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Anons, let's sum up what happened today.
First, the @Strudel_finance twitter account went down.
Next, intensified fudding started appearing in every $TRDL thread. It was wrong, by the way, the suspension is part of a broader Twitter sweep that also hit another project by the devs.
There were also people in telegram who started attacking the devs and got banned for it.
And, now that the coin has dipped enough, it went up more than three dollars in the blink of an eye.
You see what this is, anons? A classic case of some group attacking the coin to accumulate.
You know why the did this, anons? Because today, we got the announcement of a Badger partnership. Because tomorrow, we get the V2 release and the beginning of the marketing campaign.
Dip is over. Price is still low.
We even got to see based dev in one of the threads earlier.

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I caved & finally got some
I now hold 1,033.9734 strudles my dudles
Am I gonna make it or what?
Everything looks A+ both in the short term & long term & all the obvious fud makes me feel like I've made the right choice
Made decent profits on Asko so YOLO

Post some of the memes for me to save

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280 strudlelinis here.... EOM price?

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Above 20$ probably 40

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stacklet here at 150, people laughing at us when they bought before 1$ but whatever. 30$ during peaks by march imo

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30 dollaroos

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yeah I would have said $20-40 like the other anon below, so $30 is a good guess

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for you new strudelbro

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Thanks anon
I got my card from the official telegram group too

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Rumor on the streets is that the apy is actually 2x higher than reported for the pools. New website tomorrow will do wonders.

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Someone convince me this is not just another farm token that whales are going to farm shit tons of and market sell.

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What's the token do?

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Look, it's not another farm token that whales are going to farm shit tons of and market sell.
Just buy some, buy a small holding if you're worried & you can feel both happy and sad once the price rockets.

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This what's the point of the token. You can offer liquidity and when you mint vBTC you're also rewarded with TRDL, but what is the point of the token.

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The more vBTC minted, the less value farming will be. They are also exploring other non erc20 coins to burn such as doge and bitcoin cash. Less degenerate coins is good

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So no other use but to farm?

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The farming is not the point..The point is what the farming produces. Tokenize, trustless Bitcoin.

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>The farming is not the point..The point is what the farming produces.
Trdl/eth has literally nothing to do with the burn.

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I am farming, just not a whale, cause i want to believe. I even did a burn for the novelty, it only paid 8 trdl. It cost as much in gas to claim.
Not the point though, i want to know why this is not sept 2020 and just another food token that will spike and bleed down 99%

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>.The point is what the farming produces. Tokenize, trustless Bitcoin.
And no, the burn does that, farming makes the gov token...strudel. why should this token have value being suggested?

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Pls anyone, not even fudding, i really want to know.

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Here's white paper. It helps the peg and incentivizes buring coins

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>Post some of the memes for me to save

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hey anon, I was wondering the same thing, spoke to the dev about it days ago and it calmed my worries. Check this out

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read the mediums. if btc keeps coming through the vortex and strudel doodling itself into vbtc then $trdl will have to keep going up up up for the auction system and peg. fucking genius design. if it works.

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again. read the mediums and how the vbtc peg is stablized through $trdl <retard-midwit-hiQ-deviation.jpg>. >>28918173

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I'm down but still not willing to sell unless I profit. Anyone has invested on EVE by any chance?

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Indian bot? BTW buy strudel

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leave, this is strudel country only

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Earing about two TRDL every minute staking. Is there a risk staking besides impermanent loss?

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V2 very soon = moon

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