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fuck landlords

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Where'd our rentier discussion go you fuckin snowflake janitors

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If you don’t like renting, buy your own property lmao.
You’re not entitled to live in someone else’s home for free

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Sounds like jannies are landies
Ugh more reasons to hate these fucks

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ah yes because free rent is the only other alternative possible. back to reddddit please

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>Enter into voluntary agreement
>Act like a faggot when it's time to uphold your end of agreement
That's why

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imagine thinking access to a certain amount of capital should allow you to simply accumulate more from people who actually work, risk free

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should i just stop paying rent and dump that money into crypto

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yes that's what 2 anons said they were doing in previous thread

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Unironically yes. I haven't paid rent for 9 months and the landlord hasn't done shit but beg me for money every month because he can't legally evict. I have the money to pay but just don't. I'll just move once the eviction moratorium ends in June.

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>fuck landlords bro!
Maybe think this one through a bit before you start celebrating.
>The year is 2022, every landlord in the country has been bled dry.
>Every property is desperate to sell, but there are no buyers, because everyone has been broken by the scamdemic and cannot afford to buy real estate.
>Oh wait, there are a few people who have actually been doing great! Awesome, they can buy all this property.
>Your new landlord is either Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, or any of a dozen banking jews.
>Your rent is not going up, however, you will be required to provide proof of vaccination to rent from us.
>Also, you must display a LGBTQREZU7+ flag in the front yard at all times.

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yeah but the returns are lower and you have to deal with the scum of the earth.

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Fuck deadbeats.

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are you talking about the renters or the leveraged landlords?

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Do any legal anons know what the consequences for this strategy might be? How does it affect your credit score? Can you be sued later on?

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>lmfao just buying property after 10 years of zirp and 1 year of literally not having to make payments your mortgage

sorry but mom's got tendies in the oven and I'm, not buying till these boomer faggots are literally panicking

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>Get sued
>Court orders you to pay
>You end up paying + legal fees
The just don't pay scam only works if you are some degenerate working minimum wage with absolutely no assets of any kind that can be garnished or taken.

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>house doubled in value since buying
>been putting all my feudal gains into improving the place
>all tenants have been fantastic
>no need to worry about eviction when they're all getting government paychecks
>Biden fucking over all the overleveraged landlords means more opportunity for cash rich me to buy an apartment building near a government center
It's a doggy dog world out there and opportunities are a dime in the rough. I'm gonna make it.

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This never happens. My Boomer dad is a landlord of a 20 unit complex. He has never sued anyone when they missed rent, he just evicted and moved on. Nowadays though you can't do that though because of covid.

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Good. I will own a house after prices fall and the rent obsessed libs can live for cheap in the pods. Everybody wins.

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is real estate going to crash once all these people finally get evicted? I need boomers to sell ffs

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how do i profit from this?

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Lol. You’re going to get sued the absolute second the moratorium wares off and you are going to lose. Enjoy paying back rent and legal fees on top if it, you worthless nigger.

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According to biden I am

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Fuck jannies.

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Has your dad ever had someone that owed him a year plus of rent? Didn’t think so.

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everything about what you just said is wrong, you know it's wrong and you say it not even to get a rise out of people but because you're a miserable low class low life shit
people like you should unironically be shot

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i don't really understand this theory because people already aren't paying their landlords. the landlords should be worse off now (because of non-payment) then after they evict and replace (getting paid less)

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Kill yourself.

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based. I wish i wasn't cucked with roommates and spouse who would never be cut throat enough to do this, otherwise i could be saving thousands of dollars rn

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I’ve got a fun little story and I’ll try to keep it short

