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Over $5 eoy

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loading up on the dips until we hit bottom

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buying 5k

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deluded moonboy, it's $2 eoy and $6 end of 2022

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I'll take it

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pls adopt

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Should I join the biz node

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tfw neet with no income to buy the dip and tax return won't be here until april and only 18k Vaishya

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How much correlation between historical transaction increase and price increase? Rick says he expects 25% to 30% MoM increase in TXs Anybody do the math?

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Not really, the correlation is between tx number and APY.

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lto will bottom out at 0.20 cents. mark my words. that's when you load up

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Surely some new clients and news would accompany all those TX
Ama was great btw

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>We are working towards cross chain identities in Q3
>All most used fabrics will be integrated

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Why would this moon?

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Because it's one of the top 10 most used crypto and deflationary

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Mainly due to math

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look guys it is going to pump now

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Deflationary per transaction specifically.

You’re retarded if you’re looking at LTO and wondering if the price will go up. It literally has to as long as transactions continue to increase.

If you’re skeptical you just monitor the weekly transactions and if they go down you can just dump.

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Shill me this coin

I see nothing remarkable about it. Why would it be a good long term hold? Seems like another 0.35 shitcoin

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It is, but it’s not. It has tokenomics that are prosperous for everyone involved which is good.

But the real investment is basically in the company. There are a hundred tech companies, but people invest in Apple because they make money.

LTO investors aren’t shilling the platform. It’s not special. Good platforms in 2021 are a dime a dozen. LTO has a great one, but it’s more about them getting a significant amount of real users and growing.

All we care about is transactions. If transactions continue to climb at this rate the value of LTO increases by a number of metrics. No other coin at this marketcap competes with the number of real transactions. And even if they did, they probably don’t have the same tokenomics that would allow appreciation of price based on transactions alone

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Just put my $400 side bet account into this, seems like a winner

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they said the same thing at .20

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>20c stablecoin piece of shit
>30c stablecoin piece of shit
>40c stablecoin piece of shit

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damn, nice collation

heads up this is a multi year play

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checked & truth