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I told you last night
now wait till you get a LOAD of what comes next

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gimme these bread crumbs bitch I am erect as fuck

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I'm thinking we see 0.10 by the end of today

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yeah this run will have a couple pull backs but go straight to 15c

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the proof is in the pudding
you're gonna have the whole loaf of bread soon
bobs your uncle

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got a nice lil 10k stack hoping for the best

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cunt I am so invested in this wholesome jew, fuck off with the gluten and tell me

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lets just say bankers would give anything to invest in aave early

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$10 eom

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I've already seen that shit but it still gets me to half mast so thank you anon, hopefully whatever happens helps me blow my LOAD tomorrow.

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just get ready to wear your dancing shoes

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I've got 400k howies AIGMI?

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this is the real deal right here boys, sit back and enjoy the ride.

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take me kurigu-san!

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What does this do

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dyor they have a website nigga

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yes anyone with 5k+ will be comfortable

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Suicide/make it stacks, bros?
I got in around 0.02 but I only picked up 10k. Really regretting not grabbing 100k.

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>casually slides past 6 cent
Cleanest chart to 10 cent I've ever seen. The jannies on /biz/ could learn a thing or two from howie.

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I think 100k desu

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whats the target?

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we worship and give thanks to our minority queen for normie and reddit money to pump our bags

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Make it? Well whatever, it's going to the fucking moon so we're all gonna walk away with something.

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you'll just have to wait and see
I'll give you a hint it's more then $4

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than* and it's $10
pic. related

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not not the gentle man from denmark, if that's what you are insinuating, I'm just trying to refrain from actual price

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37k stack here, am I gonna make it?

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maybe but I'd get 100k before it hits .10

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Alright I think Im gonna buy a bit more, looks like a really solid project

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Love this coin, but stop posting about it less the rest of /biz/ find out
t. 10k stacklet trying to get more

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been threads here and there for months

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you are literally about to be as rich as a rothschild

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I have no idea wtf that banker boomer kike said there and that's why im so bullish on ersdl

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ya, but lately a lot of them get low engagement. which is a good sign.

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Up to a nice 85k stack, about maxed out to what I'm comfortable investing. Am I gonna make it?

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Need 100k stack to make it fren, it's still cheap.
Based OP. Ive bread crumb enough on this forum over the past month but people always wanna invest in anon Dev pajeet scams.
The white paper literally says this coin has to be 94c conservatively by the time it's launched to institutions which is Q3.
That is still 15 X from here.
100k stacks will make it thanks to this big brain boomer

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yes my son

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how does 340k EOY sound?

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My poem! I'm honored

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moonbois are here, pack it up. its going back to 2-3c before the real moon after they get impatient and leave.
howie hasnt released any news yet. the coin is getting pnd'd at the moment. but stick around for the real pump

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Based blessed Howie, deliver us from our rags and squalor unto the unfederalreserve

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b-b-but i got in at 2 cents with no plans on leaving anytime soon... i was planning on DCAing into this from check to check, anon :(

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youre alright dont be in ersdl tomorrow

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Nice fud.
The coin is actually mooning because of all the stuff Howard and Ryan have been doing with China the past weeks. Pic related.
If you go into discord or telegram you'll see. Moon boys left in November, this shit is going to melt faces now

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>using terms like melt faces
yeah this isnt serious yet

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lmao you are gonna get so fucking rekt you silly bitch

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Oh no, did I not use the 4chan approved verb? Fucking lol. Go have sex

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>im getting rekt
>buy the top of this green dildo with 0 new news behind the project
>panics that hes not fitting in on 4chan when I only said the words he chose were faggot language and it has nothing to do with 4chan

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this is 4channel. we're not apart of those racist nazi frog posters

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It's unfederal reserve because it actually makes you money instead of robbing you from inflation and usury.

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Swingies getting murdered today

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Got my 100k stack locked in. Start praying.