>recently broke it off with ex so was back with parents (bear market didn’t help)
>my family’s finances are in shambles
>my family itself is in shambles, brothers suicide months prior, mother and stepfather divorcing
>just a real fucking ugly mess
>we have to get a smaller place, payments falling behind but every check we got we would pay them what we could, doing our best during a shit time
>we had lived there for 15 years, the landlord gave us 7 days to get out
>you cannot move 15 years worth of possessions in 7 days
>we decided we’d already lost so much we would just throw shit away
>we pay $800 we didn’t have out of pocket to get dumpsters to throw away all our worldly possessions
>we run out of money and cannot get more, so we put the remainder few boxes and bags on the sidewalk with the trash can, to get hauled off in 2 days with the next load of trash
>I walk home from work to find my landlord IN my house
>doors wide the fuck open, we have pets, I found my cat in the driveway
>bring cat in and confront landlord
>she looks stunned, scared, like she wasn’t expecting anyone to ever come back
>”getting the rest of my stuff, Sandy”
>she tries getting hot with me, she is very obviously drunk and had to have driven here drunk
>she calls me a poor loser and tries to leave
>I snap, months of suppressing the pain and rage from my brothers suicide
>don’t so much tackle her as I just run into her full sprint, I’m a fat fuck also
>she hits the floor so hard I thought i killed her
>call the police
>they arrest her after I tell them the 100% straight truth just expecting it to be over, for me to just go to prison now
>ambulance checks her out, concussion
she never bothered us for payments again. Fuck landlords.

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>tfw I’m too beta and afraid of confrontation to take advantage of free rent because I’m afraid of my landlord

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take it back to wordpress faggot

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Yes, but I'm sure none of those people owed him 18 months of rent. I can see how it wouldn't be worth it for him to go after them for $1k, but $15k is a different story.

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>TX froze over
>liberals get FREE rent in CA
>none of them moving to TX or FL right now

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Can't afford one yet, literally my version of making it once I hit 250K. My piece of shit landlord refuses to repair a broken garage door and a window that was cracked before we moved in.
My last landlord was fine, though.

Holy shit, unironically superbased. Anyone that is that much of a doormat deserves it. In your landlord's position, I would absolutely have sabotaged their house / cut utilities.

Your prophecy makes me sad. Might steal it for a short story.

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literally the opposite of what i said retard

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right so won't they have to liquidate some properties to make up for all the lost rent?

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I’m leaving out a LOT of details and I completely understand if you think this is a LARP. Re-reading it, it DEFINITELY sounds like one.

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why would you pay $800 for a dumpster when you could just leave the shit you didn't want in the apartment, moron?

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You will never be a woman.

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Based but since the landladies in this thread are seething you should probably move out in May instead of June, to avoid problems with "muh backrent".

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Just buy a house if you don’t want to rent poorfag

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>>we decided we’d already lost so much we would just throw shit away
Or a pawn shop.

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This nigga is creating the biggest bubble in history.

1. Niggers and financially irresponsible people are rewarded by not having to sell their homes or make payments, creating an artificial supply shortage.

2. He wants to impose a $15,000 tax credit for the down payments of new home buyers, creating artificial demand.

How the fuck is this shit allowed to happen?

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She was threatening to bill us for the crew they’d hire to take it all out, which would have cost more.

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yes. but that doesn't explain why there would be a crash at the end of the eviction ban

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While everyone hates rent seeking behavior, it’s important to remember that the government will never do anything against the elites benefits. The COVID lockdowns are being used to seize private property and destroy small businesses. The end result will be that you rent from the banks instead of landlords, and you’ll only buy and sell at major corporations like Amazon. It’s about centralization and monopoly, not about keeping you healthy.

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Fuck Landies

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They're not cancelling rent, they're delaying it so when it's due in June, you're ass behind one year of rent, forever renting in the hood

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>How the fuck is this shit allowed to happen?

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>actually paying A LOT of money to throw your shit away rather than selling it or giving it away

This is why you're poor, fucking retard

>it's a larp anyway though

Go back to r*ddit faggot

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>2. He wants to impose a $15,000 tax credit for the down payments of new home buyers, creating artificial demand.
Woah what? Link please

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It was mostly shit like my old childhood toys and some old baby high chairs from when my sister was little and just stuff we wouldn’t have gotten anything for, let alone enough to make it worth it.

I sold my fucking LINK. I repeat, I SOLD MY FUCKING LINK to help pay for it, trust me, we thought of everything.

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You're not that clever. This will 100% come back to fuck you in the ass later on. Most landlords will ask to speak to your previous one, to verify if you paid rent. You're either going to have to live in a ghetto or move back in with your parents. Nigger.

