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the bullrun is over and I missed every single one of the pumps
>sold aave at $150
>sold link at $13
>sold grt $0.60
>bought shitcoins like COR
>only did a 2x since December while everything mooned
I will never make it bros

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no way it's over
this is just the calm before the storm

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at least I didn't buy Asko like those absolute retards

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Just wait until the neets get their Biden bucks.

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It not over, you haven’t roped yet. Watch what happens these next few months you midwit.

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oh poor you did little graph line on the screen not go up for you? its completely over now!!!

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>only did a 2x since December while everything mooned
Be have you made at least that much. I've lost 70% of my account in a fucking bullrun where everything has mooned x10-x100.

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why would it be over?

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>Be have
be happy*

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Asko was good with research at one point. Not our faults that the undoxxed people ended up being pajeets, was targeted by a telegram pnd group, they half assed their websites, and that one of the members is a qanon tard. This all happened after everyone bought btw when it was still a decent buy. I'm not saying people should sell now but damn if this project isn't fucking sinking now.

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it's not over just yet, keep your head up dude and remember it's just money - as long as you've not over invested on your initial, I wouldn't take it too seriously

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Guys, I think I have found a very promising coin. I really don't want to mess up this thread, but I just want to help people. BUT always do your own research!!! It has a low market cap and it is still undiscovered, HYVE.
Please do your own research and don't trust me this easily. But do your own research and earn some easy money. Dont be a sleeping sheep, but be the smart one. https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/hyve

Do your research and maybe you will make it then ;)

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how is that even possible anon??
i lurked for a week before my first investment and everyone that is not pajeet on this board will tell you to be at least 50% in BTC/ETH/LINK if you did that you could still gamble away the other 50% and still be 2x up

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you're probably right, thanks fren
thanks for the shill I'll look into it

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If you can't tell that that is a Pajeet post you're too new and will never make it.

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It's because you don't do your own research and have zero understanding of inherent market value. You were chasing /biz/ sentiment and panicked through red days.

Only yourself to blame.

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I made that post from a VPN and only made this thread to gain attention and shill my coin later in it
if you can't tell that you're too new and will never make it

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I got rekt during March crash. Was too depressed to trade so I just sat on the sidelines with my worthless USDT for months and waited for the perfect dip. Finally got tired of missing out and went all in on SXP in summer when it was at over $3. It still hasn't recovered... Literally missed out on the entire bullrun. You cannot get more cucked than me. If you're ever depressed about your losses just remember me and that there are always bigger and dumber losers out there.

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It didn't even start.
Now is actually a good entry on asko

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dude i researched asko for like 15 mins and knew it was a pnd scam

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Until you make a comeback and make it :}

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Give up bro just go get a normal job

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all in link here and only did a x2 since december as well.
if only i sold in august I could've gad 95 btc at link ath

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here is your redemption arc OP, but you probably wont take it, because you are an ape

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manipulation. we're under attack from all angles. wake the fuck up retards. illegitimate puppet president installed into the preeminent superpower of the world. weather warfare. economic warfare. 24/7 propaganda. censorship. bill gates.

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>the bullrun is over
You should take profit, go offline until October, come back and either rope or don't.

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I lost 15k on COR too when I should have been up 22k but I got too greedy.

Then I fucked myself by panic selling on the dip but if I had held until the AM I'd still have been up like 10k

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i've only 5x'd my folio over like 6-7 months if it makes you feel better