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never again will i buy from retarded teams

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what do you mean?

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How did it fail? They had the Sun on their team

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>the amount of hopium in the shill threads thinking ASKO will magically recover
Imagine the marketing team working triple over time to revive this failed project

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Why so much FUD if you all already sold?

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Sun set, cleary from the pic

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I don't care what anyone says. The dog is cute.

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imagine not even knowing what a flash loan is or that aave profited off the YFI hack ($11m), alpha homora hack ($38m), bzrx hack, harvest.finance hack ($25m). And they took what like 0.3%? Not bad volume on just Andres txs

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Why does telegram fud good products and shill scams? How cheap do they want their ASKO bags to be? I swear these people dont even know about dOrg.

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Newfag here, tell me How is this relevant?

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>one dev hired from d0rg who has no connection to any of the successful d0rg projects and is wanted by the FBI
>but look at compound!!!!! 5% of AAVE and we make it!!!!!! d0rg!!!!!!!

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>wanted by FBI
Baseless claim
>one dev from dOrg
Three different devs have been involved, check github.
Gtfo discord tranny

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this guy stole all your money lmao

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Weak fud

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How exactly is it fud? This is literally true and from the lead devs mind page lmao. Heres another gem

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That's literally a fucking photoshop shitbrains

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Lmao, Feds coming after lead dev hahahahahahahhaahahhahahahahaha your project is finished

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Asko will be the flash loaner and profit from flash loans the same way Aave was. Curve profited from the YFI hack and each 3Pool staker was paid out an admin fee of 1% return in a week!
Flash loans will be a staple of future traders and implemented in nearly every trading algorithm. Traditional traders dont even realize what theyre missing yet.

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This. It's such a stupid boomer-tier image but it makes me smile nonetheless so I have to give a (You) to the OP. I also like the Bitconnect meme

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ASKO thread will be filled with cope/rope in a few days. If any of you knew how to look through txs on etherscan you would know the whales have been arbitraging from uni to MXC to suppress price and collect divies for a week. MXC/uni are consistently 4-5 cents apart. And they know you retards will sell from any FUD / dip.

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how the fuck did they think this was in anyway acceptable?

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That fucking dog will never not crack me up

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look at the smirk on that little fucker as he jeeted all of these fgts lmao

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Literally the same image with a different background photoshopped.

THIS. The reason for so many fudders is because it's making swingies and stakers rich.

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Go back to telegram faggot

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IM ASKOing for my money back

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Yeah but oh well. Just sucks for the people who will lose out because they don’t understand. I don’t care and plan to load up a 100k or so each level we go down if we manage to go low enough.

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I tried to warn morons on biz 2 weeks ago. Now look at this, also going to be the next statera.

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yeah well. they won. and i don't care. ill just make my money on something else.

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Biz wouldn't know a good opportunity if it BRAPPED right in their faces. ASKO is so juicy at these levels.

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The percent of the supply staked just keeps going up and up. If I had some spare money right now, I'd seriously consider buying a bunch more at this price.

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That's why there's so many staking right now. She's a good one.

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Is this fucking real? Im the anon that needs a 500% gain just to break even on Asko but if this tweet is real Im doubling down right now

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.30-.50 EOW
1$ EOM
10$+ EOY
Screen cap this

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That's basically the only real fud image... what's almost as funny, is that's supposed to pass for fud here on niggertits.

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What is this supposed to depict? What is the data?

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Because they want even cheaper bags cause they know it'll be 2 dollars EoM

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Just doubled my stack because of that tweet. Based as fuck I really hope this project makes it seems its the only non-tranny pozzed one on defi

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What other coins ASKO holders have in their wallets

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Holding of ASKO holders. Biggest holding of ASKO holders is LINK.

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Retards said asko isn't going below 10cent ever again. Not so smug now are we

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Nevermind just bought more asko

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If you have half of a brain see:

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bro it's the fucking sun are you kidding? not much more legit than having the sun working on your product

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Question is it worth it staking a poorfag 14,000 stack? What are the possible catches staking it and what does "current cycle" mean? Can I stake right now or do I have to register and wait for the next cycle?