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sup i have 5 tenants, and i'm in california. one of them tried this and thought they wouldn't have to pay all the previous months if they just left.

I am sure they enjoyed it when they backpaid me for all those months at once on top of court fees. Doubly so when they had to miss work to try to fight me.

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>Oh boy! I can't wait for all these property owners to be forced to sell their trashed house for pennies to the Chinese.

>> No.28900087

See >>28900012

But yeah, please, assume I’m still poor LOL.

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There are some great digits in this thread

>> No.28900237

the fuck do you live that you can kick a tenant out in 6 days? if half of this is true you might be an actual retarded person

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>fuck landlords

landlords are parasites that make property ownership untenable. Same goes for boomers that spent decades using homes as financial vehicles instead of domiciles. I hope they all burn

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>I’m a fat fuck also
Experience has taught me to never trust fatties.

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fuck trannies and fuck niggers.

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I just want to get an opportunity to buy a house, this isn't it.

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sounds fake but I hope she died

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Based, I'm well off enough that I can gooble up a house or two and sit on them if they go down in price to that degree.

>> No.28900459

It's sad how few people realize this.

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She’s still alive, heroin addicts now live in my childhood home and every time I drive past I see more and more shit on the porch.

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>expecting anarkiddies to understand basic economics

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No the Fed is literally printing money to pay the mortgage backed securities holders with the securitized MBS sold by GSEs
Property owners can add the payments into the end of their loan in 30 years lmao
The biggest boomer giveaway since social scamdurity.
Inflation is coming

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isnt the phrase its a dog eats dog world?

>> No.28900631

Link $99,999 please

>> No.28900662

He's quoting Ricky from Trailer Park Boys

>> No.28900705

Sorry man, that's trash. One upside of a leftist political spring in America (which is looking more and more likely) is that landlords will probably get what they deserve, or at the very least it'll be open season for a while. Anyway I hope it worked out for you guys

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ah my bad didnt think of that

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Good. Fuck landlords

>> No.28900908

it comes from a copypasta but yes they do sounds like rickyisms

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why do people hate landlords so much? i can think of 100 different groups of people who screw over the average person more

>> No.28900918

Did you get lost on your way to a legitimate website? This is /biz/, wtf Ru doin?

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>absolute wasted digits
Disgusting. I'm crashing your coins now

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based and true

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Guys, I think I have found a very promising coin. I really don't want to mess up this thread, but I just want to help people. BUT always do your own research! It has a low market cap and it is still undiscovered, HYVE.
Please do your own research and don't trust me this easily. But do your own research and earn some easy money. Don't be a sleeping sheep, but be the smart one. https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/hyve


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you guys are homeless lol

>> No.28901214

Fuck you

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I hate plenty of people, I just really hate landorlds because the notion of rent as some unavoidable fixture of modern life is fucking abhorrent. I have plenty of money and haven't rented since college, but I wouldn't invest in properties because it's totally parasitic. I consider them to be about as socially beneficial as loan sharks.

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Landowners deserve to get taxed, for the good of the economy

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bruh bubbles already been there. he's just putting more air in it

>> No.28901329

>LINK please
You will be pleased to know that link will quintuple by june

>> No.28901349

Or he could use the savings for a downpayment on a house.

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>fuck people who own things
t. Klaus Schwab

>> No.28901465

>The just don't pay scam only works if you are some degenerate working minimum wage with absolutely no assets of any kind that can be garnished or taken.

Nice. So if I am this (have all my money in crypto - $40,000 worth - but no car, no property, no other assets as all) is this actually a viable strategy? I've been paying rent like a dickhead all through corona, but I could save a couple thousand a month if I just decided not to from now on..

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Exactly and precisely this. The attack on landlords on /biz/ is the direct result of years of migrating Reddit users. The arguments given against letting property owners charge money for using their properties all stem from typical Communist arguments.

>How dare you make me pay for using your property!
>The people should own it not landlords!
>I deserve to live in x city.
>You are a leech for owning property!
>Property is a public right, no private entity can own it!

