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>$1.4 million
>7 figures, but still not enough to quit my job
God, waiting around for this bullrun to really take off is excruciating. I know I'll probably get to retire some time this year, but I don't know how long it's going to be and it feels like its never going to happen. I can't possible get the thing I've been dreaming about almost every day for years.
I just need to break $3 million. That's enough to where, even after tax, I'll be able to live very comfortably off boomer stocks forever without touching my principle even if we have a few bad years. That's just a bit more than a 2x. How much fucking longer do I have to wait if I'm in btc, link, and rsr? I want to start my real life

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>trading first class assets for a dying boomer coin

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Anon. It will be 700k next week.

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how does sideways until 2023 sound?

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I quit my job when I hit 25k now have 3M

Day trading is where the easy money is

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Wow just got it nvm. And that anon is right fiat is the true shitcoin

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should i just convert all my shit coins and just buy a couple links (i am a based poorfag)

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whats your play at 3mil? move into boomer stocks? which ones? etfs?

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How long did it take

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crypto or stonks?

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Persoanlly im like 60% in link, some other top 20 and a couple moonshot shitcoins (PNK, RSR)

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get out now, re-buy in a few months

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i have a small amount in GRT, NU, XLM, LTC, CVC, MANA, DNT with more in BTC and Link. It's not enough to make me a millionaire over night but i figured if one of those happened to moon I could just reinvest to grow my portfolio

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LINK bros I have a 3k stack... will I make it?

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Exact same here but I hold the aformentioned shitcoins as well as some GRT, NANO, SNX. Let's hope we both make it anon.

Idk how poor you are but I think for us our best hope is stuff mooning and we reinvest it to make it properly, all the while accumulating solid bluechips over the next few years.

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sergey betray
now bob is my fren

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>he thinks he will be able to live off of 3 million as hyperinflation starts to kick in nad stocks rugpulled you of 90% of it
aiming for 50m before id feel comfortable with the way things are going there will be very limited resources in the near future

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I've already cashed out $550k from Chainlink in this bullrun. I bought at 20 cents and sold first batch at $25. The next batch at $30.

Not an American, but that amount, even after taxes enables me to live totally carefree here in rural Europe for like 10 to 15 years and this includes even buying a house, some property and stuff like that.

I still have ~$750k worth of Chainlink I am stashing for long term hold because of staking and other APY yields and other astronomical prices. The thing is that Link will succeed, but for me the next price targets are somewhere around $70 to $100. If it does not happen in this bullrun, it will happend in the second (which I would put roughly to the year 2025).

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glad you seen the light

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S&P500, China 500, ARK's actively managed ETFs

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What are your political beliefs? Would the world be better without Niggers and/or Jews?

Always fascinates me to see right-wing comrades getting wealthy.

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Why are you posting this again. I saw this exact post earlier today. Fuck you

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id suggest you leave some exposure to BTC as that will always rise after bear cycles.

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>Day trading is where the easy money is
day trading is not for everyone.. you're creating multiple taxable events and staring at charts all day lol. grats tho.

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wow see that popularity of bot ocean on twi????
> who uses it? any comments or reviews?
try to find new tools and bots for ez trading with dex
check this - tell what u think

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You could quit and never work again if you lost your cuck wagie mindset. Cash out enough for living expenses for a year and LIVE YOUR LIFE.

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Im an anarchist communist and anti-racist
I plan to leave around 10% in BTC/ETH/LINK and increase my exposure about 3 years later in line with halving cycles

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What hte fuck anon. Get your ass to /pol/ and get redpilled.

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go back to pol

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>Im an anarchist communist and anti-racist

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no faggot

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Rabbi says you have to donate 10% of your income if you ever make it along with allowing giving people in the Jewish community money donations to help pay their rent or any money assistance so even if I make it I will go back to being poor.

