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holy fucking BASED

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>economy not good unless government pay for health insurance

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pretty much, yeah

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Wait, i thought the tipping thing was a meme, do Americans ACTUALLY do this?

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I paid like 20 bucks for a meal at five guys and was so fucking disappointed. Shit burger, way too many fries, and the milkshake tasted like Hersheypark syrup. I dont think I will ever eat at five guys again. Also fuck fast food. I've switched most of my meat intake over to fish and poultry and I feel so much healthier. Pristine shits I tell ya

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Five guys is overpriced shit.

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They do

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I mean, no one is forcing you to order a hamburger nigga, buy some groceries and learnt to cook you own shit you dumb ape

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Yea it’s hilarious

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In Germany the delivery guys gets paid and if he isn't and you aren't an asshole you tip him as well. Nothing strange about that

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>something as vital to life as healthcare should be exclusively run by insurance company kikes that only exist to fuck people over out of as much money as possible

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enjoy your heavy metal poisoning

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>spend $25 on burger ingredients
>make 10x the food

Nobody wants to cook or do anything themselves, when the service economy is based off of taking money from lazy soi boys, it is working perfectly.

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>I pay insane amounts of taxes and get nothing in return
I have no sojak to express my disdain for your kind

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If you stiff someone on a tip you're basically a nigger. Even jews tip. The autists here who talk about never tipping are mostly larping. It's a big faux pas in burgerland.
Delivery apps have complicated things though. Its not just a guy employed directly by the pizza place making $7/hour base rate. Doordash/Uber Eats/whatever get paid per delivery rather than per hour, and they're often traveling a lot further than the local delivery guy has to drive. Idk. I always tip but I used to deliver so I know what its like

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Can’t wait till a drone delivers my chicken nuggets made by robots so I know longer have to care about the well being of people I buy food from

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literally what the US gov't tried to make happen

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Just eat small-medium fish its whatever

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>23 dollar hamburger
>does not say from where
faggot probably ordered from some expensive free range liberal cuck Buffalo meat restaurant that charges extra for being white

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literally yes

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>health care is the same as health insurance
The way to remain healthy is to live healthy, not making sure the common masses are forced to pay for your medical bills

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>the people that can't get a letter from point A to point B should assume total control over my healthcare

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What's the best burgerland burger joint? As a yuropoor during my us trip i tried in&out and i liked it, it didn't taste like the bottom of my organic waste bin like mcdonalds

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Niggers i love in canada and let me tell you it only goes downhill.
You say into a service your whole life and when you need it they put you on a wait list for so long thwt the thing that would originally be curable if dealt with right away is now incurable and the government deems it "a waste of resources" to even try.
Usa does not have private, you have this fucked up mix of public and private. That along with the harsh regulations on who can practice, and the hoops and cost individuals need to go through in order to even provide those services is fucked.

Freehealthcare does not fix anything.

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lol nah, 0% for me.

add a tip on top of the delivery fee?! laughing my anus off

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for people who do deliveries as their primary income with nothing else in sight, doordash, ubereats are the best things to happen to them

imagine having literally nothing to offer to the economy other than the ability to drive around and deliver packages.
keep doing that till automated drones take away those jobs as well

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I want this just so I don't have to worry about what nasty shit the people making my food have done before touching it. This is why I don't like fast food.

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Show me where in the bill of rights it says you have a right to healthcare provided by other people through the government. Get a real job if you would like to have health insurance.

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they do
isn't it fucking hilarious

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>Meal $12

>Delivery $3
I'm following you

>Tax $6
Wait what

>Driver fee $5
Wtf is delivery fee for then???

>Miscellaneous fee $10

>Total $55.36

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>way too many fries
thats their signature move you faggot. they fill a container full of fries, put it in the bag, then dump another handful of fries directly into the bag. imagine being such a bitch that you complain about getting too much food

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Phone poster, sorry for grammer.

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>universal healthcare = postmen working in hospitals
Americans are mentally ill

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Wendy's is the best "cheap burger" imo
Five Guys is good but a little overpriced for what it is
Steak n Shake burgers are underrated
Red Robin is my favorite sit down burger joint

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Nah its probably a fast food meal from uber eats. That shit is fucking expensive theres like half a dozen surcharges on it. A $10 meal can cost $20 easily

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>I know longer have to pretend to care about the well being of people


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americans even tip their landlord

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No exactly. I wouldn’t be surprised if McDonalds adds a tip line eventually. Everyone and their mother is expecting a tip for completing their job.

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>Government administrators are going to magically become efficient and non-greedy retards because they're sitting in a different colored office

You are a child. Fuck off and leave my money alone.

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>OMG I had to pay lots of money to get someone to deliver a hamburger to my door. Everything is fucked.

What a fucking cuck.

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the truth is that there is no fish that be consumed in excess. Anchovies, sardines, mackrel, they all contain questionable levels of industrial chemicals and metals. Our oceans are fucked.

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This. It's this easy but people prefer to be lazy.

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Honestly you might be right anon. Americans are probably too stupid at this point to follow the model that every other developed nation has adopted

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>America has the most expensive health care system and the worst performing

It’s alarmist as if you are a brainwashed cuck who likes getting raped by insurance companies

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Culver's fries suck though. Freddy's is a better all-around option, though Culver's burgers are better.

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It's not an unreasonable request that an employee should be well compensated and an affordable meal delivered should be affordable relative to an average salary

I mean it gets really old how people refuse to consider any complaint valid. What the guy says is true, for a lot of different reasons. Everything is going to shit.

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Then why the fuck did the nigger behind the counter roll his eyes when I asked for extra ketchup? How can I eat all these fries without ketchup? How does the absurd amount of fries make up for paying over 20 dollars for a meal that I could have gotten at the diner for the same price and 10x better quality? That milkshake was fake as fuck it had the consistency of water and tasted like Hershey syrup. Milk and ice cream in a blender its not that complicated especially when you're paying six bucks for it. The burger was pathetic too. Never again

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this, but unironically. take the strasserpill.