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91k stacklet here
we gonna make it

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I have been watching this for a few days waiting for a good dip but it NEVER FUCKIN DIPSSSSS REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I just FOMOed in so it will probably drop now.

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never change biz buy my bays (200k+ bought at .008787)

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Howie estimates 10 - 20 Billion in volume by the end of this year, what price are we looking at if this happens?


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we'll see what happens at .08
we need some type of correction, this shit been pumping since the 10th

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only 200k @ .0087... why didn't you get 1m

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y-y-yes senpai, g-g-gomen

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We already are at 8 cent and they said the same about AAVE. When this here is much more than just AAVE.

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if you are wondering why it's pumping just say nihao

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I started with 135k at .0074.swinged my way up to 400k. Ive allready taken profits and my initial out. Now im at a comfy 200k nzvzr selling

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$1 EOM was FUD

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true, correction is cancelled

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Boys, we're not even on the launch pad yet

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Made a nice painting of Howie!
Krieg heil

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wowie. got the trips too.

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Heres another one

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I love Howie, he makes me feel comfy

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i can paint too..

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He's the father we never had.

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Got a 11k stack anon ffs please tell me were gonna make it

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Its in the name.

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Bro this coin is super fucking bullish i have had my eyes on it since 3M marketcap fuck it im aping in right now

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Papa Krieger will makes us all rich

Feels so comfy

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Goes up by 1c, i make 2k lol.
Not to worry frens, im not selling.

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no sign of slowing down

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Funny, i just realised i dont have paper hands,for months now. Been hodling this since sept and now these bags are so comfy, might never sell

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rugged again... its all over
howie could you

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people are just taking profits after the huge pump. this is merely the first sell-off. which is BULLISH! 15 cent EOM easily!

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How 2 buy? I see that in coinmarketcap it says that the only pair is with WETH, but on Uniswap any coin is accepted so I don't really get it. (Yeah I'm new)

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bros i fucked up
I thought i bought a huge bag under 0.01 but I never fucking did
i'm so fucking stupid

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they're on sale

>> No.28938830

you can swap with any token(erc20), pay gas fee with ETH

>> No.28938859

Buy with ETH on uniswap. The platform will automatically convert to weth once you execute the trade

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ouch, well if you are going to buy do it now while there's a dip

pic 4 u

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> Howie is just so autistic he realizes that every interaction in life comes down to electricity. Chemistry is the basis of that - every reaction is electric in nature of electron cloud bonding and chemical structure based upon electric forces. Howie recognizes this and aims to build DeFI to run as smooth and miraculously as life itself. Hence, debt molecules. His ecosystem is as perfect as life itself.

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mentally I cannot do it

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whos this

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based 911 poster

then just buy waifu still under 1 cent

>> No.28939199

Why with ETH specifically if I can pay with any coin according to>>28938830?

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god i love being right
>lmao you are gonna get so fucking rekt you silly bitch

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"Being right"
A broken clock is right twice a day.
Prolly didnt bought in and this is your coping mechanism, understand that there are smart people that have been accumulating and they're taking out their initial. This will go much much higher. But sure, cope and seethe when we make profits

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You always need to pay the tx fee in eth bro

>> No.28939958

number go down
told you hehehe
>should have listened

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Why is the wallet keeping half of its stack if it's just a PND though?

>> No.28941388

It's not a PND he's just mad that he didn't get in already. Just look into it, if this is a pnd it's the most elaborate pnd ever devised.

>> No.28941521

Go check out the whitepaper. One of the more impressive one's I've seen lately. Definitely not a pnd, the creator lists all the risks and everything. Essentially the risk is that people don't use it, just like any other crypto.

