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This is the most obvious buy in crypto right now. That is, if your bags aren't already packed. People have reached complete capitulation. The amount of newfags flooding biz and complaining about fees is hilarious. High gas is a symptom of high usage. Continued high gas means people are STILL using ETH despite how much it costs. ETH's weekly RSI is just attempting to cool off a bit like BTC did a month or so ago. It is definitely going to $5,000+. Do with this information what you will. Screencap this.

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Wil lbe 200 be enough to stake and earn decent passive income so that working in a 9-5 job can be a hobby?

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yep $2k soon

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this and ada are the large cap gems

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All ETH will automatically migrate to ETH 2.0 soon making most of the shitcoin ETH contenders pointless. If you don't have at least 1 ETH stored away somewhere you are ngtmi.

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This shitcorn is deprecated by ALGO. I give it 6 months until ALGO ecosystem is matured to the point nobody will continue getting ripped off by eth shitcoin gas and slow transactions.

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In crypto, BTC is gold and ETH is cash. Its always good to have cash on hand. Always keep a few ETH in the bank.

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>This is the most obvious buy in crypto right now.
ETH is the most obvious shitcoin in crypto right now. It is definitely going to get assfucked by it's own incompetent core devs and leadership. Enjoy holding as it gets flipped. Screencap this.

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Is 3 eth enough go make it I'm a poor 19 year old

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Eth2.0 vaporware cope

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>In crypto, BTC is gold and ETH is trash

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Ada holders welcome

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it better.. every other coin made double digit percentage gains this past week while this shit did fuck all

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Sshhh... Don't tell them. Please. I'm not done accumulating.

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ETH is silver

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too bad when it hits 10k per eth it will cost me 50eth in gas to sell my 33 eth stack....Im not gonna make it

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was eth planned as a stop gap for something, or were the devs simply retarded?

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it was invented only 5 years ago. people take this shit for granted. a year ago, you couldn't do fuck all in crypto. everything interesting in crypto is going on because of ETH

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20k this run fuck the haters. High gas fees as a result of people using it is a problem every other protocol wish it had

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no, lmao

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Can you guys tell me what you don't like about ETH? There's a reason every new project is forking the EVM.
>Inb4 "muh gas fees"
Use L2 for no gas fees.

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Fantom is better

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5k minimum this year... with exponential growth we're seeing in our hedge funds.

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Imagine still believing in this shitcoin kek

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Everyone is getting APY on any freakin coin they have because of ETHs defi and shit tier faggots from ADA are out there spreading FUD...

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Sorry you missed to boat faggot. Ask yourself does your coin have Microsoft, Intel, JP Morgan, Master Card and Visa on board? Yeah I didnt think so...

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each validator node (32 eth) will yeild ~9% apy based on current models, so you'd be netting about 17 eth per year running 6 validator nodes on eth 2.0-- so it really depends on eth price point

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>made some decent gains with shitcoins
>convert back to eth
>gas fee: $162
>transaction failed
>just lost $162 for no reason
>try again
>now down $324
>lost all gains from shitcoins due to gas fees

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Payed $150 for a smart contract, i'm so smart.
ETH is for smart people only.
If you want to make money, you need to pay the right people. Miners took all that risk to mine ETH, we must support them, especially because we won't need them after ETH 2.0.
Higher fees encourage smarter trading and smarter position, did i mentioned that ETH is only for smart people who are smart with money?
The higher the price goes, the smarter you need to trade to keep up, ETH literally educates people. It has a learning curve BOUND to the price!
Vitalik is a genius, probably the smartest person i know.
Poorfags demand scaling, but it is THEM who need to scale up their game.

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Incorrect, anon. 64X scaling isn't near good enough to provide the world with smart contracts. 64x is a joke. 1/64th of a $64 dollar gas fee is $1 and that's still way too much for real world interactions with blockchain. And with more adoption gas prices only go back up. And all this upward pressure on ETH only makes the network too expensive to use and the paltry scaliung achieves nothing.