The banning of landlords is a banning of private property. The dictates by the federal government to literally force property owners to provide against their will is a ploy to move to Communism and increase the reliance on government. This redistribution of private property by the government ,i.e, Communism, is being pushed by Redditfags and Klaus shills. LINK $100 EOY

>> No.28901570

They're just doing what the Fed expects them to do, but honestly they are a huge part of why housing is so expensive.

>have home
>use it as collateral to buy another rental property
>pay any price, tenants will pay the mortgage anyway
>use it as collateral

etc. This is how bubbles form and eventually pop. They're just a symptom of the bifurcation between asset owners and working people.

>> No.28901647

henry george thread?

>> No.28901697

You're giving him too much credit. If he had posted that extra bit I'd applaud that move.

>> No.28901767

You're a god damned squatter! You will get whats coming to you! PAY RENTS!

>> No.28901796

People hate landlords because they are all boomer midwits who eventually get rekt and then force us to live with the consequences of their stupid behavior.

>> No.28901834

Jannies have been extra mean lately. I feel like I’m getting banned 3 times a week

>> No.28901970


you are literally a diamond dozen bro

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This is cope because you will never be a Boomer.

>> No.28901992

Morons hate landlords because it's a tenet of their religion.

>> No.28902260

Landlords can’t be hurting that bad. Housing has gone up like 20% this year. Still a sellers market. Although idk why all these people want to buy extremely expensive property where they can even rent it out to anyone

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File: 87 KB, 960x846, 7j1t6epvjjk11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does lower interest rates raise the price of housing?

>> No.28902431


Because the USA is not a country, it is a store having a closing down sale and most of its population are pig ignorant shits too busy watching sportsball to notice or care.

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>people have to pay rents
>Greece cant even pay debts
>America is built on using debt as leverage
>our last president was the fucking debt and bankruptcy king that managed to get whatever he wanted in life because he's so goddamned deep in debt that his creditors had no choice but to keep doubling down and praying he could send a fucking penny their way, ultimately driving him into becoming the most powerful man in the world
>he still hasn't paid his fucking debts
I learned it from you dad. I learned it from watching you.

>> No.28902662

Fuck you retard for wasting digits on a google search

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most people deserve this exact fate. if they didn't they would do something about it; most of the time you cant even get them to acknowledge theres a problem unless its some shite about niggers being unfaired upon.
the blackpill is realizing they all deserve to live in pods and work minimum wage for Amazon for the sin of being so fucking lazy and ignorant of basically the entirety of world history and everything theyve watched happen live.

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>> No.28903014

$15,000 link eoy

>> No.28903045

We tried to tell you that Biden would kill the country but you really really didn’t like the bad orange man. So, now this is happening. I hope you’re in crypto otherwise you’re about to get FUCKED

>> No.28903135

how does the screaming finally stopping sound?

>> No.28903172

OP here. I'm sympathetic to this line of thought but wouldn't care if banks end up owning more property because they are easier to pressure politically than hordes of individual fuck you got mine boomers mistaking 50 years of fossil fuel driven prosperity for hard work. There is no large conspiracy to seize property and businesses, just the logic of capital at work. Seeking greater concentration, always.

There is chaos under heaven. The situation is excellent. Fuck landlords

>> No.28903177

I voted for Jo... Jorgensen

>> No.28903193

Nearly 1.5 years of not having to pay rent, lmao'ing at landlords (although I'll definitely be picking up a few apartments once they've been abandoned after this mess).

>> No.28903251

That's terrible. I'm sorry about your brother anon. I wish you well.

>> No.28903254

your country is a joke, all mutts do is cope about China

>> No.28903337

anyone hoping to pick up cheap apartments and turning them into condos after this?

>> No.28903388

Pay your rent cunts. This is coming from a poorfag. In b4 "typed by Jewish hands" lmao

>> No.28903441

>tfw the FED owns 1/3 of US mortgages now

>> No.28903473

that's why I always hand pick my tenants and almost exclusively approve single male professionals (east asian or white)

>> No.28903497

>it's my duty to give some guy 30%-50% of my monthly income just so im not out on the street

imagine licking this much boot

>> No.28903502

>>our last president was the fucking debt and bankruptcy king that managed to get whatever he wanted in life because he's so goddamned deep in debt that his creditors had no choice but to keep doubling down and praying he could send a fucking penny their way, ultimately driving him into becoming the most powerful man in the world
Trump debtMAXXed

>> No.28903510

King shit. Unbelievably based.

