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Is there any alternative to ETH that isn't run by a onions or a pedo?

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brrrraraaaappppp oooh is that snifff is that Algo I smell oooobrrraaaapp

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>complains about pedos
>posts underage girls

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Litecoin with recent upgrade that adds defi, dyor

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Girl on the left can fucking get it.

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Holy shit, imagine the smell. Their natural oils and sweat will only be amplified by the fresh odor of chlorine

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Algorand is backed my MIT and a turing genius and has transfer times of literally 5 seconds. Try out the official app to see. It's suspiciously fast. picrel

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Every single one of them would get it, repeatedly.

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you just smell chlorine virgin

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What race/nationality?

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I genuinely think I will be able to retire with my 20,000 ALGO. We are going to make it.

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fuck off/we're full

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For me it’s the middle. Don’t even have to see her face.

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It´s called Tezos.

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Non-nigger version.

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Awful photoshop on those asses, likely done by a pedo.

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Just out of a 4 year relationship with a swimmer. You are very wrong sir. Get your olfactory equipment checked.

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Even better good sir.

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ok MODS?
They are underage

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Iota and hbar

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God I wish I was one of them

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how old are u grandpa? Why are u on this board?

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Not in my country their not. Fucking prudish yanks.

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>he purposedly photoshopped their asses smaller


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Imagine if they took turns consecutively shitting down your throat, that would be terrible haha

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Girl in the middle still the best

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pretty sure it's some middle european country, judging by the hair they're not blonde enough to be northern european, and not dark enough to be southern european, not ugly enough to be brits and not looking fecal alcohole syndrome enough to be slavs, oh and they're definitely no americunts as they look pure bred and not like 56% mutts

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holy fuck is assblaster trying to send us a message here?

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>fecal alcohol syndrome
hahaha holy shit meant to say fetal

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haha yeah that would be so disgusting
who would want that haha

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Been a while since I've seen one of these posts. Welcome back scatanon

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mfw the toilet water splashes on my taint

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Is that the Aryan Brotherhood female swim team?

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They’re very clearly American and you’re an idiot

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FLARE, it's run by Jews

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Their necks and butts look so good.

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Ew. You fucking ruined it fuck you. This is why I don't do white women.

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no they're not

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There is one coming in March.
Only known by a small community of cypherpunks.
The name of the founder will make you jizz.
But I'm not gonna tell you.
Let's see who can figure it out.

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Niggers can’t swim. Swimming and diving remain patrician sports.

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Ah, this explains all that warped time and space in OPs pic.

Why use mask layers when you can just not.

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>why aren't you coming?

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Marcus Hutchins

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show me your hodl face.

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A small clue.
It isn't out yet. Not publicly traded.
So no one is early/late to the party.
If you figure this out you're at an equal footing as the small group of hardcore coders.
Another clue, it's backed by the oldschool cypherpunks, way before Satoshi.

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Stansberry research describes LTO as the etherum of the business world. 7% apy staking and deflation built in, over 100k transactions a day and climbing. United Nations IBM Airbus and many more already using the network. Devs have no bags to dump, integrators and clients have to buy direct from exchange, 50% of circulating supply already staked, biz node controls 10% of staked supply. There is much much more but dyor and do the LTO math, its genius.

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The legal age is 16. America is one of a handful of exceptions.

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inb4 XRP
Just tell us anon, we're good people here we just want some gems to escape financial slavery.

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I just coomed to OPs pic

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It's the same picture

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Gargle bum ID, nice

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>It isn't out yet
Anyways final and pretty big clue. If you figure it out DONT FUCKING TELL. You will know.

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White women.

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Me too. The second one though. I don't do fat nigger asses. Small and taught.

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Except your country is overrun by raping hoards of muslims and you do nothing to stop it

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