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In before ADA cucks 1 partnership in Africa starts... IF it starts... The literal IQ of plebs getting a shitty 4% staking on their shit coin.. Lol. They are so butt hurt the cant stand...

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Checked, thanks tipping me to never buy eth again

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>People have reached complete capitulation
>price is the same as last week
>literally the same
>price is up 50% this month
excuse me? did i miss some huge dip or something?
>price is up 533% in a year
oh no how will we eat with such a shit return bros, seriously what the fuck is wrong with you people? is this reverse fud? get a grip

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I've made $3,500.00 staking with ETH in a month and a half. What the fck does ADA offer? A shit tier 4%. What joke coin going nowhere fast.

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>Use L2 for no gas fees.
No u. Go ahead. Do something with L2.
Hmm even if you manage to actually do something with L2 try explaining to a normie the advantages of block chain and ewhy they should care about doing computations on a trustless distributed VM. OK, now tell explain to them L2 and how we're actually going to execute code off the chain but hashes so it's stil trustless.
Good luck.

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it actually makes me mad when people cry about eth, just reveals so much retardation

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Charles is speaking

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Your new around here, I can see.

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If we hit 20k ill fucking coom so hard

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this past week kek

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BSC threads are everywhere, BSC coins are mooning, newfags just don't realize that there's an alternative. The only people using ETH now are whales and people who don't know any better. Once the word gets out, it will just be the whales left, and they can have fun watching their profits bleed into the hands of chinese farmers every time they make a trade.

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Never mind with regards to here>>28903846
Transmission has ended. Nothing important said. Just fan mail.

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Why does ADA have Zero institutional partners and ETH has 9..? Cause ADA has so few developers that the institutional money knows that. Noob investors don't realize this and end up screwed by token's like XRP and ADA investment wise...

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BSC will drop in price idiot...

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if we hit 20k i'm going to kill myself for having such a pitiful stack

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People are switching to BNB and Dot and ADA and AVAX and Diem is another competitor releasing in the next month. ETH maxis are delusional, ETH is actually killing crypto right now.

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ETH 2.0 will bring the price back down to around $300 by fall unless you are trying to flip this shit you are just wasting money buying this high

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I could literally retire off the interest I earn if ETH hits 20k.
Pls sirs let's kindly do the needful and make it happen.

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>h-high gas fees aren't an argument!

The absolute state of ethlets.

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32 ETH here, how am I doing?

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Reminder if you don't save your ETH you won't make it into the citadel.

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Ill sell majority of my stack at the top of this bullrun, then go all in again after the crash

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i require a source

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this image is fake. the real eth citadel has way more hot babes.

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Honestly if people support ETH over ADA they clearly don't follow the space

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I strongly dislike Charles.

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I didn't say that BNB was mooning, I said that BEP20 tokens on the Binance chain are mooning, as in people are fed the fuck up with gas fees and have realized that there is literally no difference between gambling on shitcoins on ETH chains and gambling on shitcoins on BNB chains, except that the BNB chains have LITERALLY 1000x lower gas fees.

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>High gas is a symptom of high usage
If anyone that buys ETH is paying the gas fee,
why would it be more expensive from high usage?

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Eth developers are so slow and delayed seems like other projects are gonna be able to replace it

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Smart move to dislike the smartest man in Crypto

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Loopring is awesome. Users won't even know they're using L2 soon enough. L2 <> L2 bridges soon. L2 products will provide seamless UX for no gas fees.

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smartest salesman maybe. His ghostchain amounts to nothing right now and he wants to teach africa blockchain technology lmao

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>fee fi fo fee
What does it cost to do a wire transfer? $1 is nothing. $100 fee on 20k transfer is dust. anyone who thinks fees matter at all dont see the forest for the trees. I pay over $50 in commision to trade on the Japanese exchanges. I don't care, I'm happy to pay that.

