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>dad buys divisible 100g bar of silver
>gives his 6 year old enough bars to give to his whole kindergarten class
>kids are so excited and go home to show their parents and tell them all about it
>silver stacking meme spreads to an entire community at a tiny cost

guys, is reddit smarter than us?

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I thought about doing this. If you had kids pay them for chores in gold or silver so that they know the fiat paper is just iou liquidity tokens

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>lost all their life savings on meme stock GME
>smarter than us while we were doing 10x in a month with GRT


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No the kids will try eating one. Parents angry and want to know who gave them the silver. Sue the dad. He goes on reddit and makes a post for updoots.

If he was smart he'd just buy silver and keep buying.

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>Buy frens with money

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Dad gets sued because little Johnny choked on the valcambi 1g bar.

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I give crypto wallets to homeless people, so no.

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>moms dismiss it as fake and put it in the bin
>it gets lost

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>Handing out tiny bits of silver to other peoples toddlers
are redditors so fucking retarded and living in a fantasy world that they don't see how this is going to play out

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now his son doesn't get invited to anything because the other parents don't want to deal with the creepy precious metal hoarding dad who's probably a prepper or obsessed with the gold standard

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Giving kids Silver bullions for christmas over time is based. In adition to stupid BS like toys of course

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The bible says to sow seeds and you will be rewarded.

This man is sowing seeds of silver. He shall be rewarded.

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>kid eats silver
>becomes immune to corona

sounds like an absolute win tbhonest

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Nowhere did he say they were toddlers, he said "my son", kid could be a sophmore in highschool, aka, 16 years old.

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The bible also goes through the steps of selling your daughter to slavery

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>that kid with the weird dad that gave everyone silver

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40 fucking years

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they're going to fucking eat them

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>that kid that sells the silver spot and invests it in crypto while telling no one
>they loved it

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Yeah if only we used shiny rocks instead.

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>Implying ages over toddler can't eat silver
that's racists anon

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Yeah why do people focus on the parts I don't like
More slave daughters pls

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I would take his boomer metal and shit on it, FUCK YOU BOOMER

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I give my nephew the Avengers silver coins.. he loves them...

ironically he has never seen deadpool but has the costume, swords, toys etc.. he is only 9.

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never read the bible did you

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Go back newfag

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Gave my nephew a silver bullet.

Told him it was for vampires, werewolves, and other (((nasties)))

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This is bullish

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Yes they are. Now go back.

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sounds like a great way to let a bunch of strangers know you are worth robbing

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I'll give my kids' allowances in fiat for obvious liquidity reasons, but I'm planning to start celebrating Chinese New Year solely so that I can give them a red envelope with a few silver coins each year.

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GRT is /ourtoken/ fag

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Exactly, having your kid proselytize at school is weird cult shit.

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I thought it was tabs of acid. He should do that next.

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In the post he says his son is in kindergarten.

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Ching chong you chinese loving fuck

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6 out of 25 kids in the class swallowed the silver. You will see the X-rays in a few days

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Kids usually stop trying to eat everything at 3 years

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I only give my kid top five coins on cmc. He will grow up knowing the capitalist regime cannot control us.

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>give your kid $100 of silver to "hand out" at school

yeah that shit is getting pawned for 50% spot value and used to pay some kid's older brother to buy a 30 rack of state minimum priced beer.

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>6 year old hands out silver
>the class asshole starts calling him Silver Boy
>all the other kids join in
>the class asshole brings him tinfoil the next day
>bullied relentlessly
>all the kids throw away the silver

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I'm Australian, we have an unarguable East Asian cultural influence.

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Worse - silver emits alpha radiation when bombarded with x-rays. Those kids are fucked.

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They call him Doublemint Dave.

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Checked GRTpilled. Anon btfo.

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Unless there is a video of his kid doing this this guy is clearly just lying for likes. Notice he doesn't specify where.