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only pathetic alms tip

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holy fuck guise, its real

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no one is forcing him to use doordash what the fuck? you just drive to the drive through and save the 10 dollars and its more fresh. kys

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Just look at population size, name another country with a population the same size or larger than the USA that has a good national healthcare system. I'll wait here.

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Checked and burgerpilled.

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fuck tipping. if you want more money enter into a labor job, or a skilled trade. its not up to me to supplement your income because you have 0 fucking ambition

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Government agencies exists as a way for black people to get jobs, there is a reason so many have distrust in completely public healthcare.

Nevermind the country is like 70% overweight; if the government wants complete control over Healthcare, it better incentivize actually being healthy too.

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>I pay insane amounts of taxes and want to pay 50% more for niggers and spics
nice projection basedlord

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>Americans determine the health of their economy based on how good their hamburgers are at the time.

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What a spoiled little faggot

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100 IQ detected. Health insurance isn't what's driving up the price of medical care in the US. It's the pharmaceutical companies and the hospitals.
Don't believe me? Go look at their profit margins. This is public information, you are smart enough to read a 10K, right?

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Brazil, it's one of the only half decent things about the place.

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>Get a real job
implying 70% of the jobs are not memes fake unnecessary jobs

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Hahaha look at all of these poor, pathetic retail/restaurant workers absolutely seething over your comment. Excellent post anon. Instead of getting career jobs that either offers health insurance or pays enough for the individual to easily afford their own, they will die angry.

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Sure, won't even argue. As another anon pointed out, we fill our government with our most retarded apes. They are basically welfare dependents themselves. The only solution is to limit it as much as possible.

Fun fact: healthcare would be half the cost if it wasn't pumped with government subsidy and locked in tight regulation. This is an issue they created themselves.

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health insurance companies are basically utility companies at this point. their profits are capped. i suppose you want the government and their diversity hires to provide water/electricity to you?

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The result is the same though, insurance companies providing as little coverage as humanly possible

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>t. Seething restaurant wagie

>> No.28954267

gig workers are contractors and they don't want to be employees.

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Correct. We need vicious sociopaths to police our healthcare billing and fuck people over as much as they can, or else we'd bankrupt the country and collapse our medical system under the weight of Type 2 diabetics with a dozen lifestyle-induced medical conditions that only get worse as their depravity deepens.

If we want our medical billing to stop being horrible, we need to stop being horrible as a people and take care of ourselves for once.

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If you can afford to pay $23 for a fucking hamburger, you are in no place to complain about the economy.

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health insurance profit margins are like 2%, you propaganda swallowing fool

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bong here and you're retarded. i'll never understand why americans fawn over nationalised health care so much - each system has pros and cons.

>> No.28954298

>just live health
Yep, better hope you don't get shot one day, or get into a car accident, or worried you might have cancer. Just be healthy lol

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Lmao this. It doubles the price of the food.

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One reason America's health care system is failing is the greed of insurance companies, but how often do you see AntiFa at insurance execs' houses?

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Brazil doesn't have good healthcare unless you live in an affluent area. You fuckers always throw these countries out there and completely neglect the poor areas and the way zoning works. There is one world class hospital in Brazil that i know of. Then there are the good ones in affluent areas. outside of that they are basically cots with ill trained nurses. The same applies for Thiailand. All you rich fucks go to the top hospitals in bangkok or phuket and never venture to the lesser known areas where people routinely die.

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1.National Assn of Realtors $84,113,368
2.US Chamber of Commerce $81,910,000
3.Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America $25,946,000
4.American Hospital Assn $23,648,466
5.Blue Cross/Blue Shield $22,662,720
6.Facebook Inc $19,680,000
7.American Medical Assn $19,575,000

The economy isn't good as long as government gatekeeps the healthcare industry after taking handouts from doctors, hospitals, and big pharma

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>be normie libshit retard
>spend $25 to have $8 meal delivered to you twice a day ($50 "plus tip")
>drink five craft beers a day ($7)
>drink three energy drinks a day ($6)
>smoke marijuana ($200/w)
>probably vape
>Still paying off student loans to Faggot University where you got your Gender Science degree ($500/mo)
>know that healthcare is expensive
>be an obese tranny taking five different expensive medications anyway
>"capitalism is why I'm not a winner"

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You don't need single payer healthcare to not be a fatass

>> No.28954383

well that's what they tell us at the corporate office so it must be true

>> No.28954389

Leftists mostly live in their own headcanon.

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Go on..

>> No.28954415

>in terms of equity
your metrics are bullshit, nobody with half a brain cares about "equity". European healthcare systems are shit and under-prioritize any health condition that isn't extremely common. I know this will sound like a meme but just ask any tranny.

>> No.28954445

It’s bc there’s lots of soft people who don’t want to work and want the gov to take care of them.

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look how the privatized energy in Texas is working out for them... kek

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I'm not american

>> No.28954488


I live in Canada too and my system is great never waited in my life.

>> No.28954489


I'm actually kind of relieved most American "socialists" think socialism is Nordic style welfare states. It would work cancerously here but it's infinitely preferable to an actually centralized command economy.

>> No.28954529

Insurance companies do not exist to be charity you fucking idiot. Do you even know what the fuck insurance really is? For any sector? God, I hate people so damn much. Morons run the world.

>> No.28954534

Fuck that. I dont tip uber eats or doordash. I dont tip amazon fresh. YOU pay your employees corporate america.
Yes i tip cab drivers (not uber drivers), pizza delivery from mom and pop, and tour guides/amorists.