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The fee problem is gonna be fixed. And the funniest part about this short term problem is that the only ones moving to shitty chinkchains are poorfags which are unironically gonna be rugged by Charles and CZ lmao.

>see "eth killer" price rising
>believe it's because everyone is switching
>doesn't realize that the poorfags switching are gonna be the ones who gets fucked in the end

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The more usage ETH gets, the more expensive it is to put your transaction at the front of the list. Basic supply and demand m8.

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The future of money

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lmao at this fear cope

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mETH is bad for your brain anon

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>The entire Cardano dev team goes to Africa
>they all get killed

the end

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People don't get that gas fees are expensive like rent in Manhattan is expensive, because everyone working there is making a shit ton of money so it is the cost of business because it is where everything is happening. Just look at all the 'eth killers' of the past, lisk, eos, tezos, tron, the list goes on and on. Sure there are x number of eth killers with 'superior tech' or whatever, but none of them have an ecosystem that generates value like eth has, and eth took 5 years to develop it. Now all of these competitors are thinking they can develop an ecosystem to that same level before ETH2 can come out. Between adoption and technology, which do you think is harder to achieve? (hint: only 2 projects have actually gotten large scale adoption)

It is like ETH is the sandbox that everyone is playing in, all the eth killers may be fancy new sandboxes, but people don't want to play in those sandboxes because all of their friends and everyone else is already playing in eth's sandbox.

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>The fee problem is gonna be fixed.
Yeah, it's gonna get fixed when the volume on ETH chains drops to nothing because everyone left.

>gonna be rugged by Charles and CZ lmao
Anyone with even the slightest hint of foresight can see that there are endless billions to be made from transaction fees alone in the coming decades, even if those fees are less than $0.01 per transaction. A major exchange or viable ETH competitor chain rugging would be so obscenely short sighted that it amazes me that anyone could be stupid enough to think it could happen.

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Very true, we all had that honeymoon phase where all we looked at was TPS/FEES and nothing else. I thought fucking NEO would kill Ethereum lmao

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I have only 9 pieces. How will it migrate automatically? I use MEW and MyCrypto to access my wallets.

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This is why any new project worth anything is forking the EVM. There's 0% chance of adoption without it. Whether or not they can catch up to the development happening on ETH is up in the air. I'd say that's unlikely.

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I don't know why I spit my coffee all over my screen. There's no reason why I would find this funny at all but I did.

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You fucking midwit. I dont mean Charles will literally rug the project. He will milk it until its dry and keep tricking brainlets that cardano will takeover ETH

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that's fine, ETH transactions are still at all time highs.

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Protip to newfags: when ETH is dirt cheap (not now) buy up assloads of gas tokens.

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>investing in the netscape of crypto
no thanks

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And you don't realize how fragile this is? Like you said, the literal only reason anyone is still on ETH is because everyone else is still there. As soon as a significant number of people leave (this has already begun - if you've been paying attention then you'll have noticed a huge increase this past week in the number of ERC20 tokens being shilled here) then it will begin to snowball. More people leaving will give more people an incentive to leave which will give more people an incentive to leave, etc etc.

Let's be honest, we're all just using uniswap to gamble on shitcoins. Trading on pancakeswap or any other BSC uniswap clone is functionally identical to uniswap, but it costs literally 1000x less in fees. The singular reason to stay on uniswap is volume, and volume can move to other chains in an instant.

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To add, anyone on ETH has a key understanding of the importance of liquidty/volume. You can't get someone to use your dex if nobody trades on it because traders need volume. The same thing is going to happen with other chains, but they'll be like Avax where you have to cross an expensive bridge to enter to get the incentives, and the only way to exit without paying the bridge fee is by dumping the native asset on a CEX lol.

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Been holding my bags since $150.
Everyone needs to stop being such a high time preference nigger.

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The rest of your post wasn't very intelligent so I assumed you weren't smart enough for that sort of nuance. You know there's more than one ETH competitor, right?