Fuck rentoids who think they can easily screw over landchads.

>> No.28903562

Actually according to the US government am. Thanks for the free house landcuck

>> No.28903576

>your rent cunts. This is coming from a poorfag. In b4 "typed by Jewish hands" lmao

I'm in Los Angeles & so many people are so behind that I'm expecting a lower rent price in the next few months. I'll probably just leave before my lease ends since I'll be saving thousands

>> No.28903581

>owning apartments
you are unironically seeing the return to feudalism. owning apartments will be deemed unconstitutional and they'll argue that it prevents common people from getting affordable housing. the government will own anything bigger than a 2-story home. enjoy.

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>landlords do it for free in Bidens America

>> No.28903699

Yes, it does. It turns it into a sellers market because you have increased the number of buyers. Essentially they are artificially creating a massive bubble so that they can come in at the close of this decade and buy up most of the private property.

>> No.28903785

You know if you can't pay something...they can't exactly make you

>> No.28903893

Your vote didn't matter, brainlet.

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thx, i should really slum it up but i just rent to friends now for less money to avoid the hassle of squatters.

GJ california now ill n ever rent to the people you want me to.

>> No.28903986

that's why I said convert them into condos, you buy the apartment for cheap, then convert it into a condo and sell it instead of rent.

>> No.28904020

>Essentially they are artificially creating a massive bubble so that they can come in at the close of this decade and buy up most of the private property.
Thats a long fucking time

>> No.28904146

Now that the government has taken legal recourse away from landlords, the only way your landlord will be able to solve his problem and feed his children will be to kill you.

>> No.28904216

How did you sue them out of state?

>> No.28904269

Me too. I haven't paid rent and the landlord had to sell his house to pay my mortgage. He sleeps in the front yard in a tent. It's hillarious when the sprinklers turn on. I know he is in there crying, as the water bounces off the side of the fabric walls. His wife asked if she could come in to, "use the bathroom", i said yes, and the told her to give me a blowjob for toilet paper. She ended up letting me fuck her in the ass. I made sure to do it in front of the window so that my landlord could watch and cry. What a bitch. Owning property is fucking stupid. I own nothing, and I love it.

>> No.28904272

You mean property tax? Property tax on my house is 10% of my yearly income, on top of all the other taxes I pay.

>> No.28904307
File: 65 KB, 640x746, landlords.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck Biden

It's going to be a pleasure seeing all these rentcucks being kicked out on their ass.

>> No.28904349

It will be here before you know it anon. Every administration basically kicks the timebomb further down the line, leaving it for the next administration to deal with. Eventually it will explode. They could disarm it but that takes a lot of work and doesn't line the governments pockets, so fuck you and your family. You will eat the bugs so that the elites don't have to.

>> No.28904353

it looks like neofeudalism already to me anon if you have a whole minority class of people who can afford to keep leveraging, buying new houses, and having tenants cover their mortgages.
>back to the office serf, keep telling yourself one day you'll own a house like me

>> No.28904454

misspelled "douchebag landlords going bankrupt because they can't pay the mortgages for the buildings they bought priced for pre-covid rental rates"

>> No.28904521

not the heckin landlorderinos. they must be bailed out!!

>> No.28904573

my family wants the housing market to crash so they can buy more actually

>> No.28904620

It really depends on the market. DC and any nations capital for that matter, is a safe bet that residential real estate will increase. There's always going to be an influx of money, even during the worst of times, and there's always going to be some group of people that will set shop in the area to get a cut. Areas where the city's wealth was built on a primary industry (i.e. automotive, mining, etc.) are much more susceptible to drastic swings in residential RE. If regulations tighten and/or they're forced to move for financial reasons, that's when shit gets bad. As has been seen in the rustbelt and in the Norf.

