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Where should I start investing my savings to stop being a poorfag please I'm about to kms

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If you want actual advice, increase you salary. You aren't going to rise above poorfaggotry by investing alone.

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If you dont want to be glued to a screen showing prices, go with BTC.

If you want a safe alt to invest to, AVAX or LINK are good choices.

Id personally go with AVAX for a long hold but wait to see if it dips more before you buy

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Thanks anon this seems reliable

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BNB is a good starting place. Not over valued right now, stable, with potential to x10 or more in the next couple of years.

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>Doesn't hint at what to research
Every time. The best way to learn a skill is directly from people with experience. DYOR is supposed to mean get the specifics using your basic skills and understanding. If you don't have the basics down, which OP is clearly needs, "research" won't do much.

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What this guy said. Sorry but everything here is a winner until its not.

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