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Come on in Nu Millionaires.

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why is this not on binance

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Ready to launch

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normies only

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im just happy im in the profit range now. just keep holding and accumulating guys. This is the future of privacy

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i know literally nothing about this coin and am just here for the easy gains, why is this coin taking off again?

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90k nu reporting in

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what does this coin do

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/nu-chad/ from the other thread reporting in.
932 stack. Feels good man.

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Just cashed out and I'll switch back in at 05am when its through the floor again.

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right now if you want to have information released on a conditional basis (like paying something or uploading required docs) you have to go through a centralized provider here they can see your sensitive information
NU allows a third party to act as the intermediary without ever actually seeing the info.

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Find another coin swingies. Go buy CHODE and HOGE if you want a PnD.

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This is going straight to $2, this coin is far superior to GRT

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Normies are the largest group.

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This and Orchid.


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It enables encryption for large datasets (like login credentials) which is done through a distributed network endorsed by the community rather than some centralized service.

For network administration this is actually a really exciting project. It's one of the first cryptos in a while that actually relies on cryptography.

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I wouldn’t say superior, but it has a very solid use case. Super practical.

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im 153 @ .65. i put in a sell order for 50nu @ $1. should i cancel it?

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i've been waiting this shit in binance because an anon said it will list it last week.
Still none. Jesus christ. Im gonna transfer some BTC to cuckbase right now.
Fuck this shit.

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Just swapped out my GRT for 350NU. When's the moon mission start?

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I've got 155NU

Will I make it?

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nah but better than nothing

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what’s the price prediction on this for the next few weeks?

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What's the suicide stack on this, 5K?

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tell me I'm gonna hit $1k with this, please anons

i've had diamond hands all the way through

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Can you people just be patient , ffs...stop chasing pumps

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Be honest bros could this shit hit something ~$10 eventually way down the line? Could I use this coin to make it?

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Possible long term pricing for this? Thinking about dropping 30k in

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It's a free market.

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What's your stack? Probably bro.

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fuck, forgot pic

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how does 1 million sound

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How does .5 cents sound?
Its the future of wojack posting. See you at the bottom.
Lifechanging mistake. Generational.
Get you arrested for encrypting nudie pics.
Id listen to this guy.
Do NOT. We will dump if normies pump it to 2. You want to be known as grt 2.0?
And should be the last to get in after we all have our stacks. Stop th ees se threads. Stop the count!
No, set it for lower. Sell at a loss, its the 4chan way.
Normies already dumping.
Never, its a center of the earth journey to hell mission.
You will make it out without too much money lost.
Crabs at 50 cents for a year.
15k is bare minimum for delegating.
Good god, man. Set reasonable goals for yourself unless youre trying to hold for a decade or two.

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NuBro who sold sold the day before the Coinbase listing and who swings district you here?

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RIP lol

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pretty good anon, thanks :^)

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That puts me at a couple hundred K.


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Hey reply to me too

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based and suxpilled

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OH hey it's GRTsux approved
Alright now you have me interested, redpill me? Is it worth to hold less than 15k?

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>15k is bare minimum for delegating.
This is not true. You can delegate via community staking pools at any amount, you just need 15k NU to stake alone.

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Hi friend.
Im not GRTsux, big fan though. Man speaks truth to token.
Nu has potential but if we moon too fast itll correct hard and potentially scare normies away for a long time.
Full disclosure i have about 10k nu atm. I am still DCAing weekly. I chose wednesday as it looked to be the lowest day each week when i set up the recurring purchase.

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Youre right. I should be more specific with my terminology so as not to accidentally mislead anyone.
From what ive read the gas costs currently make it not worth it to pool. However Ive been told that should change eventually. Whether that is true or not, I cant tell you. Trust your own instincts lurkers. Im just a guy who religiously fuds his own investments. A wackadoo.

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Wait a fucking minute. TUX IS A FUCKING FUR??

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Lmao wait until you see Justin play flute and Tibetan throat singing at ethdenver.
The team actually seems really cool. I hope they know we rip on them out of love.

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320m market cap. Yeah this is going waaay past $1.00 very soon. Lowest MC on Coinbase, bout to do what the graph pulled

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Hi, I'm actually tux.

I'm not a fur lol I just saw the photo in our discord, thought it was funny, and posted it here :P

I am a pink-haired SJW homosexual tho

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Based and I want to believe. Glad you guys have a sense of humor in addition to having such a promising product. I feel star struck, I better go before I embarrass myself anymore.

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this. JMH is a chad with that flute and metroid shirt and 10/10 calm cool collected confidence.

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When NU was listed, Tux once actually replied to a thread with his face and timestamp. Nobody seemed to notice though

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holy fuck the whole team is based, anon

unironically the first project I'm absolutely excited for and went all in for
too bad it sucks, though ://

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Everybody talks shit about Coinbase because of their fees but they always have legit projects. Their selection has only gotten better with time and they by far have the lowest risk in the space.