The real question is what commercial real estate is going to look like in the years and decades to come. Retail and hotels have been butt fucked massively by the chink virus. Commercial office on the other hand hasn't been effected as much, but that's largely due to those properties having longer lease periods. It'll be interesting to see how it'll be effected and how the space will be used once the majority of contract rents run out.

t.real estate appraiser

>> No.28904670

I know someone who hasn't paid their rent in over a year now, they used the savings and the stimulus money, plus a years worth of unemployment checks to pay off his student loans, buy a new car, did a bunch of weed and invested the rest in crypto. Lucky fucker is richer now than he has ever been in his life, he thanks the Wuflu every day for turning his life around and letting him live free from landlords

>> No.28904778

not enough desu

>> No.28904884

You won't be able to after the next crash. If you happen to get in before the crash and don't get taken out by it, property taxes will be so high that you will be squeezed into selling it to the government.

>> No.28904995
File: 49 KB, 760x428, 1608664572329.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This gentleman fucks.

>> No.28905020


>> No.28905075

>t. lying kike trying to scare rentchads with a fake story

>> No.28905102
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You vil eat zee bugs.
You vil live in zee pod.
You vil fuck zee tranny.
And you will be happy

>> No.28905108

Yes, low interest rates = more people qualified for (((affordable housing))). If interest rates were anywhere near what the historical averages have been, prices would be lower and appreciated value in would be much more gradual over time vs. what we see now where neighborhoods skyrocket hundreds of thousands in value a few years.

>> No.28905135

crime will be so fucking high in a society like that "owning" anything within a city wont even matter

>> No.28905271

God I love FHA loans. Anyhow pushing payments to the end of loan when this expires. That is if I dont decide to sell the house before it ends to get top $.

>> No.28905307

Post her tits or confirmed larp

>> No.28905346

>private property can only exist if you are allowed to be a landkike as well
nice try, scum. always remember YOU landkikes brought it on yourselves by charging too much rent and not treating your tenants with respect.

>> No.28905429

the only people stupid enough to not pay rent are the same people who make it very easy to sue

>they did not leave the state

>> No.28905434

Correct. We are heading for what was once a fictionalized cyberpunk dystopia.

>> No.28905462

they're like the medical industry, they offer garbage-tier services at prices we can't say "no" to. "insulation, lol." "situated directly next to train tracks, that'll be $1200 a month" etc.

>> No.28905474

pretty sure they can still torch your credit, but if you're enough of a lowlife to try this you probably don't care.

>> No.28905572

being a smallfry landlord, i hope every lowlife section ape slumlord gets burned

>> No.28905596

I don't know why these poorfags think that landlords have infinite money and no costs. But I think they're west side fags where the people owning their properties are huge businesses. But it's not like that in the midwest.

>> No.28905694

Those same boomers voted in the politicians who took us off the gold standard, loosened banking regulations for poor people and minorities who would have never have qualified for loans in the first place, and let fed chairmen continue to lower interest rates to the point where they've continued this housing boom for well over 20 years and done dick all about it. The people who are buying foreclosures and shit homes to flip on the market are either banks or llcs that do it professionally. You have to be really on the ball if you want to buy a rundown house with the intention of renovating it. The only thing you get with banks owning more of the property is a limited supply on the market and banks that are willing to sit on assets for years on end until they're able to make a certain ROI. You'll never find a "deal" or someone who's willing to take a lower offer because they have to move/there's been a death in the family, etc. where could have historically.

>> No.28905709
File: 3.96 MB, 375x221, Flight sim.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've slowly come to your way of thinking. Goyim literally means 'beast of the field' or 'cattle', and I really can't fault them for using that term here. You can't tell me that there isn't some section of the power structure used to hope against hope that all the shit they pull would eventually awaken the human spirit in some of these people, and it just got angrier and sadder as the years went on and they just accepted anything they did.

Most people are dumb, impatient, and poor. And they deserve to be. The Boomers had the fortune to live in a time and place of unparalleled wealth, but they are dumb, impatient, and greedy. Which means that TPTB will simply steal what should have been their generational wealth out from under them and return their family to the serf-plot it rightfully should have been working in 1950.