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So you’re a fag, right? The only reason you wouldn’t be natsoc in 2021 is because you’re a cock goblin fag unironically.
I’m right aren’t i

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He said,

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Lol I have 56k link which is 1.7m atm and it's nowhere close to my retirement amount of 5m. I'm so fucking annoyed were bleeding to death

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How much do you fucking need lol, just withdraw a 100k and forget about work for 2 years at the least

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>anarchist communist and anti-racist
so your a faggot.

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its kinda fun if you always had an addictive personality, its also kinda teaching me to be a bit more patient

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>you're creating multiple taxable event

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>anarchist communist and anti-racist
BASED retard

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which job is this

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>Im an anarchist communist and anti-racist

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you must go back before you get scammed. youre far too stupid youre just going to hurt yourself here then youre going to shit up the catalog with a bunch of threads damanding biz add flags because you think its impossible to get scammed by posts with western IPs
I want to forget about it forever

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Go back to /pol/.

Go back to /pol/.

Go back to /pol/.

Go back to /pol/.

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LINK is literally bleeding sats and is on track to be out of the top 10. Get out while you can.

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Thats my point, keep "working" on your account on those 2 years.

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How about no faggot? why is it the most retarded bluepilled people on here are usually the ones calling others stupid.

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I stared at charts near end of 2017 all day and most of my night, my mental and physical health were taking a massive hit, I can't do it.

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So you’re a fag. Disgusting

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4chan is pol.

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did you come from pol or reddit
yeah thats fair. I guess I'm just too much of a pussy to throw away my $81k/year salary + benefits on a gamble. Especially since I don't have a college degree. I've thought about it a lot though. In addition to investments, I have $20k in cash and I rent a very shitty cheap apartment. I could probably make $20k last a year if I lived very frugally. And I only expect this bull run to last another 5 to 9 months.

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How anon? Ive been trying for a year and Ive lost much more than Ive made. Medium swing trades have been better, any advice is appreciated congrats on making it and living the life

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how the fuck is 1.4m not enough to live off while you rethink your life and start a viable business?

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>start a viable business
how hard is it to understand that my goal is to quit working and live off passive investments? And on top of that, I want to avoid depleting my principal ever but esp right now because we're just now exiting the bear trap on a 4 year cycle

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To the oven

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you could just buy a 400k house, and then invest the 1 mill for anywhere from 5-9%

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Hes a fag so he needs to pay for aids medications, purses, anal prolapses. He doesn’t know he’ll probably be dead before 50 though like all fags

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>Just now exiting the bear trap
Most shit coins are up several hundred percent. If you think your stack of pajeet scams are going to all 100x I've got bad news for you.

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I came from pol/k looking for stock info and have found it rather comfy here. I had owned litecoin back in 2017 but didn't get into crypto unfortunately. looking forward to gaining more than a rudimentary understanding of the tech and more knowledge about computer science in general.

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noice bait here's your (You)

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You sound like a nice lady.

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buy some link during this dip

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You're forgetting that taxes bring it down to around 1MM
>looking forward to gaining more than a rudimentary understanding of the tech and more knowledge about computer science in general.
Then go to /g/ and/or come back in a year when we're in a bear market. Unless you know what you're doing you're probably just going to get scammed browsing biz in a bull market. Just being honest. Also, read the conquest of bread
look at bitcoin on chain indicators

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thanks. its too easy to bait in the bull market tho

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Yeah i can see why it would be hard to leave, i see a lot of old classmates that think earning half what you get is somehow making it.

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not to mention, I'm contract to hire right now, so when/if I convert in a few months I'm looking at $90k+ with bonus, 401k matching, and profit sharing in a rapidly growing startup, in a very low cost of living city (I split a $600/month apartment with my gf). So its a big risk, not just for my current finances, but for my future finances. And I expect I'll probably find myself in a position making six figures if I stick with it for a couple more years. So the idea of throwing that all away on something that might not work out is daunting. especially when quitting probably wont even increase my odds/returns

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not usually at a loss for words lmao. creepy post anon

Thanks fren will increase my link, I liked how it was performing after everything dumped before everything continued to dip tonight.