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only have 2k but i want you to know all of you are based af

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Yup it looks very similar to GRT. Will likely close in on $3 soon and then correct down to a $2-ish for a bit before the next pump upwards. This is a pretty cool project too so my baby 2k stack will appreciate nicely.

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It's true, I still have the photo.

Can confirm working with the JMH is god-tier.

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Almost feels criminal how easy it is making money off of this

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Post it

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Nu World Order incoming, lads

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I guess while I'm here... AMA besides price/market related questions.

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nu nu nu nu World order

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That's the one

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im surprised he came here. he looks like the kind of dude to just write off 4chan as problematic/racist

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holy shit i want to believe I contributed to this with my memes.
how much nu is a suicide stack?

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hey, if really tux

got a couple of probably borderline stupid questions, but w/e

what are some of the projects you guys have seen that already implement NuCypher? Honestly, the decentralized password manager seems like a great idea, and I've also came across the Handshake (HNS) protocol for decentralized DNS (decentralized naming and certificate authority) - could something like NuCypher be utilized to implemented decentralized DNSSEC?

also, I'm no longer financially ruined, so that's good I guess

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Nice. Who do you view as your closest competitor in the space and what gives you the advantage over them?

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you must be dumb or smth

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holy shitttttt
ok first question: are you a faggit?

thanks t. 1k stacklet

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make it go down im trying to buy

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Probably not reaching $1 until mid March or early April

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What's the long-term future of NuCypher? How will you encourage projects to partner with/use the NuCypher tech?

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It’s because we are stupid early. Right now we are in the Wild West days. However, now we are starting to see the encroachment of “civilization” into our new frontier. Eventually it will absorb the frontier. Make what you can now and go long on things the establishment is pushing for the space and you’ll make it.

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Fuck it is you, cool

Okay, give me a reason why I should dump $1k into your SJWcoin and I will do it.

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post todays date larper

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Gave me a good impression. Seemed layed back

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I'm actually one of those they/them people, and yes 4chan is hella problematic. Funny enough, I used to browse it when I was ~11-15. Thankfully, I ended up as a post-left anarchist and not one of y'all nazi losers. I'm a ride or die anti-fascist let's gooooooo

We're still pretty early in terms of adoption, but we are finding traction around things like password managers, NFT access control stuff, etc. The recent ETHDenver hackathon had some great projects like Masterfile (masterfile.co), NuDrop, and some others.

Also, I'm not intimately familiar with DNSSEC as a protocol, but it's my understanding that it's relatively controversial. I'm not too bullish on HNS, desu. It seems cool, but using a PoW coin for it is pleb tier engineering.

gfy I don't look cute today either believe me or don't.

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>all these newfag redditors falling for larp with a year old paper
Massive sell signal I’m out

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>gfy I don't look cute today either believe me or don't.
u didnt look cute then too

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You had me for a minute. Either post today's date or gtfo

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Here's proof via precommitment, check my twitter. (Find it yourself lol)

(19:59:18) tuxlattice:[~] => echo "hello 4chan" | sha256sum
ba7d7208c9e504ec73fe5abf71fa3e641bba546bc13188c60ce106d1786bee50 -

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whats the biggest project coming to Nu.

what makes your coin worth investing into above others.

I currently have 1000 that i bought a while back on a whim. If i like your responses ill start dumping some of my wageslavings into this on a biweekly basis.

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>no time stamp
This is a LARP.

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Buying your entire stock now

>> No.28969551

aaaand the tweet is out

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I'm not here to convince anyone to buy/sell the coin, or whatever. If you have technical questions about cryptography, NuCypher, etc, then I'm happy to answer.

As I said above, we're still pretty early in terms of adoption since the network just launched, but we do expect more and more traction and inevitably there will be a few killer projects.

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Binance listing when?

Also, will any of these "killer projects" be announced soon?

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congrats on the trips mr tux, now tell me, who drew nu-chan? :)

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I was reading on access revocation, and you guys mentioned that Alice can tell Ursulas to remove Bob's access key at any time. What's to stop a nefarious Ursula to keep Bob's key thus allowing him to continue decrypting new data?

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My only problem with NU is why can't another coin with a Turing-Complete Virtual Machine do what NU does? And have all the chain infrastructure backing it up.

Like the project and have a stack but if it takes off there will be most likely on-chain copiers.

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Oh cool it is actually you. Hi
You gotta admit this is better than the speculation filled telegram

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>Im investing in someone who looks like that?
Thanks for posting im gonna sell

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How long do you think it will be before you neck yourself once you inevitably cut off your dick?

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Ready and excited nubro's.