>> No.28905738

Credit already torched. Let me put it this way in 2019 one hospital bill was over $70,000. So was no job cause of above issue into a pandemic with still no job. Had to cash retirement, sell the car and everything to survive. Kept the house.

>> No.28905937

if true I feel for you and it goncerns me
but my inner cynic says "didn't they make getting sick illegal?

>> No.28906004

Estate sales are amazing 3 day sale and people will pick your house clean and you can make 10k. Instead you spent money. Ouch.

>> No.28906110
File: 131 KB, 1080x1263, story-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are you going to do to make me?
>He thinks they're going to process 100 million cases of back fees
Lamo enjoy your $100 dollar government handback as all of the debt is written off because they're too lazy to take in 100 MILLION CASES

>> No.28906123

kek. I bet they extend the eviction moratorium again until the end of the year. Some whiny ass liberals are going to cry that not extending it hurts our precious people of color and they will get evicted by their white supremacist landlords. You're probably going to get sued though so make sure you change jobs and do everything you can to make it impossible for him to find you. Get every reoccurring bill changed to your new address, don't tell anyone in your complex where you're going, no mail forwarding, etc. You better be making some serious gains with your investments in case you lose in court.

>> No.28906125

>Let me put it this way in 2019 one hospital bill was over $70,000

>> No.28906206

No one's vote does, brainlet.

>> No.28906211

>you can make 10k selling the worthless shit in some 25-year-old's apartment
estate sales only make $10k when it's some little old lady who's been collecting nice shit for 70 years.

>> No.28906271


>> No.28906347

If you don't like landlords don't make agreements to rent housing from them. Adults should stick to their word.

>> No.28906458

I didnt know I could hate anything as much as I hate boomers that think their "success" is because they worked soooooooo hard. They worked sooooooo so fucking hard at that job right out of high school that paid the equivalent of $40 in todays dogshit wages.

>> No.28906460

landlord threads are just lefty pol threads and poors who have been screwed by slumlords. The only reason to be in this thread is to discuss the actual development. IE: the extension of the moratorium. Personally I'm not touching housing till they expire. There is artificially low supply and temporary high demand (covid).

>> No.28906473

Banks and Amazon are poorly run and can't sustain themselves when they monopolize a market.
Easier to take down a company than millions of faggot boomers

Corporations all eventually crash and burn and the government has to step in and bail out everyone who they ponzi schemed
Imagine a major corporation is now in charge of fixing millions of glass windows, so they bankrupt themselves making the property essentially worthless

>> No.28906692

Anyone that bitches about landlords is a Reddit salt fag who needs to leave. Landlords are based. Pay your rent or buy a house you poor faggots

>> No.28906722


>> No.28906898
File: 690 KB, 1003x515, bullet proof.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Drive away businesses and factories in rural areas where housing is cheaper and more plentiful
>Monopolize housing in major cities
>Turn America into a service corporate monopoly where jobs and corporations are placed in only a few major cities

>"Don't like it don't buy it ;)"

>> No.28907059

This. If I was you I would wait another month and then move out after paying 1 month of rent to not make it so obvious.

>> No.28907124

I suppose I was spoiled in that my grand parents were all the last of the 'silent generation', and the general poverty and the insistence on inter-household family reliance of where I grew up insulated me from boomer memetics infection.

I think what bothers me the most about the boomer generation was how much potential they could have had. They were the only manufacturing economy after WW2, the finanical hub of the world, paid in real metal backed money in volumes that would make a medieval baron blush. And even with the 1971 loss of the gold peg, they were in a position to export their inflation abroad for years.

All of that potential could have and should have been used by that generation to make the entire earth the private fiefdom of American citizens for eternity. Every descendant of the boomers should have seen their parents carefully investing their wages not into houses but real producing assets both at home and abroad. There shouldn't have been a single foreign company in the first world that didn't have American boomer descendants as the largest fraction of shareholders. The boomers could have built a kingdom for their children that would have lasted to their great great great grandchildren; they could have left behind August Rome. But that would be hard, and they wouldn't have lived to see it in flower. Better to reverse mortgage the family home to pay for an RV excursion before they gracelessly and expensively expire.

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