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Too poor to pay for gas fees to buy memecoins on Uniswap - what to buy and from where? Preferably places that accept either fiat or cryptocurrencies with low-cost trading.

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Fellow poorfag. I use binance. If youre a burger I dont think you can, so use something like KuCoin

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>Asian boyfriend
>likes asian men
>disgusting round face
>Turdworld room
yeah it's a Russian whore

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>turdworld room
Made me kek

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cum in pussy

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I figured as much, I've been using a shitty local exchange since 2017 and didn't bother to check out anything else. I'll probably transfer over my entire portfolio to there.

Anything you would reccomend on Binance specifically?

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>>Asian boyfriend
Lol the asian "boyfriend" is the one dressed like Faye

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Does binance have the lowest exchange rate?
I've been using blockfolio and got somehow got $10 for free

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Seek help or ngmi

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I hate pornfaggotry deeply I just wanted replies bro

The end justifies the means

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Binance. Use a vpn. Worse they do is give you 14 days to withdraw if they catch you

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His balls and dick must be hurting like f

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Poorfag myself, alt coins aren't even a possibility right now, about to cash tf out cause of this power bullshit.

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How does he hide the bulge?

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Best thing we could do is swing trade honestly, or catch new starting projects on shit like Binance. REEF was one of them for me, but I sold after I x2, and depending on how they're addressing current criticism, I might buy back in or not.

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Use Binance to buy El Tio. Trading fees are <1%

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Use binance smart chain and pancake swap
fees are around 5-10 cents

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Sauce please

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how get bnb if i'm in NY?
why binance not like jew yorkers?

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ugh...is it? trannies have really made me paranoid. That dude has the gayest body ever if so.

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if you're a burger use a vpn
otherwise try those exchanges that the hutt run in the outer rim like bilaxy or probit

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buy NAKD on robinhood

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