Getting pre-pump GRT vibes with this one

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How do you feel that I am a fashy got who Bought 15k NU and make NU memes

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Larp or not, why wouldn't you be lib-right in the crypto space?

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Hey, thinking about setting up my own node, have a server with 12GB ram and 4 cores lying around.

Is this feasible?
And what's the deal with having to pay gas fees?

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o shit whaddup Tux

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Supposedly a rasberry Pi can run a node

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Pretty based If this is actually tux.

Let’s say I bought 15k NU and wanted to run a node but Im a technically illiterate tard are there parole that can help get my node set up at home. I genuinely like the project. I think it’s going to be very successful and I want to participate in the network

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wassup nu males

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I said no market/price related questions.

Dunno, I think a cool person on fiverr lol

Ursula only has access to something called a re-encryption key (a KFrag in NU vernacular). This KFrag is a single part of many kfrags. So for a nefarious ursula to continue providing access to data, she would have to collude with a bunch of other Ursulas to do this, which makes this process incredibly unlikely. Likewise, we could begin slashing anyone who can prove that they received a re-encryption when they weren't supposed to.

The KFrags I mentioned above ^ should be kept private. If you use it in a distributed Turing-Complete VM (e.g. Ethereum), then that KFrag becomes public and suddenly you can't do anything except grant access to data. The ability to revoke and expire, and give conditional access to data is very important.

don't really care cause your mom probably doesn't let you have the keys to her car.

Absolutely feasible and relatively overkill for a NU node.

nm hi :)

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As a tech noob what kind of return can I get on 15k NU if I figure out the node thing and run it in my house?

>> No.28970284

I'm here, buddy. You get that eth?

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>I said no market/price related questions.
I'm just looking to make money off of your SJWcoin.

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I used NuChan first and I just stole it off a google search of “anime girl in mask”

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What are some DeFi use cases for NU?

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>why wouldn't you be lib-right in the crypto space?
Plenty of reasons. Check out Kevin Carson or any of the solid research from the Center For a Stateless Society on Free-market Anti-Capitalism.

The notion that Capitalism is a free market is a lie sold to you by States to actually empower large centralized organizations, e.g. Amazon, Facebook. Capitalism requires the State to exist.

You can use a Staking as a Service Provider if you don't want to run a node yourself, or you delegate to a community-run pool.

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Two words: Threshold. Signatures. ;)

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Where can I find info about delegating to a community run pool?

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Ask in the community telegram.

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Based and cute!

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Everyone here knows what that is do I even have to say it

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How possible is it that, in the future, most advanced projects in the space will use Nu’s RPE?

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Thanks for the answer, hadn't thought about that. Best of luck on NU.

Decentralized Homemade Fusion Reactors by the way is how we'll get decentralized Power Generation, namely Bussard Reactors.

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I’d also like to hear about your projections of Nu’s use cases and adoption in the future?

>> No.28970824

If it's really you, I wanted you to know that I'm very thankful and that I'll make use of it responsibly. I have your address hoping to return the favor in the future

Best regards,

Your friend from Costa Rica

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Can you elaborate. I’m not smart enough to understand this.

>> No.28970898

Forgot to reply about gas fees...

Yeah, ETH gas fees are expensive af. It's causing a lot of issues for all projects in the space. We're actively investigating a way to move all those costs onto something like an Optimistic Rollup on a L2 solution so people don't have to pay so much.

As it exists, I'd prob suggest staking a 6-figure number of NU at least for profitability until then. Otherwise, just wait til we fix it and hopefully it becomes profitable for y'all again.

We also have a smart contract update we're working on to extend period durations basically making the gas fees (hopefully) 4-7x cheaper than they are now (weekly commitments vs daily).

>> No.28970907

Alright, actual question.

What are your thoughts on Ethereum? Gas prices are currently making its future look not so bright.

>> No.28971087

Do you guys have any plans to run on ADA or any other chain? since gas fees are cucking eth so hard. Everyone is aping into bsc right now.

>> No.28971120

Sorry I can't. IYKYK ;)

I think it's far more likely that advanced projects in the future will use the NuCypher network to some extent than PRE specifically. PRE is just one of the threshold cryptography products we'd like to offer. In the long run, we want to offer so much more.

ETH is cool. I'm hoping that ETH2 ends up working out and alleviating a lot of issues. Else, I'm also excited about projects like Cosmos.

Gas prices always rise in a bull market, and we get the same complaints. The answer is PoS and eliminating PoW.

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nvm i can't read

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What kind of timeframe for fixing the issue?

>> No.28971162

Apart from nu, are there any underrated crypto projects that interest you?

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SHIT SON! I'm fucking HYPE to hear you got it. I haven't been browsing /biz/ as much lately but soon as I saw these threads and that price, I decided to start looking for your posts.