>> No.28954564

>We need vicious sociopaths to police our healthcare billing and fuck people over as much as they can,
thats exactly what you would get with government run healthcare. you think obama weaponizing the IRS wouldnt happen with an american NHS? kys subhuman you are clearly non white

>> No.28954577

I agree. You've missed my point. We can't have single-payer because our country is full of fatasses. Stiffing this disgusting population on the cost of the medical care it "needs" is necessary, because it will NEVER be affordable to pump unlimited drugs and surgeries into gluttons who don't lift a finger to take care of themselves.

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Ok in that case stop using the roads and school I paid for nigger

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We literally pay for Europe's healthcare by spending billions developing drugs that we give to Europe for free while they dump their own medicinal products like insulin (an 86% European market share0 at five times the cost they sell to themselves

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I can almost guarantee that you have never payed a tax in your life

>> No.28954634

Fair enough, but I grew up in a shitty town in the interior of RS, studied in POA and then lived in SP, never had any problems with SUS in any of those places.

Maybe if you live in the north or the middle of the Amazon it's a different story, but I would take our system over the US any day.

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You didn't pay for anything Shaqueesha

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>> No.28954689

doesn't change your mental deficiency

>> No.28954726


Another underappreciated aspect. Just like Europe is under our military umbrella, they're under our health R&D umbrella here as well. Since we drive the profit margins of big pharma Europe gets all the benefits with none of the costs. If that stopped I guarantee healthcare development would grind to a halt.

>> No.28954732

Be careful friend, uber drivers communicate with each other about people who don't tip and where they live

>> No.28954763

extremely based and midwestpilled. if not in the midwest i'd go fatburger. not sure about east coast

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>imagine being such a bitch that you complain about getting too much food

>> No.28954809

Which is why having insurance companies form the basis of your medical care is a ducking shit idea.

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my sides

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I have never tipped anyone ever

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Also Europe gets substantially more of the oil from the central asian countries hat the US has paid trillions to militarily occupy. A not-insignificant portion of the US federal government are foreign agents primarily working to advance foreign interests.

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>> No.28954865

Gouvernements mandate it they don't pay for it.

>> No.28954926

lmao all of the lazy pleb nigger posting for public healthcare here omfg, you can really see how much of reddit thinks this place is cool and decided to stay

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>It's the pharmaceutical companies and the hospitals
So private companies being run for-profit running a monopoly on healthcare isn't a good thing?
Well what the fuck is the option then when having insurance is not even a choice if you don't want to get raped by medical fees if any sudden accident or medical problem happens? You have insurance and they still might fuck you over or you don't have insurance and you are guaranteed to get fucked.

>> No.28954937

all the comments that bitch that the restaurant doesnt get a complete share of the profits. Okay, then they should be happy to
>rely solely on walk in customers during a pandemic
>or hire a guy to make a website that can handle lots of online orders
>or rely solely on call in orders and hope your phone doesnt get blown up,
>and hire your own delivery people.
By the way if I did have a restaurant I would do these things. Make a simple website and simplify my menu. I would probably just have to put some money/research into making sure that i traffic still gets directed to my site from places like yelp and google and just forefeit the grub hub, door dash, uber eats traffic. i'd have to double check that i would actually be keeping near the same profits this way if not more despite having less customers which is probably more sustainable on my employees anyway.

>> No.28954944

I'm not seeing a correlation between one person not having health insurance and how well the economy is running.

>> No.28955024

The creativity of Europeans in contriving polite euphemisms for the shitskin leeches who invade their countries will never cease to amaze me.

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>you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to order!

>> No.28955087

>interstate commerce

Federal funding explicitly allowed by the constitution. Gasoline taxes/tolls already cover enough to maintain roads if those accounts weren't raided to pay for entitlements.

Should also not receive funding by the federal government, it should be funded entirely by those living and paying taxes in the district in which their children attend.

>> No.28955097

>He actively pollutes the earth every single day by driving

>> No.28955121

There's no point in trying to convince Americans the system isn't fine the way it is. ''Fuck you got mine'' mentality is so deep in American culture it's never going away. If you end up getting fucked by the system then tough luck, not my problem. Until they also get fucked and nobody else cares.

>> No.28955184

>but I would take our system over the US any day.
Yeah because you aren't in the areas you know do an awful job. Sao Paulo is where one of the best hospitals in the world is. It's always tunnel vision with you guys. Not to mention a lot of people completely disregard how national healtcare handles critical situations.

>> No.28955187

Accidents aside, cancer is 100% to do with lifestyle. Stop stuffing your mouth with carbs and oxidised plant oils every hour of the day and you'll avoid cancer easily.

>> No.28955226

In Russia, the delivery guy tips you.

>> No.28955242

private companies competing with one another is demonstrably fine, but you don't have that.

>> No.28955271

That'd be antisemitic. Antifa is philosemitic, you know?

>> No.28955276

Anons who unironically think this: Do you really think that it is a coincidence that the best healthcare system in the world is also the most expensive? We have the best medical tech industry on earth, no competition. There is a reason why medical tourism is an 18 billion dollar industry. Foreigners come to the US to get medical procedures for a reason.

>> No.28955284

what's with these broke ass zoomers that pay double for fast food? there's literally no excuse because i know you americans have a fucking mcdonalds every half a mile

>> No.28955327

>why americans fawn over nationalised health care
it's literally only those who are on onions (stealth HRT), women and POC

>> No.28955328

What a fucking cucked country its hilarious how cucked you guys are

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Not when the FDA prevents US consumers and insurers from buying proven-safe product from overseas

This would put upward pressure on European healthcare systems and downward pressure on ours until an equilibrium of sorts was found. The fact that Europeans get drugs that cost billions to develop from the US at-cost, have a much reduced demographic/immigration and obesity problem and these drugs still represent spending upwards of 10-20% of their healthcare allotments should raise alarm bells for how much Americans are getting abused by our "allies".

>> No.28955357

Five Guys is absurdly overpriced and McDonalds is absurdly unhealthy. White Castle is ok.