>> No.28942310

>Avanti CEO: Ok mr Howard, we agree that the dead time between the lend request and the actual payment from other institutions is an issue that can result in big monetary loses due to the inflation and deflation of the currency, so... what is your proposal to solve this issue?
>Howard: *take off his stinky jannie hat* *stretches and squeeze his hat nervously* Emmmrr.... amm...
Howard gazes through the room looking for conceptual help for his line of thought.
Suddenly, a drop of water falls between Howie's eyebrows. The miraculous stinky liquid unchains an inmediate cognitive response from howie.
>"EUREKA!" yells Howie.
> Avanti CEO: Looks startled and worried at Howie.
> Howard: it was so evident... all this time the answer was in the liquidity.
>Avanti CEO: liquidity? do you mean that thing that we use to unclog the pipes?
> Howard: That's right... now, i'm going to unclog your pipes.
Startled, it took a few seconds to Avanti CEO to realize what's happening.
>Avanti CEO: Mr Krieger, i think that i need you to leave right now.
Avanti CEO tries to reach the phone to call for the guards, but Howard reaches his wrist and squeezes it with the force of a thousand janitors.
> Howard: Now mr Avanti, this is my liquidity, you're going to take it all *starts to pull his pants down*.
The Avanti representant lets out a howl of pain and horror, the janitor in front of him was 2, 3 times stronger than him.
>Avanti CEO: *tries to kick Howards away* Please... mr Krieger, PLEASE! *crawls backwards in panic*
Howard catch and pull Avanti CEO leg with one of his strong and crusty hands as he plays with the liquidity leaking from the tip of his dick.
>Howard: Now, i'm going to teach you how dick 2 ass lending works... mr Avanti.
>Avanti: UAAAAAAAAAAHHHhhhhhh!!
To be continued.

>> No.28942619

>what are stablecoins
This project is unfuddable, be gone.

>> No.28943290

lmao you are still a silly bitch looking at the fucking chart silly bitch

>> No.28943372

lolled gud!

>> No.28943418

Silly bitches acting silly

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so glad i bought more yesterday. Just watched his recent feb 10th interview he recommended a book to all viewers: Bionomics: Economy as Business Ecosystem by Michael Rothschild
yea this guy knows exactly what he's doing.

>t. 73k stacklet

>> No.28944333

The fact that its still only $18M mc fully diluted is ridiculous, we're not even at the launchpad boys

>> No.28945260

Starting to get scared bros, I am farming until end of farming with 0.5% of the pool so I should end up with 300k Howies or so, but I used to have 500k and I should have bought more sub 1 cent... Fuck.

>> No.28945388

>loses 30% of his stacks value
>h-ha! this is YOUR coping mechanism!

never said this was a scam, you guys are just getting caught in a fake pump

>> No.28945807

I don't know.

>> No.28945863

true disciples of Howie never hype the token, this is a long term hold

>> No.28945939


If that much money is being moved through the system it's hard to not see at least 1B in mcap for ersdl.

>> No.28946247

I wish howie was my father

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/biz/ I told you, I told you so many time and you never listened. I wanted all of you to make it. I really really did, but you refused to listen. We shared this knowledge with you, and you decided to chase moonshots that already took off and pajeet scams.

But wait, it's not too late. You can still make it, all you have to do is buy in now. This is going to at least $1 by the end of the year, at $0.05 that's still an x20. But you have to listen this time. /biz/ it's possible for all of us to make, but you need to stop chasing false promises of wealth and listen this time. Will you make it?

>> No.28947551

Some dude dumped 100eth worth of ersdl today. He still has 150k worth in his wallet.

Feels bad man. I'd like to grab a bag but I don't wanna get dumped on.

>> No.28947690

That was me, Anon. I bought in at $0.0035 and had yet to take profits. Decided to do so when the pump today started running out of steam. I'll hold the rest long-term and see what happens. So you don't have to worry about dumps at least by me.

>> No.28947812

It's about to paaamp again

>> No.28947845

>people taking profits
Holy shit, so what? People do that all the time for literally any appreciating asset. Some people bought this at under 1¢, some of those were whales. It's to be expected.

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HOLY CHIT, i went to sleep eating tendies, BUT IM WAKING UP eating caviar for breakfast.