I didn't hold. LMAO I actually took GNT $0.11 to $0.15. During a moment of indecision, I was actually no longer 91k nu anon, but 190k nu anon. Shame I didn't hold that position. Instead I took NMR from $29 to $52, which puts me roughly equivalent to what 91k nu would be worth today. I figure the gravy train has sailed on Nu, so I'm just sitting in NMR these days after buying back in at $43, waiting to hope it hits its pre-collapse value of ~$60.

That being said, it's all thanks to you that my average holding time has managed to move from less than a day to a few weeks. I'm sitting at $72k from $23k atm.

>> No.28971274

Hopefully within this quarter or early in the next

>> No.28971275

>excited about projects like Cosmos
Based. What are your thoughts on Algorand?

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Trips of truth from the man himself.
The digits have spoken. BUY!

>> No.28971452

Is it true there will be a token dump in April? Are there any mechanisims in place that stabilize the price?

>> No.28971490

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, the gas costs are currently scaring me off.
Only holding a measly 10k so far, so no idea how feasible that is.

>> No.28971518

A professorcoin that raised money on big names in academia.

Cosmos is criminally undervalued (disclosure: I own a fat stack of it). Tornado Cash's token (TORN) also seems like it has a small market cap for what the TVL is... we'll see.

>> No.28971602

thoughts on ADA? is cosmos the real eth killer in your opinion then?

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okay but if you were a fur, what would your fursona be?

>> No.28971753

I don't believe in "ETH Killers". ETH has a significant amount of network value. Crypto markets aren't rational. Just because one network is technically better than another doesn't mean it's going to get adoption or "kill" the less better one. ETH is a much more secure chain than ADA or Cosmos fwiw.

>> No.28971758

Any thoughts on tether printing and it’s effect on the market? Is this bull run all just tether manipulation?

>> No.28971857

god I wish i wasnt retarded and understood half of what your saying. Can somebody link me to some basic technical videos so i can learn

>> No.28971970

This is an IMPORTANT question, do this one!

>> No.28971977

man this thing is gonna fuckin rip... we havent even seen the big pump yet

>> No.28971995

Is nu going to be as big as I think it will be or am I just retarded?

>> No.28972006

I.... don't know? Maybe a fox cause foxes are cute af.

Dunno, I don't think anyone knows. To be completely honest, I'm not entirely convinced that Tether manipulation really will have a significant affect on the long-term value. I guess we'll see eventually.

Best place to start is the NuCypher documentation and pyUmbral ;)

>> No.28972219

Shit dude. I'm glad it helped you to some extent. Maybe you could consider not swinging the whole stack? It seems to me that NuCypher is a good project and that's still early. NU could hit $ 1 or more shortly and it hasn't even been listed in Binance. Imagine its future potential and the possibility to take in count ETH 2 and integrations on other blockchains. I think it's worth to hodl some in the longterm

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We are going to launch the NUkes baby

>> No.28972260

How far away is nu from widespread adoption?

>> No.28972343

practically 0

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BTW I also got some GLM around 0.19. I'm hodling it

>> No.28972771

whats a make-it and suicide stack for this?

>> No.28972921

Is anyone else in the crypto space attempting to do what NuCypher is doing as far as you're aware?

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Thanks for coming on to field questions Tux.

So comfy with my long term 500k nutsack
*nu stack

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What time is it?

>> No.28973037

How much of this success do you think is just general market hype? I think you're right, long term it'd probably work out, but at the moment, I might consider going long following a market correction.

The Graph is up an obscene amount. District0x did a 6x, Civic did 3x, GNT hit 7x for just a moment a few nights ago... Things like Band and Kyber are back to their pre-collapse value from back in August at $16. Numeraire is dragging ass...

I think I mentioned before I got my head taken off by the defi collapse in September, and I've been skittish about massive hype bubbles every since.

>> No.28973328

I forgot to add: that being said, while I have experience with that crash which was different from the current situation, I wasn't around for the Jan 2018 bubble which is more suitable for comparison.

I can't tell if we're still sitting relatively near the bottom, or if we're high up in the stratosphere. Like sure, we are definitely up, but nowhere near as up as Jan 2018.

>> No.28973548

sexy 02

>> No.28973696

We are at the top when there are tiktoks about “my lil bitcoin stock doin summ”. I think we are pulling out of the bear trap right now.

>> No.28973843
File: 38 KB, 680x431, in im.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28974253

I can't cope with this crab between .79 and .81 behavior. Someone please make it go up or make it go down. Just make it go somewhere.

>> No.28974522

Thanks for the questions y'all. Gonna head off for now.

Deleted the tweet from my twitter btw.