>> No.28955392

1. Expensive does not equal good
2. Literally not the best, actually quite shit at #29 ranking

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We have born witness to so much government shittery, and already have 30-40% of our earnings drained by them per annum. You refuse to acknowledge the concept that we could be forced to buy into inferior care, for more money, that we can't track because it's just sucked in with more taxes. You think it's all going to work out "just because". That isn't how it works. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's a major risk, and given precedent our government has given us no reason to trust them. I'd rather have the choice to not have any care at all and keep my money. As it stands I have fairly cheap insurance that covers the biggest emergencies, that's good enough for me. You should have money sitting around for those $1-$3k procedures.

>> No.28955414

because yall niggas voted for delivery drivers to get paid a premium minimum wage. what? you thought grubhub was going to pay for this shit? hell no nigga. you voted for it, you pay for it. eat shit cuck!

>> No.28955421

>look how the privatized energy in Texas is working out for them... kek
now imagine the disaster it would be if it were publicly run
>Should also not receive funding by the federal government, it should be funded entirely by those living and paying taxes in the district in which their children attend.
exactly why no one should be able to vote unless they are paying land tax in the municipality

>> No.28955455

Imagine paying for way overpriced medicine and then being mad at other countries that pay less. Hmm I thought the market would correct this.

>> No.28955466

The regional monopoly we gave to insurance companies isn't lowering prices! Let's have the government have total monopoly on healthcare!
Holy fuck I can't even imagine having this low of an IQ.

>> No.28955470


if we're talking price vs. quality I've decided Steak n Shake is the GOATed choice.

t. only orders burgers at literally any restaurant I ever go to

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>He unironically fell for population size meme

>> No.28955546


They don't see the government as its own profit seeking, power seeking entity filled with fallible human beings. They think it's a magical sky daddy. They're unironically religious.

>> No.28955549

yes, they even tip their foreskin at birth to the jews

>> No.28955565

stfu gibs are perfect for cypto. POOMP IT MUAHAHHAHAHAHAAH

>> No.28955601

Every asian gf I've had has all been first generation into the US and none of them tip. Not for take out, not for delivery, not at a bar for a drink, there isnt a single circumstance that they tip. Lots of people do not tip. Read an uber wagie forum, majority of people do not tip in fact.

>> No.28955603

People do not seem to understand that most of the ridiculous prices that people/insurance companies pay goes directly to funding the development of cutting edge treatments. The US developed several of the most effective covid vaccines in less than one year.
I knew this argument would come up. See above post. We are quite literally the best in terms of tech. Our healthcare system gets bogged down by fatasses.

>> No.28955620

More like economy sucks ass if only 5% of the jobs pay enough to cover healthcare costs. Failing to make healthcare affordable so that your citizens can have healthy families is cucked and gay

>> No.28955674

what about your greates ally anon, surely they have your best interests at heart

>> No.28955705

You fucking morons keep going ignoring the actual source of the problem and it's the same source of every problem in this failing country. The exact result that the founders warned against. We're much too far gone to ever hope of recovery.

>> No.28955746
File: 35 KB, 600x600, 1300044776986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


yeah you don't have an example

>> No.28955754

>paying $125 for a lukewarm hamburger

>> No.28955787

Fucking kill yourself shill there are thousands of examples contrary to yours. That's like saying I live in America and have never had an injury so the health care system seems perfect to me.

>> No.28955848

>business board
>niggas don't know about the big mac index

>> No.28955863

Why should we let private profit motive driven companies run businesses, they ask.
We should let the government run businesses! Who is the government you ask?
The most power hungry greedy people on the planet of course, fuck politicians!

>> No.28955882

where in the bill of rights does it guarantee your rights to food and water? I guess the gov't should stop providing subsidies to those industries as well. besides, the bill of rights aren't originally a part of the constitutions. looks like amending the constitution to provide inalienable rights for citizens is a pretty good idea, and we should do that when we discover those rights aren't being guaranteed by some entity within the confines of these particular political borders.

>> No.28955900

How is that relevant when my address is the same as the other 200 people in my building? I havent seen a delivery driver in ages, i dont put in my apt number, and what are they doing mafiaing people? I have bigger concerns like my meth head neighbor

>> No.28955928

You american fat fucks have a mantitty epidemic, thats because of all the fucking onions in your god damn uber eats.

at least get off your fat ass and walk to get your peice of shit onions infested food.

buy a fucking vitamix, make a real fucking smoothie, get pecs not man tittys, eat some grass fed beef, better yet, go hunt your fucking meat, grow your fucking vegetables.

you faggots make me sick fuck uber eats, fuck thier drivers, fuck the customers fuck them all, your society is a cuck circus

>> No.28955934

Lotta anger in this thread. You didn’t lose money during the great bull run, did you anon?

>> No.28955936

>paying 1 trillion dollars (5btc) for a lukewarm hamburger

>> No.28955957

>>the people that can't get a letter from point A to point B should assume total control over my healthcare

That's not how any of this works. You know nothing about it. It's just a law and the system is private. That's how we do it in Europe.

>> No.28956007


>> No.28956010

Why would you order a $23 hamburger delivered to your door if you're struggling financially?

>> No.28956021


The absolute irony of your first and last statement juxtaposed together

>> No.28956030

can confirm

>> No.28956041

you sound like a good goyim who knows absolutely nothing besides what their jewish indoctrination schools drilled into them

>> No.28956045

I wish reddit and europe would leave this board alone, you guys literally don't even understand finances never mind economics and political philosophy.

>> No.28956055

>I'm a willing participant in a degenerate practice and whine about it at the same time.
Make your own burgers faggot. If they paid benefits to that driver you wouldn't even buy the burger.

>> No.28956081


>> No.28956084

The fucked up thing is Uber/GrubHub is taking more if not same amount as the driver who is putting mileage on his car. Fuck those companies.

