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It keeps dumping bros

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It’s actually really funny to me how 4chan has latched onto Everest, because I was friends with Bob Reid back in college. We used to go out to Mexican restaurants together, where we’d watch all the people. This is when I think Bob first got the idea for tracking other people. He’d watch the Mexicans intently whilst slowly eating his burrito. Bob would say things like how all he wanted, was to receive a burrito just for showing his face. I would say “that’s funny, Bob”, and it was.

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Looks quiet stable to me for a fresh coin which is traded only on UNISWAP. Still waiting to see their Alphas, then you can tell if they are full of shit or not.

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>investing on a token with no locked liquidity
Kind of deserved, imo

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Should I sell before it dumps more?

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70c waiting room.

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It's gonna go up when staking releases thursday and friday
I wouldn't sell now unless my wife was being held for ransom

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He really thinks everest is releasing anything but a fiverr pajeet app

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saving this in my folder of "Soon to be Poorly aged posts"

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>Be bob
>Run out of funding for your poorly timed NWO banking project after wasting millions of seed money on a useless Malaysian case study
>ICO a worthless coin to siphon money from fomofags
>post big companies' logos on your fiverr website, tell everyone you're "partnered" even though you haven't worked with them in 3 years
>fomofags buy bags, seed investors instantly dump their worthless tokens
>release pajeet app, convince retards to vault their tokens for a year for 40% APY
>people actually do while investors keep dumping

You're literally pulling the rug from underneath your own feet thinking you'll get rich

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Post hand Patel, you must have a serious interest in this if you keep fuding every thread lmao, I think I'll buy some more.

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As we talk coin dropped below 0.8 - how is this a sign of buying more?

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Literally bought more, keep crying stinkjeet

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I don't know anything about everest, but I have got another promising coin for you guys.
It has a low market cap and it is still undiscovered, HYVE. Do your own research and thank me later

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I have a 2k bag because I know retards will fall for this and I'll 3x my 35 cent investment

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You're literally in on a token that's almost guaranteed to hit 2 dollars in 2 days and you want to dump for a loss?

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this shit can't even stay over 90 cents and it tanks. When is $2 coming and for what?

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This is a 0.60 dollar waiting room now. Everyone is dumping.

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Go away PnD

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I'm in it for the ass biometrics.

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Off-thread question.
Does it make any noticeable differbence where you buy your coins?

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Bob literally just sent me 2.8b ID

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Price? Fees? Gas? Yes, obviously.

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whatever you do DO NOT SELL.
it's not a scam it's just being PnD'd at the moment. poorfags just have to wait. don't be jealous it will be us playing these games soon :)

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I need some hopium bros
price eow? eom? eoy?

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How can I get this airdrop?

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Poorfags, why aren't you fudding AAVE for partnering with Everest?

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To anyone actually believing this fud, go look at the transactions and see how quickly whales are buying up the dips.

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email bobisacumslut@everestdotorg a picture of your ass.

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1.5$ EOTW
10$ EOTY

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>post fud all day about bob being a crazy person and how the "team is selling"
>buy right when some ree ree sells below 80c
>sell next day above $1

ive been doing it for 3 days now can't believe it's still working lmao.

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Stop it. Thought I found the infinite money hack alone.

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It has been above dollar two times in the past two days with no instigator

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As much as I want to shit on this project I cracked open a chart. its next stop is ..and OMFG I sound like a scammer, but 1.59. Nothing about the price (which doesn't lie) looks like a rubic (at least yet). It is good for ATLEAST
A 100% return. Furthermore, I would wager price is turning around as I type, but I fucking hating Chartex data, so I might be off. Target should be good, though. i repaetd this is not a rug rn at least. Get out around 1.50.just in case.

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Does /biz/ really have enough "investors" for your FUD to work?

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everest is a IQ test for you anons
You fail if you do not have at least 75% portfolio in it

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I thought everyone here could see the fnords too. Lots of newfags I guess.

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Literally everything is dropping rn anyway, I wouldn't really worry about a drop rn

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if you're selling/not buying at these prices you're literally choosing to stay poor

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Yeah these fucks are retarded, I've been doing the same thing.

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You have no idea who lurks here.