>> No.28974526

I think ethereum's gas price is a big limiting factor so soon or later there could be a general ethereum market correction. This also puts other smart contracts platforms in people's eyes so I consider they have a midterm potential.
At least, in my case, I follow projects that I like and see potential longterm and when they have a 15 % - 20 % drop or a correction I get some of them and hodl. Also I think that opportunities like the one given by NU to be a promising project and to be able to get some just after a Coinbase listing and before a Binance one are very few.
It's expected that after a surge there comes a correction, but if you get early enough or are patient enough, corrections no longer present a threat to your net worth. Crypto is very volatile daily, but it seems that patient investors get the bigger cut out of it at expense of impatient ones

>> No.28974598
File: 11 KB, 225x225, 1613514837505.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Former dogefag, worth investing in Nu with my meager winnings?

>> No.28974611

checked and thanks! cant wait to see where this project goes

>> No.28974836
File: 1.30 MB, 1333x750, B5E689B7-54C1-4AE8-9DCA-C69CFBB7FFC1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28974870
File: 683 KB, 1280x720, miko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bye fren

>> No.28974985

i like what your doing with NU but i cant understand the antifa B.S. You guys want no state government but you need a government of some sort to enforce your ideology or els amazon google apple ect. along with privatized police forces will eventually enforce their ideology on the majority of people who dont have a state, witch i argue is a "necessary evil", to protect their basic rights. It seams to me if you thought about it long enough and were honest with yourself you guys would just be libertarians advocating for a very small limited gov.

>> No.28975169

I would consider bitcoin's periodic behavior in regards to halving
Pssst pssst a tip: bitcoin's longterm behavior isn't exponential, it's logarithmic
Check FlaviusTodorius67 in trading view
I would also take in count institucional adoption and defi legitimizing which could lessen the volatility in the longterm

>> No.28975274

Provided the project isn’t a scam, if you just buy and hold you will make money on just about anything in crypto.

>> No.28975280

>don't really care cause your mom probably doesn't let you have the keys to her car
is this a Charlottesville reference you brainwashed faggot? By the way, heather Heyer was never struck by the car, her fat ass died of a heart attack. Just like you will after a 7 day meth and popper bender

>> No.28975425

Thanks tux you the real MVP

>> No.28975542

That dude is a turbo fag cringe POS. However he’s pretty fuckin smart.

>> No.28975641

his name is tux because he tux his dick between his legs and prances around naked in front of the mirror calling himself a pretty princess like the San Francisco sodomite he is

>> No.28976138
File: 53 KB, 680x660, 8ea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone just hit a nerve.

>> No.28976297

Checked, thanks for coming by. Even though I only asked one question on politics, I do hold 1500 NU and counting. I'll still call you a NuMale because I can't help myself.

>> No.28976424
File: 95 KB, 504x548, BDCD8479-E6D1-41DB-8637-92BA162F37EF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28976438

I'm just a little nervous cause if they're all leftwing like that there's going to be a lot of infighting which would be detrimental in the long run. Hope I'm wrong.

>> No.28976845
File: 56 KB, 474x607, grw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you the same guy spamming basedjacks yesterday, but didn't have the balls to actually (you) any of the comments?

>> No.28976904

please go back to gme/amc containment threads

>> No.28976913

why are leftwingers so easily susceptible to infighting?

>> No.28977040
File: 102 KB, 499x499, image_Copy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I only got 435 ngmi

>> No.28977107

Because they're either anarchists or statists, and obviously they're threatened by each other as much as they are by the right.

>> No.28977386

Because radical ideologies are narcissistic by nature. What happens when you put a group of narcissists together and tell them to share?

>> No.28977519

Dead silence, called out and ran with his tail tucked between his legs.

>> No.28977677

holy fuck this is bullish as hell. I want to all in. only got 1k so far

>> No.28977925

you talk like a fag from the bay area. im robbing you if i see your faggot ass in the streets. probably live in castro too. nigger lover

>> No.28977973

do it anon i went all in and it hasnt failed me yet

>> No.28978051
File: 938 KB, 1600x800, 547D2B42-D52E-4E4A-BB5E-4A7292E4B668.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28978572
File: 155 KB, 1412x792, DzQ2r5JVYAA0hKW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf did i buy omg im ruined

>> No.28978687

>Of course I am an anti-fascist! How could you tell?

>> No.28978730

Left wing orthodoxy creates hierarchies in leftist circles. The most well read theorycel nerd comes out on top through their exhaustive "debate" process.

>> No.28978894

That's a nice jacket, unironically. Wonder if he would give it to me if I say I need it since he doesn't believe in private property.

>> No.28979157

What are your thoughts on the IQ-race correlation, which has proven to be largely genetic via twin studies etc?

>> No.28979165

You have to be an absolute retard to buy this shit after this

>> No.28979348

I added an extra 5K to my stack afterwards, cope and seethe incel.

>> No.28979767

ill be counting my stacks as your trad gf sucks me off while you seethe about jews or some shit

>> No.28979838

Personal property != private property. Read some theory. Or don't, just keep Trusting The Plan.