I'm no genius but i'm not a retard, thank you for your concern though anon. I am continuing to do research and can distinguish between stable projects and shitcoins that are basically a gamble. As i gain more knowledge of the tech I will get into more decentralized projects that will require a deeper understanding to put my money in the right places.

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>Im an anarchist communist and anti-racist

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This place is infested with trannies/people obsessed with trannies
At first they drove me crazy but eventually I realized they and the pajeets are actually sort of like /biz/'s immune system too keep away the normies so you just kind of have to learn to coexist with them and realize they actually serve a useful purpose like feral cats keeping rodents at bay

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Why not just get 12% interest on stablecoins and live off that?

>> No.28926421

stablecoins during bull when people are longing, non-stablecoins during bear when people are shorting

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nice pic, makes sense there like the osmosis jones of the board.

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The only real question is do you love what you do?

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counterparty risk, likelihood that returns on stablecoins will decrease over time, smart contract risk, risks associated with managing my own wallet. Boomer stocks are less anxiety inducing. I still check my wallets every few days out of fear that somehow someone has drained them

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no. I don't hate the line of work (software dev) but I don't want a boss and I dont want to work on a corporate project. Really I just want to use my dev skills to build/learn random shit that excites me. Most of which probably isn't marketable

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Then stake when it's 12%, as rate goes down, reallocate.

>> No.28926937

If you already love what you do then the only answer is to start working for yourself. With those kinds of funds you can do whatever you want. That saying if you do what you love and you never work a day in your life especially applies when your in a field you have no desire to leave and are self employed. If you don't really love it though you can stop now and do things you've always wanted to do. life is too short to slave away for no reason.

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Biz is pol now

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Anti-semitism =/= racism

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Just go outside and suck nigger cock, if that's what you want out of life.

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Based for making all these retards seethe

>> No.28927342

That being said, if you have good health insurance at work, I would find it hard to leave, too.

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I just opened a wallet I hadn't looked at since 2017 and it turns out I have 14 LINK. Am I gonna make it bros?

>> No.28927421 [DELETED] 

Hey mate I am too can you give me some link to a fellow communist


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PayPal, coinbase ventures, Peter T, good optics, supplies will change.

This isn’t some shit pump and dump you stinky pinky. This is a quality long term hold that happens to be on sale

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What your a communist with 1.4million but not enough?

This has to be a larp, god this forum is killing my soul.

>> No.28928369

Are you John Sullivan by chance?

>> No.28928426

This isn't Craigslist Missed Encounters, pervert.

>> No.28928565

well that's funny because I have a cool idea and no idea how to code

>> No.28928742

or maybe you just got lucky being overleveraged in a bull market

>> No.28929191

So fucking based habibi

>> No.28930119

im getting really sick of these attention seeking humblebrag threads

>> No.28930159

everyone has a cool idea. I have enough cool ideas that I wouldn't be able to do them all even if I didn't have a job. Ideas are good though, nothing wrong with them. It's not hard to learn to code btw. My girlfriend had never seen a line of code in her life. 8 months ago I convinced her to start learning and now she can build web apps front to back and is getting job interviews

>> No.28930787

you save so much money if you can code too, dev costs are fucked if you’re trying to get a startup off the ground.

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Pic related?
>Communist software developer

>> No.28930912

ngl i met my wife here a while back while she was in coding bootcamp and im the only reason she was able to graduate. now she goes on coding interview and never gets called back. lol.

>> No.28930976

>Has over a million
>Convinces girlfriend to join a saturated field primarily dominated by men during a pandemic.

Wow and your a piece of shit boyfriend.

>> No.28931371

>communist who hoards wealth by playing markets
he's a piece of shit in general if not baiting

>> No.28931561

just cash out 100k and neet for a year, staking should be released by then

>> No.28932706

Serious question. I have only 300 link. What's my destiny?

>> No.28932818 [DELETED] 

>I just need to break $3 million

can't guarantee 3MM from 1.4 soon, but it'll certainly help getting in a closed pump group

invites just opened on this one
discord gg/Ug6PHtWtPY

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You can get your privacy straight with Suter

>> No.28932957

fuck off pajeet

>> No.28932984

>I can't wait to sell my god protocol token for some JCPenny stock guys!