>> No.28956090

I'm a neet so steak n shakes $3 fries and tendies are a godsend

>> No.28956143

This, if the USA would open up the state borders for more competition and get rid of regulations the prices would drop dramatically.

>> No.28956171

youre a faggot shut the fuck up

>> No.28956198

Because they refuse to buy a shitty beater car. Can't afford a decent used car. Refuse to leave their cuck pod for anything that isn't directly next door and inherently make terrible decisions.

>> No.28956211

Fuck u nigger

>> No.28956212

>You say into a service your whole life and when you need it they put you on a wait list for so long thwt the thing that would originally be curable if dealt with right away is now incurable and the government deems it "a waste of resources" to even try.
this is exactly the same as unemployment insurance. when shit hit the fan people waited MONTHS to even hear back from the government

>> No.28956246

You just hate poor people and want them to die in the streets! Deregulation bad! Government good!

>> No.28956267

>Every asian gf

Skinny white boy with yellow fever fetishit

>> No.28956285

Americans are addicted to getting fucked over. THE PRICE IS THE PRICE. DO NOT TIP DELIVERY PEOPLE.

>> No.28956293

my dads a jewish doctor (unironically) and he gets patients from canada every so often that cant deal with the wait times

>> No.28956298

This, cheaper, healthier, tastier and more rewarding.

>> No.28956305

>the people who label me a racist extremist Nazi and excommunicate me from society for not believing their propaganda should also be in charge of my healthcare
No way that will ever go wrong

>> No.28956315

naw man I have a job, and I dump it into crypto, you dont have a job and probably bitch and complain all day about your shitcoins not making you rich from being a useless faggot

>> No.28956378
File: 15 KB, 560x407, 1611791969737.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>oy vey, let's just arrange things with Shlomo from the hospital to ensure profits
>it may just be 2%, but 2% of 200k is still 4k shekels

>> No.28956441


Many meme things about the US are very much real.

For example most of them constantly eat out and the idea of making your own food is incomprehensible to them.
It's absolutely mindblowing seeing a nation of people who's daily meals consist of takeout food.
I eat out maybe handful of times a year. Burgers do it on a daily basis with all of their meals. If you gave them basic ingredients to cook with and a stove, most of their nation would fucking starve.

>> No.28956450

Uh... yes? The fact there’s a guy who can deliver you a hamburger made by someone else to your doorstep is pretty indicative of a specialized economy

>> No.28956482

that ranking includes 'equity' and availability, not just the quality of the care. comparing to the UK for example, a shining beacon of nationalised healthcare, the US has far higher survival rates in cancer (be it testicular, ovarian etc), far shorter waiting times, more private rooms as opposed to wards etc. it's far from a black and white issue.

>> No.28956483

go away newfag

>> No.28956515

Healthcare is not a right

>> No.28956581

>if I make Jewish (((name))) references and use le merchant memes maybe I'll fit in here

>> No.28956596

No one forces people to deliver shit. If you delivering burgers and pizzas it's because you decided it was the best option you had and that what they were paying you was worth the effort.

>> No.28956635

kys wigger

>> No.28956647

>refuse to sort out your own personal finances blame the economy

>> No.28956740

Make your own food for fucks sake

>> No.28956797

>t. programmed from birth to be a wage slave

>> No.28956820

Euros whos only understanding of the america they claim to hate is the constant unending barrage of american cultural hegemony streaming directly into their room 24/7 are the funniest, because they know nothing of the US but they constantly absorb everything they can get their hands on about it but only through preapproved ad funded media.

>> No.28956825

All of you people are completely missing some serious fundamentals.

Is it true that other developed countries with government-run healthcare have cheaper costs than the US? Yes. Is it better quality? And how is it cheaper? These are the important questions.

Most government-run systems have a pyramid structure. Lots of primary care practitioners at the bottom, a medium-sized tier of specialists, and finally tertiary care (hospitals, medical centers) at the top. The specialists act as gatekeepers between primary care and high-cost procedures at hospitals. This structure sounds logical and is very efficient because it's based on geography. There are a certain number of doctors for certain regions of population; more people=more doctors. You go to your doctor based on where you live. To see a specialist, generally your primary care doctor must refer you. To go for a costly procedure, your specialist refers you for that. This saves a tremendous amount of money in wasted healthcare spending because you don't have no-nothing laypeople running around getting 8,000 screening exams for conditions they don't have and trying out all sorts of quack hippy shit because they aren't happy with the answer they got.

However, this has downsides. Firstly, where you decide to live also decides your primary care doctor. If you don't like him, tough luck chap. Secondly, if you have a serious problem that requires immediate serious know-how, you can end up waiting for the medical bureaucracy to catch up with you - approvals dependent upon sequential appointments. Again, the major medical centers are distributed based on population, so you might drive for several hours to reach yours for something that needed to be taken care of 5 minutes ago.


>> No.28956826

>eating food made by blacks

>> No.28956865

>bragging about be retarded and bad with money on twatter
Weird flex but okay. Actually no wait it's not, STOP POSTING TWITTER SCREENCAPS YOU FUCKING RETARD.

>> No.28956970

Why is this stuff so popular when it's so expensive? I ordered a KFC bucket because the first order had 15 euros off and I still feel like I got scammed.

>> No.28957190

Health is a right for all humans anon. Are you OK?

>> No.28957192

Anon this is /biz/ we’re a pro gibs board.
pump it

>> No.28957222


>> No.28957233

I dont work there anymore. I dont work at all now actually. 20-25/hr off the books ain't bad.
You dont have to tip, just make sure you arent ordering thru grubhub because the restaurant will upcharge you and Grubb already knows about this. Either pay cash or order over the phone and give them your credit card info so you physically sign for 0 tip

>> No.28957260
File: 56 KB, 700x661, 1509134825121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hamburger diet
>too lazy to even drive, let alone walk to a restaurant
>shitty health insurance
think there's a connection here?