>> No.28979850

this will either make us rich anons, or it's going to fail spectacularly

>> No.28979979

im right wing but I like this tux kid. as long as he doesnt limit access to this technology to those who wrongthink, he has my full support. fills a need in my opinion

>> No.28979987

what does it do and why do you invest in it

>> No.28980076

I'll use the liberals to defeat the liberals!

>> No.28980080

So stake until they can unfuck the gas fee situation with running nodes? Is that the takeaway here?

>> No.28980357
File: 80 KB, 770x760, 2751C0E4-AC61-40B0-A5FF-36766B20C7E3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

because leftists actually believe in their politics so they have real disagreements and divisions with leftists with different politics. Most (not all) rightleaning people don't have concrete political opinions just strong emotional reactions. That's how they can be against ((ZOG)) but love Zion Don and feel zero cognitive dissonance, the details are inconsequential to the feels and the strength they see being projected

>> No.28980372

Yeah that's my MO too. He can bant so he doesn't seem too bad.

>> No.28980512

I'm not a Qtard and no thanks, there's no reason to make a distinction. I'll debate it if it ever poses a threat to my property.

>> No.28980916

you are guilty of exactly what you are accusing the right of you just dont realize it yet

>> No.28981202

It's pretty much spot on. I spent the first half of my life in right wing circles, and I've never seen them have genuine struggle sessions. Even when obvious charlatans pop up and use Jebus to rob people, they don't speak out because it feels right wing enough. Meanwhile leftists are constantly bickering about the fine points of what they believe because it actually matters.

>> No.28981245

Im right wing too but him being a jewish tranny could be bullish. This coin is going to $5+ soon

>> No.28981431

Literally only able to respond with "no you"s. Nu is a lefty coin now, fuck off chud.

>> No.28981645

hey guys, any way to long this? iirc, coinbase pro no longer supports margin trading, right?

>> No.28981666

how does 4.35 million sound?

>> No.28981740

being right wing is often purely based on manipulated feels, not actual logic with scientific evidence to back it up. it's based on lack of change. it's a lazy path of least resistance. just look at stances on abortion, social programs, race, wealth, etc etc. i do think there is some wisdom in conservatism but it's gone far too retard in the past century.
also, "left wing" in places like my home us of a consists of everything from center right liberal retards to true progressives.

>> No.28982023

went all in and got 2000 can I stake and make it?

>> No.28982120

Holy shit, this is an artisinal post.

>> No.28982380
File: 885 KB, 426x316, reaction 42.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy shit
ID: 2 los3 buy

>> No.28982571

both sides have their blind followers but in order to determine which is right you need to put their best arguments up against each other. rejecting or accepting an ideology based solely on the worst of its followers it equally retarded. i dont care if "most" of the "RIGHT' OR "LEFT" are simply emotional believers. you should care about who's arguments have merit. until you can challenge yourself with your enemies strongest arguments and stand firm in your principled beliefs than you dont really know what you believe. you are just afraid of what it would require of you if you realized you were wrong.

>> No.28983606
File: 22 KB, 400x400, DlzE3Lhr_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you should hang around here more often

>> No.28983982

When I heard of this project I thought it sounded like it would fall in line with the goals of the Siacoin team. Are you familiar with that project, and if so, do you feel that Nu and Sia could mutually benefit from the tech each other have?
Also, you should be here more, and my moustache looks like yours in previous pic.

>> No.28984128

No but you’ll take a decent profit.

>> No.28984252

I lurk around on the NU threads to ensure that y'all aren't spreading FUD haha. I don't normally answer questions like this. We enjoy seeing the community make memes.

Siacoin is like a storage layer token right? If so, you could store data on whatever offering Sia has and then use NuCypher to grant/revoke access to that data. You could do the same with Filecoin, IPFS, Storj, etc too tho...

Also mustache is hella old. I don't have it anymore, but I do have a mullet and it's fab af.

>> No.28984534

are u single?

>> No.28984623

yup RIP me

>> No.28984638
File: 87 KB, 887x960, 1578094572905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

idc if we disagree politically btw i like your project and its aim to give people back their privacy. i will be contributing to the meme folders and staking my tokens

>> No.28984664

Sia is under-utilized right now, but I believe it has the best technology associated with it. I've been storing files on it's chain for years, and it's easy, so I was curious if there was any work / appreciation between teams. Thanks for the response, and good luck.

>> No.28984721

Hot. I like where this is going.

>> No.28984876
File: 577 KB, 960x864, nu moon 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

plz make me a millionaire my gay retard friend

>> No.28984947

Your favorite memes so far?

>> No.28985079

Just a heads up, nuggas.I traded a stack on poloniex and sent it to my etheradress. polo absolutely raped me in the ass with 70 NU as a withdrawal fee.

It's safe now, though.

>> No.28985086

do you have a fat stack of chainlink?