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I think it might be faster than that trajectory

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I’m an actual Australian in Sydney and what the fuck are you in about Chang?

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>jonah sheklestein's dad finds out about this and invites the whole class to a mitzvah and charges silver peices to ride a rented pony.

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Maybe there's a black kid in his class

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I thought about this but kids can’t be trusted to keep their mouth shut. You don’t want anyone knowing you keep gold or silver at home.

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The opera house was literally coloured red last week, what are you on about?

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It’s worth 90 cents.

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I can’t wait to see him and that fucking boomer rocks company get sued out the ass when one or more of those little fuckers tries eating them

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i've been thinking about that a lot too. The jews and the chinks have great traditions around helping kids and newlyweds build a nest egg. Whites should coopt this shit.

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Based, but giving kids free money is always looked upon suspiciously by cautious parents.

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>kid takes weird pile of metal to pawn shop
>"don't know what this is but my dad says it's worth something idk"
>pawnbroker hands him $20 bucks and tells him to fuck off
>kid buys a shitty bag of weed and listens to nigger music with his friends the rest of the night
>"yeah dad totally, they all loved it"

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ok interested, where exactly?

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>You don’t want anyone knowing you keep gold or silver at home.
Lol this
>ay yo boy, where u get dat silver
>"Johnny's dad gave the whole class some"
>oh for real? Johnnys pops rollin' like dat?
>ay yo, Tyrone I gotta job fir ya

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This stuff existed across culturally, I mean obviously traditions like that are important to building civilization. But the Jew doesn't want you to know how people lived before 1945

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I didn't know this was a thing. Going to get some for the grandkids once they are back in stock.

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Parents cash on for meth

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holy shit imagine buying at the top in 1980 and having to wait 30+ years to nominally break even. hopefully as many boomer faggots as possible got rekt

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If they are selling, I'm buying.

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My dad told me he and his friends would buy kilos of the shit and flip it for a gain. Actual blocks not just ingots.
God damn.

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those are extremely sharp and jagged

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t. Yellow fever

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I gave my kid a red envelope this year with a 5 oz bar. All of his long term savings is in hand poured silver bars so that he can handle it with no issues. He knows what is real money and what is fiat currency.

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It's like $10 total. No one is going to a pawn shop to paw 1 gram. Why do you have to be such a downer, kike?

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Wow, consider myself atheist now.
As a progressive its important that my daughter be on the pill at 15 and "experiment" with boys for at least another 15 years.

It's really important that she spend less time helping family member and learning math and more time experimenting with a wide variety of penises and thankfully i believe in science so with the pill and healthcare (cause fertility is a disease) i can get her on the pill and rest easy when she invites boys over from her social studies class.

Im not a bigoted christian arranging a marriage to a man who can provide for my daughter. She needs a sampling of penises if she wants to be mature.

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His skin will turn blue if he does that.

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This unironically qualifies for "The talk" nowadays

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>because little Johnny choked

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hahah yep top kek

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yeah because fucking all you want until your 30 has made the current generation so satisfied with life lol

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>what is inflation

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>days later tyrone was found dead with a shotgun slug through his fucking head

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lol you tell your kids that fiat is the measure of value over time and they will be literal slaves to my kids.

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Is your daughter "of the tribe"? If not then she is a worthless whore that will be lucky to serve as a cumdumpster for people with actual souls. Now excuse me I have a headless chicken to throw around.

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you should also do a yearly re enactment of the tianamen square massacre
you too

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Hes being facetious

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Maybe it's different in the US but you pull that shit here and that kid would be guaranteed to be being bullied for the rest of his school days. Everyone would know him as the kid who's pedo dad sent him with a bunch of silver to try and buy sex from toddlers

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Idk if anyone has mentioned it yet but
>half of the parents take offense of the capitalismization of their kids and kid gets kicked out of school

>> No.28910094

Why do you assume they're babies?
Maybe he's in 6th grade or middle school

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Because it's a Chinese colony

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fuck the ccp

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My mom owns a big cabinet of silver platers and shit. If the CnH trade set up plays out, I think these sets are going to flood the silver market, dragging the value back to junk metal status.