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it's just the people who bought the top and sold for a huge loss

you see this with every coin that moons and violently returns to mean, same with rubic

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You'll start getting dividends the moment you stake. The register thing is a temporary bonus, where if you stay staked for the 28 day cycle, you get bonus ASKO (this is their method of increasing the token supply to max, once its at max, this bonus opportunity goes away). Registering right now won't do anything for the current cycle, but it'll register you on for the following ones.

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Thats good data. How is it gathered?

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>Question is it worth it staking a poorfag 14,000 stack?
If you plan holding for long it is worth. Started staking 10k, but now at 35k because of the recent sale
>What are the possible catches staking it and what does "current cycle" mean?
You have to pay 1% tax when staking and unstaking.
Cycles are for locking your ASKO for 28 days. You will get bonus if you keep them in stake for this time and not unstake.
>Can I stake right now or do I have to register and wait for the next cycle?
If you stake right now you will start gathering dividends immediately.
You only register if you want to collect the bonus for holding an entire cycle (next cycle that is)

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You don’t have to register. You can just stake, registering will give you a bonus for locking up your tokens longer. Normal staking you can un stake whenever you want.

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Thanks so if Im planning on holding for another 3-5 months at least it makes sense to just stake right. It says the next cycle starts in 18 days, where can I see what the bonuses are? Idk if I should just stake everything now, or wait another 18 days for the next cycle?

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You can stake now and I stake whenever. If you want in the next cycle you just have to send a tx to register before it starts.

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Yes, you should take then. Once volume catches up and more people stake you will gather the tax dividends.
Once you register you will see the bonus you are eligible for. I guess yours is about a third of what mine says. Look at cycle 9. It gets filled once you register.

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You can unstake in cycle as well. You just lose the opportunity of getting the extra stake rewards.

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It'll show you what your estimated bonus reward is after you stake. For an idea of how much it is, I have about 100k staked, and my bonus is about 2.6k. That number is definitely based on how many other stakers there are though... when I first registered last week my projected bonus was closer to 3.5k..... but so many people have been staking more and more in the past week.

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Thanks with the gas fees so high I didnt want to register just to see what my potential bonus was. I only have a poor 14k stack so since more and more people are staking it seems its better to just stake now instead of waiting 18 days for the next cycle

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holy shit, anon. I hope you're larping.

>> No.28895231

Your bonus is 332 atm then. Probably lower at cycle start when more people have registered

>> No.28895447

you could say the same for every group of sociopathic shill faggots that bought in early, rode to the top, unloaded part of their stack, and then sit on their gigantic gains while the people they roped in pick up the pieces from the return to Earth. Same exact dynamic, different position. They’re both faggots, one wealthy at the expense of their retarded faggot prey. Should just buy BTC, you can’t get mad at whales you’ve never interacted with.

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Not larping I went from 7k to 14k right now based on that tweet alone. My 777 digits say kek aproves of my desicion because he still hates moloch worshippers.
Thank you anon, seems its better to just stake everything I have now than wait 18 days for a 332 asko bonus if im wrong plz tell me why

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Literally a fucking steal. Their team has already fixed multiple things. They communicate often with the community. If this was a "rugpull" they would've dipped long ago. Use your brain and actually research the project instead of believing the retarded telegram fud guys

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>seems its better to just stake everything I have now than wait 18 days for a 332 asko bonus if im wrong plz tell me why
Yeah. Just stake it now for dividends and then register sometime before next cycle start. When you register makes no difference.
Earning dividends from volume alone is pretty comfy

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i dont even know whats real anymore. I bought at 10c before the insane run. I didnt take any profits at 40c (was asleep for the 65c spike) because I thought it was still undervalued (aave competitor and all that). Everything looked legit, doxxed team, plans to add liquidity, website launching (although it was shit), half the supply staked, dOrg devs. I'm not even sure what I did wrong, I did my research this time.