>> No.28947977

Noice, what made you decide to buy so much at literally the beginning?

>> No.28948718

I'm a poorfag so all I have is 3650 stacklet because that's all the ETH I had left in my wallet. I got in at around .05, am I gonna make it?

>> No.28948773

>white paper (including price expectations)
>product already in development for years
>~$1mm market cap when I bought in
Plus, it wasn't really "so much" money for me. I have a few more wallets than this one + BTC. Kek.

>> No.28948811

how does 20k eoy sound

>> No.28948850

*Seemed like a nobrainer desu. Especially in this kind of market.

>> No.28949025

how did you find out about it so early // how do you find projects early on?

>> No.28949219

Hmm, wish I had a better eyes for projects back then. eRSDL is the first one I committed fully to.

>> No.28949272

Man I wish. I know that's probably chump change to some people but for me it would be life changing money. It's already gone up since I bought it which is a good sign.

>> No.28949321

Had to read it 8 times and still gotten absolute crap out of it all

>> No.28949325

it was being spammed on /biz/ at that price, it has a shitty name and logo so took ages to moon

>> No.28949654

Remember to have iron will and hold until you reach your financial goal. Do not let greed get the better of you. At the very least, if your stack become worth 20k, sell a portion that covers your initial buy in. Then you're safe forever.

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File: 27 KB, 1080x164, Screenshot_20210217-094138~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28950310

never heard about this coin

never read whitepapers

but why do i feel the need to buy?
better not be another pnd u faggots

>> No.28950318

Howies are the new Linkies.

>> No.28950359

Solid advice. I know a lot of people say never sell but it's not like, money until you take profits and pretty much anything can happen in this market.

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janitor coins are best coins sir
YO HOWIE we got another one over here shitting their pants.

>> No.28951167

Should I swap my KTLYO for more eRSDL I’m down on Katalyo. Also I like Howie’s project better

>> No.28951240
File: 15 KB, 888x72, howiehodlers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

um, guys...

>> No.28951303


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File: 26 KB, 400x400, chadward krieger with toupee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 440 KB, 742x1115, 1609852779200.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How will you support the far-right with your impending financial freedom?

>> No.28951606
File: 104 KB, 500x597, howie clean moon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Join us on the moon friend!

>> No.28951690

Can you stake this ?

>> No.28951725

Look into Howie's eyes, does he look like a pajeet scammer to you?

>> No.28951761


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File: 93 KB, 900x560, plzhelf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so can somebody explain to a newfag like me wat do

>> No.28952409

Looks like You need to pool your tokens on Uniswap

>> No.28952447

Ah ok, so i gotta put the equal amount of tokens in ETH into the uniswap pool, then go back to that afterwards?

>> No.28952619


>> No.28952696

It's a rugpull dont do it guys

>> No.28952784

Oh yeah? Nice FUD

>> No.28953094



thinking about buying but ill take a wealthy fud

>> No.28953259


>> No.28953317

and we back up to 0,079, feelsgoodman.jpg

>> No.28953502

holy fuck the 149 eth buy in

>> No.28953650
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This has to correct at one point. The rest of /biz/ needs a chance to get in.

>> No.28953749

Yeah, it did after 0.080, didnt last to long though

>> No.28953755

They had 3 months

>> No.28953814

This coin legit doesn’t know what resistance or consolidation means

>> No.28953895

I missed BTC, I missed ETH, missed XMR, missed ADA, missed LINK.

100k hodler here. I'm 35 years old with a sore back and failing knees while working as a heavy diesel mechanic. Please Lord don't let me miss this.

>> No.28953902

There was a lot of resistance at 2-2.5c, once that was overcome it's just been nothing but ATHs

>> No.28953981

Whale on whale action. Sellers fucking REKT

>> No.28954463
File: 135 KB, 706x584, 1613141213588.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

canceled my order just before the fucking whale bought because of some random fud

pls rugpull me after i buy ath
fucking shit

>> No.28954510

Fucking hell, the battle of the basterds

>> No.28954593

And the damn frontrunning bot managed to make $8k on that transaction.