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Why do you need to say "CHING CHONG ME ROVE EAT DOG!" to be able to hand out a couple of silver coins? Sounds gay as fuck dude

>> No.28910573

Because we are being invaded dude

>> No.28910647

Pretty based compared to all the other propaganda that likely gets pushed on those kids all day

>> No.28910700

>boomers airdropping silver to children

>> No.28910873

Oh jesus lol this shit hasn't even resisted inflation. How do rocktards cope?

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Retarded niggers always do this n sheeeeeeeeit. Break into home to steal someone's entire livelihood. Act surprised when a slug is implanted into their nigger ape chest.

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They are. Most of us are from it. We just try to keep the retards on biz so we can continue to make money without idiots. Stay on biz and get skilled until Eternal bag holding

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FF incoming. Valcambi gets sued for manufacturing assault silver, David Hogg cries and Biden outlaws all PMs to keep the kids safe. This is how fiat will win, cap this.

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Governments (specifically USA & UK) ensure the prices of previous metals are suppressed in order to keep the paper money empire afloat. Wikileaks revealed documents dating back from the 50's between the FED and UK bullion banks, devising a plan to keep ordinary people away from precious metals.

>> No.28912643

Checked. This. It's like a beachball held underwater. Eventually, they will lose the ability to suppress it and it will rocket up to where it should be due to the world's collective fiat scheme of decades of printing.

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that won't happen again you newfag. chances are that you're going to blow your gains swinging like a retard

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Well yeah, those questionably underaged daughters have to come from somewhere once the collapse hits.

>> No.28914312

Very painful to pee it out I'd imagine.

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i'm convinced crypto is part of this strategy. it's practically designed as a substitute for precious metals. something for people to throw their money into without affecting the supply/demand for material goods like silver or platinum. it's thoroughly evil.

>> No.28914420

Bought and paid Chinese sympathisers. Everyone I know abhors the chink menace and actively oppose all influence.
But you wouldn’t know people like that. I’m not even white.

>> No.28914426

how many years can you let them hold you under water until you fucking drown?

>> No.28914550

>implying this is real
I can promise you almost no parents are going to buy silver right now with the state of their finances due to rona because their kid brought home a shiny shiny

>> No.28914578

remember the guy who did this with gum?
Silver boy bouta be bullied
Ironically that will lead him here
and possibly pmg

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When did grt do 10x in a month?

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I'm one of them. Obviously I hate the PRC and recognise Taiwan as the one true China, but it's silly to ignore our Asian cultural influences (including from China) that have been here since the gold rush and have nothing to do with the modern atrocities of the CCP.

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Forever? Don't buy on credit/margin. Sit on physical silver with long term savings. If I never have to benefit from it, I give it to my kids and consider myself lucky that the world didn't shit the bed while I was alive. But realistically, the end of this rodeo is within 5 years and may come to a head sooner. I've been sitting on it as crisis insurance for 15 years. I have other money that I use for trading equities and crypt, but I make sure to always put a monthly allocation into physical PMs.

I don't care what they paper price is. 1 ozt = 1 ozt. It has been money for 5,000 years and it will be money 5,000 years from now. But let's be honest, the paper scheme is currently in the process of breaking. BTC is unironically helping by being a reserve asset class that they can't pound down with derivatives. The fiat game relies on suppressing gold and silver, and here comes BTC to smash the illusion. Now the PM game is coming to the end where they physically cannot hold the ball underwater anymore because now everyone actually wants the physical metal. Once that reaches critical mass and futures contracts holders start standing for delivery en masse, it becomes a classic bank run and they default, settling in cash (force majeure). And with that, their ability to suppress the price dies.

