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Are we the most exclusive holders in crypto right now? 90% of biz wouldn't even know how to get CAKE into their wallet let alone farm it lmao. The seethe is insane here when you bring up CAKE, the FOMO is kicking in over drive too. To my CAKE holders cheers, we finally got in early for once

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MCDC causes moar seethe in the average /biz/tard than any other shitcoin.

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Dumped my bags a little bit ago, telegram group said they are about to rug

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I put my CAKE in EGG yesterday.

I'm enjoying watching it crawl up. Hoping to put some gains in this in the future.

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oh this is gonna end well

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This is what I mean folks, can't get it so they have to fud lmao its so pathetic. BSC will leave you in the dust kid, adapt or die

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how much cake and eggs do you need start farming I'm extremely new to staking and yield farming?

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Read the latest medium article

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I have a small amount of CAKE, it's not like it's hard to set up BSC to work with metamask, literally takes a few minutes. I still don't understand how they can give 100%+ APY though, seems like a scam.

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Eth maxis have been seething and fudding bsc threads all day

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Is it going to dip?

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Nice trips, Uniswap had 1000% apr on pair when they started, they're no scam. 100% apy is nothing in crypto

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But on uniswap you can't put something into a "pool" and magically create more CAKE. I don't understand how that works.

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Balls deep into Cake, Wyanut, BNB and Bunny. Feels good

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farming bdo/bnb, supercomfy pool

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It’s hilarious desu. No one gives a shit about decentralization when you have to pay for the privilege with $100 any time you want to do anything. BSC is unironically a good middle ground for the time being while ETH either figures it’s shit out or dies.

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I'm a burger so I can't use binance, how do I get BNB to my metamask

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Best part about Cake is that the burgers aren't really in on it yet. They are still using uniswap.

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>21 validators
>eth fork
>proof of authority
Have fun with your literal chinese knock off

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>Market Cap: $905,652,776
>claims he and "they" are early!

You will never make it and your CZ scam shitcoin already pumped to a Billion mcap will make you all poor during the golden bull run you pajeet retards.

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binance.us. just send some bitcoin there and buy bnb

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Cant wait to see the wojacks when one of the contracts gets hacked because theres no audits

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Nigger it’s the same on ETH. Half of the contracts are audited, half aren’t. Most are exact forks of ETH projects. Cope.

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Search binance academy metamask on Google. You need to get the binance wallet extention too. Its a fun little rabbit hole have fun

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Lol youre the fag with all these stupid cartoons saved on your computer . Let me guess, virgin too

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>t. Non dev
Ok have fun with your non type safe rug pull. Going to laugh my ass off when you lose all your money to this “smart chain”

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>Lol youre the fag with all these stupid cartoons saved on your computer . Let me guess, virgin too

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I'm a burger and using it fine. Most other burgers are just retarded though. Not hard to set up. How do you not know how to use a VPN?

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I only got into pancake a few days ago. Fuck. I wish I didn't dismissed it when I say it shilled here back in January.

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Is there a more direct way than depositing ETH or BTC on Binance to get BEP20 BNB coins? Are there multiple BNB types? because on Pancakeswap I'm seeing wrapped BNB.

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Fucking based

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Saved. You obviously know nothing about what spewing. Go read for more than just the title and come back and post here.

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i think one anon recommended rubic beta crosschain swap. basically you don't need a vpn, you swap ETH to BSC chain wallet then trade for BNB or whatever you want on the binance smart chain

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why isnt bunny $200 yet guys? :)

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What's the downside to LP staking? For 1% daily gains there is got to be some risk, right?

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If one of the tokens gains in value disproportionally you lose out on potential gains.

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Smelly Pajeet chink CZ dick sniffers ITT

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Since I had no clue when I started with EGG yesterday. I just split my stack 50/50 in a nest and a farm. The farm got me about 10-15% increase in the first day, while the nest only got me a bit less than 5%.

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How? Lets say I stake CAKE for 30 days, my 1000 stack has turned into 1250, how have I lost out on gains?

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LP tokens aka farms on pancake can involve impermanent loss
pools where u just throw cake in do not

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Every single retard who buys this trash deserves to lose their money. Thankfully they will.

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You were talking about LP staking, as in you provide coins in a 50/50 ratio.
If at the time of withdrawal one of those coins has made gains in value in proportion to the other you will, obviously, receive less of them. The ratio at which you receive your coins is also in 50/50 but at the current valuation.

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i don’t believe there’s any minimum desu
i recommend going in 50/50 EGG/BUSD to the liquidity pool (remember to put your LP tokens into the EGG/BUSD farm)

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Can someone explain to me what the mechanical purpose of staking coins in a pool (non-liquidity pool)? Why are you getting paid CAKEs for it? Do they do something while they're in the pool?

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Holy fuck its been a while since I've seen THIS much seething on this board. Eth maxis are losing it.