>> No.28955291

This coin legit might do a link this bullrun I can see a 5B marketcap end of year which is 250X from here

>> No.28955342

God damn I knew I should've bought more last night.

>> No.28955395

eRSDL is literally unfudable

>> No.28955430

good for you. I only have 15k I bought randomly for 200$ now it's over 1k. If only I put more into this instead fucking Reef.

>> No.28955647
File: 296 KB, 915x831, MOONUN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28955686

It's cannot be fudded, it's too legit.

Holy shit I need to figure out how to write one of those

>> No.28955829
File: 202 KB, 933x933, 1612303603800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lmao I know that feel anon, I literally put $100 in in November at 0.02 for shits & giggles. It's now at $387. Why didn't I buy more?

oh well gains are gains

>> No.28955888
File: 245 KB, 720x540, robo krieg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mfw bought a 25k staq in nov for 150 dollarinos

>> No.28956062

are you staking?

fucking gas

>> No.28956082
File: 380 KB, 915x1056, 1609874227780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Why yes, I did make my fortune with eRSDL, what gave it away?

>> No.28956468

gas at 80$ almost half of the eth in my portfolio , what the fuck is this bullshit guys

>> No.28956907

will 50k Howietokens make it?

>> No.28956941

Staked pretty early on and have like 200k farmed and half of that went to staking even more. Im sitting comfy

>> No.28956972

No, that's just a suicide stack.

>> No.28957264

make it stack is how much fren

>> No.28957328

Cant believe we’re back up already, feels good. Howie is the chosen one.

>> No.28957389

More like 250k to 500k

>> No.28957416

Candles looking similar to previous climbs

>> No.28957554

dammit - should have bought more when it was around 1c rather than trying to chase green dildos fuck meee

>> No.28958253

I bought some more, even if it dumps I will still be up so I feel quite comfy in this moment.

>> No.28958857

Wagmi bros, wagmi

>> No.28959287


what is making it where you live?

you need 10 mil+ ?

>> No.28959506

Nah, just 2 mil.

>> No.28959728

Ever wonder how the blind see the world? It's a common misconception that they see darkness or just black, but that's wrong. They don't see anything, they see nothing.

Try describing what you see behind your head. Not what's behind you, but what you perceive beyond your peripheral. Did you know that void of sensation beyond your peripheral vision is what nothing looks like? That's what the blind see everyday when they wake up and that's what they dream about when they go to sleep.

That same nothingness is what the dead see as well. Do you know why? It's because there isn't an afterlife. Extend that nothingness to all of the other senses - your own thoughts. That is what you will experience in the afterlife. That nothingness, that void of sensation - has always been behind you. You just didn't realize it was there until now.

>> No.28959877

i want whatever you've had my friend

>> No.28959989

No when we die we go to heaven, but you have to hold eRSDL or they don't let you in.

>> No.28960228
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Read Nietzsche.

>> No.28960287

i have beyond good and evil right here

>> No.28960923

100% all in and dgmi

>> No.28961168


if we are truly 10 - 20 billion in volume. We are at $15 minimum.

>> No.28961822

Read Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

>> No.28962780
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How do I approve this guys? Or is it just taking a while because I picked the cheapest gas option? It's been 40+ minutes. Help a retard out please.

>> No.28963140
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Funny how everyone talks about AAVE when the b2b version of it is not even in the top 500

Just buy eRSDL and open your wallet in few months

>> No.28963159

it probably wont be approved on uniswap (if that's where youre doing it) because they have an automatic cut off @ 20mins unless you changed it - try to avoid using the cheapest option. check https://ethgasstation.info/ for recommended options when setting it up

>> No.28963349

Thanks anon, but I'm using metamask

>> No.28963969

uhhh where are you swapping it then?