>> No.28915804

the slavery argument for why the bible is immoral is dumb.
One of the things that a moral framework should take into consideration is ability to persist over time. If your moral framework is good but you get annihilated by rapacious barbarians, your moral high ground does no good. So the old rules for slavery don't endorse slavery as a moral good, but rather put moral limitations on a necessary evil.

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I like these ideas. I'll be doing this for my kids (in addition to a little fiat and crypto for payment as well, they gotta play at those arcades with some form of currency).
The guy in the OP is stupid to give little kids a choking hazard. I think kindergarteners today are likely where I was at when I was 2 or 3 and that was back in 1999.

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Daddy Elon needs that silver anon please sell

>> No.28916520

December went from .05 to .85, and then after a correction to .25 it went to 2.50 in January

Inarguably it did at 10x in December starting from the coinbase listing

>> No.28916586

>put moral limitations on a necessary evil.

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>The bible also goes through the steps of selling your daughter to slavery
Look up the Shroud of Turin, Jesus' burial cloth.

>> No.28916717

>it goes down!!

you dumb fuck. you realize this is the chart against any fucking asset ever? Bitcoin has exploded.

>> No.28916753


>> No.28916767

I have BTC too. But that chart is misleading. It shows BTC not only in early adopter phase, but also it is unsuppressed unlike silver.

>> No.28916797

Dumb. There's already a fucking shortage, the last thing we need is a bunch of fucking Zoomers running around buying up all the remaining physical with their allowance money.

>> No.28916808

or stick on in there nose or ears
kids are dumb like that

>> No.28916825

Here I even got the video. Naturalism cannot explain this, it goes beyond our observational understanding of how this could have naturally happened.
There's only a supernatural explanation for the infrared images on the cloth of Jesus' burial cloth.

>> No.28916834

That's exactly what we need to hasten it. You had 5,000 years.

>> No.28917256

Killing is bad, but you gotta kill animals to eat, so there has to be some logical morality of why killing is bad but killing animals is okay. Expand this basic framework outwards to any time it shows up. That's how religions work, with a sprinkling of eternal damnation if you don't listen in there to make sure the ones too dumb for moral logic still followed the law.

>> No.28917751

It's in Exodus, but it's really about being able to arrange a beneficial marriage for a pre-pubescent daughter, and there are rules that protect her rights if the purchaser doesn't marry her as promised.
Women's decisionmaking is not well respected in the Bible. Father's were generally making the final decision on a marriage for them anyway.

>> No.28917807

This reminds me of
>Mark the Mint Man, they might call me
Green text

>> No.28918027

Do you happen to have the screencap for that greentext?

>> No.28918049

40 year cup and handle kek

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wouldn't doubt it at this point

>> No.28918240

I've been buying regularly since 2010, I don't want to hasten anything - I have patience and a lot more worthless IOUs to trade in for shiny bricks. Zoomers can suck my balls.

>> No.28918302

2006 here. it's time anon

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>assault silver

>> No.28918436

fuck yisss, i think ima put this on a tshirt and secretly advertise my honey pot forum posting

>> No.28918512

why not give something cooler away like mercury dimes

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File: 3.37 MB, 5312x2988, 1512601380318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

probably the healthiest thing those lil bastards ever swallowed in this day and age

>> No.28918694

>>dad buys divisible LSD tabs
>>gives his 6 year old enough tabs to give to his whole kindergarten class
>>kids are so excited and go home to show their parents and tell them all about it
>>LSD spreads to an entire community at a tiny cost
>guys, is reddit smarter than us?

>> No.28919000

No it’s the same here except pedos are a protected identity now.

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File: 19 KB, 415x299, DHFHG6OWPBHOVYW67XHM2VP6HE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pssst. Hey kids want some silver?

>> No.28919519

that's the idea. I compare all assets I can to BTC. So far nothing has outperformed it for a halving cycle. That could be the case for decades to come.
fair 'nuff. My strategy would be to hold off on silver until it has an edge against both bitcoin and the dollar. That could take years, if it happens at all.