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Based. $CAKE is this years winner

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>eth back to $1800

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Fucking dammit I sold all my cake at 7, there has to be a dip

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CAKE is easy to buy on Binance CAKE/BNB,
but how how do you trade stuff like EGG on pancakeswap? the graph is boomer-level detail....like zero granularity on timeframes..for instance:
where do i go to actively trade it?

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I stay far away from cryptos that are named after food.

You are getting scammed

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Feels good as a 1 ETH holder. Can’t wait til EGG or CAKE flips ETH and we finally get a likable platform and devs

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>going parabolic
>anon makes a thread for some reason
>parabola instantly broken

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Impermanent loss does not happen when staking a single coin (pancakeswap has the option to just stake CAKE and receive CAKE). Be careful of the rest

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pancakeswap or goosedefi
BUSD/EGG or BUSD/CAKE are the easiest trading pairs

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>watching my eth stack fluctuate constantly, don't feel like selling for less than 2x cuz of cancer fees
>watching bsc stack only go up
>can actually take profits of less than 1k without losing 10-15% from fees

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the feel is unreal
is this what 2017 felt like, /biz/ oldfags? I’ve been on /ck/ for an eternity and I regret not finding this blessèd piece of shit board until last year

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QRD on MCDC? I completely ignored it when it was being shilled here, but I remember it starting at 10c and at looking at the graph it's down to 0.2c without ever even pumping 2x. At the site is offline. Judging by the amount of shilling posted here, this had to be the biggest rug pull of /biz/ history. Am I wrong?

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BSC is decentralized except for the fact that they're the only source of BNB.

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>have 1k$ in eth
>keep getting ass blasted by fees
>not be able to make any profits
>trasfer all funds to bcs a week ago
>now I have 4.5k$
yeah it's that easy ethcucks

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>swing cake/bnb
>both coins going up
>10c fees
the dream

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ngmi bros. i'm still holding bags from asko anon. would it be smart to wait for prices to go back up to break even or cut losses and move onto greener pastures?

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Where can i see live prices and charts for the tokens?

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The way I see it, the sooner you move into the BSC ecosystem, the better. Once you are here, if your not in BNB or CAKE, your a donator.

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staking $2k worth of egg rn, do I buy cake bros? Don't know what to do, dont wanna buy top.

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fuck CAKE
im buying BASE

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i use coinmarketcap

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looks ruggy lmao

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thanks for the advice mate

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I mean anyone with a brain could have seen this was a rugpull coming from a mile away. Biggest tip to spot future rug pulls? If people show up with a bunch of pepe memes already made on day 1 of shilling, it is 100% 'JEETED

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Isn't this shit on Binance or am I retarded.

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you probably are. pancakeswap would not even connect my wallet

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yes, there's a cake/busd and cake/bnb pair

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Is there an easy way to get BNB from binance to metamask?

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food coins

no thanks lol

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Binance wallet extension for chrome, make a wallet and send it to the regular binance chain address (should start with bnb). Once in the wallet convert it to bep20 by sending to to the smart chain address, it'll look like an eth address. Once converted you can sent it to your bsc mainnet metamask address

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I got into Apeswap early, gz on the early cake gainz. i will hold my BANANA for as long as possible.

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use vpn>create account>send eth>trade for bnb>withdraw bnb to bsc.

its what i did. now i dont have to use binance ever again.

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$Banana bros rise up

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Cake is on Binance and holy shit it's pumping

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yeah people like you should stick to doge.

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bing bing 1up wahoo desu

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Just configure your Metamask to connect on the BSC network, send your BNB on a Metamask ETH address (same one as BSC address) and you're done.
Why go through all your loops?

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I love pancake, as much as I love BORING DAO

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Nah, nigga. Hard pass.

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what do you convert gains to?

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CEX like Kucoin won't allow you to send BNB through youre eth address, this method is necessary for burgers.

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>cashing out during DeFi summer 2.0

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most exchanges sell BNB i think

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99% of bsc crap are rugs. Do it at your own risk.

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So where can I buy BNB from via ETH? is BNB automatically BEP20 or I have to bridge it?

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So are ETH except you pay 100 dollars just to try the rug.

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Na, it’s just one big fucking circlejerk here with all you faggots trading money to each other. No one cares and you clearly aren’t getting rich

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Who tf trades when gas is $100 anyway

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I'm European so I have access to Binance. I have connected Metamask to Binance Smart Chain. Can I buy BNB on Binance and send it directly to the BSC address? or I need to convert them?

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You can withdraw straight from Binance to your metamask, just choose BEP-20 on the Binance withdraw screen.

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>I mean anyone with a brain could have seen this was a rugpull coming from a mile away. Biggest tip to spot future rug pulls? If people show up with a bunch of pepe memes, it is 100% 'JEETED

>> No.28936238

>ftsfy = fixed that sentence for you (for those too shy to ask)

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I bought 50 CAKE on a whim last night, what do I do with it now?
Just let it sit or is there a staking mechanism?