>> No.28957319

Lesson learned -.-
Thats what I get for working in the ghetto. Never again. What a disgusting city that was.

>> No.28957373


>> No.28957395

I concur, it can be hard to restrain yourself when you meet one of these people that are ignorant of America, badmouthing it with falsities in real life. I usually go the route of making a scene and embarrassing them.

>> No.28957482



What about the US? Well, compared to that, we're completely lopsided. Shortage of primary care, plenty of specialist and major tertiary care centers. In fact, I can name 6 major, world-class hospitals within an hour of where I live in New Hampshire off the top of my head. 3 of those are within thirty minutes. NH is not exactly a major population center of the US. This is not efficient and as such is quite costly.

But guess what? If I don't like Catholic Medical Center, I can drive about ten minutes down the road to Elliot Hospital. They fuck up? That's fine, Dartmouth-Hitchcock is right around the corner. Still no luck? Well, there's always Southern New Hampshire Medical Center. Are my doctors all telling me to fuck off? Maybe I'll just take the jaunt down to Boston and go to one of their 15-20 world-class facilities and see a specialist - because I don't need any special referrals to do so. If they're taking patients, I sign up and make an appointment.

Don't believe me? Use google maps and search for hospitals in the Manchester and Nashua area in NH.

This is what people in the US are paying for: CHOICE. We have it, you don't, that's the difference. And you get what you pay for.


This is also an important consideration. The US taxpayer supports the artificially low prices of foreign drug costs, medical innovation, as well as the military umbrella that allows them to run generous welfare states.

The point shouldn't be that our system is bad because we pay twice what everyone else pays. It should be that our system does so much and YET ONLY COSTS twice what everyone else's does. Imagine paying more than double but getting 5 or 6 times the options. Is that worth it?

There is an argument to be made for limiting laypeople to one choice that is cheaper for everyone because not everyone is close to capable of making wise healthcare choices. Despite this, I want to be able to make my own choices and am willing to pay to do so.

>> No.28957546

you didn't pay for shit, your money went to gender programs in pakistan, sorry bub

>> No.28957639

if people dont tip me the next time i deliver their food i throw it really hard at the side of their house (removed from the bag of course) in the dirt or their front door (if its full of sodas or soup) and mark as "delivered"

>> No.28957749

For the immediate future yes. It would depend on whether or not countries would have the stomach to fund academic research and whether or not academic science could drop the "social context" of their studies and just start doing replicable science again. Until then private research is all the world's got.

>> No.28957827

>homelessness is in your future

>> No.28957910

So far every single one of my American clients I work with, has exclusively relied on eating out.
Every time we talk and they have a meal, it's something that's been delivered to them. I have never heard of any of these guys making their own food.
The more I communicate with burgers the more I'm forced to admit that that the memes of the culture are true.

>because they know nothing of the US
Don't pretend your nation isn't completely filled with idiots with zero self awareness, who's entire existence is dictated by recent trends on twitter and media.
Your media that's being put out into the world = most of your culture.
The remaining pockets of non fucked up traditional people in flyover states are nothing but a minority and mean nothing in grand scheme of things.

>> No.28957926


they cant because the US market is a captive market forced to buy overpriced meds by law since our corrupt establishment politicians sold out to big pharma mega corps. Trump tried to fix this and as you saw he angered big pharma greatly, to the point where they chose to let hundreds of thousands of people die from the chink flu by waiting until after the election instead of releasing the vaccine when it was ready back in september.

>> No.28957940

>this is the type of person demanding $15/hr

>> No.28958124

youre gonna be last in line for everything whitey


>> No.28958311

First off you probably exclusively work with retarded """tech""" workers who have zero understanding of the value of a dollar. Your second idiotic paragraph applies to the entire world. Humans are fucking stupid.

>> No.28958373

Imagine being so proud of yourself.
Im american. I cook my own food. I use natural oats/potato/rice and meats/bone broth and veggies. This is the first time i ever bragged about that, because its not brag worthy. Its almost like people forget not everything is a meme. Most of the people eating out here are the wagies working legitimately difficult jobs. My guess is youre a pencil pusher like the rest of europoors so you wouldnt know

>> No.28958437

>so far the 5 people I've met from the US here in Europe use their expense accounts to eat out all the time.
Gee what do us americans realllly eat tell me? Also I lived in Europe for a while, trying to actually cook in a flat is beyond impossible, my kitchen is full of commercial appliances I got at auction and bigger than the entire flat I lived in.
Also america isn't the hive cities that you love to read and seethe about, those are cancerous protrusions of people trying to be YOU.

>> No.28958451
File: 1.92 MB, 368x368, cat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I never tip and I feel bad. In fact yesterday I walked into the rain to his car instead of making him walk to me since I don't tip. Tipping is just the company's way to make you pick up the slack of paying their workers.

I do feel bad for not tipping, but not when I get the vibe that the driver is looking down on me for being an autistic incel weirdo

>> No.28958527

Lmao the publicly run places arent having people literally freeze to death. Quit LARPing faggot.

>> No.28958571

This is biz, weare NEET here

>> No.28958575

giving out free stuff is a great way to make everyone poor

>> No.28958619

what is the number of your American clients, is it a somewhat statistically significant number in comparison to the 330 million Americans. also, tell me how many Americans have a twitter account.

>> No.28958698

OK poorfag

>> No.28958770

>use darkies as lab monkeys
Actually pretty based

>> No.28958782

>In Germany the delivery guys gets paid and if he isn't and you aren't an asshole you tip him as well. Nothing strange about that

That doesn't actually happen.

>> No.28958799
File: 48 KB, 600x632, 666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Live in Italy
Broke my leg last year, 1 week in the Hospital, medicine for 2 week. Visit for control every week after for 1 month.

Pay: 0 euro.

Feels fucking great!

