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Im just going to say this,get your oil while you still can.

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bros im scared, help me feel better

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Don't be brother,its all just a chance to stack up on more barrels.

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checked out at 2,20

dont wait

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They laugh now, but in ten years I will be laughing from the top floor of my digital chateau in the cyberverse

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goodnight rajesh

goodnight pajeet

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Say with me brothers in oil


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>Pump cycle completed
>Initiate dump cycle
See ya back at $1 stable oil.

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sure nigger,ngmi

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You'll never leave India, pajeet.

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so damn impatient

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if you are scared, read the team bio:

these guys arent fucking around, the tech team literally looks like the cast of Silicon Valley. If these guys cant do it, who can? srs.

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they can do it if Gilles steps down as CEO. he should be the Chief Scientist and recruit a sensible businessman who knows what marketing is.

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Daily reminder that iExec is a working tech and not another vaporware.

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also lol, there's been a typo on that page for years
>Blockchain Developper
>Smart contract and blockchain interfaces developper

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And things went very well to Apple after they fired Steve Jobs to hire an "experienced CEO"

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When spoken in a French accent the word developper has two p in it.
Try it out.

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Gilles is not Steve Jobs, unless you mean in the sense that they're both faggots

not an excuse

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thanks bros, feeling confident now

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is this a dapp?

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technically anything that runs on iExec is a dapp, so yeah i guess

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>4 years of active development with demonstrable results
>Only legit project on blockchain with a clear use outside of the blockchain sphere
>Cleared by french securities commission AMF, actively seeking SEC approval
>Worked with multiple big industry players

The ones thinking of selling really ngmi. I have 13k barrels and gonna buy more if it dips below 1.75.

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It's just beginning
Don't sell for a decade

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getting XRP schizo vibes in here
take your meds

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Cudos is also a working tech, Cudos will go to the boon. Iexec is going back down.

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checked but thats fud, try EOY

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You'll never leave India, pajeet.

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Bro this team sucks
Bull run and they're hiding in their cucksheds

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If you're new to crypto, don't listen to his shill.

Aleph is a much better project than RLC. If you don't believe me, go look at Aleph's roadmap for 2021 - it's going to be a massive year where they will be recognized as the #1 cloud computing service. Every one of these RLC supporters are seething idiots who were dumb enough to hold a useless shitcoin for 4 years.

Just think of Aleph as the Chainlink for cloud computing.

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>this team sucks
6 phd's, grid computing scientists

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daily reminder that so far all this project has achieved is a funny faceswap contest on twitter with about 20 contestants, create a manual for how to send an e-mail and create a calendar.

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>iExec killer #52345
>All 19 years behind in tech

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Where's your implementation of hardware based encryption? You know that your shitcoin can't be adopted without it, right? Now fuck off

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This. RLC doesn't even have a roadmap for 2021.

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Don't forget to include RLC in your list. Even dfinity is a better project than RLC.

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Look at all of these fudding NOILERS. Wishing you got in earlier ? You feel threatened by RLC and it shows

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RLC fails because it's a "/biz/ coin" which means as soon as the pump ends, /biz/tards either swing or panic dump and ruin the momentum. All "/biz/ 2021" coins will fail because nu/biz/ is full of failures.

Cudos is a better project that Aleph, Aleph has no working product and is a joke. Cudos is the application of the existing Cudos network. Alephshills are pushing something worthless and RLCshills and Dfinityshills are pushing shitcoins that never pump except to dump.

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RLC is dying again. It will get back up to 2, then the nightly BTC dump will knock it to 1.89. Back up to 1.95, then down to 1.8.

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>293,925,708 / 10,000,000,000 circulating supply/ total supply
>Less than 3% of coins on the market

It's almost like it was designed to get rugpulled

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DIGITAL ---- ????
It's better to be a N--- than an Oiler!
Noilers should _____
Never -----

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I dont feel so good oil bros, please tell me it will go back up..

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hahahahahahahahaha funny meme

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So where is Aleph's working product? "we'll release it in the future" isn't a product, Alephshill. Cudos is the superior data computer.

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how do we kill this binance whale?
twitter shills?

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>triple top
>cross of death


>cup and handle on the daily

How much do you trust TA when it gives you conflicting signals?

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no one cares about aleph or cudos. you will rope EOY for not buying RLC

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See >>28898445

The project is a failure because you rely on /biz/. Pajeets are unironically more reliable than the paperhanded teenage backstabbers on /biz/. The minute number didn't go up, they dumped, causing a death spiral. All they have to do is not use Binance and remove their barrels from binance, but they can't because they're "too lazy" and "don't feel like it now". This is the degree to which they want to "make it- they can't even be bothered to do one simple task that would ensure success.