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Shit seems stable.... make this thread when we are below 0.3.

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Explain this fucking insane distribution to me, please.

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Told you it was a scam. Don't buy.

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stop looking at the fucking graph s

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>The top 100 holders collectively own 95.99% (767,951,999.22 Tokens) of Everest ID
>Token Total Supply: 800,000,000.00 Token | Total Token Holders: 4,262

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The citadel awaits brothers

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I have 2.8k Everest will I make it frens?

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when did you Buy?

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How does $2.80 sound?

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Now go and check who backing this project. Right after wallet will be avaliable in few days I bet that 50% will be staking and those top wallet already have institutional owners

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Yesterday at 87¢ wish I waited , but I’m still happy i got some cheaper than 1$

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Half the "backers" have no association with the current project and Bob has said so himself.
You'll be furious when it dumps back to .30

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you'll get x10, but don't expect too much more within the year

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yeh this ones a scam, sell before it hits 50c.

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The 80% is the project/team wallet.
Then there are seed investors, employees, advisors etc.
Then there are the smart money whales, who've bought in.
And last you have /biz/ and telegram .

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this has proven wrong so times it's actually hurts my side that kumar thinks it will work

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Why so many words to explain a rug?

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I have 2.8b ID you retard. I make at least 10x more money than you if this goes somewhere. Truth hurts.

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you're part of the discord FUD team, right?
can't belive anons still fall for that bs, I thought everyone knew you guys were coordinating fud

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I literally own 2.8b ID you stupid mother fucker.

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>so many words

Reading 4 lines in English was overwhelming? Sorry, I don't speak hindu or whatever.

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2.8b what the fuck is that even suppose to mean lmao you’re such a cockroach

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Three letters anon. Don't speak like a pajeet when one word will do.

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I think his keyboard is broken - keeps adding b when he presses 8. Maybe he can afford a new one, when those 2,8 ID are worth 2800 in 18 months.

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oh my god, my fucking sides
there's only 800 Million in circulation. go back to discord faggot, low quality fud is low quality. Not sure if the fudders are losing ideas or braincells, but you're all fucking retarded

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Dumb mother fuckers, see

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this nigga denser than a cheesecake

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Check my wallet you stupid fuck >>28899657

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You are actually worse than GME redditors who came to this board

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He opened his window and got drunk from the shit fumes outside.

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lol post wallet address then, pajeet

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These are some legit downie tier discord trannies, ignore and accumulate

>> No.28899964

How's it work? Private address or public? Idk how to do this.

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come on faggot, post wallet address.
show us how you have more than 3x THE TOTAL CIRCULATION

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Bro calm down there's a delay on responses.

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Not a chance

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very low iq energy from this one, boys. bullish af.

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You know what drives me wild? Fudders will make money while ignorant paper hands will rope for missing this. Natural selection I guess. To all newfags, DYOR and get in TG channels, new AMA Friday
And 80% of the liquidity is now locked in team address, you can easily defud that by using google

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fucking hilarious, these turdling scammers don't even know how blockchain works and that wallets are public.

>> No.28900199

You really are the king of cockroaches right? Stupid motherfucker. That pic has been posted in TG price group. NEWFAGS, GET IN THE TG GROUP AND GET TO KNOW WHO MADE THE FAKE WALLET PIC

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Most amusing thing is I shilled for ID the first hour this thread was up. As soon as I start fuding it's like all you faggots are too retarded to check irs and get baited hard.

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Dont post. You will get REKT dude

>> No.28900331

Yeah, I posted it you stupid fuck. Playing on your shitty emotions and baiting the fuck out of you retards. I'll keep fudding. I'll keep accumulating. This isn't launching until I've sold out of all my securities and bought all in to ID. Suck a dick, I'm still bringing you along for the ride.

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Go be retarded in a $ROPE thread. Otherwise, bros am I going to make it?

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Enough dicking around, gentlemen. We've gathered here for a reason, so let's launch this fucker.

>> No.28900403

Fudders will spend weeks swinging their stack only to have their gains completely wiped out by a single pump and therefore wasting their entire time and probably loss some of their original stack, it's the only way to weed out degenerates.

Same thing happened with chainlink and I'd bet my left testicle it'll happen again.

