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Is he just gonna let BNB kill ETH?

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Needs to bend the knee and back Polygon

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lmao why is BNB shill bs on every other thread. how many internet coins does CZ pay you per post?

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bnb literally only has yield farming and ponzi schemes (wynaut)
if theres an eth killer out there itll be ada, dot or avax
t. eth holder

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Rubic is on bsc

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Further proof it's just for scams

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literally a sell signal for bnb holders

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only retards and poorfags use bnb, only shitty scam and farming tokens lmao

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Keep coping as the centralized chink coin kills off your slow unscalable shitcoin. If Facebook taught me anything people will always give up a little bit of privacy for speed and convenience. P.S. the Chinese always win

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parachains do not compete with VMchains
gavin wood is not trying to replace ethereum lmao

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He is bnb

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Do you know how many 'eth killers' we had shilled here over the years? Most of them scams.

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It won't be BNB, it will be cardano/ADA. It was foreordained before the foundation of the world.

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He does’t need to pay us when the fucking gains from yield farming is nuts

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>I can't work out how to use a VPN, so I'm stuck on the shitty US Binance without BNB

The post.

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It's more that he can't stop it than it is him letting it happen. ETH a shit.

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