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piece of shit

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Sell so I can buy more cheaper.

It's just a normal correction. Excepted after such an unsustainable pump.

LTO is a long term hold. If you're panic selling now because the price is coming down slightly you're stupid. It was 20 cents not too long ago, so if you didn't FOMO in you should still be green.

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Weakest fud ive seen in months lmao

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It's correcting to at least 20c.

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we are only 12% down from the ATH, what's the problem you fucking faggot?

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The fools sell. I will probably hold for the rest of my life and live on the leasing rewards.

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LMAO I wish, I'd load my bags real nice

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>up 10%
>Sell sell sell

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Can you not do math?

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Lmao this nigga sold and is panicking he can't get back in

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Imagine selling LTO.

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what's up faggots LTO didn't drop below $32c as your TA predicted and now it's pumping again? kek

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I get that people may worry about the price. But if you wanna hold LTO, you have to think in the long term. Its not a PnD,not a rug pull, no fud was ever successful regarding the status of the token. If some variations scare you, please sell me your bags.

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I wish

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qrd on the LTO math. how much do I need staked for 1k per month biz.

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Yes please

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Is the CEO really talking about buying dips?
I think I'll sell desu, this guy seems like a massive retard

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365,700 LTO will yield 1000USD per month assuming a price of 0.50 USD. If LTO hits 20USD you'll only need 752 LTO to achieve the same.

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I'm more concerned about the eating pussy part, that's blue pilled basedboy shit

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turbofag alert BWEOOO BWEEOOOOO

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Correction - 9145 LTO if the price hits 20USD.

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People looking for a 1 week 5x better get the fuck out of LTO. Most of us LTOchads are in this for AT LEAST 2 years

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pussy faggot

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Its fake..

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holy fuck you're a retard

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2 years? This is a 3-5 year hold, imho but I am expecting $10 per coin by that point, maybe more

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too many retards on biz, and just in general. I see some of the comments on twitter after the bullish news and people think that LTO network was sold, not knowing LegalThings b.v is a separate company that just uses the LTO blockchain.
the news today is bullish as fuck.
>ATE innovations has purchased LegalThings B.V. to use LegalThing’s decentralized workflow technology 'for their customers'
>KATE Innovation’s clientele consists of large banks and notary entities. As many people already know, LegalThings is the biggest integrator for LTO Network and is generating over 50% of all transactions at the moment

the biggest integrator of LTO network just expanded its reach drastically.

>“This is a market that will grow rapidly this year,” predicts KATE director Erik Schlooz. According to him, the major banks will increasingly ask their real estate clients to digitize their contracts, due to European regulations. The Rabobank has already started this transition

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>KATE now has about 70 employees and expects to double in staff this year. In addition to the Netherlands, KATE is also active in Belgium, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom, where it collects data for large market parties that facilitate the financial valuation and transactions of commercial real estate.

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Piece of shit crabcoin

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fudders get glassed

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2 years AT LEAST. it'll probably be worth a few bucks in some years unless ETH gets completely replaced by some other network which is unlikely in the short term

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holy shit based

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Yup, I'm thinking 3-5 years myself. My main goal for short term profits is to get gud at day trading. I'm barely paying attention to the little fluctuations in my comfy holds unless I'm looking to buy dips.

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100m marketcap, anything is possible now

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LTO is a long term hold, you join the biz node and forget about it

If you bought this to moon, you never read the usecase and youre a stupid bastard retard

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How many El Tios should i have to bother joining a node? I've only got 5k

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Any if you are just leasing to a node.

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It might moon a bit now and again but I don't personally care, just expecting a comfy steady rise.

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How do I into a Node? Currently have a peasant 1k stack sitting in my binance wallet

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That's very unlikely. I could bet 30k right now that nothing will replace ETH for at least next 10 years.
There is no real ETH killer existing right now and something that could be able to kill Ethereum network would need years of adaptation.

No network can just kill 6 years old network that is used by 75 - 80 % of all cryptos by promising random shit about speed and fees.

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Join the biz node, they currently own like 11% of the TOTAL supply

Imagine 3 years from now


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I also want to add that Ethereum might be hated by some, but it's still necessary.
There is no network that would have same features and development level as Ethereum has.

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How do i transfer my El Tios from my Metamask to the LTO mainnet wallet?

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i believe you

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The lto wallet has an erc20 to lto bridge.
The fee got increased to 100LTO now, used to be less but LTO was paying out of their own pocket for the costly gas, and for small poorfag amounts too.

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Ok i found out how to do it now. currently don't have any ETH for gas but i'll look into it later

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Move to LTO wallet through mainnet, click "lease" in wallet, find Xeno in the list, lease your whole stack and chill.

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Also remember to re-lease your rewards only after you've accumulated more (or bought more and added them to the wallet). 400 should be good enough.

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Re-leased? So cancel the first and add them? Or do you mean start a new one when 400 is accumulated?

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this, I wanna know too.

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no, when you get paid out from the lease, make a new lease with the coins you got as a reward

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this >>28965437 you add a new lease with the rewards or whatever extra tokens you bought, don't cancel old leases since that's a waste of a fee.

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thanks frens. I wish you great gains

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You guys are talking about staking your LTO, but according to the calculator even if you have 25k LTO the reward per week would be 11USD. It's hardly an amount to make you rich, or am I missing something here?

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>using current prices
>clear indication he hasn’t done the math

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You get paid in LTO, LTO that will be a lot more valuable in the future.

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No, I haven't, but it's a genuine question. Based on your response I'd assume the staking rewards go up as the price per token goes up, correct?

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Thanks, that explains it. I've bought 23k LTO on a whim last week so I'll stake it in the /biz/ node

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LTO burned per transaction, transactions increasing steadily, more and more LTO taken out of circulation as they are leased, leasing returns paid by client txn fees. All of this, plus top 10 txn volume at 100m mcap means that we are undervalued significantly at this very moment, and token price will increase with adoption which is happening before our very eyes

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np, may El Tío be merciful

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At what apy?

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that would be 7% APY still, which is not likely at all to be the yield at $20 ($5bil MC)

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I couldn't be so lucky.

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Feeling comfy

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bought yesterdays 35c dip feels good knowing it was a good floor

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I DCA'd at 39c right before the market started to dump. Just fuck my shit up.

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Please buy and stake.

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Kek, so fucking glad I sold and bought BNB instead