ID is legit, ignore the FUD and buy you fools. There's not much time left.

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how does buying an island in the south pacific sound? (I'm exaggerating only slightly)

>> No.28900493

We have at least until Friday to swing our worthless stacks!

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Check the tg now, you dumb fuck. Make sure you check who originally posted the image.

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Anon do not fall for that low quality fud. This week there will be wallet and mainnet( fully fincional and already tested in real life case) and short after FTX as it is official partner will list it so normie money will flood ID. Everest already send 3600ETH (almost $7mil) for liquidity

Everest will be top20 coin by june

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You'll make it into the welfare line.

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Post hand pic with biz sign and day. I would sell my $200k in ID if you are not pajeet

>> No.28900772

Seems you are heavily invested. Was there any information before hand from the docs / team that seed investors are not locked?

>> No.28900788

If you send me 1k ID I'll do it if I'm not pajeet. If I get nothing out of it, you get nothing.

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You evil fuck

>> No.28900886

Post wallet

>> No.28900939

lol stop with the terrible fud and just go all in before you get priced out

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We keep telling you everest is a scam and have been for days in each thread. Each time we do 4-5 people call anyone who does insult their everest poohands, pajeet and any other slur they can think of.

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>more time to accumulate

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File: 2.82 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_2021-02-16-17-49-56-599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're a man of your word, right anon?

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None of you will make it to the top of Everest and you will sell your bags at $2 and $5 and $20 thinking you climbed the tallest mountain in the world only for Everest to continue to outperform your expectations.

I bought at .15 and will be staking 80% of my bag in the year lock up because the price in one year will be astronomical in comparison to what you even think is above reasonable looking at things now.

Fuck you, because I can.

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Fuck I wrote pol...whatever I'm drunk send me my 1k ID

>> No.28901220

Wtf is that /pol/ sign? I said biz sign. Fucking stupid pajeet

>> No.28901298

no one asked you a damn thing retard

>> No.28901333

And where is the 2.8b ID?

>> No.28901377

Write the fucking biz sign now or gtfo pajeet

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File: 2.98 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_2021-02-16-17-55-48-032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here retard. Send the ID.

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>Can't speak english
You're actually brown lmfao

>> No.28901462

For fucks sake, check the total supply and answer yourself

>> No.28901497

>Posts about delay on responses
>doesn't post wallet
Fudders are really pajeets

>> No.28901499

Already posted. Read the thread you retarded fuck.
You can send me 1k ID too since you're so uncultured.

>> No.28901513

Where is the fucking hand? Show the fucking skin you piece of shit

>> No.28901563

holy fuck this is rapidly becoming gayer than /pol/

just suck each other off and get it over with, funboys

>> No.28901579

Wallet was posted an hour ago you stupid fuck. Follow along.

>> No.28901606

Fuck off, retard.

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ID thread on /pol/

>> No.28901690

>24 fucking posts
blow me retard, now I realize you're fucking meme-ing

>> No.28901714

Is it worth staking my 2.8k everest

>> No.28901729

This retard has like $3000 and hasn’t sold anything ID
>priced out
Top kek

>> No.28901749

You saw the hand. Not veryanly of you to back out of a deal, anon. I'll keep fudding if you don't send the ID.
Wow you're so intelligent that you figured it out two hours later. Congratulations, retard.

>> No.28901794

Yeah, took me some time too
Hopefully newfags are not this retarded

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well shit

>> No.28901835

I wasn't reading all of your autistic shit-posts nigger. blow me

>> No.28901886

Reading is pretty hard

>> No.28901928

Why is that admin in the telegram group a big faggot

>> No.28901978

the project isnt a scam but the rampant speculation in a token thats to be used by third worlders to transfers funds is certainly amusing

Why you think it would be worth anything next to its current value is beyond but then again its a bullrun and everything is overbought

>> No.28901994

Nonetheless, you still are a fucking cockroach. Fudding when you have a 3K poorfolio is just plain pathetic.

>> No.28902010

is bitcoin a scam? it was dumping in 2018

>> No.28902025

You’re pajeet that’s why I don’t send a fucking ID for your village

>> No.28902106

lmao based, hes literally priced out that's why hes seething