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I have an interview in 30 minutes

Wish me luck boys

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say nigger during the interview

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good luck. you can't fuck up worse than me so take it easy

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Remember nothing matters life is a joke and you are the punch line. Welcome to clown world.

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remember to say how much link you own

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bring some kneepads and remember not to say faggot

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I recently passed a test for a major bank, except for one of the coding questions. They gave me a Java optimization problem, even though the job description never mentioned Java once. Just remember OP, everything can go wrong.

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good luck and enjoy. don't dissociate

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Bring hot toddy for everyone that'll cheer them up!

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If your here reading this forum then not only do you have a good sense of humour, you also have a brain and a resistance to predictive programming, you will be fine.

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Good luck don't fuck it up.

Remember this is all for moon money.

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Don't take any of their shit, OP. If they disrespect you, stand, shake hands, and walk out.

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Are you by chance an anon who made it and will just randomly say nigger during the interview?