>> No.28936293

ooooo CAKE you fucking asshole you triggered me by mentioning this crypto i want but can’t have

>> No.28936358

I know the whole point of it is to stake it, there's even a lottery https://pancakeswap.finance

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Inb4 RUG'D

>> No.28937056

My Italian heritage helped find this coin fast
feels based

>> No.28937166

>cake pool
its comfy af

>> No.28937174

>telegram group about to rug a $1B coin with $200M daily volume

>> No.28937346

This coin and bunny have literally made me a millionaire. Also kebab can burn in hell

>> No.28937370

fruit stocks

no thanks lol

>> No.28937526

Class, a lot easier than expected, cheers lads.
Staked all of them, can see BSC and Pancake Swap getting a lot more traffic with the current ETH gas prices for swaps.

>> No.28937535

cake pool is all you need... don't mess with other scams...

>> No.28937869

no worries. always remember >>28937535

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Have fun paying 100$ dollars in gas fees just because your fat ass is too lazy to set up BSC.

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ok I bought some of this shit, don't let me down BSC

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>biz only now JUST catching onto CAKE hype

You bunch of idiots hahaha That thing was bottomed out under .30c for months

>> No.28939225

how do I transfer funds from my eth metamask into the binance mainnet metamask?

>> No.28939380

Funds are always SAFU because CZ will just rollback the chain if a major hack happens

>> No.28939395

Buy BIGNITE, it's not even on CoinGecko yet.

>> No.28939495

Is cake farm worse than cake pool? I staked CAKE-BNB LP yesterday but everyone is talking about pooling Cake

>> No.28939689

>seeth, go cry to your CT friends lmao

>> No.28939765

CAKE-BNB LP opens you up to impermanent loss. This would occur if the two different pairs grow at different rates. DYOR but I like stake CAKE n chill

>> No.28939855

how can putting cake/bnb into the farm be safer than just putting it into cake/bnb lp? you already have to put it into the lp to get tokens to farm with. i dont get it bros... help out an idiot.

>> No.28939868

its the best possible timeline

I've been laughing about this shit and making fun of maxis for weeks now.

>> No.28939953

gtfo pleb

EGG devs > ape straight up copy no innovation dev

>> No.28939993

CAKE farm (stake) only requires one token, and pays you in CAKE. Whereas a CAKE/BNB pool would require two, and opens you up to impermeant loss

>> No.28940061

Thanks to you guys. Yesterday i was asking every retard noob question in a BSC thread and everybody was helping and answering. Now i swaped eth for egg-bnb token and earn every 7 seconds 0.002 eggs.

>> No.28940099

ah i see. but the benefits are less? and how about the syrup pools for other coins? are they as safe as the cake pool?

>> No.28940101

Is there a Dextools equivalent for pancakeswap yet?

>> No.28940184

They both have different rates. I would avoid all other coins because they are nothing but fluff

>cake maxi here

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Can someone explain what these numbers indicate?

>> No.28940234

Should I ape 10k into CAKE

>> No.28940284

The 40x is the multiplier. You do not need to worry about it because it is already reflected within the mentioned APR.

>> No.28940291

They are bonuses that the devs put into the different pools. The APR has already taking into account the X bonuses so there is not much point of them being there.

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>pajeets who get priced out of ETH network

>> No.28940342

I'm not holding cake (holding other BSC tokens) but fuck Eth and Uniswap for not being able to scale and expecting us to foot the insane gas fees even on the smallest transactions. This is a good wake up call for them and we can hurt them finally where it hurts, loss of users.

>> No.28940436

APR is annual percentage return?
When do I get anything to harvest, when do I get rich?

>> No.28940673

And do the LP tokens always have the same value?

>> No.28940679

you earn cake every block and can harvest any time, but you will be paying fees in bnb for every harvest

>> No.28940794

You get rich by holding CAKE

>> No.28940957

nice dump time kek

>> No.28941084

but you can buy it on Binance

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Don't sleep on pancakebunny folks, TVL increased x2 again today while price stays unchanged. It is going to explode in next few hours. You have been warned.

>> No.28941910

explain more please

>> No.28942015

whats the best way to get eth onto bsc without going through binance bridge? are there other bridges?

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you really think BINANCE smart chain is gonna rug pull?

What the fuck are you on about retard?

>> No.28942610

i might have farted

>> No.28942660

Yield farming platform complimentary to pancakeswap. Currently providing best yields for CAKE stacking, ETH crosschain in plans. TVL is growing sufficiently and token price is following TVL.

>> No.28942686

love pancake

>> No.28943024

dyor desu, but anon just dropped a gem...look it up, he's right

>> No.28943511

Financially saved by an internet pancake meme coin