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Do you know why human beings can see more shades of green then any other colour. Holy fuck is my portfolio green. IOTA if you think your to late holy Shit not even close. Imagine a realistic price for IOTA. Is it the same at moneros current price? Or higher? Because anything less then 150 dollars for IOTA is insane to me

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I wish, I'd have 6.6 million then

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Live, right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNI-Q_vWdCU

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Yes, lets post a 160+ iq link on 4chan where the average iq 65 is

> 65 iq

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600$ os fud. PMs and Iota + other crypto bluechips is all you need.
Take my digits as the proof

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check this thread.
buy the dips during the next few days, but do not wait too much. the new network will be released in march. there ll be a lot of hype before.