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What is Zero.Exchange?
Zero.Exchange Protocol realigns incentives for network participants by introducing revenue sharing and community driven network effects to the popular AMM model and is built on Avalanche blockchain. Zero.Exchange allows users to swap tokens without any gas fees!

What is $ZERO token?
$ZERO is a governance token similar to $UNI, so at it's core it is a governance token. Once launched on mainnet you will be able to swap your ERC20 $ZERO for ARC20 $ZERO 1:1

What is Zero front running?
$ZERO prevents front running because transactions are processed in the order that they are received, as their is no mining incentive to pay more gas and thus have a block producer pick one transaction (the front runner) over another (the trader).

How is there Zero Gas fees?
Transaction fees also known as “gas" will be negligible (a few cents based on the price of AVAX) regardless of transaction size - ex. If 1 AVAX cost $4.50, the transaction fee is 4.5 cents.

Is there Swap fee?
Swap fees on Zero.Exchange are 0.3% fee which goes to the liquidity providers on the traded pair, this is the incentive.

How fast are transactions?
Zero.Exchange features sub second block times with near instantaneous transaction confirmation 120% faster than Ethereum.

Is it built on Level 2?
It’s a L1 blockchain with all the features of L2 but with the great security of L1.

Can you swap ERC-20 Tokens?
Zero utilizes avalanche c-chain which is what is used to interact with the ethereum virtual machine, the bridge itself is known as chainbridge which is what allows cross chain transfers, not only $BTC, $ETH and $AVAX but other blockchains such as $DOT

Was there token presale or investors?
No presale, no investors. The team invested 60 eth of their own to bootstrap the project.

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Surprised more bizraelis don’t know Zero Exchange has the highest farming APY in crypto.

Looking forward to $10 ZERO my fellow chads.

We’re all gonna make it.

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I checked it out.. did you guys fork Ava lab's bridge?
That's actually pretty based kek now I realize why you and the pangolin fags hate each other

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The whole situation is pretty funny desu.

What happened is the Zero Exchange devs and community were very supportive of Pangolin. The mods even helped out in Pangolin’s telegram when they struggled to launch after Zero Exchange.

Shortly after that, the Pangolin devs started fudding Zero Exchange. I think the reason is they feel super threatened because they can see we are the better DEX.
I hope Pangolin does well, but for me, it’s a no-brainier to buy and hold ZERO. This is easily a 50x coin.

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Polkadot is imminent. BSC bridge has also been suggested. At the least this is an innovative tri dex that is going to dominate the market.
Lel Pangolin devs and holders are all salty as fuck. Chad Zero Exchange just ended their whole career.

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Sorry just to be clear the third bridge is ETH. It would be sick if something could be worked out with BSC.
lul Pangolin is an irrelevance now.

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I got 20k zero, will I make it?

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$100K in a couple of months is a good start to makeit land

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To any anons who need to see this, ZERO is an obvious rug.

1. Entire team is anon
2. They made their own bridge with unknown secret relayers and unknown code. The team claims Chainsafe helped them, Chainsafe team says they have never heard of zero. Relayers can take bridged funds at any time.
3. ZERO smart contract allows for anon devs to mint half of the total supply at any moment and rug.

Rug Rug Rug

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>uni is $20
>zero is $0.18
we're fucking early aren't we?

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Nah, shitty DEX and slow rug from LP. Better wait for the upcoming Dark DEX, it will blow your mind.

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Spot the Pangolin dev.

Why are you whiny, entitled fags so threatened by Zero Exchange? You come across as spoilt little socialist brats, the type that hang out in academia. I fuck you not, /biz, one of them was crying in the Avalanche telegram the other day, saying it wasn’t fair that Zero Exchange launched on Avalanche first!

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Lol first mover advantage is a big FUCKING deal

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Massive wallets selling it like FOOOK, buy it if you wanna get shit on

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It’s called farming. You know, what always happens, during farming, before the price explodes upwards.
Farming ends in 30 days, kek. I bet you are seething.

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One of the top wallets with stupid millions in send it out to multiple 200k sizes wallets that send it out to new wallets to dump and think its not visible....

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chart of the 4 hourly looks sick. Massive bullflag.


See Idle about $2 in December to $20 now

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Yep, Zero Exchange will make a lot of frens rich.

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