>> No.28958826

enjoy eating spit and other bodily fluids poorfag, since the tip is added before the delivery assuming you're talking about doordash or grubhub

>> No.28958848
File: 236 KB, 920x971, 1613042338635.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28958942
File: 142 KB, 332x332, pepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Live in Italy

The only tip you give the waitress is comments about her busty ass.

Feels fucking great.

>> No.28958947


>> No.28958949

post bank account balance

>> No.28958968

How have you not understood that you pay exorbitantly for that treatment in your outrageous taxes.

>> No.28959010

>being a peasant is worth it as long as i get free healthcare

>> No.28959064

I don't get how people can think it's somehow justice to spit in food. You can't even guarantee the food is going to the person who didn't tip you. For example, you end up giving the food to the family that ordered. Dad is an abusive asshole who beats his kids. The one joy in the kids life is his burger he gets once a week. Dad is an asshole, so of course he doesn't tip. Kid ends up eating spit burger on top of being beaten by his dad.

Fuck people who mess with food.

>> No.28959151

>not financially sound
>ordering takeout
I literally do not care whatsoever about these consoomerist bugpeople. They are goyim to me

>> No.28959177

The lord of the land only took 50% of my grain this year and 1 of my sons died in the lords feud with with his brother over inheritance, but thank god he let's me farm his 5 acres for him.

>> No.28959212

Jesus man. How are you so dense?

>> No.28959218

I’m in Texas and my heater is running right now nigga. Only spics are freezing to death

>> No.28959359

>amending the constitution to provide inalienable rights for citizens is a pretty good idea
No, wrong. It's not a provision. It's an enshrinement.
The government isn't the maker of rights, it's the guarantor of rights.

>> No.28959571

>roche, novartis, bayer, sandoz, syngenta, sanofi, glaxosmithnkline
>america invents medicine

oh you fucking loser america doesnt do shit and every cooperation you see is not american but jewish. Fucking retard america is literally the worst that could've happened to the planet you gave the jews a playing ground.

>> No.28959580

Imagine being an americuck and everyone expects you to tip
Here in europe the only tip a waitress gets is the tip of your cock

>> No.28959642

its unironically true. we spent 30 trillion on wars

>> No.28959700

I said we should amend the constitution, if we find that some entity is denying a citizen of inalienable rights

>> No.28959709

nigger, only citizen have healthcare, get your facts right you fucking midwit.

I'm down with all the natsoc stuff, fuck niggers kikes, arabs chinks, but healthcare is important and you little shits literally buy into every rightwing narrative without questioning if it's jewish right wing that wants to keep you at risk or the genuin conservative one.

>> No.28959742

I live in America and have never had an issue with healthcare

>> No.28959763

Imagine tipping in 2001 + 20

>> No.28959805

>food gets there
>20 mins late
>all luke warm at best
food delivery is as bad as NYC MTA

>> No.28959888

How could healthcare be fixed in the US?
What did we do differently in 1950 compared to today? It seems like healthcare costs really weren’t a huge burden prior to like 1970.
Certainly not being obese fucks probably helped a bunch.

>> No.28960028

I dunno man, looks like it went through just fine.

>> No.28960032

>boomers living until 95 while on oxygen tanks and 30 meds
>fat fucks and burgers
>people wont stop smoking fucking cigarettes and drinking booze
>letting schizos live and then giving them 1000 dollar paychecks every month to spend on beer cigarettes and make the problem worse
>ruralfags draining resources

>> No.28960129

This. I think there should be a fat tax, and people should have to fit test for health care rates. If you can pass with a good, healthy score you get free healthcare. If you don't there should be tiers of higher fees and taxes since you take up most of the burde. Get /fit/ or get fucked.

>> No.28960178

Lmao I cant believe there are millions of pod dwelling cucks who use these services

>> No.28960186

I'm a multimillionaire and I've never had health insurance. It's basically the biggest scam ever unless you're a genetic defective. My family would be $1400 per month. We've spent a total of about $3,000 in medical care combined over the past decade. $168,000 in premiums, vs $3,000 in costs (which wouldn't have hit the deductible). It's a no brainer.

>> No.28960318

Are Italian waitresses dtf?

Coomer here, need to know.

>> No.28960335

Works great until you get into an accident and need surgery

>> No.28960393

In and out
And if you’re in a big northern city get a big baby if it’s on the menu.

>> No.28960408

This. The NHS is a slow moving bureaucracy that often gives people chemotherapy and organ transplants weeks or months after the ideal date. However we can't criticse the NHS over here in the UK because it's seen as a national religion.

>> No.28960443


>> No.28960463

another event that started in the 70's, that we can't overlook, the government started it's transformation into a plutocracy. another option to fix the American health care system, as well as other systems, beside socialistic policies is getting rid of noncompetitive bullshit. I personally don't care if we go the route of Teddy Roosevelt or Franklin Roosevelt, but their is a problem that needs to be solved.

>> No.28960496

That’s the worst part of it all. The US essentially does have socialized medicine, it’s just incredibly inefficient and penalizes middle class tax payers the most while all the money goes to obese poor fucks who pay nothing. I pay for Medicare but would receive none of the benefits if I were to get into a terrible accident today.

>> No.28960516


>> No.28960582

I'm 45 and it hasn't happened yet. How many hundreds of thousands is it smart to throw away in the off chance I need a $100,000 surgery someday?

>> No.28960599

Who is we? US?

>> No.28960652

yea I mean I dont get it either since they can just not decline those offers but the type of person who takes those offers is probably the type to spit in food. If you're getting stuff delivered with no tip on doordash the driver is only getting $3 for that delivery. Do you want that kind of person delivering your food and knowing where you live?

>> No.28960702

Thank god I live in a country without "tipping culture". Seems like gayest thing on earth desu.

>> No.28960713

Yeah that's a fair point

>> No.28960724

they can just decline those offers*

>> No.28960741

Then they should include the tip in the price, or, pay workers enough that they don't rely on a customer guilt tax.

