meds, schizo. or link literally any shred of evidence to support your lizard-person drivel.

>> No.28965897

I think it's just a poorfag who fantasizes about "making it" by sucking mossad's dick

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Assuming you're not trolling: btc has been banned in china for years

>> No.28966016

he didn't buy btc at peak opportunity and he won't buy monero at peak opportunity for the same exact reasons.
it's almost poetic, in a way.

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Of course people are shorting XMR it can only go down
I have insiders on my contact list that work in think tanks for the jews
Nice argument reddit, you can’t give me a single reason why XMR will moon, or how it will even get mainstream adoption/institutional adoption. It will never get those adoptions though, because those will be going to the corporate privacy coin, ZEC
Anyone who isn’t completely brain damaged knows that XMR can never and will never moon, it will never be the top privacy coin, why? Because it actually works. Jews don’t like that. It will be destroyed at any cost.
t. anime tranny
Terrorists, trannies, legit schizos, pedophiles, drug dealers, and all other criminals will try to use XMR, they have no money though
Bankers, corporations, big money and institutional investors, asset management firms, and other high echelon people will opt to use the tribes privacy coin, that much is certain. Tell me, who has more money? You fodder animeposting faggota throwing in your wagecuck salaries biweekly or the people who run the world, like mr goldberg who makes more in a day than you will in your life?

You idiots have no arguments, it’s pathetic, it’s sad, it’s tiresome, please give me a route where XMR hits $150k like the fucktarded OP said

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Hey, are you ever going to get around to doing pic related?

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>Assuming you're not trolling: btc has been banned in china for years
oh yeah? man, that must have been so bad for btc price... i mean, china is a biiig bad powerhouse economy with billions of chinks...oh, what's that? the ban is ineffective in the most powerful authoritarian regimes in the world? tell me again how any cryptocurrency will be banned in the united states of america....
>the point is you can't fucking ban math, retard

>> No.28966278

>I have insiders on my contact list that work in think tanks for the jews
okay this guy is actually just a good troll. you got me.
>it will never be the top privacy coin, why? Because it actually works.
like cmon lol you can't go this low

>> No.28966281

>I have insiders on my contact list that work in think tanks for the jews
Who cares? I'm asking you, what documents?

>> No.28966335

That would be cool, I would pay to watch him neck

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I’ve already admitted that ZEC is backdoored itt, so what? It needs to be backdoored that’s the whole point, it’s fake privacy. It will moon because it is backdoored. Jews will pump this when the time is right, it will flip XMR while XMR tanks, and you will buy my bags at the top

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Nigger what? I never said any of that shit

>> No.28966651

Source for the studies?

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What are you doing in a XMR thread, Uncle Oldfag? Shouldn't you be drooling in the retard padded cell typing up threads about how LINK will never hit $35? Just kill yourself my guy, but give us some linkies before you do

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That’s not even me, some fag cracked my trip and false flag posted

>> No.28966894

unless you're going to reply to this then fuck off:

>> No.28966951

nobody cares enough to crack your trip you faggot
pay up or fuck off

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>Nigger what? I never said any of that shit
it's called rhetoric and apparently it has failed. my point is if china "banning bitcoin" meant anything, the rest of the world (and the price) would've acted accordingly. truth is, chinks still use BTC and LTC and XMR with or without official government support, and that will be no different in the US. Once again, you cannot ban math.
>I’ve already admitted that ZEC is backdoored itt, so what? It needs to be backdoored that’s the whole point, it’s fake privacy. It will moon because it is backdoored. Jews will pump this when the time is right, it will flip XMR while XMR tanks, and you will buy my bags at the top
pic related, your dumbass post gonna age very well.
monero will grow organically from 3 to 5 figures just as bitcoin did, in spite of autists like you going NOOOO (((THEY'LL))) NEVER ALLOW IT
none of what you say matters anyways because you have yet to make good on your other promise: >>28966117

>> No.28967102

just kys nobody cares

>> No.28967127

brrrr brain go wheeeeeeeeeeeeee out the window, ignore him, he is a faggot trip fag who is fudding the best cash coin in existence (XMR)

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You're using a secure tripcode, faggot. Or did mossad crack it somehow?

>> No.28967498

wow. thats real dedication. you must be important.

>> No.28968008

I do, I’m high echelon, you retards should be kissing my feet, you’re blessed to even be reading my posts
Documents about the plan to take over the world
I’m not uncle, uncle is even richer than I am. I’m just pointing out scams like I always do, helping newfags out. LINK is still a scam man, hope you can get out while you’re still in a profit.


They care enough to cap my posts and false flag post to character assassinate me, like you did
No I’m not giving shit out, that wasn’t me that promised that
Apples to oranges, BTC is not XMR, thanks for this, I’ve saved it, I’ll be patiently awaiting the inevitable red dildo into hell and will be updating your pic when it comes to fruition
I have no idea who cracked it

>> No.28968180

>using my own words is character assassination
then improve your character

we all know no one used a quantum computer to crack your secure tripcode just to make one (1) awful post, this is just weird and embarrassing man

>> No.28968333

What the actual fuck are you faggots taking about? I'm more bullish on xmr than any other crypto. Literally all I said is btc has been banned in china and trusted it. Which is true

>> No.28968451

keep the FUD up, i need more to make it in the next 10 years

>> No.28968620

They’ve made a number of fake posts whilst using trip, I’m too lazy to make a new one, and this one is old, you don’t need a quantum computer to crack a trip, all you need is a keylogger or a superior hacking tool, which I’m sure mossad trannies did and have done to me

>> No.28968805

Just take the L dude. You're not doing yourself any favors here.