>> No.28985121

Are people falling for this shit larp?

>> No.28985151

Tux, tell me. should i hold nucypher long term or is this just another pump and dump???!!! i can't take another dumping...

>> No.28985185

Nu-Tang Clan 2000 Stakers was pretty rad.

None really stick out, desu. I just really enjoy seeing quality funny and inclusive/wholesome memes.

>> No.28985377
File: 234 KB, 886x950, 1613575715430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

guys u heard the man they like seeing the community make memes

>> No.28985383


>> No.28985585
File: 35 KB, 467x347, 85524184-B7C4-4E56-9667-DA36EF021417.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should I buy my first stack now or will it go down soon?

>> No.28985992

Does NU compete with DECO?
I though CL labs was working on t-sigs?
Connection between both projects? Please let me know.

>> No.28986016

literally not a larp kek u missed the proof because you had to see it in realtime.

>> No.28986087

Hey, everyone tux from NuCypher here. I had proof on my twitter that this was me, but I deleted it. As you can tell, I did a little AMA.

To redeem this proof in the future, I'll post another precommitment that I'll reveal in a future thread should I want to return and answer questions provably as myself. I don't really want to use tripcodes cause that's not as cool as cryptographic precommitments :P.

Anyway here it is:

(23:34:21) tuxlattice:[~] => echo <REDACTED> | sha256sum
c2df0d965753736a295f309e58e09e79b7dea61f403728d196d0001b97e2eacb -

>> No.28986153

>it's a lazy path of least resistance
>can't express milquetoast opinions on normiebook without getting fired

>> No.28986242

Are you gonna make my numbers go up?

No, just kidding. I do networky stuffy and I like what little I've seen of NU.

>> No.28986426

tux, what the deal with nu's tokenomics? Will the price be forever diluted?

>> No.28986484
File: 96 KB, 660x767, 74payjzs6d051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Hello, Tux, I just heard about your coin, and I threw some of my pocket money into.

What can you tell me about your coin, and what's your mission?

Thanks. :)

>> No.28986521

The tokenomics value stakers. If you stake NU, you earn inflation rewards. If you don't stake NU, you don't get inflation rewards.

If you don't want to get diluted, you should stake and earn NU.

>> No.28986649

Changing IPs now, so I suspect my id will change here in a bit too. In that case, here's a precommitment that I can use as proof for this thread:

(23:44:01) tux lattice:[~] => echo <REDACTED> | sha256sum
e33e9586938cbd24a63ca8b84bd280929c38ace0704d675869dabaf0d6b84917 -

>> No.28986712
File: 119 KB, 450x405, 1570909740933.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There was a dude that said he'd give $50 to 10 random anons when NU hit $0.75. I got a random deposit in my wallet the other day, so if you're here anon. Thanks, appreciate it.

>> No.28986760

Just a quick question, where's a tutorial or doc on how to set up a nu node?

>> No.28986822

Where do I stake?

>> No.28987008

is staking technical?

>> No.28987009

To stake I need 15k and run my own server?

But etherum gas kills gains? Or am I understanding this wrong?

>> No.28987013

holy shit this is a Nu paradigm, getting strong vibes off this thread.

>> No.28987206

is nu a new paradigm or just another shitcoin? i can't evaluate it. it's the most technical token on the market. wtf.

>> No.28987227

im priced out then

might as well sell next pump

>> No.28987244

Does the Nu World Order plan on working with the Great Reset Token?

>> No.28987302

I have a genuine question that will probably sound sarcastic but what can you do to make staking more inclusive for midwits? The nucpyher docs are kind of intimidating to those who dont do coding. I know you mention pooling as an option but is it likely the staking process will end up getting simpler overtime? And is there a risk of losing funds or messing something up while trying to teach oneself from the documents available? Can I lose nu tokens if I do something wrong during the process or lock them up indefinitely? Is staking idiot proof? I get that this is a big brain project but accessibility for the entirety of the bell curve will go a long way for more people getting into the space and making apps and stuff. The diff between working out of DOS in the 80s and doing everything by gui now (or so id imagine)

>> No.28987325

great question.

holy trinity - Nu, GRT, Link

>> No.28987363
File: 110 KB, 1280x720, DISGUST.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

look at you, you fucking faggot. what the hell's wrong with you? you look like a puerto rican whore. you make me sick.

>> No.28987426

Thank you for your contribution.

>> No.28987477


>> No.28987488


>> No.28987497

that Puerto rican whore is going to make me rich and change privacy technology

>> No.28987613
File: 984 KB, 825x550, theholytrinity.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28987684

will you implement or collaborate with Holochain? I think the projects can profit bigly from each other.

>> No.28988143

>tfw can't afford the holy spirit
I'm like one of those people who isn't really a Christian but believes in God nebulously and thinks Jesus was a pretty cool guy.
Actually, that's eactly who I am.

