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We all know EGG is a great play for now, but what else should BSChads be buying?

Currently holding

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Egg, wynaut, cake, bnb. That’s all you need.

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What about bunny?

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I'm retarded how can I simply buy EGG, feel like yeeting $10k on a lowcap

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>Have metamask with eth in it
>Have BSC chrome extension wallet
>Go to the binance bridge https://www.binance.org/en/bridge
>Send eth from Metamask TO BSC wallet (choose the option to include .5 bnb for gas)
>Go to pancakeswap and buy EGG using the contract from coingecko

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Looking at this one now

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it's less than 24 hours old and probably the first ICO while BSC is gaining traction

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If trips, wynaut 1$

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It's the spirit that matters. WAGMI

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So close anon :'(

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Wooper - might be bullshit but I threw $100 at it.

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harmony ONE

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berry at it's peak, was 18x IFO. Currently priced at $12.39 USD (12.4x IFO). Chinese, BSC based Oracle.

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i thought this already dumped? they weren't committed enough to shilling it

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Retard here, I have Binance and bnb, how do I buy egg?

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I should add I am a iphone faggot with no computer. I use Binance via app and web page over vlc

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>iphone faggot with no computer.
stay poor nigger.

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reflect clone except they had a presale. get ready to get dumped on.

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bignite has promise

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>literally first time seeing this name today
meds now

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lmao this boy still eats this rubbish
so mad to check this trashtalk about algorithms and algo’s that you made here
smart sharks wait for bot ocean pre-sale stop and trade with bots on dex and cex launch
>as u got I am smart and not a sucker like this niggers

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You can actually just do the entire process with metamask. No need for chink wallet.

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For the newfags, you are surrounded by scams ITT, with the exception of CAKE.

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put all of your wynaut into beflect
thank me tomorrow when you have a 3x while wynaut crabs

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do not give CZ any more money. scammy shithead.

focus on bubble that have yet to boil. ARPA & Bella Protocol are a good once, and on 'nance. stake ARPA for Bella. wait a year

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are funds no longer safu?

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cobalt, get now before it moons.

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$WYNAUT will be listed on the Binance Network next week.

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Lunir.net just stealth launched 10kmc

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pancakeswap gem 5 mins old: 0x34efd7b870310a5f42ef4fd9bfaffcc2e2b1f9a3

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Literally statera is coming to bsc soon

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Should I unstake and put it all on the nest since the price is rising very fast rn?

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Yes, please unstake and stop crashing my APY

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fuck BSC

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REDPILL ME ON LP STAKING. Can I get rugged? What's the risk? There's no way I can have 400% APY without risk, right?

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What's the current marketcap for Beflect?
Also why is Berry 100M+ marketcap?

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can any EGGboys summarize this?

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im new to this, boys. am i supposed to be in eth network or bnb when im using the bridge

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You start on eth and use the bridge to move your funds to the btc network

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>btc network

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I did half and half
the farming rewards are pretty good and it's not like you lose everything to IL it's just worse than hodling
it probably is gonna moon but if it crabbed for a few days then farming is better

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>Go to pancakeswap and buy EGG using the contract from coingecko
instructions unclear, how do you import contract into pancake swap?

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Putting all the profit from farm to nest. Am I gonna make it?

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just swap directly BNB for EGG on goosedefi.com

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I'm stuck here. is there something I'm missing? sorry if retard

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Whats the website to see charts for the BSC tokens, friends? I forgot to bookmark it.

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not related to bsc, but DHT hands down

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Is there any other cross chain swap besides rubic?
My connection timed out the first time I tried it and now it's just telling me to wait before using it again.

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put a zero in the front

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wtf. that worked. wtf. what a shitty interface

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staking $2k worth of egg rn, do I buy cake bros? Don't know what to do, dont wanna buy tops.

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Berry for sure. The only BSC clone of ETH blue chips that isn't yet close to the top 100.

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binance has one

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I was a fool who did not understand the mechanism last night. Wynaut is awesome, BSC / BNB just because low fees. You can unironically moon on this shit in the next week.

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Look at the shareholders, whales are going to rug it.

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All my eggs are in the farm. Feels comfy waking up to fresh new eggs every day.

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What does the compound button do?

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adds what has been earned staking to the staking

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There has been a lot of rugpulls in it. Even cake has already dumped on users with syrup.
Most legit now seems like egg, because they're trying to innovate and supposedly removed rugpull from the code, but who knows. It's risky regardless, all of the bsc defis are.
I'm in cake and egg for disclosure.
I just hope cake is too big to be worth rugpulling(it's very possible) and egg is a genuine project.

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Reminder that pancakeswap still has the migrator code which can easily transfer all staked assets to another address. Goose already removed this.

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if u use pancake, copy the contract from coingecko or bsc explorer and paste it into the coin u wanna trade into.

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Let's wait and see. If the audit results are in we are to the MOON.

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Disregard that, I'm retarded

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use trustwallet

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Doing the same with Auto and Fuel

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Tbh one of the previous defi rugpull was audited by them too, I wouldn't put much trust in certik.

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>no one mentioned BRY

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cake seems like a good idea to me, I would be relieved to trade there over any ETH-based swap

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Which one?

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The syrup debacle.

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Fuck you're right thats actually a good one

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should I swap ADA for Wynaut? looks interesting and has high short term potential

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