Worst part is, I doubled down when it dipped to 14c - I believed it was simply FUD that was crashing the price, and that when the team added liquidity, it would rise again.

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>wait 18 days for a 332 asko bonus if im wrong plz tell me why

Slightly wrong, the current cycle you get nothing from (because you weren't staked for the entire 28 days). You WILL get the reward for the next cycle though, since you will be in for the full 28 days (unless you unstake).

To cheer you up though, you'll make way more than 332 in divvies between now and 18 days from now.

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I just staked my small stack. If I can get more money I'll buy another stack and do the next cycle thanks for the answers. Really tempted to throw the rest of my money at it at this price point, but something tells me not to FOMO and stay a bit diversified and keep the usdc I have left available for other opportunities

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>doxxed team
you got a link to the doggie's linkedin profile?

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The price hasn't been acting normally over the past week, it's been heavily influenced by that PnD TG group, with them both shilling and fudding to increase the effect of their swings. If you just stay staked, you'll basically be collecting taxes on them for what they're doing... if you want to play their game (without being in on their group to coordinate), then you risk losing (since the entire purpose of a PnD scheme is to take money from swingies who aren't in your coordinated group).

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>doxxed team
raff patz and joe arent doxxed

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Yeah never go all in, with any kind of investment. But yes this price point is nice. I originally bought in at $0.06, and even though the price is basically the same now as when I bought in... I'm still up almost 20% on my initial investment because of the divvies.

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It was a PND. PNDs have been done on Eth, Link, Neo, Xrp, Xlm, and thousands of shitcoins. That doesn't mean it won't go up again, but a PND always ends like this. Now whatever happens will be determined by the project itself. /biz/ has fudded it even harder than normal, which was easy due to the teams fuck ups.

>> No.28896638

>PnD telegram group
anybody know of some?

>> No.28897218

And none of them do anything kek.
Anyone who actually matters is doxxed.

>> No.28897373

What? There are literally 4 doxxed devs. The CEOs and founders are anon for some reason but that isn't especially surprising in the world of defi.

Well my stack was too small to stake before I tried to catch the falling knife, and now I don't even know if I should bother staking. I'm going to hold this even if it goes to 0 (no point selling now and I can afford the loss).

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It's amazing how much one dog picture can make fudders seethe so much.
The sheer visceral hatred that picture evokes is baffling.

>> No.28898538

That dog is smiling at all the paperhanded idiots

>> No.28898658

>ASKO at .066
>no news from devs other than "we are gonna update the website l0l"
yeah keep holding those bags while rajeesh chooses his next lambo retard
>king shill

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Alright, this is getting sad.
Pic related.
>random chat member tries showing the lead dev a non retarded way to format numbers (a trivial thing, known to every junior programmer)
>dev immediately gets defensive and starts throwing around unrelated problems, trying to appear adequate

Whose fault was it that they got the only retarded person from dOrg to work on their project?

I'm starting to feel for that Alec guy. He seemed like the only based and likeable one of the whole bunch.
The retard dev, student in mexico "CFO" and 14 year old admins can go fuck themselves though.

>> No.28898884

>yeah the devs are b-based and redpilled haha it's very bullish how retarded they are

>> No.28898896

Oh yeah forgot to add. The other reason I didn't take profits at 40c is because there was a fucking 350 ETH BUY, AT THE TOP. How is that a sell signal? It gave me confidence that this project was actually going somewhere, that whales or even binance was taking notice. Kind of like when BAO had an 800 eth buy at the top, I knew it would stick around (even if it did dump afterwards).
AND THE WHALE STILL HASN'T SOLD. He lost like 250 eth overnight and is still staking. What the fuck am I supposed to make of that?

I'm so ruined

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Jesus Christ and he's the lead Dev? FUCK

>> No.28899047

Lead and ONLY dev

>> No.28899051


The Russians are dumping ASKO very shortly. I know this because I have a contact inside a Moscow-based crypto firm.

Also the Iranians are looking to pump ASKO shortly right after.