>> No.28988301

Hell yea, thanks for coming man! I promise we aren't all racist assholes. We are really passionate about cryptocurrency. Bought some NU last week. Really hopeful about the future!

>> No.28988318
File: 1.89 MB, 2000x1427, based3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28988763

Start here https://docs.nucypher.com/en/latest/

ETH gas fees are killing low-stake nodes at the moment. As I pointed out earlier, we are working on a solution for this hopefuly due by the end of this quarter or early next.

I am absolutely advocating for folks like you. We want y'all to be able to easily stake and delegate stakes. We hope to have something soon-ish. Just stay engaged and please keep annoying us about this.


Care to elaborate?

Revealing the precomm:
(23:44:01) tux lattice:[~] => echo "sup /biz/ tux here" | sha256sum
e33e9586938cbd24a63ca8b84bd280929c38ace0704d675869dabaf0d6b84917 -

>> No.28989176
File: 84 KB, 573x430, 1613533799548.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh shit were actually gmi

>> No.28989361

thoughts on web3.0? Is it possible and how soon

>> No.28989409
File: 26 KB, 473x362, nuflute.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its going to be absolutely hilarious when all these ngmi racists autists are fud-ing nu when it hits 1.00.

almost as bad a doge hodlers

>> No.28989506

how does the worklock release work exactly? Is it just allocated all at once to stakers or what?

>> No.28989628

is this the edgiest place you ever shilled your erc20 token?

>> No.28989661

never let politics/emotions get in the way of profits, thats rule one. This man took the time to explain shit and did a AMA on fucking biz. Imagine caring about pink hair then investing in fucking CHODE

>> No.28989746

this dude literally has a bullish nose ring

>> No.28989836

>All ETH contributed during the WorkLock will be automatically returned to the participant by the Worklock smart contract after the WorkLock participant has provided Proxy Re-Encryption services for the required period of approximately six months from network launch. If a participant does not provide the required services, their ETH will remain escrowed in the WorkLock smart contract.

>> No.28989918

This. I respect him just for posting here and talking to us.

>> No.28990414


>> No.28990424

should I try swinging this? I bought at the top

>> No.28990447

yes I will happily buy your bags friend:)

>> No.28990513

make sure to sell now and then buy back in when it breaks a dollar

>> No.28990643

Maybe I will hold then. $1 hype lets flipping go

>> No.28990782

>he's a post-leftist nb
fucking based, bought a stack

>> No.28990899
File: 86 KB, 573x430, nu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28991006

as long as they dont want me to take tranny pills or eat bugs then I don't mind holding

>> No.28991222

kek saved

>> No.28991412

*they are a post-leftist nb, tyvm ;)

>> No.28991488

whats the point of "them/they"

>> No.28991494

swingies get stringies

>> No.28991604
File: 172 KB, 680x512, sell now i fucking dare you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone should make a (male) enbie meme out of Tux. Just steer into it.

>> No.28991614

not liking male or female pronouns

>> No.28991695

mentally ill faggot, NGMI, deserves gas

>> No.28991898
File: 11 KB, 620x83, nu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28991899

stay poor

>> No.28991982

I unironically love this photo, and it's v on brand for me ngl.

>> No.28992012

i dont like being poor, how is this important?

>> No.28992064

Have to admit, I hate everything you stand for, however I can't help but respect you for showing your damn face on 4chan and have all these faggots talk shit. Super confident in this project and looking forward to see what comes out of it.

>> No.28992085

Ahh the terrible fact, if you're too poor to buy, you'll stay poor until you die

>> No.28992101

so call yourself rich and manifest it

>> No.28992177

May the Most High, Allah, smite down this coin into oblivion along with the sodomites who support it.

>> No.28992205


>> No.28992240

Hey man, just wanna say thanks for doing this. A lot of pricks here but 90 percent of them are just being edgy for shock value. Either way I bought a bunch of tokens after looking you guys up on YouTube and after some research realized you had a really great use case. I shilled it on here multiple times only to get laughed out of threads. I hope you are successful for the sake of yourselves and the future of tech in general. Good game bro. Also I voted trump twice.

>> No.28992254

I hope the Lord who is Most High and Most Holy takes mercy upon you and makes your punishment a mere swift death.

>> No.28992353
File: 104 KB, 284x375, 48A6EDC4-EC41-4E04-ADB1-A7A4B0A7E906.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Inshallah brother

>> No.28992411
File: 5 KB, 238x212, 1602367966408s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28992511
File: 500 KB, 1200x1200, 1609717100886.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>why yes, i do have pink hair and a nose ring but still do an AMA with autists thats are pre-programmed to hate me anyways.

>> No.28992915
File: 27 KB, 399x399, 1604199830510.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you misspelled de-programed

>> No.28993010

cringe and NGMI