>> No.28919581

nigger they are proably 6 or more. not everyone is retarded like you

>> No.28919670

Ummmm a 12x my good sir.
I got in within the first hour of CB listing.

>> No.28919694

You know what is true? The curse the Bible pronounces on this who add to it's word....

>> No.28919799

>silver plating worth anything
sucks to be you bud

>> No.28919910

>Doublemint Dave
>Silver Skyler
who would bag the most bitches?

>> No.28920220

Wow, those might be worth $1 someday!

>> No.28920261

>silver worth anything
maybe in another16 years

>> No.28920320

It serves that function but it's not a conspiracy. The libertarians who started Bitcoin intended it to be a P2P method of payment but when that failed they rebranded into a "store of value".

>> No.28920594

the majority of people gained money on GME. Hedge funds lost

>> No.28920829

Who the fuck do you think was holding the majority of GME?
Here's a hint: it wasn't ordinary retail investors.

>> No.28921086

1 gram out of supply we still win anon

>> No.28921102


bitcoin's inventor most definitely understood its technical limitations right from the get go.

>> No.28921359

btc still is p2p payment. btc didnt fail.

>> No.28921499


transactions are too expensive and slow. i don't know why everyone thinks people will put up with that when better alternatives exist.

>> No.28922143

People put up with the labour and price of lugging around kilos of gold and silver when it was used as money too. BTC is old, absolutely, but it did not fail at what it was meant to be.

>> No.28922398

gave my valentine a letter with my private key written on it, worth about 7btc. she has no idea what it is, but maybe will realize it at one point. we've been together for 3 months now, she's the best

>> No.28922448

BTC is worse than legacy systems (e.g. a debit card) because it's slower and more expensive without being any more secure in a practical sense.
BTC is worse than next-gen systems (smart contracts) because it's far less secure without providing any benefits in cost or speed.

So what does it even do? It has no use case.

>> No.28922451


>> No.28922635

Silver is a meme metal that barely moves and is so cheap it's easily manipulatable.

If you're too poor to buy gold, don't buy precious metal.

>> No.28922837

It does nothing like the newer ones, because it's deprecated, and you're right. That still does not mean it isn't a valid currency and can not be used as such. A "store of value" is not just whatever seems too illogical or inefficient to use as a currency based on the available modern technology of it.

>> No.28922877

Try buying food with gold ounce bars when the SHTF.

Silver always will have a place in a barter economy.

>> No.28922918

Where in the old testament does it say this?
Also you're talking ancient Jews anon.
I guarantee you're misinterpreting the context and focusing on one line.

Redditors are cancer

>> No.28922934

Gold is basically the value when everything is over and we have new rulers and need to rebuild

>> No.28923019

>imagine thinking a bunch of 6 year olds won't lose this shit before recess

>> No.28923154
File: 39 KB, 649x489, 1610783047237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The libertarians who started Bitcoin

>> No.28923277
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>6 years old
>giving them stuff implying they wont lose them or eat them

>> No.28923323

>People put up with the labour and price of lugging around kilos of gold and silver when it was used as money too

this is still physically more efficient than making a bitcoin transaction in terms of energy efficiency.

>> No.28923686

>Handing out silver in the kindergarten via his own child
Americans are disgusting

>> No.28923826

Yeah. Just wait until little Quantavio's uncle hears about this.

>> No.28923859

Valcambi needs to be sued. Stop Assault Silver!!!!

>> No.28923970

The market was literally manipulated in 1980. Three guys gained a majority control of all silver and squeezed the market. It's called Silver Thursday, look it up.

>> No.28923982

uninformed kike.

>> No.28924356

CSW is libertarian, yes yes

>> No.28924758

Retail investors won out on GME. I am not speculating anything or relying on my personal opinion. This is fact.