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It looks like a normal correction after going parabolic to me. They want to accumulate more, so its understandable. The least they could do it shill normies

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>dumping on the rest of /biz/
>"normal correction"

Just admit you're in a shill discord and be done with it. Dumping on people after pumping is the opposite of normal except in the mind of a scammer.

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It's so easy to BTFO these pathetic shills. First of all, CUDOS doesn't even have a docs page. If you want to build something on CUDOS you have to fill a form and become a "tech partner", this is a huge redflag. Do they even reply to your request? If you don't have a docs page you don't have a working product.

Alpeh.im at least has a working product. You can actually use their aleph-js lib to build something.
By reading this, it looks more like a decentralized storage than a decentralized cloud computing. You can store files, key/value pairs, but where's the computing? Can I run my application there?

Now to iExec. I have an application that scraps one of my government sites looking for bidding contracts. If I containerize it with Docker, I could easily run it on iExec. The better part? It's 100% secure (the worker will never access my data) because they have an actual implementation of Intel SGX.
You can talk to any software engineer, database admin, systems admin, etc. They will ALL confirm that iExec is years away from these two shitcoins.


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Yeah BTC pumped and dumped and shook out weak hands, newfag
Based oiler

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Is this team /our guys/?

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>shook out 1/3 of RLC's value and prematurely ended the DOTB when it could have easily hit 4 dollars on sunday


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That's the exact opposite though. Gilles is a scientist. Jobs was literally an "ideas guy" with zero technical know-how of anything.

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> By reading this, it looks more like a decentralized storage than a decentralized cloud computing. You can store files, key/value pairs, but where's the computing? Can I run my application there?

Aleph is more of a decentralized AWS, so it's not really competing in the same space with iExec. I guess, you could say, since AWS offers their machines for cloud computing work, so does Aleph...? But it sounds different to what RLC is actually doing anyway, so I don't know why the two are being compared.

Also, Aleph does have a working product. What the fuck is Cudos? Sounds like some pajeet pnd. Fuck outta here with that shit.

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welcome to holding whale nigger RLC

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No working product? Wtf are you talking about cause it definitely isn't Aleph.

Listen bud, Cudos belongs in the same class with RLC. Aleph #1, dfinity #2, and the rest is more or less trash. Ask any OG in the space that knows cloud computing and they will agree.

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Jobs knew how to code, there's no such thing as a guy who exists purely "for ideas", that's fucking retarded.

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based oilers, nice find anon! no matter if price goes to 0 I hope us oilers will always support the project with funny memes and delight together in our autism. NSMDO! FUCK NOILERS! GILLES LOVES PARTIES WITH TRANNIES DE LUXE!

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>gonna buy more if it dips below 1.75

Think you mean "when" anon. Going back to $1.30 until 2022

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>Listen bud, Cudos belongs in the same class with RLC
>3% circulating coins
>not even 1/10th of the tech iExec has

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There is no Binance whale retard, just everyone dumping after it hit a 2 year high of $2.60

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Aleph is fucking garbage and you don't know shit about cloud computing. The Cudos network is superior to anything Al*ph has and Dfinity sounds like Dish network and is therefore illegitimate because of its stupid name.

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he really didn't. He wasn't a programmer or an engineer. He was an ideas guy. He always had someone else to actually do the thing, from Wozniak onward.

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And when it pumps again, the "new" bagholders will dump again because you shill this shit on /biz/ where the population is too retarded to hodl for any length of time, looking for uniswap moonshots (or is it pancakeswap with the "blue ship" as ranjesh refers to them such as 'bunny' and 'cake') so they can get in, make a 10x and run away like a nigger.

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That's the Alephfag, not the Cudoschad.

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This. These plebs have no idea. I don’t even fucking care about fiat. I want RLC because I want to own computational power on the world computer.

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THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok? you cucks! THIS!!!!! now fuck off! based af oiler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i cant even tell anymore

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I don't even hold this coin bellend. I've made x100 on other coins this past 2 months than RLKEK has made in 4 years kek

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You're must be a very poor thirdworlder if you made 100x and still didn't make it

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he's here because he doesn't ant people to get scammed. he also believes Greta Thumbnail is a hot white chick.

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Where did I say I held RLC, you dumb faggot? Learn how IDs work.

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What the RLC people fail to mention is the end price. Yes, it is useful - BUT the marketcap is already huuuuuge. When this coin full moons, the maximum marketcap you are going to get will still be a bit under bitcoin. So that means you can only go 7.33x times your investment at $2.00 or $14.66 per coin max.

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>BUT the marketcap is already huuuuuge
RLC is going to 87b marketcap minimum. That's 1000$

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Sirs how comfy is the oil hold, I would like to join based on pic related alone

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This is correct

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You and your samefagging are pathetic.