I don't know if they are working together or not but YOU ARE WARNED.

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>Literally a middle finger

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Keep seething fudders.
My bags are growing and growing.

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Russia and Iran are going to fuck you so bad.

>> No.28899464

Also shit-tier memes. Nice copy/paste job lmao.

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>bags full of dogshit

>> No.28899602

keep drinking that cope/aid, buddy

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>using my memes i made for the telegram

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>all these seething fudders
Just bought another 50k, see you biys on the moon.

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is this supposed to look good?
why would anyone be seething over a pnd?

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>just bought another 50k (approximately $3.27 USD)

>> No.28899987

shit, what a tard

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Absolutely seething.
Keep coping that you sold the top. I'll be riding this train to 10 dollars.

>> No.28900079

Delusional and trying to pump.

ScamCoin 9000 to da m00n kek

>> No.28900119

>implying I would ever touch this piece of shit

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>keep coping that you sold the top

>> No.28900288

The Russains are very close now.

The Iranians are close behind.

Sell Buy Sell Buy Now!

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>If I see that fucking dog one more time....

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Tried to warn you guys, yes I know it’s a different coin, but ffs it was a good warning.

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People actually bought ASKO

>> No.28900461



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fucking kill yourself
FUD groups hold back legit projects and are bear mentality faggots

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>implying I sold
I doubled my bags on the dip. ASKO will be making me rich while you fags wage for shekelstein for 40 years.

>> No.28900607

I don't buy shit.

You'd cream your curry underpants if you had a portfolio like mine.

durka durka pajeet

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>pajeet doesn't understand his own english

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Projecting rajesh

>> No.28901107

bought this at 10.4c, swung around 14c, bought again at 12.1c then i staked and held about 22k of it. i could have easily sold at .29c but i got greedy and it crashed...hard. i just finally sold this shit and put it into IOTA. glad to be rid of this shit, they seem to be working on it but i could use less exposure to low quality meme dev projects and a little more security.

>> No.28901584

what coin will do that

>> No.28901630

You have a 3rd of all the coins.. jesus

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>> No.28902736

This shit right here is exactly why it's a fud.
Such a blatant, obvious and shitty photoshop as one of their arguments

>> No.28902995

It took years to develop their platform and very complicated math. Many other good developers have also messed up the fact their deflationary token doesn't behave. Regardless its past that now and asko has a chance to add a lot of tokens other people wont take. iFARM just got announced by harvest.finance. i hope asko devs add them literally immediately as asko would get swamped with id guess $100m in value over night. You go sleep on this one.

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LOL, the cope crew on telegram is getting ridiculous.
I can't believe people are seeing how the admins talk and not get worried.

>> No.28903566

"both at the same time"
LMFAO oh no no no no no

>> No.28903574

Same here, that whale buying a total of 500 ETH at the top made it seem like this was actually going somewhere. Still made x5, but thousands of dollars in unrealized gains hurt.
Sorry for everyone still holding. The concept had potential, but the team is absolutely incompetent.

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>> No.28903825

sir! please! this isn't a normal token.

>> No.28903979

>Taking the talk of some tard TG admin who isn't related to the project in any other way as a factor of a token's success.
Interesting perspective, not gonna lie.

>> No.28903981

Im going to off myself

>> No.28904130

>making retarded teenagers admins
Interesting PR strategy

>> No.28904218

>50% of the staked supply
Bullshit. Post wallet.

>> No.28904236

I'd like to thank the paper hands panic sellers for giving me an extra 7 million for cheap.
Much appreciated, boys.

>> No.28904378

Post your wallet your LARPing faggot.

>> No.28904648

Make me, rajesh.

>> No.28904705

bullish, just bought 500 million ASKO

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>> No.28904950

Stay out of the telegram nigger

>> No.28905783

safe investment because dev hates Biden

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>> No.28906490

>hi retards, our website doesn't work, and wont work until maybe next month, please keep injecting hopium. Thanks for holding our bags, and keep holding like retards.


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