>> No.28968934

That's it* not trusted

>> No.28969046

most base portfolio i have ever seen

>> No.28969102

People holding offshore stable assets, won’t want to offshore their holdings into something this fucking volatile. I hold xmr but to think actual rich people would hold this for anything other than slight private exposure to crypto is brain dead. xmr is not an offshore bank account, but an offshore asset. And a very volatile one at that. Once there’s a solution for stables/asset with Monero style ring ct and bulletproofs, then I imagine riches would offshore to that solution.

>t. hodling monero since 2016 even through all of fluffys shit

>> No.28969236

Why are you guys giving so many (you)s to the most obvious fudnigger of all time?

>> No.28969239


Anon... the higher the market cap the less volatile the price will be

>> No.28969629

pls sirs answer this but WHER the FUck do you buy this coin at????
(im in US)

>> No.28969633

This is the biggest cope and why I can’t stand this argument.

>literally “it’s gonna change the world bro you just have to buy it first_hippie.jpg”

>> No.28969737

This obviously isn’t happening over night, but there is no other fungible crypto. If you don’t see the investment potential in that then you are never going to make it.

>> No.28969792


You are litterally retarded. Why do you think a shitcoin go go up 20,000% in one day but the top 100 coins don't?

>> No.28969862

monero will be 404'd someday soon
the future of obfuscation is currency swaps and decentralized exchanges

>> No.28969916

If you ignore fudtards newfags see what they spout and think it's real, in the XMR general you'll occasionally see someone ask if it actually has infinite supply because they saw someone say that

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>monero will be 404'd someday soon
>the future of obfuscation is currency swaps and decentralized exchanges

Make sure you alert the darknet so they can start making the switch.

>> No.28970175

Fair, but that tripfag is clearly a troll.

>> No.28971012

It’s very obvious you’ve been in crypto <2 years. Once the bear is back, no rich person wants to offshore their savings into something that has historically and consistently lost +50% of its value when crypto markets haven’t been favorable. I think you’ve forgotten that we were sub 100 not too long ago and even sunk into the 20s at one point last year.

I’ve held monero since literally it’s early days and can appreciate it’s an engineering masterpiece. But I can’t stand the community deluding themselves into monero being a good store of value rather than a good means of private exchange. Maybe you like to store your value in something this volatile because you’re young, poor, and can take on that kind of risk.. But at the very least it’s delusion to think that this will be capturing the value of offshore assets in anything but an infetesimal %. Capturing a large % of transacters wanting to transact privately? Sure.

>> No.28971297

unlikely, just like tor glowies love shit like this for their own nefarious purposes.

>> No.28971342

Kraken, Binance with vpn

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all the short bobos getting recked came to piss in the daily, get fucked retard short trannies. take your pills and leave. you might as well just end it now

>> No.28972167

omg the pump is not over

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it never was

>> No.28972328

Its very obvious youve been on the internet less than 2 years. No person is going to want to purchase things online or learn things from their computer. We have stores to go to and libraries where people can gain knowledge. You seem to forget the dot com bubble and pets.com!

I’ve been on the internet since its early days and can appreciate it’s an engineering masterpiece. But i cant stand the community deluding themselves into believing the internet will be anything more than a tool used to transmit packets of information. Maybe you like to store your value in something so volatile because you are young, poor, and can take on that risk. But at the very least, anyone who believes the internet will have any more use cases than transferring packets of information is suffering from severe delusion

>> No.28972341

I'm a Monerochad through and through but I would recommend keeping 50% in bitcoin. Don't fight the pump.

>> No.28972406

a) Would you agree that BTC is increasingly becoming a store of value? Despite its volatility (supposedly = bad store of value)? b) In that case, why is that, in your opinion? c) If (if) BTC with time becomes annoying to hold because of coin taint/history, what do you think would be the next best store of value among existing solutions?

Just curious to hear

>> No.28972489


>> No.28972523

>I can’t stand the community deluding themselves into monero being a good store of value rather than a good means of private exchange
It will gain value from being a good means of private exchange. Currencies are a commodity unto themselves.

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What make of this?

>> No.28973168

old fud

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>TFW only accumulated 15 XMR so far :(

Couple questions for you /biz/raelis if you'd be so kind as to spoonfeed me.

I installed XMR-Stak. It would appear that GPU has been removed or something because my load is at basically zero. Is there an added benefit to use a program that uses the GPU? I feel like this is probably a stupid. I have a Sapphire Vega64 I feel like it's kinda going to waste.

1300 H/s is good right? or is that the total of the pool I'm in?

I have 4 other computers with decent CPUs and GPUs ranging from decent to really good. If I wanted to mine them do I just download Stak on each computer and include the same wallet address, or is there an "official" way of combining their power?

How long should it take on average to download the blockchain, and would it be useful to bootstrap my other PCs to my blockchain if I ever use them?

Pls answer some of my questions pls TY

>> No.28973307

crypto won't be this volatile forever. we probably have one more cycle after this one before we're no more volatile than high cap stocks.

>> No.28973496

Use xmrig to cpu mine. With some of the ryzens you can get up to 15000h/s.
Blockchain is around 100gb so could take a couple of days depending on your hardware. Just run xmrig on each computer, using the same pool with the same wallet address

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>> No.28973879

every thread

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Nice trips, $1000 EOM

>> No.28974034

I was thinking of buying one monero, is it a good time, or should I wait a few months?

>> No.28974178

Wait until its $1000

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the dip is here sirs please do the needful

>> No.28976323

it's hard to time the market. just look at the price overall and the value you see for the future. if it looks good then buy and try to do some sort of DCA

>> No.28976776

18.7 = equivalent share to 21 btc.
you're almost at a suicide stack, anon.

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