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Here’s how my day has gone (so far)
>be me
>wake up at 5am to catch flight back to burgerland from Bahamas
>spend the last two weeks without internet to unwind from the market
>make it thru security and go to terminal bathroom to piss
>check /biz/ catalog for some keks
>see /ourgirl/ dumped on us last week pulling the rug on the devs and investors
>check the price
>fucking obliterated
>instinctually run to gf who has our laptop mid piss
>pee everywhere
>black dude: “what the fuck you doing” in broken English
>dick hanging out of my pants in the lobby
>girlfriend asks why my dick is out
>scream at her to turn on her laptop
>some old bitch yells for security
>security tells me to calm down or miss my flight
>tell black security guard to “fuck off faggot”
>immediately restrained
>escorted off the property
>girlfriend catches flight home without me
>calls me from Florida and tells me she’s not breaking up with me but upset I’m acting irrationally over crypto “again”
>cry a little in my hotel room as I realize I lost 15 ETH to a fucking mcdonalds coin, missed my flight, and have to cut it off with my gf for abandoning me
How’s your day been? :/

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Pic related

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Listed on Blockfolio today, price rising back up. Stay poor faggot nigger

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Fuck off back to plebbit you fucking nigger.

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>too poor to go on vacation
Yeah I’m not surprised anon thanks for the input

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Didn't this hit something retarded like 0.50? If you didn't sell there for the 10x at the latest you really are retarded.

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What's going through the mind of someone who buys in here, /biz/?

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>actually falling for pajeet rugpull coin #43624323742

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I'll have two double cheeseburgers, no pickles and a large fry please.

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I bought AMC at pretty much its high and it probably "this isn't that much money, im willing to part with it, and if it moons (evne tho it already did) then i'll be rich

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>Well I'm never seeing that money again.

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What kind of fucking retard would put money into this???

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stop posting forever

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shut the fuck up, you surely made some trades you are more ashamed off
dumb niggers

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no, i can't say that i have tbqfh.

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Not really. I don’t buy retarded shit coins.

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Seething bagholder spotted. Let this be a lesson fren

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This a low point for me but I’ll rebound. Just trying to consider it an expensive lesson..

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>shut the fuck up, you surely made some trades you are more ashamed off
>dumb niggers

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not really no but you're a burger so being low iq is expected of you afterall you're closer to niggers than us whites

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mcdonalds coin is the new bitcoin retard, enjoy the poo life I guess

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Mcwhy the fuck did you buy such an obvious mcscam?

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That’s what I get

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Thought I’d be able to get out before the rug was pulled. Didn’t think it’d happen over a two week period though.. look how long RUBIC has been going for

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>Didn’t think it’d happen over a two week period though
Why the fuck not? Shitcoin cyles are usually less than a week and this one had fucking McDonalds in it's name. Rubic looked like the others at first but has since morphed into something a little bigger, that pretty much never happens and shouldn't be counted on

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rubic is a pump and dump not a rugpull.

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You are unironically retarded LOLOLOLOL

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no you are the disgusting piece of shit here, I hope you had your dose of schadenfreude for today you lowly animal

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Did everyone clap, too?

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>Thought I’d be able to get out before the rug was pulled.
>Thought I'd be the scammer, anon

Well, you were wrong.

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No :(
Can’t win em all.. would say hindsight is 2020 but this was peak retard

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WTF is this shit. I can't even sell my McBags without paying a shitload of GAS fees.

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So what's Ana's onlyfans

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I learned with my heavy shiba inu bags, never again

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why would you put 15eth into a mcdonalds themed memecoin?

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I'm Lovin' It!

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Tbh if be bought day 1 and sold day 3 he should have made some nice gains. If any of this is true he's a greedy faggot and got dunked on deservedly.

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I miss the McMemes like you wouldn't believe bros.

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Right now? A 9mmx39 pistol round I imagine.

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ya but thats true or all pnd rugpull scams. Obviously you can make money until the rug is pulled but who knows when that will be

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Nice FUD, never selling.

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>buy shitcoin
>two weeks without internet
Now I know whose money I get from selling mooned shitcoins the next day after I bought.

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Never buy ATH unless it's drastically undervalued. How retarded do you have to be to buy a useless joke coin at it's peak?

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buying after the bubble has MCpopped only cause of the MC- meme is fucking based
who cares if your smol gamble money goes to 0
>You are not investing in this if you have no btc or more "traditional" coins .... right anon?

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you only bought it with the intent to scam others fuk u

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You have to go back holy shit

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you didnt?

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Its all redditors, biz/raelis are smarter then this

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For me it's Doge coin. I lost $0.40 on that piece of trash after putting in $2.00.
Never again, screw Doge

Yes I'm petty and yes I'm a cheep Jew at heart

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15 ETH into mcdonalds coin before vacation... NEVER gmi

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That stupid whore of a gf insisted we take a few weeks off since I’d be up for days at a time scalp trading on adderall. Was thrilled we were able to unwind but immediately went full shrew once I yelled at her in the airport.
>Fuck that bitch though she left me behind
>she’ll never get the chance to murder me in my sleep and inherit my LINKies again

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$0.10 cents I lost, not 40. I'm still butthurt because blockfolio lagged and I lost money

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>having a gf
Ngmi unironically

Women are free-to-play games that charge you micro-transaction in the form of dating for you to get what you want, and you have to grind with your time on top of this.

Biz pay attention:
If she's not your wife or fiance, she's a waste.

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Hold the lettuce

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>Blames his gf for his own financial mistakes
>Fights with her in public and admits to abusing fucking adderall of all things
You sound like you're unironically an 80iq neanderthal that only exists to make everyone around you feel miserable

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No shit faggot

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larp from a retarded attention seeker

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>Nice FUD, never selling.
LMAO, it will be impossible for you to sell anyways, so yeah you're definitely never selling

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