>> No.28960762

Are you counting dental? What if someone got in an accident? Most adults need at least one medication by their late thirties

>> No.28960766

this. americans are such cucks. it's not like you are paying less, you're paying just as much if not MORE for healthcare and getting shit from it. fucking retards

>> No.28960844

Of course we do, we have class and promote capitalism.
If you tip appropriately, you will recieve better service.
I am proof of this, I come from a tipping industry and tip outside of work and I can tell you countless ways I have better treatment than the poor niggers that cant afford to tip a couple extra dollars for good service.
Now on the flip side, you can use tipping as a weapon and refuse to tip for a certain service when it was expected because you were unhappy with the service.

>> No.28960945

I only disagreed with your phraseology.

>> No.28960958
File: 23 KB, 250x250, bobbyb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


These people are conditioned into happily paying over a massively overpriced insurance premium for "all benefits" coverage they're never going to need. I was shocked to hear auto insurance in Canada averages $400-800 per month, and wasn't getting any real answers as to why, as it turns out it's another case where the government forces their auto insurance companies to carry full coverage of up to ONE MILLION DOLLARS just because, and you as citizen are obligated to cover the difference in your premium. This in a country that already has nationalized healthcare that should be able to handle the health costs associated with accidents.

So they essentially get double charged for the same thing and pay out the ass for the privilege, and then get conditioned to cheer on their shitty profit seeking gov officials to boot. It's absurd.

>> No.28960988

Weird mentality of some. A friend and his wife are adamantly against socialized healthcare
>I don't wanna pay more in taxes!
They currently have no healthcare and their plan is to just file for bankruptcy if they ever have a costly surgery of sorts.

>> No.28961013

You are describing the government

>> No.28961024


Nah. My taxes are significantly less than yours, guaranteed. I pay $80 per month for good health insurance with a deductible of $4k for big procedures, my bases are covered and I have much more to invest per month than you do. Enjoy your eternal squalor and wage/tax servitude bug brain.

>> No.28961046
File: 42 KB, 600x600, jew_basic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes yes, it's all individual problems. nothing to do with systemic issues, goy. never look at problems systemically. never look at who is actually in charge and making decisions

>> No.28961281

understood, I'll work on it

>> No.28961315

>t. 25 year old who thinks he will be healthy forever
yeah ignorance is bliss

>> No.28961321

show hand with timestamp pls

>> No.28961409

Prior to that most men belonged to a fraternal order who had a doctor on staff that your dues covered. You brought your whole family in.

>> No.28961413


Nope, and preparing for the day. I take care of myself and invest over 50% of my earnings. Don't try to steal from me to shore up your own lack of foresight and self control.

>> No.28961429

>Are you counting dental?
Health insurance doesn't cover dental (dental insurance is another ball of wax, also a scam)
>What if someone got in an accident?
Hasn't happened yet, odds are low.
>Most adults need at least one medication by their late thirties
Simply isn't true unless you're some sort of genetic defective or follow idiotic (((doctor's advice))). Like I said I'm 45, my wife is 40, she took an antibiotic for a week one time a decade ago, I've never taken a prescription since I was a kid. Most medications are complete scams designed to ruin your health and enrich big pharma.

>> No.28961493

Thanks and god speed, anon. They're hard arguments to make, despite being obvious to learned men, and fundamental to our society. We have to make them as precisely as possible.

>> No.28961577
File: 30 KB, 1920x1088, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

exactly, some people seem to want to just implement reactionary polices as oppose to preventative measures. never mind why I keep needing to place a band aid on my arm, just do it.

>> No.28961628

Most people have heard of profit margins but don't actually know what they are or how to measure them.

>> No.28961695

Would you buy insurance if it was significantly cheaper?

>> No.28961699
File: 23 KB, 600x501, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I pay 26% of taxex on crypto and stock
Suck my med cock.

>> No.28961719

This. UNless you're a fatass or genetic abomination health insurance is a scam

>> No.28961735

I concur, and may the gods keep the wolves in the hills, and your woman in your bed.

>> No.28961815

Cheap enough to make it a value proposition? Yes. I'd pay $500 - 1,000 a year for catastrophic coverage. I carry homeowners insurance because it's $500 a year to cover my house. I would not carry homeowners insurance if it were $16,800 a year like health insurance.

>> No.28961883

Too bad some insurance is legally obligated.

>> No.28961914

Are you implying the economy is good right now basednigger?

>> No.28961927

Most of them are cute, and most of them have fat ass.
In italy if u are bad looking is very difficult to have
work in contact with the public.

>> No.28961952

imagine paying more for superior service, by choice. i wish we could just jew everyone! -you

>> No.28961999

Welcome to post WW2 socialism.
>inb4 back to pol ree tards.
I'm from Canada, trump is literally not my president.

>> No.28962055

>government pay for health insurance
We pay for health care, with our taxes.
The government does fuck all but fly around on private jets.

>> No.28962066

well as long as you're ok with all your wealth being sucked out of you once you are old and sick. great :^)

>> No.28962089

You can't have a functioning public healthcare system in a non white country.
If you want public healthcare, you have to have the whites break off in to their own state, or kick out all the none whites.
The whites have a carrying capacity, but eventually they will be overwhelmed.
Non whites have no carrying capacity at all.
This is statistically provable when you look at tax receipts broken down by race in Ameirca.

>> No.28962096

Wow you're retarded.

>> No.28962149

This is the way.
Corporate workers can take the tip of this dick. Uber eats and doordash exist to extend the distance your food travels (cold food=dwindling customer base for Mom and Pop) and take the tips that would usually support slavewagers. If you're going to have a shit job at least provide your labor to business owners in your community.

>> No.28962154

What do you expect from a third world country?

>> No.28962159

inb4 that’s actually how it works ?

>> No.28962174

>let me use a basedjak as an argument, that will show them and destroy leftists!

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