>> No.28933036

Fuck off.

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>Im an anarchist communist
>how do i invest my money so I can get 3mil and never work again
pick one

>> No.28933250


Nice but did you at least cash out to USDC and live off the interest?

>> No.28933305

>everything up x10

>> No.28933532 [DELETED] 

Ozzy here, whiter than white, but keep telling yourself its Pajeets running these

I have a shit internet connection here in Syd so only made 20-30% last pump they did

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You might be white, but I can't be certain about that, can I? Besides, I'm probably whiter than you are, but how would you know, etc.
Every P&D I've ever come across has either been a scam (99.9% of the time) or a shambles (0.1% of the time)

>> No.28934489

Same thing and the last 2yrs have really started to pay off.

>> No.28934626

Imagine quitting a job.
A guaranteed return on investment and you walk away from it.
To do what, exactly?
I've been a NEET I've been unemployed I've been a student living on loans.
In all 3 cases I damn near killed myself. If you hate your job, by all means find a better one. But having nothing at all to do with your time and not nearly enough money to actually have fun with it sounds like some kind of hell.
There's not that much to do in this world with 7 figures. You could travel but you'll burn through it fast.
Other than that, what's left? Drugs? High class escorts?
If you don't have enough to buy a house in Monaco and one in Miami and sail your yacht back and forth between the two 3 times a year you do not have enough.

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>Im an anarchist communist and anti-racist

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Seethe goy
/biz/ is and always has been our promised board

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I can't even imagine drinking the koolaid this hard. You idiots would love nothing more than to have millions of dollars. So fucking delusional

>> No.28935668


Bro, you've made it

split your 1.4 million into 7 stacks and send them all to yield farms

You'll make $25,000 a month easy

>> No.28935768

slave nigger cattle

>> No.28935992

What is this pic supposed to illustrate? I'm consistently confused by it

>> No.28936049

>having nothing at all to do with your time
If you have access to all the knowledge of all mankind and you have "nothing to do" you should kill yourself.

>> No.28937202

can someone explain yield farms to me? got a chunky stack of link doing sweet fuck all

>> No.28937561

1.8M here. I make 450k a year so basically I can’t leave until 5M probably which is tough pill to swallow. Anyway hopefully we go on a big run these 4-5$ pump then cramps are just painful af

>> No.28937602

Yeah I've just got a small 5.5k stack. What can I do with this?

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New financial overlords

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Space created

>> No.28937892

I just imagined quitting my job, nigger.

>> No.28938088

Just had a baby 50k linkie here. Guess raising the kid would be pretty nice wo waging

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this image is bearish, just glad they're all priced out.

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i think that, while knowing the truth about those who run things is of import, that /pol/ is a non-viable location due to AI-directed area denial weapons (autothread generators and toxic GPT3 AI repliers).
Sponsored and facilitated by those very same entities who run things.

>> No.28939729

well with 1.4mln capital you should already manage to make for a living without selling anything, especially within DeFi.

>> No.28939830

Yeah get "redpilled" by retarded shit like claiming watermarked ballots lmao.
You faggots got led by the nose into the class warfare meme by reddit lmao you aren't independent thinkers

>> No.28939954

21st century Neonazis are fucking freaks. Literally. They're not even trying to hide their inability to attract females of their own species and their degenerate obsession with transsexuals and transsexuality issues anymore. 21st century Neonazis are a genetic cul de sac in a self-sterilizing meme pool. They look like a practical joke taken a few steps too far. Old 4chan had a reputation for those. Long before your time.

>> No.28939972

how? can someone help me understand how to make use of my linkies to make more money?

>> No.28939985


>> No.28940041

>you're creating multiple taxable events
Not everyone is a mutt, retard

>> No.28940088

proof or larp
Go back nigger, you stink of r*dditfag

>> No.28940359

How does bleeding profits until 2030 sound?

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