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>The singular reason to stay on uniswap is volume, and volume can move to other chains in an instant.
no it won't, because the coins on BSC are fucking garbage

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>High gas is a symptom of high usage. Continued high gas means people are STILL using ETH despite how much it costs.

I hear you, but I'm not any less mad when I don't have capital to mess with. Holding high hopes for ETH 2.0

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Keep buying ADA anon. I'm sure it will work out good for you.

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I'm mostly in DOT, but you keep hoping for that ETH 2.0. Any day now, right? I'm sure they'll get it out in time!

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honestly it was a good buy at $300 when they anounced ETH 2.0 in december 2020.

At $1800 i'm not touching this shit with a stick

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2019* sorry

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>Go ahead. Do something with L2.
>Hmm even if you manage to actually do something with L2
Moving goal posts within the same post, a bold strategy

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Eth is trash now as the gas fee's are never coming back to normal

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why is it a BUY? The more it moons, the less usable it gets. freaking worthless piece of shit.
I used think it was a good project before.

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holy fuck KEK

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I read this as "BBC threads are everywhere" and nodded to myself

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I entered an eth/btc long with 10 eth and 5x leverage about a week ago at 0.03849. I'm down around a 1000 bucks right now. How is my future looking anons? Retarded move, yes, but just how much?

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LOL. Coinbase WILL have L2 sUSD in the future... you can withdraw to your metamask and then trade any asset with leverage on synthetix noncustodial exchange instantly for almost no fees and 0 slippage.

Once the average retard understands and experiences this there is no turning back. With AAVE and UNI on the same rollup is game over for all ETH killer faggots.

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Absolutely destroyed

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>It is like ETH is the sandbox that everyone is playing in, all the eth killers may be fancy new sandboxes, but people don't want to play in those sandboxes because all of their friends and everyone else is already playing in eth's sandbox.
But they're priced out of the ETH sandbox so they're pretty much forced to move.

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Bitcoin is the king, but the king is weak
- Proof of work is incredibly wasteful, which makes it a political target for anyone who cares about climate change.
- Long-term security concerns. This won't crop up for another couple decades, but it's unclear how the network will maintain security after mining rewards decrease.
- No clear project leadership. This can be a good thing, but bitcoin development will forever be frozen in time from 2008.

Eth addresses these concerns very elegantly:
- PoS is huge. It's now the "green" crypto currency.
- EIP 1599 is an incredibly clever monetary policy mechanism....the more that people use the network, the more valuable eth holdings become. Eth2 reward system is complex, but incentives are balanced and aligned.
- Vitalik has proven to be a very competent BDFL and the project is powered by weaponized autism. Eth Foudnation is well funded, and well managed for an open source project.

- Ethereum has most developer mind-share. EVM has become de-facto standard to run smart contracts.
- Ethereum has largest "token" economy by far (5 of top 20 crypto assets are all on Eth)
- High gas fees prove high demand. People want this bad, and they're throwing money away just to get in on the action.

In summary:
- tokenomics are strongest of any crypto
- community is strongest of any crypto
- team is strongest of any crypto
- technology is strongest of any crypto

The flippening will happen. Be ready.

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ETH is oil. LTC is still silver

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You're priced out then. Get on BSC for the rugs and let the real business keep going on eth

>> No.28913722

Developers aren't really getting priced out, pretty much every project that leaves is known only because they are leaving and nothing else.

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It won’t hit 20k this year. Won’t hit 10k either. 6800-7300 mostly likely

>> No.28913999

fuck dude i'd be over the fucking moon if it were to hit that but 4500 at the VERY VERY most would be the max this cycle i'd say

>> No.28914086

I lost 5 eth on this

>> No.28914382

This guy gets it

Hold me

>> No.28914606

4500 sounds feasible. I was saying 68-7300 as an absolute max. I have 39 ETH myself but I’m looking for other blue chips with more room for growth instead

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Nice digits btw

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